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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum, wa rahmatullah wa barakato. The others as he would come here to another episode of Rocky Ramadan, 2012 day nine.

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Today I'd like to talk about a very, very important topic that it's got a lot to do with Ramadan and the Prophet Mohammed It is sad to say that

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here's my best as a reporter the Bible hottie best healer was about like 13 years old. He is describing the Prophet Mohammed ISIS to them and he says

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can have a social life lice allow us to send them a Jordan this what kind of enjoy them a corner film about

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the product, he says that the profit is awesome used to be so generous, as you were then this so generous, and used to be even more generous in Ramadan, when she believed us to come you dead and used to teach him and, and, and then he gives you this very nice picture is very, you know, young kids here and then he is describing the Prophet Mohammed as us. And then he's describing his generosity, he says, as what the meaning of Masada, he's even, you know, he's more generous than the blowing wins. So here, I'd like to pause with this headset for a little while here. You know, the profit was very generous. And then he used to be even more generous in blah, blah, blah. And how

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generous best describes him he draws these very beautiful picture more generous than the blowing wind

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blowing wind, if you look at the characteristic of a blowing wind, you know what I'm trying to picture this, you know, the wind when it blows, it blows, it's just like, you know, it does not leave a place here or the present and it just blows here. Actually the wind blows everywhere.

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Like, you know, it's not like

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No, I'm just I'm gonna skip this area here. I'm just gonna blow here you know, blowing wind

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as the fossil law if I were to imagine him going, I think he would just like give

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right left center they would just give

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he just takes whatever he you know, blowing wind taking and giving, taking and giving whatever they add is a lot of stuff. And when especially in Ramadan, Allah His Salatu was Salam.

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He does not in fact distinguish between a poor or other rich, he just gives us a lot to set up.

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You know,

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the prophet Mohammed allyssa to see them.

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He says

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that, uh, sorry, you carry one min Allah He caribou Mina Nessie, they don't mean en la Asahi. He is curry buen Mina la very near to Allah, certainly the one who gives the one who is generous, sadly, you're not unhappy. We have many terms to describe generosity. We have Jude, we have come, we have hapa you know, you have cut them up and then you have your job is actually the utmost level of generosity. And he says he was educated in this more generous than just, you know, more intensive in terms of giving than ketene getting him is also something No, no, it describes somebody who is generous. But Edgewood is more intensive. So here the Prophet Mohammed icsm says, As you can even

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mean Allah, the One who is generous, the one who gives, he is very close to Allah caribou. Malala caribou Mina nez close to people, beloved by people that don't mean I'm not far from a fire. And the one who does not give he says it Southwestern Alba Hill, and Berkeley the stingy the miser he is bad. He didn't mean Allah far from Allah. But he didn't mean and as far from people, caribou mean I'm not close to his lap.

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So do you want to be savvy, or do you want to be Buffy? Now I'm sure you want to be safe. I'm sure you want to be generous as the Prophet Mohammed atta his salatu salam was

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and Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, what does it mean and worldly him sadaqa sadaqa to whom what was the key hibiya or profit take from them sadaqa in a charity that would that would cleans them and purify them what cleans them and purify them. So as if I seen this other highly sought after that you give beautifies you cleans you imagine just like you're you're dusty. And then you just, you know, just think you're in your clothes off. It does the math.

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So that guy does the same thing to you. It does to off from since it beautifies you It cleans you, who would have been unwilling himself to tie it to the game or to buy it on behalf to tell him what to take from them a sidecar that would clean them and purify them.

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The sidecar does wonders, my brothers and sisters, the charity really, really does wonders, you know, they're certainly bad that that may take some time to, to have an impact on you. But the sadaqa doesn't Subhanallah maybe the Salah, it may take some time before you can earn that sweetness of Salah, maybe the enemy takes some practice in order in the end, and then you can, you know, maybe start tasting the sweetness of the Quran, but the solder cup is different.

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You know,

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the prophet Mohammed Alistar tosun also says,

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a sadhaka to Allah, come up to a narrow, come up to

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a sadhaka to

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come up to the Prophet Mohammed and his artist name says that the sadaqa the charity, it puts out the anger of Allah, as water puts out fire. So if you have let's say fire, just imagine you have fire and then you pour some water into that fire, the fire will sell off, you know, the water would extinguish the fire.

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So, likewise, the solder hot does the same thing to the angle of Allah.

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You know, so

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imagine, you know, you just you know, you did some sin, you did something that meant Allah so angry, that made Allah very angry, and some of the some sin that you have not that you have done, it makes a lot of pounds that a very, very mad very angry, you go and you give sadaqa that sad that you give, puts out that anger of Allah.

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Allah Allah that said that or that you just gave her before it reaches the hand of the fakir before it reaches the hand of that poor man or that person that you gave that sadaqa to? It just puts out the anger of Allah subhana wa Tada. That's why that's why, you know, hashtag lohana. When you know, again, in the Hadith of the Prophet Mohammed it is supposed to them when he says,

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The Tamara masataka de tomcats bill pay

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for in the LA Jacobi emini, who saw that whosoever gives a sadhaka badly tamela should be added somehow does it mean as trivial as the day you know, a date, a small piece of date.

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From a pure income, of course as Allah Subhana Allah data says, as the Prophet Mohammed it is awesome says, from a pure income, what happens Allah subhana wa tada takes it with his right hands and not picture the hand of Allah. Allah has hands in a way that decreases measures but the Prophet is Sufism says a lot takes it with his right hand. So no wonder that whenever he used to give sadaqa before she gives that up, she would take that money and then she would go and dip it in some atom in some some some perfume. She says this would go to Alice's hand before it goes into the pores hands, why it goes into Alice's hand before it goes into the poor hand. So that's why I'm pulling it up

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putting some perfume in it some metal in it, because I want it because I was gonna take it with his right hand and I want to give it you know, with a beautiful letter with a beautiful smell to Allah subhana wa adad so before she has like a daughter of the founder of that hammer, whatever she would go she would dip it into some adult into some perfume and then she would give it a soda

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because she knows that it will go to Alice first before it goes to to the to the needy or the poor or the messages that you want to donate to for instance

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so that's why I'm saying you know, the before you give that sadaqa

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before it reaches the the person's hand it points out the anger of Allah Subhana Allah the Prophet Mohammed Aria Santos them used to tell VLAN

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or VLAN yeah be done to be done and we don't give and don't feel poverty give I don't give was VLAN ladies and gentlemen brothers and sister was beloved poor, or or or was he rich?

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Be Done was poor. He wasn't rich. And he used to tell him give or give obito so those who said I don't have money

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the properties didn't be that give you a middle and do not feel poverty is a lot and then the rich used to take a snap Yes ma'am. Give and flip the yes map without law See?

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or smell and smell of money she give me no as mentioned Baba Baba, Baba Rosa. Oh no, it was a wealthy man.

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Nice dinner, give what are bossy and don't count. Do not count. Which means just like, you know, oh, I gave yesterday. What should I give here? as lucky counting I just gave yesterday and the day before this day, I'm not gonna give the property status. Don't count for your Aniki you know, do you want to count? Like, do you want to say, Oh, I just gave you yesterday you make and I gave you so I'm not gonna give you because I gave you yesterday. You want to treat you like that? Of course you don't. And that's what the property is stating, estimate don't count as map. Don't say I just gave last week what I'll just give to that machine. I'm not gonna give you now that I do not account for

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assalamu aleikum. You don't want a lot to do a treat you likewise.

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And for my brothers and sisters

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and Allah subhanho wa Taala. When he says men that know the Yoruba la cuttlebone hacer una who is willing to give Allah alone. When when Abu Bakar heard this howdy this area, he cried. He cried. He says Allium Allahu wa Nana photobombing the caravan.

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He says you could have lost some parents who says who is willing to give Allah alone. Who is willing to give Allah alone. Allah is asking for a loan and men whom Allah want me to marry him, Allah says and spend from them from the word that Allah has given you. Metal law, that wealth, the money of that Allah has given you it's not your wealth. It's not your money is the word of lots of. So here's a blessing give from the men of Allah. And then in the other ALS is what

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Amanda lady

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was willing to give Allah alone. Yeah, it is Allah as well. And then I like asking for a loan, Ababa. He cried. He says, a lot knew about our stinginess. So he's only asking for a loan.

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He is asking for a loan.

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And then Allah says Mandela hasn't for your life or who know for you let me know who is willing to give Allah alone, Allah we give it back to him in abundance, in abundance. And in Ramadan, it's even in Oman, if you were to give $1 one pound in Ramadan, it's not only multiplied by 10 is multiplied to 700 and topmost

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that this is 700

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and more. And it's only alone that Allah is asking for, unless it's just give me a loan.

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That's, that's his money. He says, Give me a loan and I will give that give it back to you in abundance. So my brothers and sisters Ladies and gentlemen, give in this aggressive month of Ramadan,

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poor and rich give, as the Prophet Mohammed is also amused to be as he used to be so generous, especially in the month of Ramadan. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us to practice and to convey and remember this word that you give this money that you give, would only come and purify you and cleans you from your sense. And Allah subhanho wa Taala on top of that, not only he will get you and beautify your you know you from your sin, but Allah Subhana Allah will give it back to you in abundance.

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As I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us amongst those that hear and convey and practice

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until tomorrow for another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2012 I say a Salaam