Yasir Qadhi – The Prayer of Fear – The Fiqh of Salah #21

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The importance of performing the prayer of fear during the Jihad race is emphasized, as it is important to have a strong message and avoid overwhelming field lines. The negotiation process is crucial for preventing delays or overwhelming field lines and preventing one group from being fired if there is a delay or overwhelming field line. The importance of praying for the victory of Islam and not delaying the fight until Muslim time is emphasized, as it is crucial for protecting the safety of the royal family and their health. Salaries are essential for the safety of the royal family, and strong responsibility for their health is emphasized.
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llama human hamdulillah communal salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad in while it was IBH Marine, I'm about so we are going to try inshallah to Allah to injectable Salah and I think we're going to have to do it in sha Allah Who to Allah. So we're going to jump right in we had a few miscellaneous chapters of gettable Salah left. And the first of these is Bibles. So that'll have the chapter of the prayer of fear, the prayer of fear. And so as a whole as the name gives away, it is that the prayer that is done when the Muslim is worried about his safety or her safety, and it is authentically narrated that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prayed Salah to hope in a number

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of different manners. In fact, Imam Muhammad said that it is that we have six narrations, six different narrations of how the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam prayed. So based on this, the humbly madhhab says, and I now quote, what the Jews will Salah to hopefully either could Lucifer then Salah ha Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you may pray the Salatin Hoeve in any manner that has been narrated by the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And because Al Hamdulillah we live at times of safety, and the celestial hope is typically performed on the battlefield, when you are engaged in actual fighting. This is the standard, if you like, method of performing the prayer that

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when you are actually engaged in a legitimate Jihad and you're facing the enemy, that is when you perform salatu HOath Alhamdulillah. This is not something that is we are doing here. And so we're not going to go into all of the different rewatch and all of the different Hadith. But the one way that will quote well marked out woman her the best way that you should perform throttle home, if you're able to is what and you're either home with Mr. Moto F attain, the leader should divide the group into two camps. Or if a two into heroes will offer to Sally, one group will be protecting and one group will pray. Now what is the point of all of this?

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Ideally, you want to have a GEMA even on the battlefield. And this shows you how important Jamar is that even on the battlefield, you should try to have a Jamar and the Jamara can only take place when fighting is not active. So there are going to be spurts of fighting, they're going to be some

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delays or they're going to be just waiting or sitting or the army is going to meet each other and basically, negotiation is taking place. But those negotiations might last a few days. During those few days. You cannot have all of the Muslims line up and pray because that's a great opportunity for a surprise attack. So what is to be done, the Imam will break the army into two camps. One camp one group will pray and the other group will remain on guard. Okay. And by the way, this is what exactly what the Quran itself says that let one group pray excuse me, these are my allergies coming up similar.

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Let one group pray and let one group remain armed. So he is saying So one group will remain armed one group will pray and they will pray one Raka. So Salah will hope months must always be done a certain anyway, because you're going to be on the battlefield and when you're on the battlefield and you are a type of suffer because you don't know where you're going to be going and whatnot. So the default insalata Hof is going to be clustered. Okay, so imagine you're praying to Allah God. So he's saying, the Imam will lead one raka with one group and one group will be guarding correct, then what's going to happen

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when the he stands up for the second raka he will remain much longer and the group that is praying with him will finish up by themselves the second raka even as the Imam remains standing, okay, then there's going to be a swap and the Imam was still in the second record. The Imam is still in the second record and the swap is taking place. And he will then allow the second group to join and read the Fatiha then go into the core.

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Okay, and then he's going to finish up and when he does the Tisha hood and Salem, when he is sitting, when fully digested Tisha Huzi So, when he sits down for the Tisha hood, Comet for the rock it OKRAW instead of sitting down with a Tisha hood, the guys behind will continue praying

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And then they will sit down for the Tisha hood, then sama Salam, then he is going to make the Tasleem. So what has happened? The Imam has prayed one GEMA. And both groups have prayed behind him. Okay. And this is obviously the only time this is allowed because otherwise, if the group came late for the second rocker, then what what are they going to do, they're going to sit down with the Tisha hood, they're going to say, the Salah with the Imam, sorry, they're going to wait for the Imam to say salam, then they're going to stand up and complete their raka whereas in this case, the Imam will make a very long shot or just sitting there and he will wait for everybody behind to pray an

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extra while he has already prayed to God and then he will make the steam. Okay, is that clear. So the point is so natural Gemma will be preserved even on the battlefield and this demonstrates how important salata Gemma is when they start dull, hopeful, and if it is even more severe, and their fear is more than this Solu regionalen Warlock banner, they will prey either on their feet standing or on their horses or camels, however they are ill capability which allows it ha facing the Qibla and facing other than the fibula, meaning if it's worse than this, if they're actively shooting, engaged in battle swords, and it's time to pray, and also time is going and you are at the

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battlefield and it's also time they will pray in whatever state they are in whatever case they are in, and you may own a Roku it was sujood they will make motions for ReCore and sujood

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just like the one who is sick and cannot physically do it will do recording sujood. And so, the point here and it is really demonstrative of how important Salah is even as you are wielding your sword, you will be praying arsenal at that time you're not going to be delaying answer until Muslim whether it is whatever is the situation of the time is going to end now, obviously, if you have time you think the battle will finish by by afternoon time then obviously you will delay but if that is not the case, then you will pray in whatever situation and circumstance and you will make motions whether it is by the head if that is safe or by the eyelids or if you cannot even close your eyes

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you will imagine yourself and record and sujood and that will be your record and your sujood and this demonstrates for you how important the Salah is what Kedah Lika Kulu ha if and other NFC he and similarly everyone who is scared for himself usually either has to be highly that person will pray according to His situation. Okay, so may Allah protect me and you suppose we are worried about something someone in our houses for example, that we think a burglar is there or something like that we are terrified and scared and whatnot and it is time to pray Salah our Shetty says if we are literally in such a situation and circumstance, and we are frozen with fear or whatever we're

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waiting for the police to come whatever and hours go by imagine or even let's say that the prisoners of war will have been tied up and they have nowhere else to go or imagine any scenario or situation still the salah has to be prayed as long as you are conscious, it will be prayed and if you cannot move you will imagine and whatever is your fear, you will take it into account. And if it is unreasonable to bow and do sujood and whatnot, then whatever you can do will count while your follow coulomb is fairly mean Hi Robin, old lady he and he will continue doing whatever he needs to do, whether it's running away or whatever it is, he will continue to do it. But the salah will be

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imagined and it will be done. And the fact that how will be set for example if you can raise your voice so whatever you can do you do whatever you cannot do, you don't do and you are forgiven. And obviously for us here in this land, the main point of celestial have truly is to demonstrate for us how strict the Sharia is about the Salah that it never forgives the Salah, even in the battlefield, even when you're wielding your sword even when you're running for your life. And the time for Salah goes Allah has given you in the Quran and it's in the Quran so that and he says in there very clearly that one of the procedures are so that the love is in the Quran and the Hadith mentioned

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many other procedures and therefore there is no concession for abandoning the Salah in any circumstance.

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