Bored in the House! TikTok! – Noooo waaaay!

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swearing your own mother just by saying Subhana Allah. May Allah forgive us. And I'm going to give you a real life example.

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people bought in a house Subhan Allah, I heard a young man, a good Muslim lip sync to a song stanfill alarm. I probably would have had to wash my ears after that. Just because he was bored in the house. I would have been. What on earth? Did he swear his mother for? La? La La quwata illa Billah La Ilaha Illa. Allah, where are we heading? Today is the day of sacrifice. Cut that out. Ibrahim alayhis salam cut something else for the sake of Allah, He put a knife to it. Put a knife to these bad habits. You don't need to swear your mother. You don't need to use the F word, the B word the P word. The D word does Edward the x word. Whatever those bad words are and they becoming more

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and more you do not need to participate in that you're a believer. Allah is going to show you your phone. He's going to show you what you've done what you've said you rather deleted. Brothers and sisters today is the day of deleting, please go to your social media and delete all those videos or messages or any form of communication actions, whatever it may be. That would be embarrassing in front of Allah when Allah shows you those deeds and says, Why did you do this? Can you answer to this or that? We told you to stay away from immorality from vulgar words from behavior that's unacceptable. Please, my brothers and sisters I invite you to sacrifice not your son like the

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Prophet Abraham May peace be upon him was instructed, but your own bad deeds. It's not too late. You still have your phones.

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Please take a moment to pick up the phone right now and to delete everything that you would be embarrassed with on the Day of Judgment