Yasir Qadhi – Seerah – 06 The Birth of Prophet Muhammad and Why Arabia

Yasir Qadhi
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We had mentioned the idolatry that was rampant amongst them and how that idolatry began. And there was one final point that was left that time did not allow us to elaborate on. And I think it is very relevant and very important because this aspect demonstrates to us what our religion is. And it demonstrates to us the meaning of La ilaha illAllah. Now, the interesting thing about the jahi, the Arabs, the Arabs before Islam, was that they actually believed in the same God that we believe in by the same name, and the same attributes and that is a law. You see, they never depicted Allah as an idol. They made idols of a large of a loser of minutes of hubel they made idols of all of these

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beings, but they never made an idol of Allah there was no idol called Allah, because they knew that Allah could not be represented by an idol. And they knew that Allah was their Creator and their originator and their sustainer.

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Allah says in the Quran, if you were to ask them who created you, they would say, Allah created us. If you were to ask them who sends the rain from the heavens, they would say Allah, if you were to ask them who supplies you your risk your food, they would say Allah. The Quran says if you were to ask them, who is the Lord of the heavens on Earth, they would say Allah. And this is interesting because they're paganism is not like the paganism of modern religions. If you ask them who is their God, they will say, Krishna or Buddha or something. These are groups who say no, Allah is our God. And Allah is our Creator, and Allah is our sustainer. And yet they are not Muslims. And we don't

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consider them to be Muslims, even though they say there is no creator other than Allah, and there is no sustainer other than Allah, and there is no Lord other than Allah.

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So when the Prophet system is coming to them, he's not coming with a new God. He's not coming with a new deity they know it is Allah who created them. Yet Why are they not Muslim? Well, because they're worshipping idols. Well, why are they worshipping idols? When they know that Allah created them? The Quran tells us so resumo verse three, so that the Zoomer verse three, Allah says, that if you were to ask them, why are you worshiping these beings, they say, Man, Buddha, whom in la de la buena de la, his whole family, we're only worshipping these beings, so that they can bring us closer to Allah. mode is the ultimate goal is Allah. These beings are stepping stones, they're intermediaries.

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They're simply tools we use to get to the Grand deity, and that is a lot. So the universe first 18, Allah says they worship besides a lot, these beings that are useless, and they say, these beings are our intercessors, between us and Allah, our intermediaries, you see, were to sinful were to unholy and these beings are holy beings. So we go through them to get to the holiest of holy and that is a law. Now, notice here, this is very important, because there should was not in rejecting a law. It was not in saying a lot and that created me. It was not in saying that a letter is they will resurrect to me. No, they firmly believed Allah is the Creator sustainer nourisher everything by

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name Allah, not to Rama, Krishna Buddha, Allah. yet they're worshipping other than Allah and they say, We're too sinful. We need to use intermediaries to get to Allah. Now this is important because unfortunately, we have Muslims in our times, who fall prey to the exact same mentality, word for word letter for letter. We're sinful people. change a lot to worry, change, Rosa to share, change, manage to build, and you get the exact same concept. We're two sinful people we can't worship Allah directly he's to holy. So we have to go through the saint, or they also have to go through the prophets are seldom we worship this meaning, we make prayer to this being we sacrifice to this

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being, we invoke the blessings of this being because this being has a high status with Allah. He will plead our case to Allah and all of us who have family back home, we know that this is unfortunately common amongst the Muslims around the world. And this mentality is exactly the mentality of the jihadi Arabs. It is exactly the same. And this is compounded by the fact that if somebody says How dare you compare a beard to a lot, how do you compare my share to a lot? The response is what is a lot except appear in a shoe? What is a lot? Do you know the origins of a lot? A lot was a a lot was the main idol of all right, we said last time, what is the main idea of maca

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who can remind me Hoban, the main idol of maca is Hoban and this was the original idea where did it come from who can remind me Syria from the

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MLK Day America came from the Americas. This is the original idol that was there until the process of them got rid of it in the conquest of Makkah, then the second major idol was a lot. And that wasn't taught if these were the two main idols, a Latin huben. And then monarch was the, the third and reserve. So these are the main titles now. A lot what what is a lot, a lot was a man who used to feed to the pilgrims, a type of soup. And the word for making soup in Arabic is led to and a lot is the one who grinds a lot is the one who basically does the thing to make the soup, the barley, you grind it, and then you make the soup out of it. It's not his name, it's his title. And this was a

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man who would stand on the road towards Mecca and everybody who went there, he would is a generous man, he would feed them. And so they called him a lack the one who gives the soup, the one who feeds the one who makes the barley for the soup I left. When he died. They said let's commemorate him. He's a good man is a righteous man. So they build a monument to mausoleum. And in our religion, we're not supposed to build a monument on a grave, because of this reason, exactly. because of this reason. So they said, Let's commemorate him. He was a good man. So they built a big structure. And what happens when you build a big structure on your grave people come they rub their bodies on it,

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they put their hands on it, they want to get blessings, and bit by bit slowly, but surely, it becomes an idol and a God that is worship besides Allah. So what is a lot except a holy man, a righteous person. And we already mentioned before, that the most common being who is invoked on Earth, besides Allah is Jesus Christ, the most common being that is worshipped besides the true God is Jesus Christ. What is Jesus Christ, an evil being or a good being? is a good thing. He is one of the greatest of all prophets and messengers, you see, the slippery slope doesn't occur with evil people. I mean, how few people worship Satan, right? The Satanists, how few are they? And yet look

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at how many people worship Jesus Christ in the billions. Because it's easy to slip with a good man. You put him above his place, you take him to a status above what he deserves. And this is what our religion came to prohibit. No, you don't worship anybody, including the Prophet Mohammed says, You don't go through him to get to Allah, meaning you don't direct your prayers through him. You take him as a role model, and you don't take him as another god, a demigod a semi God. So it is important that we understand that the shift of the Arabs was a very unique type of shift. It is not the shift of let's say, the Hindus or Buddhists or the Zoroastrians, because these groups, they believe in

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another god besides Allah, they don't believe in Allah, the God of the Arabs was the God of Abraham and is made in his house, and that is Allah, that is the God that we believe in. There should was not in rejecting him. It was in affirming him as being too holy. We can't get to him directly, we have to go indirectly. And it's very important that we as Muslims, therefore understand what our religion is about. And that is, there are no intermediaries between us and Allah subhana wa Tada. And that was the point related to the last lesson. Now we now move on to today's lesson.

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And we began by pointing out well, we just talked to lessons about how evil god Arabia was how bad it was. And next week, we're going to continue this doctor Bashar is going to be speaking next week, I won't be here. He will talk about the social circumstances of Arabia, and again, so many evils taking place in Arabia. Now, if Arabia was so bad, was so evil. Why did Allah choose Arabia and the Arabs for the Profit System to come in? I mean, why didn't he chooses the Romans were the mightiest civilization, or the Persians who had an ancient civilization. Why didn't you choose another nation? Why, in the back, can't say backwaters, the back sands of Arabia. Why in this desert in this nomadic

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lifestyle that didn't have a civilization, it didn't have a script, it didn't have anything, it didn't even have a government. Why did I choose this society to send the last prophets? Well, there are many wisdoms that we can derive, that we can glean from choosing these groups of people. First and foremost, the Arabs and Arabia was in between the two major superpowers of the time and those were the sassanids and the Byzantine Empire, right the Eastern Roman of the Byzantine Empire and assassinated the Persians, the Romans and the Persians is simplified. The more correct is that the Byzantine and the sassanids so Arabia is smack in the middle, or you can say South most but it is in

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between wars are taking place right above Arabia in the Syrian hemisphere or land wars are taking place for 400 years between the Byzantines and the sassanids. Arabia is right there in the middle. Additionally, so it's geographically very uniquely situated is connected to the two greatest international superpowers, yet it is distinct, connected, but distinct and SubhanAllah. What happened in 3040 years, Arabia conquered these two superpowers.

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Right had Arabia been in China, it would not have been able to conquer these two superpowers by being connected and yet separate just on the border, the very first lands of conquest, Allah will that these two mighty nations be conquered by the Muslims within 20 years within 30 years after that, the process of them and the time of Bob, as you all know, additionally, the Arabs did not have a history of colonialism or aggressive behavior, because the arrows really fighting amongst themselves. They never challenged Rome, they never challenged Persia. So when the Arab armies first march towards Roman Persia, I after Islam, the Romans and the Persians were laughing for these

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Bedouins wanting to attack us. And it is said that the assassinate Emperor tweeted, side and the other Muslim leaders as children, because Are you gone crazy. Your armies are going to attack us? Go back, and we'll give you some gold coins if you want. I mean, don't don't bother. They treated them like kids because they couldn't believe that a group is coming from Arabia. The Arabs never had a colonialist influence they never were aggressive to the superpowers. So it was a surprise completely coming out of this land. Another point is that the fact that the Arabs did not have their own unique civilization now what do I mean by civilizations that people ask me? What do you mean that we

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didn't, I went, when I say they didn't have civilization, I mentioned certain

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benchmarks of a civilization. The first benchmark is a unified government. If you don't have a unified government, you don't have law and order in society. I mean, that's the first benchmark of a civilization, you have a unified government. And then another benchmark is literature, Arts Architecture. Now the Arabs did not have literature, they had poetry, which is one step less, they did not have written literature per se, because they didn't have reading and writing. Right. Another benchmark is architecture buildings, the Arabs did not have buildings, they didn't build anything of lasting significance. Whereas the Romans, I mean, to this day, the Hagia Sophia, it was built before

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the prophecies by 100 years, and it is still a marvel that we go in and we look at, you know, in Istanbul and Constantinople and other places, the the palaces of Persia, they're still around, parasol palace outside outside of Tehran, they're still their own. You can go and see them magnificent structures. The Arabs at the time didn't have that. So again, I mean, I'm not trying to I mean, some people apparently there were one or two people they felt a bit offended when I said this, but it's the fact that Islam came in gave the Arabs is, instead of being offended, they should take pride that Islam came and made the Arabs the top nation. Before Islam came. The Arabs were

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considered to be a backward Bedouin nation and they were like that. And Allah says in the Quran, lacquered and Zenda in a concrete carbon fee croco you're we have given you a book in it is your legacy. Your vehicle your legacy will be through this book is in the Quran, that you didn't have a legacy before this book came. Before this book came, you weren't anything. Now when this book comes cadenza, Nick Kitab. And Fie, the crew comm this will give you a legacy that people will look up to buy, right, so this book came and civilize the Arab. So the fact that the Arabs didn't have this civilization, they didn't have a unified government, they didn't have all of these factors. When

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Islam came, it made it easier for the Arabs to develop a unique and their own culture and civilization, there was no competition. If Islam had come to the Romans, it would have been very problematic, because they have their entire structure up and running. And for Islam to come there, you have to then fight the status quo in a way that you consider as somewhat of a vacuum. There is no status quo to fight. So when the Prophet system unites the Arabs for the first time, the the, the the wars that he's undertaking are relatively small. There's no mighty unified government that's attacking him. And this is of the blessings of Allah that He chose Arabia for this. The first time

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the Arabs were ever united is under the Prophet system. They were never united before him, he came and he united all the Arabs, all the descendants of his maid before this, they were not united. And so the fact that they didn't have a civilization is in fact a blessing in disguise, because then Islam came and brought that civilization and a unique Islamic civilization with its own language, its own literature, its own script, its own coinage, even its own, everything came everything, even its own architectural style. As you know, the oma years had their own their buses had their own the andalusi. All of this came, it came because there was a vacuum. And so the Arabs came and they fill

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that vacuum with Islam, and they then brought forth a new civilization.

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Another benefit and wisdom of sending the prophet to Arabia, was the fact that because we referenced this slightly before, because of the internal warfare amongst the Arabs, and their relative backward state, the rise of a political entity from Arabia was completely unexpected. Nobody could have predicted

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Did that there will be a political force coming from Arabia. It is as if right now somebody pointed to one of the lowest GDP countries listed on the index, right? One of the sub Saharan countries, let's say, and said in five years, this will be the superpower of the world. Right now everybody's thinking it's China or this or that we have two, three names. And then right at the bottom, there's one or two names. Imagine if somebody said, No, no, no, all of that is wrong, there's going to be one of those countries at the bottom. This is not even a threat. Nobody's thinking about it. So the Arabs and the Romans and the Persians were completely unprepared for the Arabian conquest. Also,

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another point of benefit is that Mecca, was the site of the first house built for the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And it was the place of Abraham and his smile. Therefore, it was most appropriate that Makkah become the place of the first universal religion. Because Islam is the first universal religion, every other religion that Allah revealed, which is now called Judaism or Christianity. These are revealed religions, they were local. They weren't meant to be universal. We believe that Jesus Christ did not come from all over the world, he came for the children of Israel. We believe that Moses was not sent for all of mankind, he was sent for only the Jews, yet the

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prophecies were sent for the entire world. So it is befitting that his place be the place where the first house of worship was ever built on Earth. We already said two weeks ago that Allah says in the Quran, the first house of worship was the one built in Baca, which became Mecca. This is the first Masjid ever built on earth by humanity by Ibrahim. So it is befitting that the first universal call come from that very Valley from that very sanctuary from that very house. Yet another benefit of why Allah azza wa jal chose the Arabs is that even though the Arabs did not have certain qualities, they had other qualities that made them very good to be receptive to that message of those qualities was

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the purity of spirit, purity of spirit, they were not polluted by philosophical indoctrinations. They didn't have other they were simple people. And being simple has its positives and its negatives, right? being simple has its positives and negatives. And of the simple of the positives of being simple is that when truth comes you accepted more easily, you're not clouded by philosophical baggage, if you like, you don't have lots of weird ideas. You're a simple person. And that's why generally speaking, even in society, so part of the first converts are always this sincere, innocent people. This is the first converts, they're always the sincere people, not the

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ones who are convoluted not the ones who have no, it's just simple. Another benefit that the Arabs had was that they were a people who were so used to hardship, so used to lack of food and lack of water and and everything that this, of course, helped the armies in early in the early conquest of Islam. You see, the Romans and the Persians were spoiled troops. These were troops that needed supply lines. These were troops that had lots of armor, lots of baggage with them, not the Arabs, they didn't have all of this. And they're used to traveling in the desert for long distances with small amounts of water, small amounts of food and early Islamic conquest needed that it needed that

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stamina, that neither the Arabs that neither the Romans nor the Persians had. So Allah chose the group that he knew would be able to benefit Islam in its early time. Also, the Arabs had characteristics that were very positive bravery. They were not cowards, they were brave people, they were proud. And in a sense, proud, pride can be negative and pride can be positive. If you're proud of something that is worthy to be proud of, you're proud of being a Muslim, this is positive. And if you're proud of beings of something that is racist, or something, this is negative. So having an element of pride sometimes is good. There were also honest people, the Arabs hated lying. They hated

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like, they were very honest people. And there's many evidences to show this of them is the famous story of Abu sufian, with heraclius, which we referenced last week, when we talked about the emperor of Rome met Abu sufian, right. And he asked him a series of questions. And we didn't mention in a lot of detail. But Abu sufian was brought in front of heraclius. And the rest of the caravan remain behind him. Because Abu sufian because the heraclius knew that Abu sufian is an enemy to the Prophet. He's not a believer in the Prophet. So iraklis wanted to make sure that Abu sufian is speaking the truth. So he put the back of Abu sufian all of the people of Croatia at his back the

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caravan, and he's facing heraclius and then he told the interpreter to the people behind Abu sufian. If Abu sufian lies make a motion to me that he's like, telling me that he's lying. Now they're all pagans, they're all caught. They're all you know, the idol worship and other Muslims. I will soufiane said were it not for the fact that my people would have accused me of being a liar. I would have

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invented lies against the Prophet system at that point in time. I didn't want to tell the truth. I didn't want to say all of these things because they're all positive. Is he the most noble? Is he honest? Is he trustworthy? Is he this, he said, Were it not for the fact that my people would call me a liar. In other words, despite being a pagan, he didn't want to be called a liar. truthfulness, honesty was something that was prized amongst the Arabs. Also, the Arabs were sincere in their oaths. If they gave a promise, they would uphold it recorded last week and incident that really shows this

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a promise that was upheld.

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And his promise to Allah,

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Taliban, his promise to Allah, nobody is even telling him that, Oh, this is a promise you made to me. He made a promise to Allah. And he wanted to fulfill it. The Arabs were people who they were people have their word. And they abided by their word. And that's why they were no written contracts in Arabia until Islam came, there was no need for it. If a man said it, that was his Well, there was no need for witnesses. If a man said it that said he said it, he's not going to retract on his word. So treachery was considered to be very, very evil amongst them. And the final point that we'll mention is that the Arabs were of course the best horseman, there was no denying this, that the

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Romans and the Persians could not compete neither with the horses of Arabia, nor the riders of Arabia. So the horses of Arabia were the best horses to this day, the Arabian horses. And by the way, there are a hadith about Arabian horses, by the way, and the process of them praised horses, from Arabia, and so on. These are ideas that are authentic. And so how to look to this day, the world knows that the most prized horses are Arabian horses, and our Prophet system said that the best horses are the Arabian horses, the horses of this peninsula. And somehow to this day, as we said, the Arabian horses are the best because our Prophet says to them said so. So the Baraka

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remained or the blessings remain in them. So the horses were the best, and then the riders were the best. And they were the most accustomed to the most brutal war. They're not used to heavy armor, they're used to riding as we said, long distances, there used to be a very difficult type of war, which the Romans and the Persians would not going to be accustomed to. So for all of these reasons, and then of course, there is the issue of the Arabic language itself. The Arabic language is a Semitic language. And the Semitic languages are far more eloquent and powerful than languages based in Latin. Anybody who has studied Hebrew, Aramaic, those of you who have studied Arabic, you

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understand the transmutation of the three letter word that have followed it, do your follow through all of these transmutations This is a very symmetric issue. It's not found in the other languages. And it's a very powerful tool. If you learn one verb, that habit let's say from it, you can derive over 200 nouns and verbs and concepts because the same verb will give you roots will give you structures that you will derive over 200 different nouns and adjectives and verbs and whatnot. This is an amazing language, and it's a powerful language. And generally speaking, it is said that the Semitic languages are the most eloquent languages. We of course, believe this theologically. But

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even people are born out of a theology, they say that the Semitic languages have a power and beauty that is not found in the other languages, of course, Semitic languages. In our days, there's only Hebrew and Arabic that are spoken. But of course, in the days gone by, it was Aramaic and Syriac and, and all of these other languages are all Semitic languages. And the final reason why Allah chose or the front of us we will mention, of course, there must be many more. The final reason that we will mention why Allah chose the Arabs is, of course, the most obvious one. And that is the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam made a draw the draw of Ibrahim alayhis salam, as he's building the

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Kaaba, him and his son is smiling. And he says, oh, by now, but I see him or soon a minimum, Oh our Lord, we pray to you that from our progeny, you send forth one prophet or messenger or a solar minimum, who will come to them and recite to them your signs your ayat, and will purify them, and we'll clean them, use a key him and we'll teach them the book and wisdom. So Ibrahim and his smile, he made a dua, that there should be a profit from their progeny, because he knew that there would be profits from the other progeny of his house. He knew this, because Allah says in the Quran, that when Sara became pregnant, for sure now who is how women were or is how yakou even before is how it

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was born. And of course, the Old Testament expounds upon this much more, Allah knows if it's true or not, but the Old Testament says that the angels or the gods said to Abraham that through this son of yours shall be my covenant. Now, we believe there was a covenant through that son for 1000s of years, but then it was transferred to the son

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Have a smile. So Allah says that that was when sada was pregnant we will give you is how, and after is how it will give you another prophet yaku. So he's being told that there's going to be many profits from his house. And we believe that every single prophet that came after Ibrahim up until the Prophet Mohammed says Adam, came from the children of his house. We believe that every prophet after the generation of Ibrahim, was from the descendants of his house, we believe this, we give them that privilege because Allah gave them that privilege. But we say the final prophet, only one Prophet came after his mind from his progeny. And that is the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam. So Ibrahim makes the dua that all love from this son as well, I want a child, I want a prophet who will come to his people, and who will come and recite the signs and purify and teach them the book. And so of course, the children of his married are the Arabs. And so the Prophet Ibrahim Do I have to be fulfilled? And that is why the main reason we can say that Allah chose the Arabs. The main reason I left it for the last is that the Prophet Ibrahim said, I want a profit from this progeny from this son. And that is indeed what, what the law xojo gave. And that's what exactly the prophets have said that he said in authentic hadith, and Adar. What to Avi Ibrahim, he said, I

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am the response of the dua that my father Ibrahim made and adapt what to be Ibrahim, I am that response of the DA when a bush law is 70 million, and I am the glad tidings that Jesus predicted. And to this day in the New Testament, there are references that Jesus says I must leave you for, of course, the Hebrew or the Greek says, powder cleat to come has been translated in different ways. Perhaps this is a reference and this is what some Muslim theologians say that Jesus is saying, I have to leave for the other one to come. And the Prophet Mohammed says I'm saying and the Quran is saying as well that Jesus predicted is coming. So he said, well in a bush law, and I am the good

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The good news is generally been translated as the gospel by the Christians, but we believe that Jesus Christ predicted the coming of the Prophet Mohammed says Adam, so you're saying I am the good news that Jesus Christ told would come. So he is the devil of Ibrahim and the butcher of a 17 million. This is what our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, we had already pointed out that the lineage of the Prophet system was the most noble lineage we mentioned to the Hadith in Sahih. Muslim that the Prophet system said that out of the children of his mane, Allah chose kwinana, out of the children of Canaan, Allah chose orange, out of the children of orange, Allah chose Benny

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Hashem, and out of the children of any Hashem, Allah chose me. And so this means that the Prophet system was chosen for the most noble of all lineages. And we firmly believe that there is no lineage more noble than his lineage.

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There is now move on to the issue of the birth of the prophets of the lockwise. And we spoke about Abdulmutallab and his ancestors, we now get to the Prophet systems, direct and immediate parents. And these are, of course, Abdullah and Amina

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Amina, both of them, both of them, we have but a few lines about their life and times. We have very little about them for a number of reasons. Firstly, because the both of them, as we know lived very short lives. They both died in their early 20s, maybe maybe even before this 1819.

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Secondly, and so obviously, you have a short life, you don't have you know, a lot of memories to leave them and you have only lived a few years. Secondly,

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the both of them died before it was known that the profit is a profit selling. So nobody's recording, you know, the life and times of even those 20 years. These are regular people, of course, they might be noble, they might be good, but there's not there's no prediction that these are going to become the parents. Thirdly, when the process of them becomes a profit. It's already been 4050 years, 40 years, right since his parents have died. And by the time he gets to Medina, 53 years, by the time he himself passes away 63 years, who's alive to remember what happened 63 years ago, right? So when Islam finally reached his power, when Islam finally became stable, who is living to remember

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those early days of Islam and that is why we're going to come to this inshallah after Ramadan when we get there. We all know that the Macan period lasted 53 years 40 before prophecy and 13 after prophecy, correct. 53 years, the Medina and period lasted how many years? 10 years now, if we were to put all of the Chronicles of those 53 years in a volume and all of the Chronicles of the Medina yours in a volume, the Medina and volume would be three times the size of the Moroccan volume

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even though the timeframe for Medina is two

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10 years and maca is 53. Why? Because when Islam is stable, that's when people can record and write and talk. And remember, when Islam becomes powerful, that's when it is easier to record events and remember them when the followers become peaceful and stable now under persecuted now one Bilal is being dragged in the streets of Medina and Ahmad is being tortured. I mean, they're not gonna have time to remember it and, and narrate to their children, right? So if this is the case of the life of the Prophet system, that we have one volume versus three volumes of his life, what do you think of his mother and father? so sadly, we have very little information, much of which is legend, much of

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which is not quite, we don't know for sure if it's true or not. But what we do know what we do know and shallow we're trying to narrate it that we have here. Abdullah, as we know, was the one whom have done what I was about to sacrifice. I already told you the story that he was saved right after this. Immediately after the saving of Abdullah Abdul Mutallab decided that he needed to choose a bride for his son. According to one report, he was 18 years old at the time, and one Version says he was 2025 years old, but it was a young man, so a young man at the time, and Abu Talib chose for him. The daughter of the chief of the bundle Zahara, who were one of the tribes have the courage we said

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many times, and the average Muslim is unaware of this courage is a big tribe. within it are many small sub tribes who have to memorize this, or issues the large tribe. within it are many sub tribes the bundle Hashem is one, the bundle Zora is another. So the chief of the bundles Ohara had a daughter by the name of Amina, his name was of course Wahab so the chieftain of the burners Dora was Wahab and he had a daughter Amina. And so Abdulmutallab proposed on behalf of Abdullah bin Batali proposed to Amina bin to work on behalf of Abdullah. And this proposal took place shortly before the caravan season, when the caravans were about to depart to Syria shortly before that, and so we have

00:32:13 --> 00:32:58

agreed to marry his daughter to the son so they're both chieftains, right. And so when you're the son of a chieftain, you want to marry the daughter of a chieftain Abdulmutallab is the chief of the of the Banu Hashim. And the chief of the berusaha is word. And so the daughter of Amina and the daughter of Abdullah Abdullah, they agreed to get married. So Abdullah got married to Amina just a few days before the caravan departed. And it is said that he barely spent three or five days with her. Before he had to go with the caravan. He spent barely a week with this new bride of his. And he then departed on the caravan, as you know, never to be seen again. So they had an extremely short

00:32:58 --> 00:33:34

marriage, because as soon as they got married, he had to leave for the caravan. Now, there are some legends here. There's some stories here that are not authentically narrated, but there's no harm in in mentioning them because there's nothing wrong with them. Now, I have to point out here that I try my best to keep authentic stories only. We need to realize that just like with any story, and our profitsystem is no exception, people wanted to add legends and make it bigger and bigger. And in fact, it is very true to say that because he is the Prophet of Allah. So some people wanted to add more details and make it more flowery than it is. Our job is to stick to the facts. Our job is to

00:33:34 --> 00:34:11

look at it academically through the science of how did the science of transmission, we don't let our emotions swears. Sometimes it's okay to narrate such stories if there's nothing wrong with them. And this is one of them that their legends are mentioned that Abdullah had a type of brightness on his face. He had a type of Nevada, it's called and that it is also mentioned that he was a very handsome young man. And so the young damn selves of the chorus were all eager to marry him, the young ladies of the chorus was eager that he will propose to them and it is said that a number of them hinted at this to him that why don't you take me as a bride and why don't you? You know, propose to me, I'll

00:34:11 --> 00:34:51

be more than willing to become your bride. And he said, I have to follow my father whatever my father wishes after he married, Amina those same ladies that were suggesting themselves to him to marry, they stopped taking an interest in him completely. So he said What is the matter? Why are you not you know, speaking with or anything? So they said that you had a brightness in your face that no longer is there. This is what is said meaning that after he was with Amina for a while this brightness left meaning that obviously it's now the progeny the Prophet Muhammad SAW. Allah knows best. This is not an authentic one, but there's no harm in narrating something like this.

00:34:52 --> 00:34:59

Nonetheless, so within a week of marriage, less than a week afterwards, you only spent a few days with Amina. She then had to leave catch the caravan. Go all the way

00:35:00 --> 00:35:22

Syria, on the way back from Syria. He felt severely ill with the caravan and he was slowing the caravan down. And by the time they got to yesterday, which was later to become Medina, he said to the caravan, I'm slowing you down. I have relatives in yesterday, I will stay with them until I recover. You go back to my question who were his relatives and yesterday?

00:35:26 --> 00:35:29

How did he have relatives and yesterday go back two weeks.

00:35:32 --> 00:35:36

He lives what? Mother? So that's his

00:35:37 --> 00:36:16

grandmother, as his paternal grandmother. Now Subhan Allah notice Allah subhana wa, tada prepared some relationship with the processing of the city he would go to, and this is very rare, the origin married amongst themselves. It's very rare for them to go to out of nowhere yesterday was not a city that is common for them. Right? And yet Allah prepared this. There's a relationship with yesterday, the prophet system we're going to come to in two weeks he visited yesterday as a six year old boy, because his mother wanted to take him there. Right. So there is a relationship with the city. Allah has in his divine plan this prepared and so Abdullah says, I have my cousin's here in the the tribe

00:36:16 --> 00:36:48

of buena Giada. I have my cousin's here, I will stay with them until I recover, you go back to Makkah. By the time the caravan got back to my communists all excited my husband's coming back. I want to tell him that I'm pregnant. And lo and behold, he's not with the caravan. So most likely, Abdullah did not even know that Amina was pregnant. In fact, if we believe this version of the events, which is it had been sad, he could not have known because it was only with her for four days. So by the time the caravan comes back, she is told that he is sick, and he should be coming in a few weeks after he recovers. And then the next news comes that he has in fact, passed away in

00:36:48 --> 00:37:16

yesterday. Whatever the sickness was, we don't know he had passed away at a very young age. 2022 years old, he passes away and he is buried somewhere over there. Nobody knows where he is buried. Nobody has ever discovered this. No, can anybody do it now, but he's buried somewhere in yesterday. So Amina, remain becomes a widow at the age of 1819, young young, eight, maybe even younger than this, carrying the offspring of Abdullah and

00:37:17 --> 00:38:02

the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is born in the famous year of the elephant. And this leads us to the issue now of the date of his birth, when exactly was he born? Now, and this is the next discussion, which will last us quite a while, because I believe that this is interesting to discuss and also has relevance to modern times. Now we, we have been told that the Prophet system is was born on the 12th of a beard award and this is the commonly known date. Yet the fact of the matter is that our early historical textbooks mentioned a number of dates. And there is no unanimous agreed upon decision regarding the date of the Prophet Solis Adams birth. The Prophet system told us

00:38:02 --> 00:38:43

certain things that we know for sure of them. In the famous hadith of a Muslim that a man asked the process of why do you fast on Mondays? Why do you fast every Monday, he said, this was the day I was born on. And this was the day that revelation began to me. I came down on Monday. So we know for a fact he was born on a Monday. Okay, that narrows on the day of the week. How about a year? Well, there are some narrations that mentioned the year as well. There's a beautiful narration in which this might have been a fan asks one of the oldest Porsches and his name is Paul bath even

00:38:44 --> 00:39:36

after the death of the Prophet system, he asks him and baru Minh Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are you? Meaning what is up? everybody hear me? Older until October because he's an old old man. But of course, Akbar also means bigger or grander. Right? So Kobe, Kobe smiles and he goes, the prophets of cinema is Akbar Mini. But I am older than him ascend Newman, who he changed the question because the question gave it's it's the The question is alluding to the fact Are you bigger than the Prophet system? So he said, No, the process is bigger than me. But I am older than him. And I send new mineral and then he says, The Prophet system was born and feel we have a year now. He was born

00:39:36 --> 00:39:51

in the year of the elephant. And as for me, I remember my mother taking me outside of Makkah as a child, and I saw the dried up green dung that the elephants had left. What is this show?

00:39:52 --> 00:40:00

What is this show? That he remembers the elephants dung, which is basically the same year of the year, the elephants right and the process

00:40:00 --> 00:40:10

Islam was born that year. So he's a little bit older than the Prophet system. And the process was bigger than him aquadome into this hadith narrated in Timothy. So

00:40:11 --> 00:40:50

Kobe therefore puts a date. Also we have somebody asked another Sahabi. So he didn't reflect about the process of his birth. And he said, the prophet system and I were both born the same year that we were born arm and feel the year of the elephant. So from both of these narrations, we can pretty much verify that the Prophet system was born in the year of the elephant, even though there are some opinions he was born 10 1520 years before after, but these are very miniscule minority. The bulk or the vast majority of early historian said he was born in the year of the elephant. We already said the Arabs did not have a calendar, we already said that they would have a calendar based upon

00:40:50 --> 00:41:24

events, the year of the drought, the year of the invasion, the year of the elephant. And then for the next 510 years, they would say two years after the year of the elephant three years before the other until something else big happened. And then they begin something else. Right. So this was their calendar system until it would have not Bob came and said, We need a calendar. This is a part of civilization to have your calendar, right, we need a calendar. And then he made the Islamic history calendar, which we follow to this day. So pretty much we are confirmed now two things, the year of the elephant and a Monday. Okay, what is the year of the elephant? Difficult to date,

00:41:24 --> 00:41:53

because we don't have any type of chronicles of the abyssinians and what they did, but by and large, piecing together various factors that are beyond the scope of this majority of historians say this corresponds to 570 of the Christian era 570 of the Christian era 570 See, the prophets was sort of was born. Now how about the day of the so what's the year of the elephant? Fine, how about the month and then the day of the month?

00:41:54 --> 00:42:12

When we look at two of the earliest books ever written about the history of the prophet SAW Selim, we find different accounts. The most famous book of history is of course, a business how we talked about it, the CEO of a business how's it been his half died 150 hijra

00:42:13 --> 00:42:58

in this half says without any chain of narrators, he is writing from himself that the Profit System was born on a Monday, the 12th of the year and oh one in the year of the elephant. So this explains why this opinion is present. He says very clearly that the processor was born on a Monday on the 12th of February, in the year of the elephant. However, between him and the Prophet system are 100 and almost 200 years because remember going back to the birth of the Prophet system is is 53 before he dropped, so between him and the birth of the process is 200 years. And he doesn't tell us where he gets it from who's narrating this to him? What is the chain of narrators, when we look at the

00:42:58 --> 00:43:12

second earliest book, and this is called the turbo positive inside, which was written around 220, or so hinged on the debacle inside the double quarter they've been sad says that it is said that the Profit System was born on a Monday.

00:43:13 --> 00:43:17

Some people say I quote he was born on the 10th of revere and

00:43:19 --> 00:43:23

others say he was born on the second of a beard award, and quote,

00:43:24 --> 00:43:27

two opinions neither of which conformed to

00:43:28 --> 00:43:29

the 12th of the beard award.

00:43:31 --> 00:44:01

Even above, it is said also said the 10th of a beard or one even conceal the famous historian of Islam had been considered in his albida when the hire says that the majority opinion is that the Prophet system was born in a barrel of oil, but others have other months as well. And then scholars differed with regards to the date of his birth. One group said he was born on the second of October and our number second attribute.

00:44:02 --> 00:44:30

Even Kathy says this was the opinion of Obamacare is Cindy, a famous scholar of history died 171. It was also dependent even Abdullah borrow a very famous scholar under this diet for 63. It was also the opinion of Anwar Creedy who died 207 and Walker is one of the most famous historians of early Islam. So we have three very early authorities saying he was born on the second of a beard or would have been because he goes on another opinion is that he was born on the eighth of revere.

00:44:31 --> 00:45:00

He says this is the opinion of Eben hasm famous scholar of Andrews, email Malik Gibbon and as you all know, Mr. Malik, the scholar of Medina, and the opinion of Zhu Li, who's again, I mean, I cannot explain how famous Suzuki is 128 ager and opinion of Mohammed bin * in a number of famous people of the past the eighth of the Baron award, because he moves on a third opinion is that he was born on the 10th and the 10th of the bill awards. So we have now second eighth and

00:45:00 --> 00:45:08

10th the 10th of debian over he says this is the opinion of Eben asaka and the opinion of Jaffa Rosada who's Jaffa solder

00:45:10 --> 00:45:11


00:45:12 --> 00:45:26

is a descendant of the Prophet cism. And she are considered to be one of the Imams is the 16th. For the Shabbat, he's a descendant of the Prophet similar sort of so one of the descendants of the process of them says that he was born on the 10th on the 10th of revere a word

00:45:29 --> 00:46:11

you can get here says the fourth opinion is that he was born on the 12th of February oh one. And this is the opinion of a bin is half. But there is no it's not on this matter. In other words, there's no chain of narrators that mentioned anything about the the 12th attribute over here does say that this is the most popular opinion in his time, had been Cassia died 770 something way after, in medieval Islam. 12 who is the most popular opinion and from medieval it's not up until our times is the most popular, but an earliest time it was not the most popular. The fifth opinion, the 17th of who was the sixth opinion, the 22nd of a beard, oh well, the seventh opinion he was even born a

00:46:11 --> 00:46:35

debatable he was born in Ramadan. And this is the opinion of Zubaydah Ben Bakar, who is the first scholar to ever write a history on Makkah, and he died 256 hijra. And then there are other opinions as well. So to summarize, there are over 10 opinions in the earliest books of Islam, about the exact day that the Prophet system was born, none of them are,

00:46:36 --> 00:47:07

is, let's say, indisputable, none of them are clear cut, none of them have solid evidence. All of them are the opinions of early authors and narrators. And to be very academic, the opinion of the 12th of the bureau well, seems to have much less weight than the second and the eighth and the 10th. Because these three have to have your own separate tab your own, they have descendants of the Prophet system, whereas the opinion of the 12th it is by

00:47:08 --> 00:47:32

Urbanus, Howe, who is 200 years after the birth of the Prophet system, and he doesn't have any chain. So if this is the case, why then is the opinion of the 12 the revered or was the most popular, so much so that for many of you, it's shocking that I'm daring to go against this fact of history, right? This might be blasphemy to you that how dare you? Why is it so popular? Very easy to respond. Point number one is how

00:47:33 --> 00:47:39

I already mentioned that 90% of authors write about pseudo they only rely on evidence.

00:47:40 --> 00:48:02

They just take it when this happened, summarize it, redo it translated, do this and that that's what they do. And it's a good book, but it's not the only book. So because even as how is it going as how, and because he says 12 to reveal our end of story, no questions asked is going to be the 12th of reveal. The second opinion or the second reason why the 12th reveal is our this becomes became so popular

00:48:04 --> 00:48:30

is that and this leads us to a controversial issue. But I don't shy away from controversy, as you all know, is that the first time that the profits are someone's birthday was celebrated as a public event, ie the motive molded the Navy or the milada. Navy, as we call it, the first time that it was celebrated. The authorities who celebrated it chose the 12th of the beard award.

00:48:31 --> 00:49:18

And because they chose the 12th of the beard, Oh, well. Now, that's it, it just spread like wildfire, the day and the event and the customer. Now I have written a detailed article about the history of the molded and who started it and how did it become popular and you can refer to it on Muslim murder is called a history of the molded by myself, you can just Google it and you'll find it three parts. And just to summarize, the molded or the milada nebby. The first recorded instance that we have of anybody celebrating mellado nebby is around 517 517 Digital, ie the sixth century of Islam. So for 500 years, the concept of celebrating the birthday, the process is simply unknown to

00:49:18 --> 00:49:51

the Muslims, they cannot because celebrating birthdays is not a custom that comes from Islam or from I'm not saying it's held on by the I'm saying it's not something that the Arabs would do. They wouldn't record birthdays to celebrate them in the first place. Right. Many of you I know my own grandmother had no idea when she was born. They didn't record these things. It was not something of significance to them, the day and the month and the year that you were born. This is a Western concept that is now modern, everybody records it. But it was not something that if you even ask your own grandparents, many of them would not know. You know, it's not something that was recorded. And

00:49:51 --> 00:49:59

so the concept of celebrating it is a very late addition. And the first group that celebrated it were the fatimids of Egypt.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:32

The fatimids are a dynasty that are not of Sunni theology. They are an extreme sheary dynasty. The fatimids are the ancestors of in today's time the Agha Khan is in the Bora the Smiley's the Fatima's are the ancestors of these groups, the extreme Shia groups and for a number of years, they ruled over Egypt, the ultimate dynasty ruled over Egypt. And they instituted over 3040 festivals. And of course, there's a reason why rulers have festivals, why do people have festivals? What is it do?

00:50:35 --> 00:50:38

distracting and

00:50:40 --> 00:51:17

the economy, people come and buy and sell popularity of whatever it's called a nation state in our times, or in their times the ruling family, right? So there's a reason why the ruling class wants to have public festivals there's a there's a philosophy behind it. And the Feltham has had over 30 or 40, public festivals throughout the every few weeks, there was a major event and festival and they celebrated it at home, they celebrated 10th of Muharram. These are all Shia festivals, they celebrated the birth of this email the death of that Imam. And of those celebrations, it is said they celebrated the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed awesome. This is the first time in Islamic

00:51:17 --> 00:51:35

history that we come across the celebration of the birthday of the Prophet of Islam, as I said 570 517. And the people who are doing it are these felt limits. And as we said, there's clearly a motive for them to do it. When it was done in fatimid. Egypt, then 150 years later,

00:51:36 --> 00:52:22

some Sunni Governor's for this was a good idea. And they imported this particular festival. And because it was done in Egypt on the 12th of their beard, oh, well, they Egypt at that time was a faulty mistake. They imported it to Mosul, which is outside of above that is a place in Iraq, the first Sunni governor, he was not a hottie for the first Sunni governor who celebrated the moded, celebrated at around 670 or so. So for 670 years, this was unknown in the Muslim world to celebrate the birth of the processor. And this celebration was done once again on the 12th. And it became a very luxurious festival. And various governors and rulers would then compete with each other who

00:52:22 --> 00:52:57

could have the bigger festival and the grand festival, free meat and free bread and free you know, gifts were given out and people so it became a literally a national festival. And as I said, there are reasons why rulers want to do this. And so they began to compete with one another in order to attract the trade the commerce, just like now why do governments want the Olympics to happen in their country? Right? Why do governments want the World Cup to come to their country? There's reasons there, we need to be a little bit more reading in here. And so the governor's wanted these festivals to become the biggest. So each one once there's to be bigger and bigger. And of course, is

00:52:57 --> 00:53:20

the birthday, the process of who's ever going to say anything about that. And so slowly but surely, from 660 Ah, it began to spread in, in Sunni lands. Initially, some scholars opposed it. Some scholars, you know, said, Well, if you do it with these conditions, it's okay. After a while under public pressure, it just the floodgates opened and it became a very, very common festival. And you all know my opinion on this is that

00:53:21 --> 00:53:57

the way to celebrate the birthday of the Prophet, so simply read, if you really want it to celebrate it is too fast on Mondays, because that's what he would do. If you really want to celebrate his birthday, then you should fast every Monday. Because when he was asked, Why do you fast on Monday, he said, because I was born on a Monday. So to take one day of the year and do events and whatnot. I mean, I'm not going to be harsh here. But let me just say, it's a really easy cop out to show that you're loving the process of them. If you do something one day, real love is to be dedicated throughout the year. Right? Real Love is to show that love every single day, and not just one day of

00:53:57 --> 00:54:34

the year by giving some money and going to a festival nonetheless. So because the first time that the mode was celebrated was the 12th of the beard Oh, and what happened, it became the date associated in the minds of the people, even though that we conclude here with this section, move on to the next one, even though academically speaking, it is actually a very weak date. And the eighth and the 10th. And even the second are more authentic historically, and they have evidences from the Sahaba into your own more than the 12th of October. And now, we also know that there are changes of narrators back to say Dublin was Surya who died 95 heroes. So there's a gap he didn't see the

00:54:34 --> 00:55:00

process in him. But he said that it has been narrated to me that the Prophet system was born at high noon. So there is a gap but it is a gap in early Islam so we can overlook it say the normalcy of date. 95 his father is over the age of the companions, right? So we can overlook this little gap. And this is the only narration that we have about the timing of his birth. And that is high noon, when the sun was at its Pinnacle and peak and of course

00:55:00 --> 00:55:38

There is a clear symbolism here that is not lost in anybody that when the sun is brightest This is when the Prophet system is coming out with his own truth that is when Allah is revealing, or Alize, sending down the process to them, because it is coinciding with the time of the bright sun, just like the bright sun illuminates everything. So to this profit solar system will illuminate everything, and nothing will remain dark around him. Now, when it comes to the actual birth of the Prophet salallahu, alayhi wasallam. There are so many legends and so many narrations, not one of which is academically sound, except for one, except for one. All the rest of them are really

00:55:38 --> 00:56:03

legends. And these legends are mentioned. And so Hollywood is really amazing. And you know, I have to say this, frankly here that we don't need to invent lies to praise the Prophet system. We don't need to invent fairy tales, Allah has praised him enough. And the facts are enough. We don't need to, to fabricate things. And what is really amazing is that the earliest books you go to has the least information. But as you go on and on in history,

00:56:04 --> 00:56:19

then the books get bigger and bigger. And the details get more and more. And you wonder where did this come from? And I mean, if you want to come to my house to even demonstrate you in his house, there's this big. And then I have another book written in the ninth century about the Sierra will lay it is this big.

00:56:20 --> 00:56:58

Now even as half was the first book of Sierra, right, and he's saying, I want to write everything I come across, and it's this big. And then you have a book written 700 years later, five times the size of abundance. And this book is full of and it is said to me and my she said and this and that. Where is it coming from? Well, it's something that as we said, little bit legends and whatnot. So what some of you might have heard the process of them was born, let's say already circumcised when one report says, Now there's another says he was born, and he fell into such another set, he was born, and he lifted his finger to the sky to say the Shahada. I mean, well, I just we don't need to

00:56:58 --> 00:57:34

do this, and it makes a mockery of our religion. It makes a mockery of our religion. We don't need to invent these things about the prophets of Salaam, he is the best human being. And the facts are enough to show us that. And when we resort to these tales. Well, I it makes our religion not look as dignified as it needs to, you know, even as have mentioned, none of these things, none of these things, because he doesn't have this information. But when you turn to books written to 700 or 800 injured my shoulder the guy knows so many details, you wonder, where did he get it from? Okay, there's only one Hadith that mentions the birth of the pro he mentions his own birth. And it is

00:57:34 --> 00:58:09

headed narrated in most of the environment in my mom's book of Hadith, and it is authentic hadith, that the Prophet says that I'm said, When my mother gave birth to me, Aha. So now he's telling us, so how do you that goes back to him? It's not some because again, imagine who witnessed Amina in the room. Come on, you know, use the brain that Allah has given us, what a man be there and witness, I mean, it being given birth, so that he then narrates that when he came out, he fell into such that when he came out, he lifted his finger to the sky. I mean, you think about it, but now the Profit System is saying, so Allah told him this happened. He is saying, When my mother gave birth to me,

00:58:09 --> 00:58:22

this happened, right? So now this is something we don't have to doubt at all the Prophet system is telling us so he said that, when my mother was carrying me, this is the first thing that when my mother was carrying me,

00:58:23 --> 00:59:03

and in one version while the lightning gave birth to me, so they're both versions are mentioned. But the point is, when he was either in the room, or when he came out, my mother saw a light emanate from her. That cast its light, or it reached all the way to the city of Basra in the land of Syria, the city of Basra in the land of Syria. Basra is on the on the south, which is the border of this of what is, is what the other are, but these people don't know what that is. That doesn't do as much good. Okay. I might, but these people don't know where that is basically very close to the Arabian border.

00:59:04 --> 00:59:32

It's on more on the southern side of the Arabian of what is now Saudi Arabia, less a closer to that side. So it's on the southern side of Syria. So the Prophet system is saying that my mother saw a light, either in a dream or a physical light. She doesn't mention what coming from her that came all the way and illuminated the the palaces or the city of busara. The palaces of the cities of Busan in Sham in Syria. Now,

00:59:33 --> 01:00:00

what is the significance of this scholars have tried to understand why Syria and why, you know this light coming from and of course, the light is him. The light is a prophet system that she's carrying something that will bring light to busara of Sham, a one knows best, but there's some things that have been derived here, that Sham or Syria is mentioned because now the people of Syria can be happy under the law. There's a lot of Syrians here last time I taught this course.

01:00:00 --> 01:00:16

There's no Syrians there. So now we have a lot of Syrians here. Syria is a blasted land, according to our religion. Now before you get really happy to realize that the Islamic Syria is not modern Syria, Islamic Syria includes

01:00:17 --> 01:00:57

modern day Jordan, and modern day, fellow fellows in a number of different so Sham is broader than modern day Syria, but you guys are included. So you can breathe easily hamdulillah. So, you are the core Yes, you have the core true. So it is true that our religion considers Sham to be a holy land overall. And of course, the children of his have been destroyed the Jews, they always considered that region to be holding a particular Philistine region to be holy to this day they do that right. So we also believe that there is a type of holiness in these lands and that and that is why Allah says in the Quran Subhana the astroglia up the hill a de minimis to the harami in LMS, to the UK saw

01:00:58 --> 01:01:44

a lady Baraka, holder who there is Barack around Mr. AKA Mr. Sham, Sham, there is Baraka over there, and the prophecies and predicted that Sham will remain a fortress of Islam. There's always going to be people have Islam in Sham, and amazingly, Sham was the first major country that was conquered a province that was conquered after the Arabian Peninsula, right. Right after the death of the Prophet system in the time of Ramadan kebab, Sham was conquered, and one of the first cities maybe even the first city that was outside the Arabian Peninsula is Muslim. So there is an indication that the Prophet system is going to challenge status quo. Sham was the right arm of the Byzantine Empire. I

01:01:44 --> 01:02:25

mean, Damascus, do you understand we think of Damascus as an Arab land and Arab civilization before the coming of Islam. Damascus was the right hand of the Byzantine Empire. It was the jewel of the Romans. It was where everything happened, commerce and trade and culture and civilization, everything was there. It was impossible for the Arabs to think that one day Damascus would be the core of Arab civilizations, the omegas capital was Damascus. So by showing the light going to the borders of Syria, there is an indication that Islam is going to conquer this land, it will take over and that's exactly what happened that the very first land that was conquered was the land of Syria.

01:02:26 --> 01:03:00

And we also believe as Muslims that 87, Imodium will come down in Sham is not going to come down in Mecca and Medina, he will descend in Sham because it was Sham that was made holy by his ancestors, the children of his house, it was Sham that was made holy and it will come down in damage and that is where he will meet the malady and that is of course, towards the end of time. So Sham has a sim symbolism and of course over at this point in time I have to make dua that Allah azza wa jal frees child from the tyranny that it is currently undergoing. And that Allah helps the people who are trying to oppose this this tyranny, and gives them support and patience and May Allah azza wa jal

01:03:00 --> 01:03:16

bring the glory of Sham that used to be bring it back to sham. We finish up here, there's only a few minutes left, we finish up here by mentioning a few more things that are alleged to have occurred that are not found in the authentic books, but there are a lot more of them. But it says that the

01:03:18 --> 01:04:03

temples of the pagans fell down in other lands. I mean, these are things that there's no recorded history of and I don't believe this to be true myself. Now, one thing a lot of scholars say that when the Prophet system was born, this was when the jinn were stopped entry from the heavens. You guys are familiar with this concept that the jinn were allowed entry into the heavens to listen to the angels. And Allah references in the Quran Surah telegin. That, what an akuna, Nakuru minha mokai. This summer, we used to listen we had our resting places, and we would listen to the angelic discussions for my estimation, Anna Eugenia who she harbors whoever listens now will find she

01:04:03 --> 01:04:43

happened also that were basically comments or whatnot, kicking him out. So one group of scholars says when the Prophet system was born, this was the one the heavens were closed to these shouting, but the correct opinion is that this occurred not at the birth, but when he became a prophet, ie at the age of 14. And this is clearly referenced in other ahaadeeth as well, that when it came down, when Jubilee came down, basically revelation that was when the skies were closed, and that was when the gyms began wondering what is happening. And then Allah says in the Quran that a group of general heard the Quran being recited and they came back believing in the Koran. So this did not occur at

01:04:43 --> 01:05:00

the birth I just wanted to point that out. And the final thing that will say time has already occupied Allah was wanting to go a few more pages but time is already up. In his half mentions that the Prophet system was circumcised on the seventh day. pause here for a while later books seven centuries later mentioned he was born uncertain

01:05:00 --> 01:05:12

circumcised. The first book mentions factually Matter of fact, that it that his grandfather circumcised him on the seventh day. And this is how there's nothing wrong with this. He is a normal child born of a normal

01:05:13 --> 01:05:55

marriage, a normal birth. And so his grandfather's circumcise him on the seventh day, and his grandfather had been with polio held a feast for him. And his grandfather chose the name Mohammed, which was a unique and unusual name. Some scholars say that this was an unknown name to the Arabs, and ones group of scholars says, Well, it was known, but it was not common. And this seems to be the stronger opinion, because there are people whose references we have, whose name was Mohammed, but it was a very uncommon name. And there was nobody in Makkah by that name, nobody in Mecca. So when people asked Abdulmutallab, why are you calling him by a name that nobody knows? nobody's heard of

01:05:55 --> 01:06:34

why don't you call him one of your standard names of your fathers and, and forefathers. He said, I want him to be praised by the people of the earth as I want him to be praised by the people of the heavens. Mohammed means the one who is praised I want him to be praised by the people of the earth as I wanted to be praised by the people in the heavens. And when the prophet SAW Selim was born. The news spread amongst the kurush and Abu lahab, who was later to become an enemy at this time, of course, he is an uncle. Of course, he's always gonna remain an uncle, but at this time, he is not an enemy, Abu lahab who was one of the older uncle's By the way, because remember, there were 10

01:06:34 --> 01:07:13

brothers and Abu lahab was born of another mother no other full brother would not have did not have any full brother. Well thought out below were full brothers and others were full brothers Hamza brothers were full brothers Hamza and Sophia were full brother and sister, I will not have was his own, he didn't have any food, he was much older. So perhaps he felt a type of I have to care for this off during this orphan, you know, my younger brother died and what not perhaps you felt some sympathy. And so the the girl that came running the slave girl that came running to tell him that your son's brother has been born, your your son's offspring has been born. This girl, as soon as a

01:07:13 --> 01:07:44

bola have heard the news, he told her, I set you free. I'm so happy, you're free, was a slave girl. So he became so happy that just because she came with this good news, he set her free shows he was so happy. And her name was through labor, through labor, and in our Indian Pakistani culture, who was transformed to sobia. But it is in fact the labor. And so and those of you who are named Soviet this goes back to this misreading of Sahiba

01:07:45 --> 01:07:55

and nothing wrong with it by the way was just the the name and so there is a Hadeeth in Muslim Ahmed and we just had it we conclude and then pray inshallah, that

01:07:57 --> 01:07:58


01:07:59 --> 01:08:05

saw or sorry, not Hamza bass, bass saw Abu lahab, in a dream

01:08:06 --> 01:08:17

after he died of hula, after I wouldn't have died, he saw him in a dream. And he saw him being punished with the utmost severe punishment, because this is a bullet, but it would be to have been with him.

01:08:18 --> 01:08:19


01:08:20 --> 01:08:22

a boss said to him,

01:08:23 --> 01:09:06

did not your relationship with the Profit System your uncle's basically your the, you know, benefit you? He said no. Except for one thing that I did, that when the good news came that he was born, I freed through labor. And because of this, I am allowed a few drops of water, a few drops of water, because I did this good thing when the process was born. Because of this, I'm allowed just a little bit of that's my concession that's given to me. That's all that is given to him. But the point being that he released the waiver and gave made her free so sure, he was happy at the birth of the Prophet salallahu idea he was setting them we will continue inshallah next week and the week after that, and

01:09:06 --> 01:09:07

then for the month of July.

01:09:09 --> 01:09:22

A different series will start Dr. Boucher will take over completely in a different series. Two weeks, we'll be doing the Sierra inshallah Tada. And with this, we don't have time for questions. So we will call somebody to do that and I will see you inshallah, next time, so don't worry

This interesting video sees Shaykh Dr Yasir Qadhi reflect upon the birth of the Prophet ﷺ and why Allah chose Arabia to send the Prophet ﷺ. Moreover, he delves into how this happened in actuality and whose dua was answered in this context and what was that dua?

We also are made to ponder on the type of Shirk that the people in the period of Jahiliyyah indulged in and how it still fell into the very bracket of Shirk.

Explicit details are divulged on the birth of the Prophet ﷺ which includes almost everything there is to know with regards to his parents – Abdullah and Amina. Also, the numerous conjectures surrounding the exact date of the birth of the Prophet ﷺ are put to rest with around 10 different opinions being brought to the fore.

One such explanation can be seen in the following :

The Prophet ﷺ was asked about fasting on Mondays and he said: “That is a day on which I was born and on it my mission began – or Revelation came to me.”


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