Ramadan Reminders – Formula For Happiness

Sajid Ahmed Umar


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of good deeds in achieving happiness and success in life, and how they can be rewarded with rewards such as a reward for a good deeds. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of avoiding negative deeds and the need for an audit of one's deeds to determine their worth.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh brothers and sisters in Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah teaches us and this was the lesson from the many lessons in today's tarawih He says, men Amina oily.

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means mean, fella no

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or girl and

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be a sunny maca.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says whoever does good deeds from the males and the females, on condition that they are believers. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala as a reward

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will give them

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an amazing life, revived life and inspired life.

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And then Allah subhanho wa Taala says that the reward doesn't just end with this amazing life.

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In the Hereafter, Allah subhanho wa Taala will reward this believer

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with the rewards of the best

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from the category of deeds that they did. So for example, if you praise Allah, then the best seller you did the Salah that carried the most rewards allow us to use that and reward you based on that reward for all the other prayers that you did. The best charity you gave that had the most rewards a lot will use that pedigree of rewards and reward you for all the other charities that you did, or charitable acts that you did, based on that level of reward. I think you get the picture. This is a mercy from Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is the reward from Allah for the one who does good deeds, who lives the life upon Allah mandates.

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And if they slip, no doubt, they turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala and seek forgiveness. And then they also ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for assistance not to slip again. And they wake up the next day. And they try hard to please Allah subhanho wa Taala again,

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this is the recipe for success. This is the recipe for a good life. And you know the answer from following our past sessions together and also contemplating what Allah is saying in this area because Allah now is telling us as well. The recipe for disaster right if the recipe for success and happiness and

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an amazing life is good deeds, that no doubt the recipe the recipe for depression is none other than bad deeds is none other than bad deeds. And Allah says this in another part of his book when Allah subhana wa tada says woman out of and victory for in Allahumma de shaitan banca The one who turns away from the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah,

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turns away from the ideals that Allah subhanho wa Taala has revealed, Allah says that this person will live a depressed narrow life for India level four Indeed, indeed Allah says indeed without doubt, for this person will be a narrow life, life of depression, a life of

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of sadness, a life of nervousness, right?

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A life of second guessing oneself,

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and so on and so forth. Now, I'm not

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lacking sensitivity to other physical circumstances that people suffer from illnesses, mental illnesses that people suffer from that causes them to have these issues. But I'm talking in general brothers and sisters, that with the you know, with people who are normal, when they see themselves in the, you know, you know, not reacting well to difficulty, Allah test them and they find themselves not reacting well to the test. Right? Then they need to analyze themselves, and they need to look at their deeds, and look at the levels of so far. How many times have they asking Allah for forgiveness? Right, then look at the deeds, right? And really critically analyze these deeds. Are

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these deeds that please Allah subhanho wa Taala are these deeds that displease Allah? subhanho wa Taala. Right? Or are they any deeds at all that take us in the right direction? You know, or are we just stagnant in terms of our journey to Allah. So the lesson from today's therapy is just this, that the formula for happiness is good deeds

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and happiness in this life in the next this is ultimate happiness, and the formula for ultimate depression in this life and the next was a lie at the end of the day.

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tells us that the person who does evil the person who does harm they will live a narrow life. Allah says it doesn't end there in the hereafter Allah will raise them blind. That's dangerous brothers and sisters. Right? When you when you when you raise blind on the day of karma, you know that this is a sign that Allah is not happy with me and my standing in front of him is going to be difficult. So, depression after depression difficulty after difficulty comes from the one who lives his or her life upon set. Right. So the recipe and formula for happiness is good deeds and the recipe and formula for depression is backwards.

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The action point obviously is to audit yourself in order to detachable and Fusarium copula and to take account of yourself before Allah subhanho wa Taala takes account from you. This Quran is hidden Lynette it's a guide for mankind. And it is hidden with the cane. It's especially a guide for the believers male lawmakers from amongst those guided by his book I mean our enemies Aquila Heron, sallAllahu wasallam Mubarak anabaena Mohammed while earlier