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Said Rageah
AI: Summary © The Chinese culture is discussed, including the rise of email, the use of sherry kela, and the use of mothership. The book hesitation to come describes a situation where Hannah is brought to her by her children, and the importance of finding ways to increase engagement with customers is emphasized. The practical steps for children to take, including trusting their mother, are discussed, including models for socially positive behavior and praying for a holy mother. The speaker emphasizes the importance of finding a woman's mother and being strong in personality.
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Romani Rahim

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al hamdu Lillah hinomoto and assign one a sofiero

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whenever the villa Himanshu rhodium fusina women say at a marina Mia de la tedwomen yopa lil fell into je de la jolla murshida

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washer the Wanda you in law hula Sherry Kela shadow Mohammed Abu hora solo

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yeah Johan levina Amara taco Maha Gato party he will attend Mouton. illa Anta Muslim moon

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yeah un NASA Takara Baku Lady hakomi nefs in wahida wahaca minha Xhosa. waterbirth Ameen. humare yard and kathira one is

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what Taka la la de Luna v one or ham in a la Cana de como la Eva

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yeah un Medina Amano en la Koo Polin, Seda usili Hello Kumar American way of looking at the Nova comb woman Yoko Sula, who for the further falls and avina

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about Fela mana fatale Academy calama la hidden honey honey Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Shara Morimoto, the third to have a condom deserting Bianca livedata calavera, Latina

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hamdulillah and hamdulillah

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This is also a header from the header cards that has been conducted at the mercy of Maharashtra especially the last 10 days of Ramadan and this is also another form of a bad for both of us for myself person who's presenting and the person who's listening

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and from the hichem from the wisdom of women the Tamia Rahim Allah He used to say

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search and look what increases your Eman

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because we are not the same

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you know we are we don't all of us we don't like a certain type of food. None all of us would like bardiani none all of us would like pizza. None all all of us would like burgers. So we have to mix chicken meat beef you know

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even things that increases your email is likewise not all of us are cut for salah

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and also not all of us are covered for karate Quran so even a Timmy was saying look into yourself

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and see their evander that increases your Eman.

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ibadah a particular particular event that will increase your Eman

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some of the event that you do you do you do and your Eman the level of your Eman is not is not increased at all. Others you do in a very short time. And you see the level of Eman Masha Allah, some of the brothers, they sit in the ministry and they will go on and you see he can feel that he's a change person. Others they sit in the midst and they do thicker.

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The third is listen to the halaqaat and through lectures and halaqaat and three of the sorry hinder email increases. I know our brother Mashallah if he's email is down he goes. And he just studies the biography of the Sahaba.

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And when it comes out of his room, you see His eyes are red and all this because he really he's into that life lives of the Sahaba I'm going to be some of the long run he was tell him the struggle of the Messenger of Allah. And that increases email to the point that he will cry before he finished that read for you finish reading this story. The same brother if you bring them to a young man named him in a cry.

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Now, Hannah has also another form of ways and ways to increase your email.

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Today we will talk about subject that is unique in a sense that you may think is not related to a pm to certain taraweeh or pm Elaine or Attica, or the last 10 days of Ramadan. But at the same time is something that we all aim for. And this based on the Hadith and the Vidya sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he said either Martin

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either, Martin, when they slay of a law dies in taka amaku in Lamin Farah, all his deeds will come to an end except three.

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And then he says on the law Ronnie he was in southern cotton jharia continuous so that

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you take $10

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or 50 or 100 or 1000

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And you see, this is a southern, that will keep generating has generated has done that for me, it will generate Hassan and call our el moonjune tougher obey. Maybe you learn something. And now you take this and you benefit the people of China under submitted myth that you go to a small village where a lot of Chinese, Muslim Chinese or Chinese live, they don't know anything about their Deen. And you know a little bit you know how to pray, you take the en, and you go on you teach them.

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And when you teach them, they teach each other. And now what happens even though you came back and you're home and you do your business, your time your family and all this, but you have center is working over there for you. So you just left an agent there to do the dealings and the business and to collect the money to collect the revenue of your deed, which is has an ad, in this case, the third part of the Heidi

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set out or you can do this so that pajara mustard or an Messiah, and you can do or Well, I don't sorry, you had earlier,

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a righteous son, that would make dua for you.

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Now, we all want righteous child, we all want righteous children.

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And we also would like to be righteous children. And we don't you want to be a righteous child, for your parents.

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What are the practical steps? And what should I do? I was reading the biography of Imam Abu hanifa Rahim Allah in our hanifa.

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And ever hanifa.

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He was very, very kind to his mother.

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Very kind.

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But at the same time, she never trusted his end.

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You know, no matter how big you are, you know, he's still a baby to your parents, right? You see a child? So the mother of a honey, she would say, Go and ask. so on. So this question.

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And this man that she's sending him to go to ask him is his student?

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Yeah. And so imagine the mother of frozen. She comes to him and said, Go ask rather say, what do you think about this? And I'm a student.

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And then he says, but he's my student? She said, No, I don't trust you go ask him. He's more knowledgeable than you.

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And then he will go, and he will go to the student economically on me. And he will say, my mother asked you to ask you the ruling of this. So they stood up and said, What are you You are my chef? He said, Well, this is the request of my mother. So they stood on will say, now, okay, she, you tell me the answer. And then I'll tell you, and then you take it back to your mother. See how it works? The student doesn't know the answer. So he was at his chair, you tell me the answer to your question. And then I will repeat it to you. And then you can take it back to your mother. And you can say to your mother, yes, I want to so on. So I asked him a question. And this is the answer that he gave.

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And that's what he will do him a whole lot. But this is a commonly asked me to honor his mother.

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Now because he could have said, Listen, I'll bring him on bring 1000 like him on they will testify that I am the sheriff and they nothing but ignorance people, and they rely on my end. So you also take a number. You will not even say this. You say no, I'll go and ask this person that will make you happy and satisfied. Now how can we have children like those?

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How can we have children?

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Who will do things? Similar? Because we told them?

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Nowadays if you ask your child, go give me a tissue you say why?

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Son? I need tissue go give me tissue. Why? Because I needed What for? For my nose? Why don't you use your sleeves or use something else? Yeah, your charges to ask him to get a sheet of tissue. You have to explain your whole life to Him for him or her to listen to you. We don't want those type of children. We want righteous children that they do. As we asked, and I was reading Subhana Allah, a lady who also said I accepted Islam

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Because how our child treated his his mother. She said the first time he's American lady, she said the first time that I learned and heard the name of Islam and how the person was explaining some. I laughed. I said, that is so silly. That is so pathetic. I didn't even listen. As soon as Islam is peace. I said, click, you know, I don't want to listen to this.

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But she said, I was a nurse.

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this husband and wife cup, the flu from overseas. And they came to treat this old lady.

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He said, This young lady who's wearing a scarf and covering herself all this, she was crying. So I said to her, why are you crying?

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And she says she couldn't talk because she was very, very emotional.

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So she said, my mother in law is sick.

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I said, Your mother in law is sick. And I remember she said, last time

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I spoke to my mother was four months ago, when I sent her a car for Mother's Day.

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Nothing else.

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Since that day, I have not spoken to my mother.

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And this lady, she's not crying for her mother. But she's crying for her mother in law. And I said, What is this?

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She said, the only thing that I could think is,

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you know what I ever cry for my mother in law, whatever be that concerned about her, usually we have negative and bad, you know, relationship. If she does Hamdulillah, she's dead, you know. And this lady, she's crying for her mother in law.

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And then she said, you know, and let her go on.

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In those days, stay there for a long time. And one of those days I saw her waiting

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in a waiting room. And I was always impressed how they always come sit in the room, quietly, the Son and the wife, both of them are crying, like why you know? And finally I got the opportunity to be with her. So I said what he says, How do you quiet your mother in law? Your beautiful young lady, you know, what is this connection? Was she just she was that good to you? And then she told me about the rights of the parents, and in Islam,

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the health of the parents,

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she said,

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and then the mother, the old lady died.

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And the son, her son and her daughter in law, both of them were extremely sad. So I went to the masjid. And I asked them what Islam is I said, Tell me something about the rights of the parents. So they gave me a booklet saying the rights of the parents and then slam, I read the book, and I accepted Islam and the only thing that I knew of Islam is the rights of the parents. Nothing else.

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Nothing else, no heat, no data. No, you know, to hidden.

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No, you know, Mohammed, all I knew about Islam was the rights of the parents.

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So, maybe you saw the long run he was sending me a good hour Well, I don't saw it yet.

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So we want to know, what should we do for us to be the righteous child and for us to have righteous children

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in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala and when levena Amman or whatever at home Missouri yet to whom the event and happened to him as a reata Allah subhana wa tada and those who believe and those whose offspring follow them in faith when Medina hamana what avato Missouri Yeah, to be a man, what happens to them? Shall we join their offspring?

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So your children, my children,

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if we are in and fill those in Allah

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and they are in Geneva,

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then they will be upgraded in Have you ever want to hotel you know, the five star hotel and they give you you know, symbol room and then you said I don't like the room when you go on then you bring all your bags downstairs to the reception and they give you another room as I don't want and then you say Sir, sir, I'm sorry, sir, because we bother you. We're going to upgrade

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and they give you a

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Sweet, is that ever happened to you?

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It happens. It happens. You know, if you complain, I want to,

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I want to what do you call one of the hotels in the UK, nice hotel. And then I saw something moving, I didn't know. And my name is a, that's a mouse as a mouse. So I caused it as the mouse in my room. And they, they came running and they took my style and the upgrade, which is sweet.

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You know, I want to call this a big rat in my room in

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theory, what they can

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imagine in general,

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when you children, and that five star rule and sweet and then treated like likewise, Allah subhanho wa Taala would upgrade them to your level.

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So the whole family will be on the same suite with the same gentleman.

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What if the father is in the lower level, and the son is in the higher level?

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Well, what happened? Also Allah would upgrade the Father.

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So Allah subhana wa Tiana, he's saying this is what we do to the people of the side of him, let us go first and see how we can have righteous children.

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How we can have righteous, what should we do, you know, praying, wishing, you know, just a design that is not is not going to be a solution. So what should we do, there are other models, all of them that I wrote for all of them. The start with this.

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And the set is say,

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get a righteous mother, for your child's

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righteous mother.

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They wouldn't say send them to some school, or send them to heaven or unschooled heaven school, or, you know, move to Medina, or live in Makkah. But they all say regardless where you are, find a righteous wife, for your future child.

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It's not even born

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and some ham and I researched and he looked and it looked.

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And when you look and you read about the biographies of the great men of the past, from the Sahaba, from the lemma, from the Mujahideen,

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great men, you will realize that the mother, really their mothers was the one who did the work.

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I look at the Sahaba

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Look at this, as the wave in our, you know,

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our won.

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He was very, very, very strong in personality. He had extremely strong personality.

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And he feared no one other than a loss of panel without, he feared no one.

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And this is good.

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And if you study his biography, say his father died when he was young.

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Usually when the child is raised as a teen, he becomes soft, right? Because he's with the mother, you know, nowadays, they put nail polish on the children, the HSL just a little lipstick or you know, shining and you come back home and the boys a girl, you know, it's not a man.

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But his mother, Sophia,

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Her herself was a very strong person.

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And if we ever comes back crying, because some boy him, she would whip him, as you say, God, bring him bring that child crying. And he will go otherwise he will not come home. So he learned how to survive and be tough. He is so happy to be alone. You know, when other Sahaba they put armors around themselves and they have to source and all this, but he does man. When the situation gets tight. He goes he used to go *, and he wouldn't even have shirts on.

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And that's where his children they used to play in he said I'm live in Israel. He said I used to put my hands were the rules of my father was like the old wounds and say, Well, this, you're not hungry. They say Oh, that was the head of a sword. So I used to put my hand there.

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man had no fear of the Alon

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very strong personality and the same thing is

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