The Beautiful Tree of Good Deed

Yasir Qadhi


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there are many as and a hadith that mentioned the magnificent impact that a small good deed can have, for example, the Hadith and Sahaja mentions that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that if one of you gives a small date in charity, from his pure wealth of date that he wants he loves, he's earned it, and he gives it in charity, Allah subhanho wa Taala will accept that date. And he shall plant it and nurture it and water it and it will grow and grow and grow so much so that when on judgement that you come back, and you see this beautiful tree in your good deeds, you might say, Oh Allah, I don't recognize this good deed. I don't I didn't do this. Where is this coming

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from? And Allah will say, remember that one date you gave, remember that one date you gave, but your heart was pure, you had sincerity you gave it for the sake of Allah, I accepted that date. And I nurtured it, I allowed it to grow until the results of it is what you are seeing here, our scholar safe, that perhaps what could happen is that you feed somebody and you don't realize what happens after that you change his life around you give somebody $10 In reality, you change his entire life, he goes on and he does something else, and all of the reward are going to go to you and so on and so forth. One good deed is a domino effect might bring about 1000s of other good deeds, such that when

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you stand on Judgment Day, you will have good deeds, you don't even know where they're coming from, because you used every opportunity you could to spread the blessings of Allah subhanho wa taala. Brothers and sisters, the reason I'm I'm talking about this is very simple. We see global changes taking place. We see the rise of Islamophobia as we speak now, massacres are taking place in Palestine 15 people were killed brutally by the IDF. 2000 people were were injured yesterday. And today, this is happening right now. major problems happening. At some level, we can't help but get depressed.

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At some level that seems overwhelming. What can I do? What can I do 7 million refugees in Syria 500,000 Burmese people, you know, Muslims Ranga being killed in Master, what can I do? And the response is, I'm not telling you not to feel sad, we should feel sad. But we can do much good at the microcosm level and the good that we do. We should never underestimate how it might impact other lives. We should never underestimate what might happen when that good is multiplied, accrued. When that good becomes too good that too good becomes four that four becomes 16. And slowly but surely you change one person's life. What is that next person is our next party the minute will lead you

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change you can you help one person except to slump? What if that one person is the one person at whose hands Islamophobia will be demolished from this ummah, you don't know that you do not know that. We see this over and over again, even in our own lives. You all know last year that video that went viral of one of our brothers in Atlanta breaking up a street fight. You all know that video, right? One of our African American brothers, you saw a street fight and you just walked up he didn't know is being videotaped. He didn't know it's going to become national news. He didn't know he will be interviewed by some of the greatest, you know, TV stars and personalities in America and that

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funds would be set up in his name. He had no clue. But what he didn't know was that a Muslim as a Muslim, he couldn't allow this to happen. As a Muslim, he intervened not knowing that somebody is videotaping it Subhan Allah, this is what you call sincerity. Allah bless that sincerity. He got involved, he stopped that street fight. And what happened you all know what happened after that. That was a sign of what it means to be a Muslim. And this is the reality that we see around us. So don't feel overwhelmed at all the negative stuff. rather look at the positives you can do.

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And let those positives go their own way. It is possible brothers and sisters, that the good that you do will not even be known to you and that is the best type of good. You don't even want to know it. Allah knows Allah will connect the dots and you shall get the reward and the credit that is the old

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Tim is good. Your job is very simple brothers and sisters and with this, I conclude your job is very simple. You're not required to solve the Palestinian problem that's too big. You're not required to solve all of poverty, all of hunger, you can't do that. No, Allah's not requiring you to take on these global challenges. Do what you can, with what you have, wherever you are, that is all that Allah requires of you. Do what you can, with what you have, wherever you are, that is all that Allah requires of you. Be good, be kind, be compassionate. Wherever you go, bring about that happiness bring about that hair, donate to people smile in their face, be a positive influence at the micro

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level. And guess what, eventually that positive influence at the micro level will cause about a positive influence at the macro level. And that is the goal that we can strive to do. You might not know it, you might not constantly link it together. But that's not your job. It's not your job to put all the dots together. Allah will take care of where the domino goes. Allah will take care of all those causes. Your job is to spread that your job is to plant the seeds wherever you go. And on judgment day one you come and you see these magnificent trees and you ask Allah Allah, where did that come from? You will want to hear from Allah. Remember that day you did this? That's the cause

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of this. Remember that day you did that? That the result of that? And in sha Allah to Allah if you do that, then you have succeeded. Even if the world does not see your success. Allah has seen your success.