Morning & Evening Supplication are a must!

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salam ala Alikum warahmatu or Barakatuh My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam Welcome to another episode in our series moments with Allah subhanho wa Taala I pretty well do phenomenally well and making full use of the remaining moments of our blessed month especially since we are living through blessed nights. Brothers and Sisters in Islam for today's episode, the series is moments with Allah so it has to be. Today's episode is about the morning and evening supplications the morning and evening, Africa, brothers and sisters and it's now part and parcel of the month of Ramadan is transformation. And it's about creating new beginnings and we've discussed this previously. One of

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the things Brothers and Sisters in Islam we have to do in Ramadan and then continue thereafter is the morning and evening of I've got the morning and evening supplications we need to learn it. We need to teach our children about it's so so important Brothers and Sisters in Islam to us for many,

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many reasons from them, it helps us take care of certain matters that are upon us with regards to Allah subhanho wa Taala like being thankful to him for in the car. I dedicated applications pertaining to thanking Allah Subhana Allah to Allah from them is the renewal of our to hate for in the car, we find supplications that denote the renewal of one's Tauheed

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also protection Brothers and Sisters in Islam protection from from jealousy from the evil eye from Black Magic Melis Panama to save us from all these evils and grant cure to those who have been afflicted the earth god has supplications dedicated towards creating this protection, granting us the armor for the day ahead for the night ahead. And this is important Brothers and Sisters in Islam because sometimes difficulties come to us, not from people who are jealous about us but the evil eye transpires. Why because they appraised us but they didn't remember Allah subhanho wa Taala and you also didn't, or we didn't

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you know, take care of the car for the day so we don't have any armor and they didn't create an armor with their praise or their happiness and then the sheltering as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam taught us use it to travel so Brothers and Sisters in Islam it's not just about telling people to say say Masha Allah say mashallah, we see this that somebody praises us will praise our child or recognize something, especially with us and then we say say mashallah, mashallah, right. That's not enough. It's about doing you as a car to your car Brothers and Sisters in Islam it's so important now. In earlier episodes, we spoke about the fortress of a believer national Muslim. This

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book has all the authentic car gathered together there's an app which you can download. So have a look at this the morning and evening a car even if you just Google the morning and evening of car you will see it gathered in a place so

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you know, download it and make it your companion now with regards to this account, you have to do it twice in the day, once for the morning once for the evening. And ideally you want to do it after fajr

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and it will last you until it also and then immediately after us and will last you until Fajr but if you get delayed for one matter or the next then you can do it up till midday and you can do it up till

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up to midnight as as the scholars say so there's an ideal time and then there's a time in which it's beneficial. Now Brothers and Sisters in Islam it might be difficult to do all the ADKAR especially at once but take care of the most important ones and as for you know the account that state you should recite it 100 times a day. You don't have to do it there and then you can do throughout the day. Okay, so if you just have limited time 15 minutes in the morning 15 minutes in the evening, just do the car that are one in number or three number or four in number meaning you have you decided once or three times or four times

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there's one in which you have to decide it seven times but it's very short has to be hola hola hola Allahu Allah heater Welcome to a whirlpool obviously dalim that's just seven times to do that as well. But then there's some in which it states say 200 times, like the is the far like the test be like the little that you can do throughout the day and throughout the night. Okay, so it doesn't have to be done immediately. So don't be afraid because some people say no, it's too long, and then they don't take care of any of the outcome. Do what you can to the best of your ability. Okay.

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And by adopting this into your life Subhanallah you will see great change I promise you Brothers and Sisters in Islam, you will see great change in your life great blessings in your life and really please God, they provide for us moments with Allah not just a moment, moments with Allah subhanho wa Taala So moving forward, Brothers and Sisters in Islam, ensure that you create moments with Allah subhanho To Allah during the day and during the evening. How? By looking after you morning and evening, sir

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vacations I like to go for the sake of Allah until next time so I'm over here Addy come to America