What Are The Required Etiquettes Of Gaining Knowledge

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Welcome to the program, Islam insight, a very special series essentially dedicated for a new Muslim brothers and sisters. How do we commit ourselves to gain knowledge regarding Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him like to know is he Junko compulsory for him, somebody told me that a Muslim is not allowed to have relationship with a non Muslim knowledge revives the spirit of Islam.

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What's the required

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adequate for gaining knowledge, the etiquettes of gaining knowledge. Now, the beauty of Islam is that it does not just teach you what is good, but it also teaches you how to achieve that good. And in the context of the seeking knowledge, the attitudes that are required, the manners that are required are the ways that we need to adopt in seeking knowledge and hamdulillah our NaVi Karim Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, he taught us the ways, the etiquettes the manners that need to do or perform in order to gain knowledge in Islam. The first and foremost thing that you need to make sure

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in order to gain knowledge is number one, make your near purely for a last panel time, make an intention, that you are gaining this knowledge not to show off, you're gaining this knowledge not to all money, not for any commercial or materialistic benefits. You are gaining knowledge only to please the last panel. This is the fundamental rule or the adequate that you need to keep in mind while seeking knowledge that you need to set this intention, right. That this knowledge, whatever you're going to learn is for the sake of Almighty Allah, that is number one. Number two, you need to make sure that you make to our to get knowledge. Allah subhanaw taala. He shows us a very beautiful

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drop in the Quran. directly to Muhammad peace be upon him and indirectly to all of us. Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah Taha surah, number 20 and number 114. Allah Almighty says, on rugby, Sydney Elma,

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is that a beauty beautiful? Say, oh my lord, increase me in knowledge. So second thing that you need to do is ask Allah to grant you knowledge. Because the knowledge which is granted by Allah, it is pure, authentic and perfect. So second thing that you need to do is ask the last panel time, make dua to Allah panel time. The third thing that you need to have in order to gain knowledge in Islam is you need to strive and sacrifice. You see, there is no price without sacrifice, you cannot get knowledge just like that. The people of the past they used to struggle a lot in terms of gaining knowledge, they used to trying a lot, and these to pay huge sacrifices, in order to gain knowledge.

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So you need to be prepared, you need to be ready, that you need to make sure that you do strive, and you sacrifice to gain knowledge. Allah Subhana Medina says, into the uncommon surah, number 29. And number 69, that if you strive for the sake of a life you strive, Allah Almighty will create many ways that you can't imagine even, you see. So first of all, the initiation must be from your side, that you need to start strive and struggle.

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Even though if you have to pay sacrifices, you need to do that. That is number two. Number four, in order to gain knowledge in Islam, you need to make sure that you should be patient, you should be patient, you see the knowledge which comes in one go, it will leave also a one though, so you need to realize that you need to be patient. Patience in Islam, it means just not wait. You see, generally we know that patience means wait. But in Islam, patience is something very beautiful. The meaning of it is that you need to be firm on the right path, number one, number two, you need to move forward on the right path. Number three, you need to make sure that you have

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to refrain from the evils around you, you need to protect and move with that protection. So that is something that is patience in Islam and that is what is required in order to gain knowledge in Islam.

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Another thing that you need to make sure is that when you

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gain knowledge, you need to practice what you gain. That's a very powerful way of learning, we see best way of learning is teaching, right? So you need to make sure that you practice what you learn and that goes deep in your heart. You see, when you when you practice what you what you learn, when you learn what you practice, it goes very strong and very deep. So, these are some of the ways or the etiquette of the manners that you need to do when you actually make an attempt to seek knowledge. The one of the things that you need to also realize is that being the good company, being the good company so that you may gain more knowledge, right. So these are the some of the etiquettes

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that you need to make sure to have it while gaining knowledge in Islam.