Shocking Evidence of Charity Fraud in the Muslim Community

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. We have come here to reading to address a very serious issue, and one which concerns both Muslim communities and non Muslim communities. The question is when the government gives money to Muslim organizations for counterterrorism, what do these Muslim organizations do? Today? We're going to investigate the case of the Salafi publications, and their offshoots and Associates, a group of people who have a record of accepting money from preventing other accounts of extremism agencies, with the pretense of being able to counter or de radicalize if you like Muslim people. The question is, is that really what they're doing with the money? Is it

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advisable for taxpayers money to go on such services and such activities, when in fact, there can be evidences and there are allegations of the money being misappropriated, misappropriated? Today, we're going to speak to one of the affected parties in reading in a famous case, where there is compelling evidence for the allegation of a misappropriation of funds. We will talk about with our key witness some of the real problems pertaining to how these organizations make the initial bid

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to de radicalize Muslim communities take money, and we don't see the fruits of such deradicalisation at all. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. But I care to what I'm hearing and reading with Abu hafsah, one of the main witnesses, for this case, this case, which have misappropriation of wealth.

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And, and basically this, this case is about 16 and a half 1000 pounds that have been taken from council money, and actually misappropriated completely. So what I'm going to be asking Bahasa today is about the evidence for that. So article, how you ever have, so

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I'm going to put up perhaps as social media details in my description box. So you can see a list of all documents that will be referred to today in on his Twitter. And also, I'll be making specific references and documents and putting those specific documents in the description description box as well. So my first question is 16 and a half 1000 pounds you allege has been taken and misappropriated by these, this community, or these individuals that take I've taken it, what is your evidence for that? Okay, our evidence is that we have a witness who was involved in the whole project. Brother, my name is Isa manda. And he first informed us that these brothers, meaning the

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brothers who were running the masjid that was called reading Islamic Information Center, yes, that they applied for funding under the prevent scheme. And they were awarded the funding. At first, when we heard this kind of surprise. Well, I was shocked, actually, to find that those brothers have received this funding, because I was not aware of this. So I've asked, he said, Look, you need to prove this. So you need to bring the evidences. So he searches Alcala headed to he went to the council The following day, and I went with him. So we both went to the council. And Isa obtained the documents from the council. So what you obtain was that he obtained a big document, which is an

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application, which the province put forward requesting the funding. And we received the contract from the console team. And you have those documents? Yes, of course, I'll put them in. Yeah, you can add them to your link there on my Twitter account, right. So the second document was a contract between them and a council stating where they will spend the money and XYZ. And then the end of the end of the year report, which they produced, and in that report is where they justify where this money went. And that's going to be kind of the main evidence, the end of the year report, because in that report, they've lied in there and claim that they're paid people and stuff which they hadn't.

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Right. So let's get this clear. The council gave 16 and a half 1000 pounds on prevent for anti terrorism related activities to these to these individuals, who who claim to be Salafi, etc. And you're saying that the money that was given was not used for those anti extremism, activities and effect was misappropriated completely? Well, from what we know is that they were awarded 16 and a half 1000 pounds, yes. And in the end of the year, where they've justifying where the money went, they claimed to have paid witnesses, which they hadn't paid. And I'll give you a few examples.

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So I've got the same document here. And this is my witness report, which obviously you can add to your

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You can add these two

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documents. And in there in the end of the year Pope they've mentioned that

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this proper call up decree, Abu Sufyan of Decree mcdow. Who is coming in every week to do. who's one of the main speakers? Yes. They claimed to have paid him. And we have a witness statement from him saying that he did receive any funds from them. Right. And he's fuel and other expenses and the food and everything else was covered by the brothers. Right? mainly by myself. Yep. Another example, if you paid for that yourself, yeah, mainly, that was the main contributor towards these events. Okay. Another point to mention is, in the end of the year report, they mentioned that they had a female only event, which was copied delivered by a qualified female copying, what's that got to do with

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anti terrorism? Exactly. Now, the funny thing about it is the actual female copper was the wife of one of the main two x men, exactly. Dr. Abdullah left money. And when I approached him or text him, and I asked him, did your wife get paid for this event? He said, No. And you've got that detail. You've got the evidence. I may have have to look for it. But it's well known. I believe it's in one of the recordings. Yes.

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Okay. But anyway, it's well known facts of question of the law of money regarding this and said, Did your wife get paid by the province for this event? And he said, No. Also.

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Another example, is that a claim data in December 2010, they had a mini conference, which they did in that conference. Both of the main two ads, one of them are go hottie job, the wide and Abu Hakim Bilal Davis. Both came to Redding. And did that conference in the Birmingham meeting in question, then there's myself and Isa, and

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Milan. And we have abdullatif was also present. And they are witness for that. And they were surprised that they didn't even know that the names will be used for this event, right. And so this day, the night that they got any payment that they received any fundings and also they were surprised, and they grilled Shahid in the meeting, because they were unaware, and there's a meeting that you had that would be this we had in 2016. Mm hmm. And the details of the meeting is on my Twitter account, if anybody wants to

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check that out. Another thing is

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another thing they mentioned was the beginner Arabic course. This Arabic call did take place for six weeks, I believe. Okay. It's only for one hour a week. Okay. What were the instructors, painters? I don't know, what are big has to do with fighting terrorism anyway. Right. And one of the main issues with this is that it was not in the original application. Yes. So in the original in the bid, initially, the bid document is states that 9000 pounds will be paid for two part time workers will be part time workers. Yes. I think it says yes, it says two part time. Yep. Mini conference of 1500 pounds, which were they were awarded for, and a 2000 pounds for admin and management, and printing

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and publication of literature. 1500 was there any literature that was produced nothing at all? So leaflets in terms of if there's nothing that was produced by the brothers at all? So this is one of the main problems we have is that the brothers that claim could have worked, it says also here for an int 1000 pounds for internet webpage, internet webpage was 76. At that time, okay, so this is what led us to believe that those brothers stole the funds, because none of these things that mentioned here.

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So getting back to that.

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So we mentioned about the contract between them and the council already. Yeah. So out of the whole event, some things did take place. Yes, but those activities that they mentioned, they paid for those speakers were not paid yet were not paid. And most of the expenses were covered by either myself or a few of the other. And you have some evidence for this. If anyone were to ask you like, you know, yes. And here's the question, do they have evidence of the contrary? What is what we asked them? You've been asking them for almost three years now. Right? What we'd like for them to do is bring us evidence or proof or receipts, that are data that is targeted, not dated back at that time.

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Yep, going back to 1009 and 1011. I believe. They put the application in 2009 but they want the money around 2010. So 2010 and 2011. That was the time they were awarded the money. And at that time, it the It started off as a center but it became a machine. In fact, actual contract that is signed when it came

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was in August, and it became my musti. And a few months before that.

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Right. So can you explain what kind of effect this has had on the community? Because here, what we know from the discussions that we've had is that you, you know, this item making accusations about you guys. And after that, they started doing a boycott on you guys. So what is this, what's happened? What happened to the community after after these kinds of allegations were made with the evidence is provided that we've just seen here which are quite compelling to be fair.

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What happened after that, in terms of

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the first thing we did is when we we tried to contact the province privately first, and try to talk to them and say, Look at he says, carry this accusation. But he's bought evidences, we've seen these documents. And these documents that end the report is full of lies, clear lies, all these, you know, things that you claimed to have done, were actually actual mustard activities. And I'll give you a few examples. But one of them, yes. You mentioned was that the the Quran class? Yes. Now, as for the children's karate class, the teacher himself was Isa manda. And he confirmed he didn't get paid for many funding. And rather the parents are paid. We've we met. So today's Monday, he's confirmed that

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he promised and he's also confirmed that the parents will pay for that we have witness statements from the parents that said that we're paying for the so. So the parents are paying for it. The government thinks that they're paying for it, and the government thinks that they're paying for to fight extremism.

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I don't see what what's that to do with extremism, but nobody so this shows you I mean, it's not even in the initial bid is

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these things that they mentioned in the end of year report are not in the initial bid. And things like the weekly classes. Sofia has confirmed that he didn't get paid for that. The female couple confirmed without Delilah money. And if he denies it, and are ready to take my battle with him, we're gonna do

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a mini conference was done. And Abu Hakeem and Abu Artesia in the conference. Both of them we have four witnesses.

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Well, we've met some of your witnesses today. However, we do a bit camera shy, but at least two of them today. And we've been on the phone to to numerous others, and it does seem like there is corroborating witness testimony to everything you've just said. So initially, we wanted to, you know, deal with the in house if you like. And then we asked the brothers that we requested that they give us an explanation of what took place. Yes. And show us the proof. So many of us and Angela had GES involvement and Paul Davis,

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when they found out about this, what was their reaction? Well,

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we contacted them ourselves to have a meeting. And it was agreed and went to this meeting. And at that meeting, those both ago Hakeem and avati Java judging in the affair,

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were kind of surprised we didn't expect that we just thought there was going to be meeting he said the evidence and he thought they're going to question those brothers and x y Zed. What took place in the meeting is a statement that we put together. So if you relate to that statement is there on Twitter, and you can get with the details there. But in that meeting, it was judged by Hakeem that there was missed misappropriation of funds, and that he was suggesting for Shaheed and you have evidence for that. We have the witness statements. Yes, the problem is that will present in the meeting. And also we have recordings and so on. We do have we have some

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CCTV footage and audio recordings. But anyway, our question is quite simple. Really. Where did the money go? That's right. What did you do with the money?

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That's what it comes down to. So when we went to Birmingham, we, as I said, Hakeem and abacha to Abu Hakim judged that they will be misappropriation of funds. And that it was suggested that Shahi to be stepped down from the Shura. Now for years shrine is the one who is freed was the main guy. Yeah, the one who's doing this misappropriations right, three, four years down the line. Three, four years down the line. If you go too deep for God, you still see childhood in the bucket. You'll still see him now if you go

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to this video.

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I'll also send you a I'll also send you an audio clip of one of the members that was in the meeting in Birmingham in the name of Abu Junaid and you will hear Abu Junaid stating even in a secret recording where he states that is not from hikma for Shay to be holding the bucket shotgun seat anytime thing then was the problem with him holding the bucket.

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You know we have a problem with this each other. And so what you're saying is that there was this misappropriation of funds and

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Because of the gang mentality related to this, this this gang, you know ever Khadija and Blackpool Phillips, they tried to cover it all up. And not only did they cover it up, but they tried to attack you for coming out with exactly what happens. And what happened in the beginning was we went to them, and they just did some laughter that we thought, you know, we just move forward with the DA, and hamdulillah. You know, we wanted the assumption that, you know, things were going to be okay, but then we came back to reading and the brothers in reading, were attacking us on the member and accusing us the lies and

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so on. So So this is all economic, then. I mean, this is, I mean, we saw, I mean, gullible we are to think that a lot of these things that are these problems that are happening with tab D, and labeling and things like that are actually related to the religion. But what's being said here seems to know, it seems to be the case that they using religion as a as an ammunition for like to to further their own economic project. That's the allegation.

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allegation, there's a lot of

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allegations, but anyway, getting back to what you say,

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after that,

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you know, he started attacking us. And, you know, Khadija himself came to reading and did a lecture. And in that lecture, he accused, the brothers have been infiltrate his infiltrators. And you know, fitna makers and lies and so on. So this is why we decided in January to go public and to defend the only the only reason why wepublic was to defend our honor. Yes, as we base our accusation, based upon evidence, so now it's on them to prove it, they have them in the bullets in their court, since you made the allegations and you've made the put the evidences forward. They have to they have to produce the receipts, as you've mentioned, to produce the receipts and shows where this man has.

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And, and I will ask a final question. When they've come to reading, what was the difference in Tao, between before and after they've come and they had their that put their hand into into the affairs of the reading community, the Muslim community? I think, in general, there was an issue with the brothers, the brothers were united together is one individual particular that came, and he had,

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you know, other agendas, he like,

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you know, this is the one that kind of,

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you know, was a bit you know, you have to share that with him in an unconscious harshness with him. And that's when we noticed that that will begin to change. And they started making a few switches boycott, which is what

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we've asked for evidence. So when we question them, this is where they kind of, you know, turn the Gonzales if you like, and we've we've got information that suggests, I mean, obviously, we can't go into too much detail, but they've got many companies, either Company Limited companies, or charities that get hundreds of 1000s of pounds, like, you know, silicon publications charity, and 2014, which is not far away from this time got a million pounds in funds.

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I mean, we can't make any allegations on a legal level. But is it safe to assume that all of that money is coming from prevent and should prevent and the government and the council, in your opinion, would you advise them to be more cautious as to how and why they would give money to to people that have a track record of this?

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That's the question. The question is, when you look into the whole reading affair, yes, one thing I picked up a notice that the actual initial application that was given to the council, in as mentioned that,

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that the reading organization is affiliated with the Birmingham organization, which was in a city guidance, which is Paul Davis's organization that is a Hakim's

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organization. So, can you make that point again? So, which one is associated with which so in the documentation in the initial bit, which is the application they put forward to the council? It mentioned that when they mentioned that they worked with are they affiliated with in sec guidance guidance, which is called Davis's

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organization question is which has been dissolved by the way dissolved? Yeah. No accounts no accounts. Yes. Lo and behold,

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no accounts because it changed into a charity I've looked and seen right and even on both on that there's no accounts

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Yeah, but we know we know from what you're saying that there was money pumped into that as well as the cover up. Yes. Why these big cover up and why try to you know, cover this whole thing up some of the questions a lot, a lot. A lot Allah Allah, I'm not gonna accuse them. Yeah, we can

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already click on this clicker, clicker, you know, produce the evidences. Now they have to produce the receipts to come bring the receipts and show us where this money is gone. So there's another allegation that the reading Islamic observations and have been using modern javelins charity registration number to claim tax relief, which is actually a K which is actually an allegation of council tax fraud.

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Yes, I did some research only when an animal wanted to sell the building. So maybe an estate agent and in the business, I didn't have done their research and caught up the council and believe the link is you cannot link the audio, and of course in the council regarding this, and they told me that the bill is registered under markers more adequate job, my surprise, I was quite shocked. So I went to go visit the brothers in slop and arrange to see Abdullah money. And I approached him and I questioned him regarding this. And he was shocked and amazed at the time. And you will hear from the secret recording where the problems were concerned with this. And I said to them, Look, you know,

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these individuals are using your Chairman status. You know, is this a food that they've done while you implicate in this or, you know, did you give them permission, they denied it, they denied, they gave permission to him today. But later on down the line A month later, once I sent him the evidences, this audio my Twitter account where Abdullah money is very upset, and he claims that he did get them permission. And he claims that he put up remember, again, this is a serious fraud. And these individuals, the likes of de la Armani aquatennial Abu Hakim

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is a big question mark on the Adela and the trustworthiness. Absolutely. Would you say that there has been a sectarianism has been as it's referred to in Arabic, in the treatment of Muslims, generally Sunni Muslims, that claim to even be Salafi, you know, they seem to be Salafi. And then now they're being boycotted, they're being attacked, because they're coming up with these evidences in writing and say, Look, we've paid for these things, and all of the things are happening. And now you've boycotted us and attacked us. Have you experienced any of that yourself. But this is what amazed us brothers. You have these individuals who claim to be upon set up here. And they claim to

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be people of evidence and claim to be people of truth and heart and so on. And so, and we were amazed or lightly amazed, we get brothers that call us. And they say, okay, you know, we're here and this and that and was acid blind about the brothers. And when you question them, you said, okay, have you gone forever? No. Have you looked at the you know, do you see the voice notes? Have you seen the amount of evidence? Yes. provided and you find no. So it's like, well, how did you come to that conclusion? Right. How can you judge that that is a lie? We base everything upon evidence is so yes, yes, definitely. 100% It seems to be a his beer.

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cut his beer with them. So in other words, you're saying that they think they're immune to criticism, though, there'll be a cover of it. anything happens within the Muslim community, and they're involved, they'll always vouch for their own? Well, it seems like that what we can see is Yeah, you know, blatant with regards to double standards and everything else. It amazes me, amazes me, and the situation reading. It's a sad situation. Because we've had the boycotting of Salafi brothers without justification, that evidence is attacking selfie brothers from the member, warning against all of the brothers, not returning the salon to the brothers and the gentlefolk. So to

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conclude, with the recent scandal with Hassan Atta, and Omar Abdullah, where they've been leading double lives, it's led the Muslim community to investigate

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who else is doing leading a double life if you like, who else is taking money, saying that they're going to do one thing with that money and then doing something completely different with it? Who else is scamming not only the Muslim community, but the non Muslim community and even the government with money. And our investigations lead us to these kinds of places, places where historic cases cold cases, even have been re re emerge are the stuff we unearth them if you like, and lots of evidences have been brought forward. Now the ball is in the core of those individuals instead of you publications. As we mentioned, an organization in 2014 alone, which got 1 million pounds of charity

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funding, we want to understand where they got that money from in the first place, because their social media accounts don't don't suggest that they can get that kind of money from general fundraising, or message fundraising. But if we were to assume that that was from the government, and these kinds of things are happening here and reading, how does that give either the government or other Muslims the confidence to give you money in order to quote unquote, de radicalize people, and how's it de radicalization when in fact, people become more and more radical in their attitudes towards other Muslims? It seems to us that there has been a flaw in the prevent strategy, a real

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problem in the way both prevent have reacted to Muslim communities. And as a result, how Muslim communities react to prevent. So this case, this case of reading has opened up many different windows of inquiry. And in this edition

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To view we've been able to see how things can go really wrong both for those organizations who claim to claim to be listed, for example, self in this case, and for the government who claim to be giving money, or think that they give him money for the de radicalization of Muslim people. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh