Ibrahim Hindy – Keys to Prophetic Parenting – Key #01 Vision

Ibrahim Hindy
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When a law speaks about children in the Qur'an, when he is blessing people with a child, or people are asking a lot to bless them with a child, the Quran consistently uses the word web will have been heavily meaning we gifted them or they say, oh law gift us with a child. The phrase gift comes up over and over again when referring to children. Children are a gift from Allah subhana wa Tada. And the gifts and blessings we received from a law require our care protection and guardianship. Instinctively whether we are Muslim or otherwise, every parent knows that we need to take care of our kids. We need to raise them to protect them to help them but for a Muslim our need to assume

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responsibility of being parents is even more important. As a believer our role as parents affects everything. Our dunia our Acura and our oma. It affects our Acura are placed in the next world. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that all the deeds of the child of Adam are cut off at the time of death except for three, one of which one of them saw the hernia Durga, a righteous child praying for them. People think about what legacy they're leaving behind in this world. But the reality is that the mark we leave on our friends on our co workers is often very casual, but the mark and the impact we leave on our children is significant. And when it's a positive impact, their

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prayers for us are so powerful that it propels us forward in the next world even after we've passed away. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warns us about leaving a negative impact on our children and what that will do to us in the next life. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said catfight is imminent if me and you will Yemenia quote, he said it is sufficient of a sin for you to neglect that which you are obligated to support. It's enough of a sin big enough of a sin for us to be neglectful of our children, those whom we are obligated to raise and strengthen and to support and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and kulu Kumara and will coloca mizunara it he

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said that indeed each of you is a shepherd, and each of you is responsible for his flock, and then the Prophet sallallahu where do you send them gave the examples and then is a shepherd over his family and he's responsible for his flock. A woman is a shepherd over her children and she too, is responsible for her flock. Allah has placed us fathers and mothers, as shepherds over our children. And we will be asked about how we took care of that responsibility. Did we strive to protect them to guide them towards what will benefit them in a way that a shepherd protects you know his sheep from wolves and guides them to food and water? Or did we let down our flock, how we raise our child

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affects our alcohol. It can raise our status in the next world or it can cause us to fall behind. It can remove and cleanse our sins and bring us closer to a law when our children love us and pray for us after we've gone or it can cause a lot to take us to account if we have neglected our responsibilities. How we raise our children also affects our dunya our life in this world. Both in the Quran and the hadith of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the righteous child is often referred to as odorata line, which is sometimes translated as coolness of the eyes of the Arabs would use the phrase because they would describe that when a person is going through times of stress

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or hardship or difficulty at the person is unstable. And they're so unstable that even their eyes are roving and churning and spinning. But corrugated iron literally means stillness of the eyes, calmness of the eyes, feel through kurata line a person feels calmness you feel stability, you feel relief, their eyes are at rest. And so when burrata is mentioned in relation to children, it kind of indicates that our lives are turned upside down, stressed out anxious when we experienced troubles with our children. Anyone who has experienced their child going down the wrong path, would be willing to give up everything for that not to be the case. But when our children are doing well,

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there's no better relief. There's no better joy, or law makes our children the coolness of our eyes and the calmness of our eyes. Finally, how we raise our child not only affects our athletes in our dunya but it also affects our community, our entire oma and certain classes Allah subhanaw taala begins the sooner by speaking about the oppression that fitted on the pharaoh commits against Benny Israel in the children of Israel, how he enslaved them and oppress them and killed their children. Allah says when we need to end the moon Allah levina student he fulfilled when a Gerardo Malema when a gentleman in Allah says we wanted to give a favor upon those who are oppressed in the land and to

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make them leaders and make them inheritors alone wanted to transform the history of the children of Israel from being oppressed and marginalized and downtrodden to being leaders and inheritors in this world. So how was this achieved? The first verse to follow this is a command while hyena elomi Musa, an ordinary We inspired the mother of Musa nourish him, take care of your child. The first step to transform an entire community or own marination was to tell a Mother Teresa

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Child, a righteous mother raising her child leads to leaders like Moo Sally has sent him who can change the entire course of history for his people. through the efforts of Moosa and his leadership, many of us are at one from a people who are enslaved and oppressed to a people who are free and ultimately became strong. As we look at the ills and oppressions, which affect our community and oma today, we have to realize that the solution is to build strong homes and to raise righteous children. Join me for this series on the keys to prophetic parenting. In this series, we will explore and discover keys to help us unlock how to effectively raise our children as healthy adults

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and righteous Muslims. We will look to how the prophets and righteous people approach raising their kids to unearth important tools that can guide our journey through parenting. And we will be exploring different modern studies and data on children and how it converges often with the prophetic approach. In this series, you will learn one prophetic parenting techniques, using examples from the prophetic tradition that we can employ with our children to how to engage and empower our children to become responsible and faithful adults. And three, how to avoid pitfalls of parenting some of the common errors that parents sometimes make in good faith or they're well

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intentioned, but errors inshallah that we can correct. Join me on this journey as we all try to become better parents along the prophetic path.

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