Haifaa Younis – Ramadan The Month of Love – Day 15

Haifaa Younis
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Miss Smith, you

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said Mr.

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Smith, our humble our salatu salam on alto salida de 15 are from Milan Subhan Allah we already have two weeks gone May Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us my last pantalla forgive our shortcomings and May Allah subhanaw taala give us more energy and more resolve to make these next two weeks even better. Today we're going to talk about a character in the human being that Allah doesn't love. And this is actually a habito for Swati salatu salam. That's actually in El Barrio and they will move forward and he says, in Allah, Verily Allah lie to him. He does not love affair his alma mater fash. When I say you're hopeful as well, Allah Subhana Allah does not love and Farhad

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which is the immoral person. What a harsh foul language or slang. Yeah, hopefully as the person who's loud in public. So three characters Allah doesn't love. And this is actually if you think of it, it's about the tongue. It's about the speech, immoral, foul language, and loud. So power law. And if you go to the Koran and this is how we learn. And Allah, Allah in the Quran, it also says lie to him. Allah doesn't love and this is in Surah to Nisa, that woman, Allah says lie or Hebrew law. Allah doesn't love Al Jazeera. bisou him in an old, Allah doesn't love when we speak loud. And when we speak clouded with immortal or not good language, Su imminent code Illa Mongolian except in case

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when someone is in injustice is done against him or her.

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Right? And then another

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verse also assaulted me so Allah tells me and you What does he want us to say and how? And we're lost? palitana

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says, The meaning of all Lucha graphic aetherium in Nigeria, there is no good in most of what they say, as speak except, Amara, we saw that he used that the mouth, the tongue or the bandwidth, or the words to to enjoin and to help people or to call people to do good deed, especially charity die if you belong to Jehovah. So even Akali llama I'm sorry.

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La hierarchy Cathy eliminate one there is not good in their speaking except Amara besonderheiten. Alma, are you enjoying good, something acceptable, not charity necessary.

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As a matter of cutting out slime being a nurse, or he or she say things to bring people together to amend the relationship. So today, the character Allah doesn't love is a three in the tongue, in morality, and the tongue,

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foul language and loud voice, these three. And interestingly, the more we are living, and the more we are becoming modern, it's becoming a more accepted spam law. And more and more that people say, not very nice words, not very nice language, the F word, the S word. And even What did I say? I was joking. I didn't mean it. It's nothing. Everyone else is saying it. We shouldn't. Because it should come to my mind immediately. Allah doesn't love it. And we agreed from day one. That this month, we're going to start practicing things that Allah love. So I will gain the love of Allah subhanaw taala and when Allah loves me, Allah will protect me. Allah will give me what I want. My

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supplication will be granted and Allah will protect me. And when I seek refuge in Allah, Allah will protect me. So that's number one. Look at this hadith of Allah Swati saw to a sinner. They came to him, and they said there is a woman in the neighborhood who no one can compete with her in her fasting, and her night prayer and her charity. This is applicable to us in Ramadan. They said no one can compete. Amazingly how much she does fasting night prayer, and in her charity, but she has only one issue. Little bit one issue, what is the issue? She actually hurt other people and hear specifically they said she hurts her neighbors with her tongue.

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With her tongue meaning the way she speaks and our Swati salatu salam said she is in the Hellfire Subhan Allah. Don't underestimate what our tongue can do. It can be our key and our way going to Jeanette and it can be our way when I add the ability to go to the

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Fire, another heavy Saraswati softwash. He says, modesty is out of a man's sport of eema part of faith, being modest and faith in Jannah. When we believe in Allah, believe externally and internally and practice, we're going to gentle inshallah, and then the opposite and he says, well without only knowledge of, but that is immorality. And then Jaffa is coarseness. So I said immorality is part of coarseness, and coarseness and the hellfire. So let us look and change today.

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The way I'm going to use my tongue, I am going to work hard to use the best way I can say things definitely stay away from immortal words, from foul language, whatever it is, even if everybody is doing it. And there isn't something says I don't mean it. But I said it and the angels are altered. So they will have Allah does not love them. And everybody wants to go to gender. That's why we are fasting. That's why it's Ramadan. That's why you're praying in the night. And that also Alia Salatu was Salam says in her book, Amelia, the most beloved to me, and closest to me in gentlemen, the bus those of you that bused in manners, and horsnell Hello, good manners is actually two things is, you

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meet people with one coming as smiling face and we don't hurt them and hurting especially with a tongue. May Allah pantalla teachers what is beneficial to us? Must pantalla make us practice? Look at three things today that you were about to say something or very loud in it shouting, and then you remembered that Allah Subhana Allah doesn't love it, and I'm not going to do it. Does that Mullah here said Mr. Smith law

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