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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the idea that praying outside of Islam is not a means of victory, as it is a act of faith. The prophets have various interpretations of the idea, including false promises and blind blind practices. It is important to recognize that praying outside of Islam is not a means of victory.
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I've heard that not praying takes you out of Islam. If I've missed a prayer out of negligence or something of that nature, am I no longer a Muslim

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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam well that prophets lie Selim says in authentic hadith Allah livina novena who sought out the thing that distinguishes between us and those who don't believe is the regularity of prayer for Ventura have called Kapha. The one who abandons it, the one who leaves it off, has entered into disbelief. This Hadith has a number of different interpretations, the majority opinion about hanifa Imam Malik Imam Shafi is that this is a process that leads one to disbelieving in a law, it means that faith is of two types. There's the faith of the heart and the faith of the action. And here the prophets I said, let me speaking about

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the action of faith that a person has done the deeds of the people who don't believe in the law, how can you be a believer in the law and know it's obligated upon you to worship Him in those limited five times a day, and willfully intentionally disregard it? wholeheartedly? me my mama takes much stricter approach. He says that the one who leaves it off knowing that he's leaving it off intentionally leaving it off, there actually, it's a part of their lack of faith in their heart that has resulted in this, which is a lack of faith in their actions. The truth, of course, will lie with either Adam is in the semantics of the word. If a person leaves off their prayer, wholeheartedly,

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negating the necessity of honoring and worshiping the almighty old law, having rancor in their heart wrath in their heart having a place where they say a defiance towards the law, having that attitude of the shape on I will not bow down even when instructed by a law that one has chosen willfully. A lot of questions I'll show you on mamidakis alert, astute What made you not prostrate? If your answer to that question is, I will I refuse to do it, then yes, you are from those who have abandoned faith in a lot internally because it's a matter of choice, and also externally in devotion and in process. But if it's as you described, it's a moment of negligence, a moment of lapse. You

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believe in your heart that Allah Subhana Allah is worthy of your worship worthy of your love and adoration. But you due to an impulse in life, a mistake in life, as seen in life, have missed many of your prayers, some of your prayers returned to a loss of how know to add up. And it's one time that you turn back to a law that you find yourself within May Allah subhanho wa Taala bring us into our fold of recognition of the importance of our Creator and make us submitters Muslim to him Subhana

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Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim answers

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