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The transcript describes a segment of a transcript where a woman named Shane and another woman named Mar CMS are playing music and discussing a woman named Killing Eve. They also mention a woman named Killing Eve who is in the middle of the desert and talks about a woman named Killing Eve who is in the middle of the desert and talks about a woman named Killing Eve who is in the middle of the desert and talks about a woman named Killing Eve who is in the middle of the desert and talks about a woman named Killing Eve who is in the middle of the desert and talks about a woman named Killing Eve who is in the middle of the desert and talks about a woman named Killing Eve who is in the middle of the desert and talks about a woman named Killing Eve who is in the middle of the desert and talks about a woman named Killing Eve who is in the middle of the desert and talks about a woman named Killing Eve who is in the middle of the

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in the hearts of those who voted for Apple for sure.

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We're in the Halacha we are in the heart Shane. Another unknown unknown begin. were unknown in a urology rune. They saw what if Allah is so comfortable?

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It is so beautiful.

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It is so sweet for those who have assured in their hearts

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for those who Allah for those who are certain that they will meet Allah on the day of your multi Yama and Allah will reward them for what they did. Were in the hand okay Anna is Shane and Medina Luna O'Meara Quran be in one unknown era alloggio

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you don't want to fill

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some of the setup Rahimullah.

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He say I struggle with the salon initially.

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And the only concern that I have today is that I am going to leave the Salah and I have to make Tasneem

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once you feel

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if you recall

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the incident that took place at the time of Rasulullah sallallahu, Marathi he was selling them to illustrate

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that the Salah is something that is sweet in the hearts of the believers

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was the incidence of her baby daddy or the Allah one

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a man

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I saw her Sahabi a young man

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that was asked to deliver a message a little solar light to other tribes.

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But Allah subhanho wa Taala decree

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that this man should be captured by the

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and as you know remember

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before they kill him,

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he requested one thing which was unusual, unheard off.

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He said to the place to the people who are about to kill him.

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It didn't only allow me to perform tour

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and he performed two beautiful icons.

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was to do Judah in the store AKA a perfect this is his little call on his to use

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and then he loved the salon.

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And he turned to the people

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he knows

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when he if you would not think that I am afraid of death. Let's get to Salah I will increase our long mitorah car

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and then he looked at the oil

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and he said to Allah

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Allah Allah see him either work

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one or two men whom Allah

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Subhana Allah

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just before he needs his

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you aren't standing in front of your enemy.

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And most of us we may go down on our knees or we say we will women playing with these people to leave us and to forgive us and to let us go back to our family

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but this young man

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see him

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and do not leave any one of them

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any one of them

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and he turned to them and he said

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what are they what is too bad in a Muslim man?

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I need jump in character

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he's an I do not care how I die as long I'm dying as a Muslim.

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What a stall baddie.

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He knows the new Muslim man. I don't care swung I'm being killed I will be killed as a Muslim.

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I do not care. How would I die? I'll slug I have not either in Allah.

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And then he said again, along my path by Laguna Resort at Eurosonic favela Rasulullah Khanna center Subhan Allah Subhana Allah

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He said, Allah

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we have conveyed the message of your messenger Muhammad Sallallahu Rani, he was

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your Allah give our salam to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, why is he he is in the middle of the desert somewhere around MK and Muhammad is in Medina,

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your goon give Him our Sannomiya Allah and tell him what they did to us.

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And then the rage with no mercy. What if Allah

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these are cutting him into pieces? A lie.

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These gentlemen lie

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a lot they were cutting into pieces, one of them said, your homemade

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Hamedan mechanic, one Nikka viaticum wa

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he says, Obey. Imagine the man is wearing the ground that is is watering the dirt with his own blood

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for the sake of Allah and is in a lot of pain. And they asked him a question. What do you prefer the Muhammad in your place while you are with your family or your children in come for the ease for Subhan Allah when they told him that as though he forgot about pain. He forgot about death. He forgot that they're cutting his me this fleshy piece by piece. And he said to them Whoa he now he brought a corner.

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My idea to dunya

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when you saw me Shulk

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Subhanallah he says, I do not wish that I am with my family and children.

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Well, my Avia to dunya one Amen.

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I have the health of this dunya and the Naheem of this dunya and Mohammed is posts with a phone

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for her I was to be on your cafe.

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model I hadn't.

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You hadn't be us having Muhammad.

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He said I have never seen anyone loving anyone. Like you have a companion of Mohammed Lago hamlets a lot of money. I have in this in this

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Subhan Allah

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the lesson from the story which

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is that this man at that moment and by the way, Allah deliver the message of this man Otto Sula said to

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us valuable now go and cut your brother down and bury him in the middle of the desert. And they did.

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But Nokia equity Villa

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his wish to free was to pray to God before he meets Allah's power

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and this is what are sort of why some of the law while he was selling them settlement the Sunni Telemedia has sentimental Bernie corner the Salalah whiny he was selling them either onto either Sala attic for note he said when you stand up in your saw remember death

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for either that courage gradually noted his solidarity for how to use and use in a salats was suddenly Salaat is reduced in liable now you suddenly

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and you say I'm Priya Salah that you would think you're certain that you will not pray any other Salah after this. Therefore your

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when you leave

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your house

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when you leave your workplace

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that you are coming out of there great.

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Then is calling and then instead of the human voice. Imagine that you're listening to the call of atrophied

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to the Mac

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who are called people out of their grades.

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And then people won't be running flying towards the sun.

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I remember in that Allah has given you another opportunity to come to his house.

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And here you come. I don't remember what study the OMA Yona did. monad in in mechanic

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you yo maya smell Wanna say hi Toby, Danica young Raj and visualize and imagine that this is you leaving your house

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