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AI: Summary © The conversation covers the history and impact of the Islamic rule on Islam, including a man named Matthew tip that used to run away from the enemy and save his life. The Day of Judgment is discussed, including the melody and involvement of the Holy Mass, and the importance of identifying individuals and bringing their own values to the table. The speakers emphasize the need for dynamic management and finding the right balance between authentic narratives and authentic narratives. They also stress the importance of learning from " gathering" and avoiding making quick conclusions based on past experiences.
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On the basis of what has been presented,

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if you have any questions can feel free and you must limit to the topic which was discussed today, do not go beyond the topic and ask any questions which are concerned to fake or anything, you know beyond the scope of the discussion for now. So, if you have any questions you can post now inshallah any questions remaining normally, no question but anyways, yesterday, at the beginning of your talk, you talked about proper coming in establishing Islamic rule in India, there was the slave dynasty as well, etc. Okay, so we are talking about the mobiles, the contribution of the mocha so it was Yes, yeah, because the Muslims had been ruling for 1000 days or 4000 years, there was the slave dynasty

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also, and infamous, etc. and all those things are there. Yes. Thanks for clarifying. And during the time, you mentioned, he stopped the band a band bottom. So was he, you know, did he accept them? And you know, he

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was he against him? Is that what you're asking? Yeah, he was he was against innovation, let us not say that he or she is the most superior, he was against any innovation in the deen of Islam.

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And it's not only the Shias who are innovating in the deal we have amongst our Jamaat, also people who are innovating, but yes, with respect to the Shia, we know that the the one of the aspects of the belief is matter to come out and do matter, and the concept of matter and hitting the streets and you know, expressing this is not the way of the Muslims. Okay. Any questions from the sisters? Do we have a mic there?

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Could you just repeat about the raising of channel music because the sound system here at that time was You mean, the broken arm of the Golconda documents? Did you want to hear about the incident against Yes, yeah. So, the incident was when the golkonda governments did that.

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The governor of golkonda he had buried the state well,

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under the master plan, he builds images on top of that, so he buried the wealth and he built images on top of that, so, when they got to know of that, he instructed that the demolition of the monthly to take place and the wealth be removed. So, that was what I was sharing. I hope that answers your question. And this is available in orange when people will turn evaluation of the religious principles and policies by Dr. Pandey

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slim embedded in it good hands of the liberals I have not come across that. That's why I can't comment on it I read it in the book that you know, he did not want another email to be built. So he used to cut the what he called the thumb etc but all Allah knows best what we know is he used 20,000 workers for seven years. So you can calculate the man hours you know in mathematics, you have this beautiful man as you can imagine the amount of man hours he wasted in building a restaurant All right, but regarding that, I have not come across anything All right. And I have not studied about the history of the Taj Mahal and what happened behind the construction. I don't think we need to

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waste our time studying about a cover a scarf or a grape

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follicle Salama came from medivet Tex

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made immediately I

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said in history of navia

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in history of media

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outcomes is a big enemy because he kills so many boomers have made it he will

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let him ask Yes. So when I went for Gujarat also at that time, I went for the grace I have seen

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the orange zip Kill Kill the mass in there is our unzip is the biggest enemy okay and also after posting this one program, I have seen in Facebook,

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in Facebook I shared with my friends

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and one of my imaginary friend that does discuss with their mom and they are also conducting a program

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against the okay let them go. Let them do

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can you analyze and that can be

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found majorly in Karnataka in channapatna. And then you also come across in Andhra Pradesh.

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These are the places where they are really having a whole room.

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They have imams whom one has to believe just like how the Shia have the set of demands. And the maybes have set of demands and who denies the man their copies?

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They have various names that are you living in mom's even now.

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One person

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has done and gone.

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I'm asking you, okay, what's your name?

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You're from Dallas.

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Welcome to the Dean of Islam. Whether a Muslim from the point of view of what knowledge you have of the manta rays. Do the math always believe that? He has come on? No, no, they believe that

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he was from up he was a UPI lock No. Is it always

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available with

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just mentioned

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profit, my mouth will be not in trouble because

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we will live amongst them always. I am in the middle in the middle. Middle will be maybe.

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Okay, so where did they get this?

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They always use this

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law. Firstly, what was the name of the Matthew tip of the magic the batteries that Matthew appeared in up? Do you remember his name? Full Name? Full Name is to even put

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his name the name of the movie? Yeah. Mama, Mama Mama. takes in a moment.

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Okay, okay. Now firstly. And then also they will say yes. Yes. And what are you doing here the weather was supposed to be he should have been hiding in Makkah, because we know the Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam, when the man had the guns, he would be trying to run away and save his life. And he would be he would go and seek refuge inside the harem. And then a group of people will come out and bring him out and they will give him bands and say no, we take you as a leader, then the army of the black flags will come. When did this happen? You should ask these people that this was dead. So on what basis? Are you claiming that so and so and whichever URI appeared, when

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did he appear? How many years back? 600 680 was bad. How did he appear? When did he appear? When did the Yeoman mahama take place? He said I said I was supposed to descend. The fight was supposed to take with the job where did all of these events take place? At that time?

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He made me the follower.

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account according to the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam said in a clear Hadees

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pointing towards Hassan or the Allahu he said this son of mine referring to Asana, Delano is a man a leader and the through him shall come the MACD.

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All right, and then when you put this in perspective, you will come to know that the melody will be one of the major signs of the Day of Judgment. And it is one of the last signs of the Day of Judgment, one of the last signs of the Day of Judgment. And after the melody, we only know this much that he will participate in the battle.

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with Trump and de la Salaam, the Assad would have been given the Salah time would be ready inshallah Sam will descend the

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door before the comma, the comma would have been given for the mandate to lead the Salah. And the moment a solicitor will descend and it will ask yourself how long you'll need the fella he shall tell Maddie, Maddie, this comma, a comma has been given for you to leave. So he will leave the Salah after that. It's all about installation. And we don't know what was happened to the melody, whether he will you know work as a subordinate to East LA Salam and what

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we don't want to get into that. That's all we know about him. Now, if somebody is claiming this, actually, I'm sure since you are a revert, you will understand where the flaws are, these are all fabricated and this is the concept of now if they are looking down upon Allah, they have a reason for it. You can see why the reason is so we were talking about how Allah was against innovation there are claiming that the McAfee has already come. They're trying to spread innovation on the face of the earth to

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have experience with these people who maybe Allah Allah knows best. Maybe he was fifth, and maybe he may have taken strict actions against some of them. But then that was the call of the halifa at that time, and I don't see anything wrong in that. If he did that. And if these are the reasons why he did as you have just pointed out, I don't see anything wrong with that. Also, just to add you mentioned about the Holy Mass. Rahim Allah would not pay stipend to the other mass in his court. Do you know that just for additional knowledge, organizational law

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refused to pay a stipend to the scholars. He would say do some work, then I'll give you the scholars, you money and he the scholars would give fatwas. But they will not be paid money. He would say do some actions like our Indian Ramallah would need the cap? Right? The answer, he would expect the scholars also to engage in some activity, and then you would pay the money to them? Yes, but you want to say something

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that's very interesting that the stipends were canceled for the ulama. He's confronting with a big

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fraternity of scholars.

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But he was building a very good practice that you should walk and any

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boy that

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wrote a book called Getting butt.

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The collection of rulings. That's what he did that.

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He wrote that book. Yeah. But for so many days, we have been hearing that our example in fact collector appointed by Mr. Scholars, yes, yes.

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He was involved in it. But while he was also party to it, there was called as a mod. He didn't write it alone. There was fallers involved as well. And his objective was to create some canons of ruling and he basically giving the foundation and then he also had these books sent out to Egypt, to Syria, to many of these places, the books were sent out so that they could follow the ruling. There is one thing I want to just clarify with you

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see, in that book,

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we find many issues that is mamasan which is against the Quran and Sunnah of the teachings of Russell. Okay. So

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is it true or not? I'm thinking myself, if we are not promoting in any way that quoting the, the name of this book of many brothers, they don't know the good question, the brother saying that, you know,

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I have not read through it, but the brother says that he's come across certain things in Hungary, which probably does not match the rulings from the Quran and the Sunnah. And it's quite possible, it's very much possible no one is free from making errors, no one is free from making mistake or engraved Rahim Allah was also open to making mistakes. And also I also mentioned that he had the Hanafi leaning, you know, the jurisprudence followed in India was Hanafi. So naturally, he can collected Hanafi scholars, and therefore most of the other ones are those which are the beliefs of most of the canopies Am I right as

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of right. So now by mentioning the name of the book, am I not promoting the book? No, we are just mentioning about the effort that we had put in Now, some of the things may not be correct, most of the things may be correct.

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Right outrightly We are not rejecting the book, but we are saying look at the effort of the person, that after becoming the ruler, he's trying to collect all of these things. And just for your clarification of it and just for your comfort so that you go back to the smiling face Sharla we don't take anything from me today. Jani, we will take whatever will match with the Quran and the Sunnah, even if I have a fatwa lingering in front of me and volume, if I find that a particular reference or the ruling is not matching with the Quran and the Sunnah, I'm gonna reject that. I will just leave it aside. All right, we need to be dynamic in this regard. You see, we need to be dynamic

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in these regards.

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But we're not trying to promote the book in no way.

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I think we are coming to the end of the session. inshallah one one last question. Maybe we'll consider this as the last question.

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he, you mentioned

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in your talk, you mentioned

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Emirates or Hindi twice, once as one of the three revivalists. That is Dr. Mohammed. And also earlier you mentioned that he was he was one of the great scholars. And he was regarded as one of his grandson was a teacher of

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Emerson in these contributions were to Islam and in no way let's keep it aside, okay, because he wasn't rejected, as I mentioned to you that he wrote letters, he would engage in discussions with the scholars of the throat of the hungry, alright, he would write letters to them and try and you know, rejuvenate them and tell them that you need to come back to the Quran and the Sunnah. And that the fact that you know, the Islam, the Islamic control, because they're the Islamic empire, it was there is at risk. So he was his focus was on this front. Now, when we say that, we know that perhaps he may have certain issues also in his knowledge, etc, but we're not going to judge them or are we

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gonna leave it at that

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He will just say that he was one of the revivalist who work on motivating the scholars were then the protege hungee. And then his grandson and his children also continued working closely with the Mughal Empire so that you could have a people that was like orangey. Ramallah could be trained, and then he could take it to the next level. All right. But I'm not going to get into the details. But if you want to study, you can study a bit from this book, it has a little bit on Sunday as well. As I said, Let's keep the discussion to what we have discussed. Although I don't go beyond that, I may not have the knowledge to share with you.

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You have an announcement? Yes.

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I have an announcement with all for all of you, brothers and sisters via we have a counter set up below is a deck, we have a counter for Islamic online university, which is there. And I've come to realize Salman Khan University offers us tuition free courses, you can take a BA in Islamic Studies, you can do BSc in psychology, you can do a Bachelor's in Islamic banking and economics and the I am one of the lecturers in the Islamic banking and economics department. So I would invite all of you to join Islamic online university, it's a very bare minimum cost any tuition free, so you just have to pay about 3000 rupees per semester, which is six months, and you get to study and the scholars

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like Dr. Bill Phillips, and she had money and so on and so forth. So I would urge all of you at least visit the counter ones, do this much and keep my word, this visit the counter, just find out what is happening there. And inshallah I hope you will benefit from that, okay, but

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there are a few things that I want to just

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talk about, what we understand when we studied the lives of the people who have left a legacy is that they have confronted the false dogmas. And when they were confronting, they were, you know, portrayed to be intolerant, and they were portrayed to be, you know, against a client or against the culture. Now, the people boom,

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you know, a prime Allah, he has confronted word, those mistake and sophistic people, and those who, you know, brought about some new ideologies, which actually took away the people from the real spirit of Islam. So even in today's times, we must try to understand if we are going to, you know, just give away the true spirit of following the Quran and the Sunnah. Then again, we have to wait for a great change in the form of a leadership, like how we got from our exit in place times, we need a lot of people to turn to the, you know, totally against the the innovations which have crept into our trauma. So we all have this moral responsibility to fight these false dogmas. And secondly,

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there was this name taken this motto really, you know, when we say the word maturity, maturity.

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maturity was a man who propounded this concept of material. And there was also this man, this man called Abolhassan luxury, even he had a deviant concept. Towards the end of his life. Luxury, he made Toba and he returned back to Nigeria, but

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we don't find any of that kind of information. So what has happened in Indian subcontinent, we happen to find that

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majority of the people are from the Hanafi school of thought, and a B school of thought is something which is recognized by the Allison ojama as one of the schools of thought we respect the Hanafi school of thought like how it has developed and all that, but at the same time, we must understand that every school of thought had its own deficiency. We don't consider them to be deviants, but it had its own deficiency because they have evolved over a period of time. And they all had some valid reason to have evolved in that way to be respect,

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the Hanafi school of thought, but we again say it is not free from error, like any school of thought. And what is required is all the school of thoughts coming together and trying to work together to understand what is more authentic towards the Quran and the Sunnah. We take the best of all the school of thoughts and believe what is not in matching with the authentic narrations of the prophets of Allah inauthentic. So that should be our approach. And we're saying that why am I stressing about this? So when we say Hana fi, we must identify a person when you say hanafy are you Hanafi by Akita? Are you happy by paper, you must understand in some of the places in India or most

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of the places in India

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We have Hannah Hanafi by fit and moto d by Akira. I happen to discuss with a lot of scholars also when I asked them where do you go and say that you are not to really be Akita you say Hanafi Why don't you also be in nakida Abu hanifa Mola Akita, that'd be great inshallah so today that the majority of the

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day try to ponder over this question Why are you Matsuri by Akita Why don't you return back to hanafy also in Akita that was sort of the issues inshallah. And

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so we respect the people who are working for the cause of Islam even if there are some differences we respect we make dua for them, and that you can find in the talk brother, man, Sudan ish, you said that our prime Allah He is not free from errors, and only is there a possibility that he might have heard, and Allah is the judge. He knows how much of information had reached him, and how much he actually, you know, strive towards understanding what is right and how much he could implement. So we are not going to be judged. We pray for them, we make dua for them. Same thing with Abu Hassan Ali, Navin Rahim Allah, we make dua for them. Even if I say, a mama, you know, anybody, for example.

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You know, the scholars, we consider their made mistakes, we make dua for them. You know, as long as we know that they have died in Islam as Muslims, even if they have made some mistakes in Akita, we make dua for them, that's important. But that that doesn't mean out of love, we will follow even their errors. That has to be very much clear. We don't go on cursing people. We don't go and cursing, if at all, people start, you know, taking up this standard of cursing people because they made some mistakes, you may nakida mentally maybe can't progress. You just have to look into the way of our Gemma

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Kalani, all of you might be knowing the names, great names, the one who wrote the explanation of sail brokering and that is

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not the most authentic book or not the most authentic books, you can find the subtle body on this

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and he is not free from error. And

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this is what we need to have as oma we have to, you know rise above all this partisanship, that you know, that favor is favoritism, favoritism over someone, all of these things should not get into us mistakes or mistakes we make do offer them and with respect to the maintenance of the temples, there was an issue when we were discussing, you know, is it legitimate for a ruler to give the maintenance for the temples, the place of worship, which in which is a burin ship has been done. This is an issue which needs to be discussed with the Lama. And you need to get into the fit of it. Because we can't just see in this discussion in this gathering, what

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ramola did was right or wrong, or what people Sudan did was right or wrong, because knowledge matters, I cannot say anything, when you find in the Sierra in the lives of palapa Rashid when they give permission for the churches to operate the way they want it to you know, they gave the freedom for them to practice their religion like there is no compulsion to religion religion, the remains were recognized people of the state, we mean the people among the non Muslims who are given the freedom to practice their religion in an Islamic State. So, how much of maintenance can be given not to be given? This is not the scope of discussion here. These are the things which we need we need to

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learn from the ulama who have studied more on the fic so so that does not make any judgment because I'm telling you because these are all the gray areas which we need to consider and let us not make quick conclusions what what was just discussed here, so because I thank all of you for being here on a rainy day, Mashallah, I could just imagine on a rainy day if I was not an organizer of this event,

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all the way to attend this event. No, I would have probably watched it on YouTube and some message from my friends who had attended but you are the real Mujahideen. Allah May Allah bless you and reward you.

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We make dua that Allah accept our gathering. May Allah grant us Jenna, and nothing lesser than Jonathan for those mela safeguard us from the Hellfire even for a second. We'll accept all our beats salaam aleikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh