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You’re only doing this for the attention!

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Saad Tasleem

Channel: Saad Tasleem

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Sometimes if someone really wants to criticize you, and they can't find anything else to criticize, they'll resort to criticizing or attacking your motivations or your intention. So for example, you do something good and correct. And then someone says, Yeah, this is good, but you're only doing this to show off or you're only doing this for the attention. The reality of a person's intention is that no one can say for sure what someone else's intention is. That is because the intention lies in the heart. And we don't have the ability to open up someone's heart, look inside and say for sure what their intention is, their intention is between them and their Lord. And so we should refrain from

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making judgments or absolute statements about someone's intention as we could very well end up making a false accusation about them.