Rulings And Virtues Of Itikaf Staying In The Masjid

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In Alhamdulillah hinomoto who wanna sign who wanna sell Pharaoh

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one now the villa Himanshu Liam fusina woman say tiara Marina

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Mija de la Hofer who Elmo that woman you believe in finance Angela who will II and murshida

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What should I do under the law Heather houda Sherry Cara

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Why should one know Mohammed Abu hora pseudo?

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Yeah you have Medina mana tapa la haka to party. He was a mutiny in LA one to Muslim moon.

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Yeah you Hannah sutopo from Baku, Lady hakomi nefs in wahida wahana amin Hamza warmoth, amin humare. Jan and Catherine one is

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what taco la lady Tessa v one or ham in alohacare Nana Kumara Eva.

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Yeah, you have Latina mana telefone la hora de la cama American way of Isla de Nova con woman hawara sola, who for the first fosun Halima

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I'm about if What if Allah for Allah and the halal khademi calama la Highland howdy howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or Shara moody Mahabharata to have a column that's in beta COVID-19 la COVID-19 phenol

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as we agreed, we will be talking about

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some of the

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ads and the follow in of T calf.

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So we will go over this and we want to put it in a way that we can all understand we can all relate to. Since we all almost all of us here in the masjid are in the state of Attica Eden is between the lines of Hannah who what's on

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now to a different entity cap or the purpose of the attic of your auditorium out of him or Houma la who will resume and Mr. Binney yet in Moscow, so they said is remaining in the message for a certain purpose. Why are you in the masjid? Were you invited for a wedding? Anika?

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Was there a one EMA taking place in the masjid?

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Or is there a halaqaat in the message that you came to attend? What is your purpose of being here? So the purpose have to be for the purpose of the decaf. So you hear as a more attractive

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and aroma Hema Humala all of them agreed is mushroom and Mr. hub.

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It is part of our cheriya and it is highly recommended not only part of the *tier but it must have your own email, Rahim Allah, Allah and I didn't mean an aroma in the homeless. No, he said I know nothing of the unima except they all said that it is from the son of Nabi sallallahu. Rani, he was sending them what God has re Rahim Allah, Allah Jevon Lily muslimeen. And this is coming from Ireland in the early generation of the oma

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who did not see the lifestyle that we live on him, who will he teach? Hundreds of 1000s of his students would attend to Hannukah. At his time, if you're seeking on a one single item in one area, you will you may find 1000s of them instead of one. So he's saying and he's telling that people your whole agenda in muslimeen. It amazes me It surprises me. It is very unusual for the Muslims to behave such a behavior turaco etica. He said they left Attica and imagine the third generation from the time he read. And this is the first the second time in of the oma or the first segment of the oma and he's saying Subhana Allah, tada Kalia Antica. They left the attic half

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and then maybe some long Ronnie he was in them. Matt taraka who moonda Kadima, Medina, Hector Cabo Ma. He says the fact of the matter is that so long is a long run. He was selling never, ever

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missed one Auntie calf since he made his euro, from the city of Mecca to city of Medina.

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Because now, Medina is a Muslim land. Now, most Muslims in Medina are no longer minority. Now in the city of Medina, Muslims rule the city, sort of sort of lights on the long run, he was setting them stablish Islamic State in the city of Medina. And now he would do Attica every single year B et ne subhanho. wa Taala.

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Let us talk about some of the benefits of etica.

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Some of the slides

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and the fruits of Etta calf nanny, we need to hear just because we want to get away from my wife, our

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winner here, because you know, there's too many too many siblings at home,

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we hear because of our purpose, you came out to achieve a goal you came and you sat here and you remain in the masjid and you love the comfort of your bed. So you can achieve something. And this is like the if What if in when you go out for a purpose, you try to achieve that purpose. You go out to work for what purpose to make money. So at the end of the week, you expect me to get paid when you go to school, why do you go to school, so you can achieve and finish your education. So your purpose of being at the university is because you want to finish your school. Now, what is the purpose of you and I being in the house of a law and the last 10 days of the month of Ramadan? And what are the

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fruits that we expecting to receive out of this? Now you go to school, you study 345 some of you 710 years why? So the fruit of the work can be received by you. When you finish your education, what do you expect to get a job

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a wife, large salary, well established lifestyle. And now you do all this you struggle on you study and you stay up at night certain nights and you do your papers and you don't miss classes and you do the assignments and you attend every single class, you ask the questions and things that you don't understand you ask for clarification, you try to do extra research you try to read extra material. So you can be better you want to improve you are eager to keep a certain average a certain all this. So at the end of the day. So you can say I have a PhD. Therefore I expect the fruit of that PhD for me to receive a large salary. Now what is the purpose of erotica?

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What is the fruit and the purpose? This what we'll be talking about the evenness of Hannah wattana.

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To know if what if you know that they're a bear that itself? Is the settlement authority less apparent?

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It's a secret. It's something that is unclear to a lot of us. You know, why do we have to move to sujood? Not five.

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Not one. Why do we have to read a fact and every Raka Can I just finish the rest of 113 sores in the Quran and escaped Surah Fatiha and it still might be valid? The answer is no. But you can only read one surah seven

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and neglect or ignore the rest of the 300 113 solar on your solar is is the perfect Why is a cinnamon Asada that's what you are servant. That's what you and I had because this is the purpose of our creation. This is the purpose of our existence for you to worship Allah and Medina you know Billahi min wanna be like when you pay mana, Sala Yamuna. havia What if we learn from the unseen is for you to do the work, not knowing the result Exactly. Not knowing the reason other than I am the servant of Allah, I follow the orders of Allah. And this is why how much evidence that I have to prove that there is a benefit logically, but the true purpose of this it lies from a last panel with

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Anna for the unknown thing to us.

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And since this is the case if What if Illa

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Allah made the

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the heart, the center. We're all there Eva that can settle. A center. Where can nourish the rest of the body. You know this is Zamzam. For your body. Your heart is a well of Zamzam than nurse, the rest of the body. Your eye is controlled by the heart. Your turn, is controlled by the heart. Your everything is by the heart. So this is why Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam upon enter Anna, we're in New Jersey. I just said Mottola. He said indeed. There is a motor. There's a piece of flesh, in the heart in the body. Either solid if that piece is sound, is healthy, is good. is perfect. Your old Osama lohani he was sanlam salah and Sarah hand gesture to the rest of the body is

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sound unhealthy anger.

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Jani Hadji

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this little thing. All I have to be concerned about is that a thing if this is sound, then everything else is song. And then this Carlos de la Juana he was what he said that first said and just said

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and if that is spoil, if that is rotten, if it goes bad, if it dies, then the rest of the body is useless.

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You see a calf and big inbody when he talks he talks you listen to him. And when you see you see my Sharla haber, but is dead.

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Without item evoca with the case of the case of the munaf up, we're in Yolo

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County, we're in the auto test monacolin and when you see the Mona you know wearing those monkey suit and is Masha Allah is out there. He is heading a department. He's a big man

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in our ICT era

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we're in your hold on when they speak Everybody listen.

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And it's useless and physically strong. Very well. It's very Mashallah powerful man. But he's dead. You're homeless on the long run. He was sitting them. And now we're here.

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What controls this person? Is the heart.

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Not the size, not the shape, not the color. It is the heart. And if the heart is good, you have to worry nothing else. And therefore you will defeat

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the thing that we should maintain. Take care of. It's not this body is the heart. I mean, a lot of us are we coming out of the house. We dress well. I mean, you want to look nice, decent when you go to public places. When you go to the masjid Allahu Yamani, them, although Xena.

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Can you take your best outfit? dressing clothing to the must? Because you want to look decent? When there's an event? How do you dress you dress for the event? You dress for the occasion? That's a wedding is different from German to you, from Jamaica, their age is different. But how many of us before we leave our houses really say let me dress up the heart.

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How many of us say let me really take care of the heart. You know, let me see how let me purify the heart. Let me correct my intention. Let me remind myself to fear Allah. We are more we are more concerned about the outer look. But the inner look is something that we always overlooked. When we use on the long run. He was so let me talk about this. So this heart

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his thing, there are certain things that can distract. And these things are number one, and Milan. The things that we eat food. You know, we always I don't know. I don't know maybe rather sentiment available. I'm saying a lot we can relate to this, like in Saudi when we used to live there. What do you do?

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Your best entertainment is go and eat. So you drive around Mashallah. You go, let's go eat guys. And we go eat. And then we go and take a few turns and I say, let us go eat and then we go eat. And then we sit and we say let's go eat and then we eat. Yeah, nothing else from food.

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Then you go drink, then you go something sweet, then you finish it, then you take, you know, three, four hours you come back, you know. So how do you handle this is one of the things that really spoils the hearts. The second thing if What if the law or the second is a very

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different type of drinks, nowadays have hannula only thought you have Coke, you have Pepsi, you have sprite, you have juices, you have this, you have grape juice yet is different

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to many things on the table, and you know, you cannot consume all, but for some crazy reason. You want to have 19 cans of drink on the table. Everybody wants to have more than one more than one cause a matter of fact, imagine if you if you invited a guest one person and your wife brings one time of dreams on top of a lot. This is a wake up guest bring through three, four different types of drinks. He cannot drink them all. But it's something that

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should even be our Hartley became very concerned, occupy with that. The third thing

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that keeps your heart busy is an Menaka

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nica women, if you married, your wife needs this that you have to take care of her you have to, you know, if you're not married, oh my god, I'm thinking about my dream wife. Or she should look like this. She's supposed to be tall. She's supposed to be skinny. She's supposed to have this kind of color skin. She's supposed to be like this side, you know, and you all day long you're thinking about this phenomenon.

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And this is not I

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this is something is part of your you create your part of your being you like the Allah created, you'd like this. So you follow that.

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So the hearts also get busy with that. Number four, Yahoo football cannon.

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Rain talk you'd like to chit chat. We like to go and sit in, in the living room in the library on top. Go to the kitchen on top. Sit here in one of these rooms on top. Talk about what? Not something that would benefit you. It's not like you comparing notes and say, when I memorize this sorta Can you listen to my recitation? Or I'm almost 40 headed Finally, you know, I want you to test me ask me how did number 19 pick a Howdy. And I will recite it to you give me a pot of the animal finish the Heidi said mentioned that he didn't ask me who narrated and I'll tell you. It's not like we do in this type of conversation. No, we talking to use this talk. And sometimes we lie to ourselves. Oh, I

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love sila harmony you want to listen to and you play a fast I said, Look, compare his presentation to the reputation of chef Shane. And then before he finished look, I found another party and he's a play this one. And in reality, you're not listening to the Koran. You just enjoying the sound of the recitation? You like his voice? Because most of the time we have no clue which stories he reading.

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We cannot follow him. But it sounds sounds good. So our enjoy. I'm not saying forget about saddle harmony and go listen to 50 cent. I'm not saying that. I'm saying at the same time. This is a wish a thought please would you waste your time and it is telling you on doing something hard on and listen to the book of the law. What are you talking about? And as they go on backbite are they talking is number five followed and known?

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Some of us Mashallah we sleep too much. Allahu Akbar.

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The other day the brother said I did not last time was tough night. So Mashallah, how many hours? Yeah, so Elia, he was a very tough I have to go this and they did this and they came back and then my mother woke me up early unexpecting the man Mashallah slept for 45 minutes and handed I only slept 10 hours. So are you making business out of sleep? Yeah. 10 hours and that you did not have enough sleep? Please don't call me when you have enough sleep. When does it mean is it 24 hours?

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Oh, yeah. if What if he left alone and No. And that's also things that really leaves the heart in a bad shape. Therefore, when we come to a T calf, or come to etica all these five things

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on five

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ethica is not a place that you sleep all day long. All where you can enjoy whatever you can eat and as much you can eat, or drink as much as you want to drink, or talk as much as you want to talk to the people or have fun. It is nothing I think, is to abstain from all that. Cut it down. Don't talk too much. Don't eat too much. Don't sleep too much. Don't drink too much. Don't you know waste don't sleep too much just enough enough to get you to the next station like this dunya therefore, you will do you feel that when you have cm, that is the purpose of the CM is to limit the movement of shaytan Am I ready for the villa. The purpose of the CM is to limit the shower itself. So Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said to the young people if you can get married fast, because that will narrow the avenues of shade the venue's of shaytaan that it gets to your heart. So limit that.

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So when you have that, at the top of that you have erotica subhana wa etika carries a major powerful secret, something that is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So in his attic app, you will leave everything and you will try to protect yourself from all five things that we mentioned. See today after Salatin to almost Salatin, the masjid was perfect, Masha Allah, everybody was in a corner, we're reading or

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listening to something that is useful reading a book or doing a vicar, the ministry was I thought Subhana Allah, we should increase that the mystery was like a library silent which is good and this is how the tickets should be. And may Allah Subhana Allah reward you for doing the sort of movies on the long run he was selling them

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in here you also if What if you know it is highly recommended? And the sheer fear desire left or the person who wrote this statement? He said, I will recommend you to

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drop one thing first. He said friends,

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friends, because they talk and you will talk they ask and you will answer. They will say something on you will respond. And then one kenema leads to another kelemen one statement to another statement one short conversation to another short conversation longer as so until you say Wow, I've been sitting here for 45 minutes. I did not do any thinking anything.

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You know hold him either will come in soda Mr. Fan. He so your enemy will benefit from you. So you're talking about shape one, fantastic Minnesota. He said you