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AI: Summary © The speaker is discussing a prayer that is expected to make a big impact. They explain that they will wake up one hour before pray and then have a meal in January. They also discuss praying for the Sun airport and breaking one's fast. The speaker encourages viewers to pray with them and reminds them to keep God as clean as possible.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone, masha Allah Tabata Allah Allah subhana wa Tada has blessed us with another Ramadan let's make this Ramadan a game changer okay, this is how we're going to do it in sha Allah we're going to wake up one hour before so hold time if not then at this 30 minutes and we're going to worship Allah subhana wa Tada with at least two units of solder and if we haven't prayed our waiter then we can pray our way through thereafter and thereafter we're gonna raise our hands and ask him Allah subhanahu wa Tada because Allah is at the first heaven and he's calling out to us to forgive us to accept our repentance and to give us whatever we desire. Okay,

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that's what we're going to do and then we're going to have a wholesome so who know fried foods, wholesome foods, foods that keep us full for longer then we're going to try and prefecture in Jana. So the one who plays Alicia in Gemma and please Fajr in Gemma are in congregation Allah rewards them the rewards of having completed the entire night in prayer Subhanallah

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and we pray that in January, we're going to ensure that before that, and with all the sellers as a rule, we're going to look after the Sunnah necrotic the two before Fajr the fall before the two after the horror of the two after mockery when the two after Isha also. So let's do this Ramadan, we want to try and pray everyday. So that's right about 15 to 20 minutes after the sunrises until about 20 minutes before noon. So you want to try and pray. So that's hamdulillah then you're going to keep God as clean as possible. remembering ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, only watching good things, removing apps that waste your time from your phone, protecting your fast in every capacity. And then Insha

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Allah, when Mercury arrives before Maghrib you're gonna raise your hands and you're going to ask Allah subhanahu wa Tada and you're going to ask him and you're going to ask him because it's a time withdrawals are accepted and then you're going to break your past upon the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam so do read about the Sunnah way of breaking your fast and then you will engage Allah subhanho wa Taala in the evening every Salah you can pray with Gemma I do so go for Serato Aisha in good time to be as close to the Imam as possible and pretty hostile as in Asia and then use it as a taraweeh until the Imam finishes for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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Whoever prays that prayer with the Imam until the Imam finishes ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will reward them the rewards of having prayed the entire night this is a game changing Ramadan plan. I wish you all the best My dearest Brothers and Sisters in Islam. Remember to

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make it for your parents make dua for your loved ones make dua for the Ummah and don't forget to pray for me as well and by Allah I will make dua for you insha Allah Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh