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The speakers discuss various examples of historical leaders and their views on the topic, including Omar de la Toronto, Maria Loughton, and the Shura (the god's image). They stress the importance of taking into account people and being aware of the rules of the royal family. They also discuss Omar's struggles with alcoholism and poor health, as well as his use of racist language to assert himself. The transcript describes Omar's actions, including his coworkers and peers, causing chaos and negative behavior.

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu wa salam O Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah Nava wa mata Mata Mata Hera kita Baba kitabi wa Sheree Avada Shariati Amar Babu favela Jimenez shaytani, r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, la cara Santa Rosa Luna bielby unit. One Xena Maha Makita. Well Misa Maria Pullman sob locust, Sarah Kala will azim

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My dear respected elders and brothers, we are living in a world today where the concept

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of a ruler has become very, very diminished.

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What is the concept of a true ruler? What is the concept of someone who is supposed to be the leader and ameerul momineen is something that we have forgotten with the passage of time.

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Corruption has become so pervasive in our lens, especially from the ruling class

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that we have forgotten what the true ruler is from an Islamic perspective. And I thought today we're going to discuss some aspects of the hill Africa was Omar de la Toronto. Amira, median corn ora set cetera mama Capricorn horoscope kiya osafo naci

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hamacas petani homenaje jo loco dakka hijo Kumara whose Moto X Sara Yato sup se Hey Joe corruption was Rama mala was

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putana hL Taka Johanna was a concert he concertina he her egg jam dicta to sa naturata key john is a fraud. He has sub Jana was man corruption memo was so what is the aspect of a true ruler in Islam? And that is something that you and I perhaps can look from the example of Maria Lozano, Maria Loughton, who was appointed the Khalifa, Abu Bakar Viola today, people talk a lot about democracy you have to elect a ruler or a liar as him there has never ever been a ruler more greater than Maria Lozano, and he was not elected democratically. He was appointed by a worker Viola who Toronto and when he was appointed, and

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it allowed him to consult with the Sahaba Sahaba musharaka Baraka Kumar Bahasa Havas como Corona cara, cara de la Luna kanakia subsea Charmy Maria la manera I feel that the best person to be the rule is Marina Katara, viola, Toronto, and Tel Aviv Obaidullah was one of the Sahaba and he said, Abu Bakar What are you going to tell Allah, that you appointed such a harsh rule over us and over the allotted who was come and confront and he said, I will tell Allah I heard nebia Karim sir Allahu alayhi wa sallam saying the sun has not risen upon a better person than Omar. I will tell I love it. So when he had made the Matura he completed everyone that he told me, he allowed me to read out the

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the decision of Aviva karate ultra know that I have a pointer or Marina katavi Ultra to be Marina. And Marina kata became the ruler. When he assumed

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amongst the first statements that he made was he was very aware of the fact that people thought him to be harsh on copper, Tata Kellogg so much a

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subset pelaburan Major ameerul momineen or on a laugh at somebody. Tomorrow, Dr. Tony yakka Oh Allah, you know, I'm harsh. Make me Make me someone who will become

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compassionate to the people. You know, I am stingy. I do not like to spend much because of my natural caution. Make me generous towards the people. You know, I am weak. Oh Allah make me strong. And this was his. So the first thing he did when he got up on the member of Libya, Karim sallam, he then got up and he set on the place we have a worker of a lot of news to set and he said I am not worthy of that. Put my seat one seat below. Our worker the alto has irrevocably allotted to us to be known as the halifa of Namibia, Kareem salsa, mahali Fatah Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and whom are they allowed to know dislike that and he said I am not worth you have been called the chief of Navy

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Academy's awesome. Just call me the ordinary ameerul momineen and he used to he gave the title of amuro Mini before that our karela Tony used to be known as

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Khalifa Rasulullah is a member of the ultimo set ameerul momineen. Then one of the first aspects he did was he brought about the concept of Shura how he is may hover over the ultra Monet logo, so musharaka mushara mahira Hello Maria LaDonna used to say an individual opinion is one like single thread. We've got a cotton to one opinion is like a single thread to opinions is like an inter woven thread. And he said many opinions forming one decision is like a thread that cannot be broken. There's lots of cotton, then you can break it. So there are some muscle man Junker egg fesler Cooper Gemma which I talk about Barry Takata. So tomorrow the Latino spoke about the aspect of and he used

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to take he used to give people preference he used to give preference to the

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better and the people are better used to be given preference with regard to mushara. And many times he used to take even consult with young people he used to give great emphasis upon the opinion of Herbalife napus although he was a young savvy and used to say a biller, come sit next to me, you give me your opinion, and I heard nebia cream saucer I'm saying Aloma

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give up don't live near past understanding of the Quran. Allah you got understanding of the Quran you can give me sometimes he used to go even seek consultation from woman for many times when he was supposed with a situation he used to go and take the opinion of hazard hafsa his daughter, the oma Marine, and used to ask her I've got this particular situation Tell me what is your view. So, he was a person who used to rule on the basis of of Matura insurance, which is being the sooner in the way of every leader that you must take into account people and take the views into account when making decisions. Another aspect was one of the a lot on who was is justice or more of a Latina was

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synonymous was justice. When cash when other mature subsea Adil who kamaraj Nagar masahito, Marina photography, hello Toronto. How just he was it we cannot even make me. We can't even imagine in today's time with regard to what was his justice. He was first just with his own family. One day moosh. An actor came in they needed someone to distribute the mosque amongst the inhabitants of the people of Medina. So his wife Attica said I will I will distribute it I will wait and I will distribute it. He said you are going to wait ambush and while you are going to wait you are going to smell it. The value of ether and perfume is to smell it. While you are weighing it. You are going to

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benefit from smelling that utter. You can you can wait give it to someone else. Even that amount of benefit humara the ultra Newton do not want that it must come in the way of his family. One day a person in a situation came that his wife one of his wives sent a gift to one of the neighboring kings wife. So she sent something back and it was very valuable. Send a necklace that was very valuable. Look at this aspect. humara the autonomy Shura. He has the people of Marina calm. This my wife sent this gift to one of the kings and the rulers of the Byzantine Empire. The wife she sent this back, look at how valuable it is. So many of the Sahaba said, but Omar, she sent a GIF and the

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ruler sent through his wife sent a gift back What is wrong with her accepting it? He said yes. But it was the bait will miles animals and the envoy of the Muslims who took the gift. And where where is that? Where is she paying for it? And he ruled that neck necklace must go into the bay tomorrow. Whatever she has spent on her gift can be given back from the bathroom and but other aspects must be given back to the base of the man. One day he came in front of the ruler. He came in court because someone had made a complaint against him. And when he came into the court because he got a proper respect and humara Viola to know rebuked him and said you have not been fair. I might be the ruler.

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I might be the ruler, but you're in the sport. I have not come in my capacity as a ruler. I have come as a capacity as a complainant. Someone has made a complaint against me. What right do you have to stand up in respect for me?

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This is a situation when a classic insomnia sub barabara to Abner, is that casa para semnac raha Metro Johanna amirul momineen letter is is methoni is with O'Meara Khomeini. I am not a ruler here Here I am an ordinary person who has come to answer to a complaint. This was a situation with regard to His justice, and all in front of him was equal to the law no Nipa

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prism, no cronyism, everyone was equal to the law. He one of his sons was a woman, his wives had taken alcohol while in Egypt. And because he was the son of the halifa, he was punished and he was left in private humara the ultimate came to know about it. His name was Shima. And he wrote to us, how dare you give my son punishment in private? When the role law of Islam is that a person who has taken alcohol must be spoke in public that can lococo potentially, he Shara penis a histamine, moolah. cutman tancho punakha. They brought him back to Medina. He brought him back to Medina shame I was very weak. And I put him on a video for the Latino said amirul mumineen. He has already gotten

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his punishment, we are going to punish him. Look at how he Akita comes over here. He said, No Islamic law. Why was he punished in secret? He was punished in secret because the governor thought he was the son of the halifa. I will make him I will make an example. And He punished him in front of everyone. Summary why it's made mentioned because he was weak after a few days after that he passed away, such as Omar, the Latinos justice, that even if it's my son, the Islamic law must be established. One rewired I heard from an alum. I haven't been able to see it, but I just wanted to make mention of it. He said

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the Latino, you know, gave him punishment. After he gave him punishment when he finished punished him. He threw away the work and he had him

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on one hand.

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Sasaki pata galera. yamamura he said that was my responsibility as a mirror momineen This is my responsibility as a father. Yeah Tony Romo me momineen kassius mnsod or image economy narrow your wallet kcse macara. I'm giving it as an example because of Medina father, this

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gentleman was a very very prominent person, the he was the ruler of the Masonic tribe. One day while making hombre someone stepped upon his kurta and Javelin am because he was such a prominent person, the person who stepped on his foot there was a mamoli person he was a very watery person. So jevelin name got up and he slept him. How dare you step on my quota. The metric came to America tabria Latino,

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Latina said that we use slept that person, he must slap you back in return chapel with AMC, a birth to a villager must slap me. He said well, you slept him. So he said, I will never I will never ever be I will. I will rather really leave the religion. He says are leaving the religion in Islamic State, you know the punishment with regard to it. He said well run away. He said you can run away. That particular night Javelin aim, left Medina went to go and settle with a Christians he used to regret this particular aspect. But what was amazing is

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what was amazing is that he while he

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what was amazing is that omarama photography allowed him Do not worry him that he said no leave Islam, but justice must prevail. You can go out of Islam if you want to. But this is the law of the land, you punish someone who must be punished back in return. This was how people were completely, you know, equal under the law in front of him. He had people were freedom of expression people could could answer the question in the way you wanted. When they were in a photography Ultron who was on the member and he said, Oh people if I stray away from the right path, what will you do? First initially people will never come on when old elderly men got up and said, Omar if you stray away

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from the past, we will correct you with a sword. And don't get angry. He said Glory be to Allah thanks to Allah. That is someone who will correct me even if I'm the ruler.

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One day you are standing in giving talks and while he was giving this talk, and then one day it was a man FRC got up and said we will not listen to your Mira woman attack in a few days soon again. kcal Johanna baichwal Mansour Audrina porticoed whoa director. Oh, they gave the cross and they gave material muscato his Saha the clothes that you have, who's got 200 double up capacity? You could double up that that particular throw that was given to everyone would never be able to make your quota you are very big person who Marina photography a lot of trouble. I know Omar Abdullah said maybe he said yeah, by tomorrow may say many apne hisako while it's up good idea. I gave my my *.

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Simon first said Now we will listen to you. But while there was freedom of expression, he was very careful that people must not use their freedom of expression to hurt someone. There was a poet by the name of houttuynia

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He used to compose poems, and he used to slander people whom are called him once and said, If you slam the people in future, I will get off your tongue. What right do you have that through the means of your poetry that you go and stand the people as kaldwin as barwara khazaria say, What's up caesaria say, Hello Cohiba.

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kui petani we got no particular situation is going to say this one is like that this one is like that. Marina taco patera cake admir Sakura

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sssr Tanga,

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Tanga Abu Kibera name.

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So there was freedom to account to call the people to account, but not freedom of speech to hurt people to abuse people.

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He is concerned for his people was legendary. It was such an amazing thing that you can't believe when you see what the leaders are doing today and you see humor. Well, I see when we listen to this, we can believe it.

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There was there was drought once in a time of homophobia Latino, it is known as Mr. remar because people didn't have food that das used to come there was no there was no rain. So Maria photogravure Latino said, I will not eat Qi I will not eat meat. I will not eat until it becomes available for the people of Medina chapter Allah Medina keepassx yay cheese and I met many conga, negotiate a conga Medina conga, he wrote in a coma chapter subterranea was copper kar sakta who shook makanga him someone brought ghee and roti and he said, Omar, it is now available in the bazaars of Medina Kumar said kit Nehemiah How much did you buy it for? is a 40. Durham's. He said can every citizen of

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Medina afford it? He said, No, I don't want to eat it, take it away. If the people cannot afford it, how can the leader eat it? If the people cannot afford it? How can I eat it? One day there was problems with regard to it. So, you know, he was becoming very expensive. So he started eating ordinary oil. And that oil didn't agree with his stomach. So his stomach used to rumble right? So one day he addressed his stomach and he said you can ramble as much as you want until the people cannot afford it. I will not eat

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this was a marina de la Toronto, my dear respective as we can imagine, one day, I literally allowed to know so

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you know at the time of running and going to look for a camera. So he said Amira mini test the time when people sleep. It's very hot. Were you running? He said one camel have the beetle Malka, Ross, I'm going to look for it. So Oliver said you could have given it to someone else to look for it. Why are you looking for it? So he said it is my responsibility. And he said, oh, we're amirul momineen. You have left such a difficult example for people to follow who's gonna follow your example? Then you should still only even if a camel dies of hunger while I'm the halifa Allah will question you on the day of Tiamat such was his humanity so Han Allah, you can imagine what was his humanity My dear

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respective brothers? He was the he was the ruler that the rulers of the world used to shake for, but such was his humanity that you can one day he he got up on the member and he started speaking Homer. You are once upon a time just an ordinary shepherd. What what are you now showing that you are so great? You an ordinary Shepherd? You used to 10 the sheep of the people of Makkah for few Durham's your father used to abuse you because you couldn't even look after the sheep properly. So he got down to upset humor What did you do what what sermon was that is because Sabbath Miller oh god no Katara pathetic imagine se apella janessa mata was at meta meta pasta Krishna. To he said Omar, the

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envoy of drama, the envoy of the Roman Empire came

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Christa, hey Sarah acerca Johnny shake armeniaca carpet napery it never Evgeny amuro Marian a at azim Silla octopus, married under takakura. So I went into the member to remind myself of my situation. When the when the the the cloak of the Persian Empire came to Medina Sharif, and he came to Medina Sharif. So Morocco saw it it was full of gold and silver. So he looked at it and he said, This is not something that I can wear. He called one of the most ordinary people from one of the very lonely tribes. And he said wear it. So he wore it. And he said it is only worth he that the clothes of the Persian Empire be worn by an ordinary Muslim. Then he said, but if you're going to

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wear it, you're also going to become proud

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Take it off, then he took it off. Then he said, he told a pay tomorrow, go and put in the bay tomorrow and go and sell it and give it to all the poor people of Medina, ma da, da, da, you withheld this wealth from the liberty of Allah, you will build this wealth from a Google. Where are you putting us to trial by giving us all this wealth? Why are you putting us to trial by giving us all this wealth 100 been taste was, was the governor of one place. So when he came one day, he was also looking after and looking for a camera. And because he was a governor, so he felt a little bit shy with regard to it. Omar said, Come with me you also the governor, come let's go look for this

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camera, which has been lost from the paper man. Today people turn to the pay tomorrow. Tomorrow the ultra was so worried that one thing is lost. He himself went to look for it. He had such a great decree of accountability with regard to you know from the people. He appointed Mohammed muslimah Muhammad Ali muslimah was an Ansari from took part in the Battle of

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so called during the grand Bonanza immediately grant of all the governors he used to go secretly to go and see what the governors were doing. One day he came to me he has been Phantom who was the governor of Egypt. And someone told him or that is has become very, very extravagant. He's wearing Silk Roads. So when he found out Muhammad Yunus Lama came and gave them Yes, he has his very, very, very important and very extravagant clothes. He called us and said, where cause cloth and go and look after the sheep outside Medina, so yes, it is better for me to die. I was the governor, are you going to look after sheep? He said your name. Your father was a shepherd. Notice because you became

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a governor? Are you ashamed to be to be a shepherd? Go and look after the sheep. But because he was just when he gave his commands people, innocent people listen, one day he was sick. So the physician said you must have honey. You know what Omar did? Whom are called the Matura and said, Oh people, the physician is said I must have Honey, do I have permission to go and take money from the Bay tomorrow?

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He just had him with a katana shed in a bedroom and

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then when he was given permission, they

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know when to go and fetch it. His fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala was such Subhanallah let me conclude time is coming up. It is a long weekend. So there's no one have any commitments. So if we go five miles, five minutes extra, inshallah five minutes extra in the masjid won't kill anyone, it will be beneficial inshallah. So we will be that in mind, inshallah.

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So, this particular aspect is what, one day someone came to complain about safety.

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They had four complaints about at me, I mean, one of the covenants that, so one of the complaints was that he comes out late in the morning, he doesn't meet anyone in the night. And once a month, he doesn't come out at all. And sometimes he goes into a foot. He goes into a foot, and is unreasonable to rule amongst us. So Omar calls Abraham, he said, You are the governor reply to these four things. So say to me, I will give this replay brothers Listen to this. Say when he said, I have no domestic at work. I have no one to help me. So every morning, I do whatever I have to do cleaning up the house with my wife, and I only come out after I've done everything. That is the answer to the first

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allegation. The night I don't come out. My day is for people. My night is for law. I can come out at night. I'm a keeper. Once a month, I don't come out. Because I've got no one to wash my clothes. I don't have extra clothes. once a week or once I wash all my clothes. I don't come out. I wait for it to dry. And when I get foots The reason why I get foots. I saw the Quraysh torturing him when he was telling him that he was a non Muslim. I was part of torturing him. When I remember that, and I tortured him in and deliver. I get footsie Satan sitting near him. He said who mercola people Oh people, you got an excellent governor. What are you complaining Look at his answers. Such was the

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accountability of

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his fear of Allah Subhana Allah. One day he went into the harem. The men and woman were drinking water together who started you know, taking them away harshly. Men separate human separate Yes, more that men and women separate. We can do it in our weddings. And people say wait a second, the Koran, mercury, Boomer implemented it, and it kept the woman and men separate and then afterwards, he went off to Rama, Rama to perhaps be too harsh in separating the men and woman could substitute a man to

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have said

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what to do when you are gone. What will this omit to when you are gone? This was humor me photography Allahu anhu. You know, one day a person by the name of the year has been selama humara Salatu was in a hurry to go somewhere. So

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In his heart he he touched he has been selama by his by his ankle or something he forgot about it. So I Yasmin Salama the next year was going for Hajj. So Marina Fatah called him years, you know you're going for her GS, take this gift from my side. So he gave the gift. So yeah, so you said, Yes. You know what? I'm giving you this gift? No, I don't know. He said, yes, one day I was going somewhere, and I my sword touched you. And I was always worried that perhaps a lower question me that Why did you take advantage of your authority and harm an ordinary Muslim? So he has set me wrong. I don't even remember that. So Omar said Hi, remember, and I always thought that one day will

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ask you for forgiveness with regard to it. Such a great person, such great humility, this was you know, an aspect with regard to him, I can go made mention with regard to it. He was all the time worried about the Akita of people all the time worried to such an extent, when they said, the river Nile is not giving water and they only they slaughter a virgin to put it the river Nile then only gives water

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who said

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we will not even slaughter an animal. He wrote a letter to the Robben Island said put into the river. Oh river if you flow with a command of Allah continue flowing. If you don't flow with a command of Allah hemihydrate nee aka panicky we don't need your water. People came to see the letter of the halifa is going to be thrown into the river Nile, what's going to happen and when it was thrown, and the people said in the mix mentioned how many 1000 non Muslims became Muslims after this. The letter was thrown. And by the time the letter was thrown, by the time the people came to the banks, the river Nile was given its water, it was flooding its banks. And we came to know

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someone had got the cover of Daniella risotto Salaam had been on Earth. So people were wondering now Daniel, Alyssa was a very great prophet Allah makes mention of it in the 15 Super of the Quran. So people will come to go and visit that cover morellato told a person dig 13 graves 13 graves, put him in one of the graves, close the graves kisi kupatana chilika cover guy.

00:27:18--> 00:27:36

No one was know where the cover is. Some people would make line there and go and make cover pujara this is not the way to stop it. When he came to know that people were visiting the heart the three upon which, you know, the people who made a bet upon me saw cinnamon in Napier, he cut the tree. He said, Look.

00:27:38--> 00:28:18

This was one day he went to the abattoir and he saw a person buying meat for three days in a row. He said Wouldn't it be better if you take the meat and give it to someone else? For three days you are eating meat? Wouldn't it be better you give it to your neighbor who doesn't have meat Subhanallah brothers when we look at this, that is why that is why we Maria's mom or my dad is with us when he passed away. He is despite all this greatness, all this morality, all this piety. Whenever it was his deathbed, he told his son Oh, my son put my cheek on the ground. So perhaps that son thought that maybe you want to put the cheek on the ground because he's restless. He didn't listen. He said,

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Oh my son put my cheek on the ground. He has nowhere

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to die with arrogance is worth your homework today with humility. And when he put his cheek and his face on the ground, he rubbed his face on to the side and instead way to look at it. Destruction. Viola. Allah doesn't forgive you. If Allah doesn't forgive you, what is your position?

00:28:47--> 00:29:08

When he passed away, and I will conclude with this as they were taking his janaza to live near Barstow de la Tran who said that I heard someone said, Oh, may Allah have mercy upon you. May Allah have mercy upon you. Every time I heard that Allahu alayhi wa sallam speaking maybe a Kareem salsa who's to say the hell to Anna abacha harsh to

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me Abu Bakr and Omar we went somewhere morava karmapas alligator hum Mira avocado, Maria corretta we did the sweetie debt. And may Allah have mercy upon you. I always thought that you would be buried with a prophet because the Prophet always used to make mention of you Abu Bakr and Omar together a Boolean number for the ultimate said, I look behind to see who was saying these words. It was none other than literally allowed. I know someone has a Boolean napus what is the position of Omar? He said Don't you see where he is buried?

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Don't you see where he's buried? That will tell you the position of Omar. Omar was there because he's with a profit. Therefore the last lesson I give you brothers don't ever lose hope O'Meara set how to kill nebia Kareem Sasa morellato nickel

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NWA cream sauce and Coca Cola adds nebia cream sauce from cassava forever.

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He set out to kill me via cream sauce alum today he is lying next to them.

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And no one goes to Medina without saying Salam Salam ami rumanian Samia Ponyo Marina, example you have said, remains an ideal. We cannot put it into practice. But when we talk about greatness, we can at least know what is greatness. Other people, other religions don't have an example of greatness. We might not follow it. Or at least we have an example in front of us of greatness. And what in what greater can they be the nominee

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in his effort