Transformers Ep. 5 – Fortunate 500

Sajid Ahmed Umar


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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh My dearest brothers and sisters in Islam Welcome to transform us once again.

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I pray the shear finds you in the best of health and highest of Islamic spirits.

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The lesson for today stems from a conversation that I had with a businessman

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in Maputo, Mozambique

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during my recent travel, Mashallah Allah subhana wa tada has blessed him with a lot of wealth, and hamdulillah.

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It's there for everyone to see in terms of financial standing and material well being but also wealth in terms of health, wealth, in terms of good character, wealth in terms of contentment, wealth, in terms of hospitality, wealth, in terms of,

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you know, being

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someone who always smiles and someone who is infectious with his smile that when you around him, you can't help but feel happy.

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I'm not just talking about you know, having physical money, I'm talking about true richness, right, comprehensive richness is rich in every way. And

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obviously, the first thing that you try and do when you see someone

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so unique, you try and understand what's the secret, you try and check, you try and figure out what is his secret. And over the course of many discussions with him over the timespan that I was with him. One thing was manifestly clear, it just had to be

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it just had to be

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he never, ever

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borrowed money on interest.

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All the physical wealth that Allah has given him in terms of a big spacious home, he even had a home

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near the Indian Ocean, a holiday home, right? Mashallah. Even this Subhana Allah

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He did it over almost two decades.

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And more, right?

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What he did was work safe, Work Safe, work safe. He lived within his means. He didn't bite off more than he could chew.

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And this is this is how this is how things are really done. This is how

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you develop and build stable infrastructures in in all aspects of life. Right? Where you do think slowly but surely, well, you don't bite off more than you can chew. Well, you don't drive the car you can't afford you don't use the technology you can't afford. You don't have the mobile that you can't afford. You don't wish for the holiday. Let's not say wish but you don't go on the holiday that you can't afford. You might wish for something but you wish for Allah subhanho wa Taala and his gender more. So you live your life in accordance with the teachings of Allah subhanho wa Taala is Rasul Allah Allahu Allah was and this is more Beloved. I love that car, but I love a lot more. I

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love that holiday, but I love a lot more. I see someone

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having a home that I wish I had, I wish good for them and I make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant me insha Allah, but I will not do anything to displease Allah Riba brothers and sisters in Islam is a cancer. It is a cancer. In retrospect, I've come across people who are worth millions, or they were worth worth millions. And now they owe millions. There are people who might be perceived to be worth millions, but they have stress in their life. They don't sleep much. They have health issues.

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They, you know, people become displeased with them easily. They don't bless Allah subhanho wa Taala in business decisions that they make. They have a sequence of making bad business decisions. Sometimes, you know, they might make a good business decision. But before things come into fruition, the deal falls and so on and so forth. You see their life lacking bark, right? Why? Because, yes, they have a lot. they perceived to have a lot. But it's a lot that they don't really own. It's it's a lot that they got in a way that was displeasing to Allah.

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This is not a lesson brothers and sisters about the ills of Riba. We'll leave that for another time in Sharla, about how cancellers Reba is to the economy and so on and so forth. But we want transformation in our lives, right. We were created for Jen right. We

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placed in the form of excellence, the podium of excellence is ours to ascend upon. And that is what the series is about. It's about transformation. I cannot tell you how many people I've come across in different countries throughout my travels who come to meet me in great sadness, talking about how they can't even keep up the credit card payments, they've maxed out their credit cards. So hon Allah, how is it possible for someone who believes in a line the final messenger sallallahu wasallam? How is it possible that you've maxed out your credit cards, and now you're living off paying interest on this card, you're just managing to cover the interest so that the card

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meaning what you owe, the credit company doesn't increase one? That's what you do.

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You enslaved in a never ending system? Right? So

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how are you going to transform your life? Like, how are you going to be a better parent? When you're working for the bank? Right, literally working for the employer? Well, you're not actually working for the bank, but it's as if you are actually working for the bank because that's what you do. Right? You, you you sweating from morning till night, day in day out so that you can keep up with the extra payments that the bank is putting on you in case you don't pay what you owe them. How are you? How will you have time to be a better parent? How will you have time to do other things, develop your skills, develop your your your knowledge, develop your relationship with Allah subhanho

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wa Taala How will you have time for your relatives? Right?

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transformation is hard work brothers and sisters in Islam. That's what the series is about doing the hard things. You know, once I came across someone who had his home, and he had a few, he had his home on interest. And then he had a few other homes on interest as well. So I said to him, listen, you got to get out of this is how I said sell the house, sell the house, right? pay out what you owe the bank for your own home it goes bananas, all that investment. I said what investment because these three homes are gonna be investment for the future and they paid off they're gonna bring in rent, etc, etc, etc. As in which future Are you guaranteeing for yourself?

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The only thing you're guaranteeing for yourself is displeasing Allah, sell all these homes.

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Right? And at that time, he was always stressed and sleepless nights and so on and so forth. It sell all these homes, sell them, right, use whatever access you have to pay off the bank for the current home that you're in and get yourself out of river and seek forgiveness from online do it sincerely for his sake.

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And that's what he did. His life changed. Allah blessed him with his wife, his child is a strong is a good half of an hour hamdulillah. And

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he does he I mean, he doesn't have anywhere close to what he was thinking he would have got. Had he had the three homes on rent. But I promise you from my view and perspective, he has more

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than he used to perceive. Because had his situation carried on as it was. His his life wouldn't be as holistic and wholesome, as he finds it to be brothers and sisters in Islam transform by getting out of Riba get out of river, get out of the way. It's a cancer. It's a cancer in your life. It's a cancer to the Baraka in your life. It's a cancer to the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala reaching you in your life. Get out of it ASAP. Allah bless us all, forgive our past, inspire our futures. We Allah grant us Baraka in our entire lives and grant us better than we dream of in both worlds. I mean, the Honorable alameen has any feedback or questions ww www dot sagittal aeromar.com. salaam

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aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.