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How & When Can You Discuss Opinions With Your Child

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The story of Ibrahim Ismail Ali his salah, here, the scholars of Tafseer say that is married was between the age of 11 and 13. When Ibraheem Alehissalaam received the command when he saw this dream during the days of hygiene with the month of hajj, right, it says that Ibrahim saw this dream continuously during the first few days of the edge. Then on the eighth of June hit Jack, your matawa he started contemplating the dream. This is according to some of the scholars of some of the scholars of Islam This is the explanation they give to the names of the days of Hajj that your mutawa is from Raha Euro waiter, waiter. Raha euro, which we attend refers to you playing something

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over and over again, in your mind contemplating over something. In today's world, we call it putting it on loop. So it ends and you start again, it ends and you start to gain this thinking about this dream. On the eighth on the ninth Yamaraja Arafa is from the letter i aura and

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for which denotes knowledge. So on the ninth, he knew that this dream is a command for me to sacrifice my son. And Yamuna, which is the temple which is the day of sacrifice was the day that he put the knife to the neck of his son, right? But Subhan Allah, when Allah tells us about this whole conversation in Surah sulfat, Allah doesn't say that he understood the dream and he told the son, let's go, right. Allah says that Ibrahim parented his child, nurtured his child looked after the image of his child raised to the level where he was confident that his child was now ready to engage him in this particular discussion, a discussion of this caliber, this is a different level of

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submission. I'm going to tell my child that I'm going to put a knife to your neck and sacrifice. And I need to be confident that when I tell him this, he's not going to run away from Allah, but he's going to embrace Allah. Allah says ffilm bellava, who said, when Ismail was now ready to have the conversation with Ibrahim alayhi salam Carboni, he said to yourself, Oh, my dear son, indeed, I see in my dream that I'm slaughtering you. What is your view about it? Why would he ask his son his view about it if he wasn't confident that his son would remain a Muslim? After he gives the answer? You only asked him when you confident that I've nurtured him and raised him? Well, he's ready to have

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this conversation. I want to have that further confidence. I want to hear from him. I want him to make manifest to me. That is the man is intact. What do you think my son and his son says, they are born here? Yeah. But the Almighty Father, if tomorrow do what Allah has told you to do? It's not easy, My dear father, but in sha Allah, you will find me from the patient because you taught me that if Allah brings me to it, Allah will take me through it. So in sha Allah, He will find me from the patient. If I'm left by myself, it's going to be hard. But you raised my Eman to a level where I believe that Allah is with me in this process. So do what you've been commanded to do. This is

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parenting Brothers and Sisters in Islam. This is parenting in practice taking from the stories in the Quran. We have parental philosophies being shared within the story, all we have to do is contemplated