Transformers Ep. 6 – A Little Profit Is Important Too

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The importance of not breaching laws and regulations related to trade and marriage, divorce, and civil justice in Islam is discussed. The speaker emphasizes the importance of protecting privacy and avoiding harm in trade, as well as avoiding the negative impact of FX trading. The speaker also highlights the importance of transformational actions to transform one's life and mentions the potential negative impact of automation warahmatull.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh brothers and sisters in Islam, may the peace and blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala be upon you all and welcome to transformers.

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In this episode six

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since we've been discussing in the last two episodes matters pertaining to money, I'd like to discuss in this particular episode The importance of not belittling, a little profit. So when we trade, obviously, we trade with the purpose of making a profit. And especially in this day and age where

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greed can become an underlying factor, whether consciously or subconsciously in how we make business decisions. It's important to remember the way of the pious before us when it came to trade. Earlier of the law, he used to walk through the markets of Kufa. Kufa was a city in Iraq. And he used to walk with a with a whip, a type of whip,

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with obviously the intent of disciplining the traders. And this was for the sake of ensuring that through trade, people didn't lose their religion. We know that Islam is not just a religion, but our entire holistic way of life. And thus, we have rules and regulations pertaining to trade and matters related to marriage, and divorce, and custody, and even matters related to judiciary and civil justice, and so on and so forth. There's laws in Islam pertaining to all facets of life. And you may have come across a teaching related to memory will happen to your loved one, in that he used to also give a spot exam to traders entering the markets in Medina, to ensure that they don't end up

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matters related to interest and bringing corruption to the markets of Medina. So he would give them a spot trade and a spot exam related to trade. And if they failed, he would refuse them entry into the markets of Medina until they went and learned the trick of trade so that they didn't bring

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corruption into the markets of Medina. So Ali, he used to be a law firm, he used to work with a whip and he would tell the, the traders that will have to

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be careful with regards to the rights of trade and the rights of the traders. And then he would say, if you give Huck its do and give people the hack, then you will succeed and be saved. And then he would tell them to not be little, a little profit, because if you belittle a little profit, then you will be forbidden from

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the major profit. Right. And even robiola, one who was blessed in his trade, he was a wealthy man and a diligent trader, and he passed away as a as a billionaire, really in today's currency. And he was asked Massa Babu ESR, what is the reason for this financial standing that you have this great wealth that you have? And he would say three things, and from the three things he would say is that he would say is one of the three reasons why I am rich, after the fall of Allah subhanho wa Taala, of course, is that I never belittled a little profit, I never,

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you know,

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sort of refused a transaction because the profit from it would be a small amount. And that's what we do. Sometimes Sometimes, we refuse a sale,

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even though it makes sense to do it even though we would achieve other rewards by doing it and helping the buyer as well. We refuse that trade,

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feeling that we would make a greater trade in the future. Now, this is not wrong in and of itself, but from the HELOC of a Muslim is not to belittle little profit because what happens is sometimes you don't make that trade and then the markets turn and we see this in today's day and age and when the markets 10 then you end up making a loss and when greed sort of becomes an underlying value upon which you subconsciously without realizing make your deals and not many traders actually revise the ethics revise the ethos, sort of revise themselves take themselves to account not many traders do this. So without them realizing they hate greed but without them realizing they tend to have

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a trade philosophy that without them realizing does have an attachment to

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This one for more, even if we don't call it greed, but this, this one for more at any cost, and then you end up doing harm. I mean, today, this FX trading that many people are getting involved in, they get involved in it. And even though it may take care of the hand to hand the stipulation, when trading currencies, so they don't

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exchange a currency without receiving the counterparty and giving the counterparty so they they're trying to take care of the rules of Islam with regards to FX trade, but then they end up using the concept of leveraging, right, and those involved in it will know what this term means. And it's a form of

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getting an amount from the program that's allowing you to trade an amount of money so that you can exchange higher volumes of the currency, and as a result, make a greater profit. So what happens is they belittle trading, without leveraging and accepting a little profit? Why? Because why should I make a little profit when I can make more? So let me just take the offering from this program that's allowing me to trade. You know, it makes sense because I'll make more money the deal is right, I will make a profit on the currency trading, the higher volume of currency exchanged entails a bigger profit. But little do they realize that they actually entering Riba you entering interest because

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the program that gives you this money gives you the money, and you have to pay it back, which makes it a type of loan, and then they stipulate a percentage

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on top that you have to pay the amount back with. So this is Riba and many people don't realize it and they enter into it. And the stimulus for it was that initial concept that why should I make a little profit when I can make a bigger profit, so in essence, they belittling the smaller profit. So brothers and sisters in Islam, in order to change our lives and transform it, we have to also ensure that our trade is in order. You know, many times people say that we making dua to Allah and Allah is not answering our door, and we have this problem in our life and that problem in our life. And why is this the case and one of the or sometimes it's a marriage issue that they're going through? So

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what I do is, I try and analyze the situation and when I peek into the transactions,

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they get confused. Why are you asking us about transactions? We asking you about drama, we are asking you about a marriage issue that we're having. We're asking you about issues pertaining to our children. Why are you asking us about our dealings? And I say that Do you know that one of the reasons why you guys are not accepted is because of eating heroin? They say well, we don't eat heroin. Well, okay, you buy a halal, that's good, but if you buy halal with her money, and that makes the halal haram right. If your food is haram and you drink is haram, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that your drugs will not be accepted. So now and your clothing is haram, yours

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won't be accepted. So now you buying

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clothes and food which is halal in and of itself with money, which you earned in a haram way this is going to affect other areas of your life. It's going to reduce the Baraka in your life. And as I share

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this lesson number six

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of Transformers because we want to transform our lives, this lesson is related to not belittling, a little profit, because if you do, it may just end up being a means of you losing a greater profit because of

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you entering transactions that are dubious, from a Sharia perspective that are questionable, from a Sharia perspective and then that will have an overlaying effect in other areas of your life. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless our trade, forgive our past, inspire our futures. I mean, the Honorable alameen Allah subhanho wa Taala make us people make us a people that transform our lives from the inspirations that we receive. I mean, I love you all for the sake of Allah until next time, salaam Allahu Allah, automation warahmatullahi wabarakatuh