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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The loss of parents and lack of connections is discussed, as well as the loss of a woman named Aletha who was considered a sister to S MSU's sister. The lack of privacy and plans to go anywhere else are also highlighted. The segment touches on the importance of writing to achieve goals and the potential reward for those who die from family members.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh the brothers and sisters Welcome back to the first sorts. I hope that inshallah Tada you are enjoying this series and I hope you're enjoying the angel series as well. But the nine Tyler lost parent, I allow us to remain connected to our beloved messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family and companions, may Allah be pleased with them all. And I hope that they'll ATAR that you are learning about people that otherwise you did not know about, and developing a connection to them. Hello, this one that we're speaking about today.

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It's probably not going to be very long, but it's near and dear to my heart because of the circumstances of it. You know, we've been dealing with a lot of tragic death in the COVID era. And sometimes it's very hard to come to terms with those things. And in the case of this woman that we're talking about today, this is certainly one in which you find tragic death being the dominating theme of her story. Now, her name is Aletha bint al hateth Jelena light pot or the Allahu Taala and her dental hearth even Jabba now the name wiper is actually a name that was very common, that was the name of the sister of it, all the Allahu totternhoe Lipa bins I be thought of it all the Allahu

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Anna, who was a companion of the Prophet, slice alum. And, as I said, when we talked about so they are a couple of episodes ago, the Allah Juana that this is not the same al Haddad. So this is not her sister. But if I do want to really confuse you, and I will just because I already said I'm gonna confuse you. A BA has a brother named Sue they have not so they so they have not had it, who was also a person who embraced Islam. So why you pa Vinter had it's even Jabba or the Allaha is not the sister of Sylvania, but also an early companion of Islam. Her and her husband and had it been Khalid embraced Islam very early on with the Prophets mycelium and we don't know much about them at all in

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regards to their circumstances in Mecca, except that they are considered amongst the first 40 or 50 to embrace Islam with the Prophet slicin. Um, so you're you're kind of seeing the theme here, that you had a lot of young couples that were also disenfranchised, right, they're not from powerful tribes. They are not considered amongst the prominent people of Mecca. Some of them are former slaves that that married one another or married into society. In any case, they were very vulnerable. And this sort of makes up the majority of the people that made the trip to Abyssinia alongside Jaffa, we thought it will be a long time, right under the leadership of Jaffa robiola on

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so light law and Ahadith may Allah be pleased with them young couple did not have children in Mecca, made their way to Abyssinia and waited anxiously for a way out of Abyssinia and while they were in Abyssinia, they had four children. Okay, as probably the names are beautiful Musa, Zainab Isha and Fatima. May Allah be pleased with them all. So, you know, you hear about these people that had children, Abyssinia, one child or two child, two children here in the case of this couple, all four of their children were born in Abyssinia. So they're living in Addis and yet they are waiting for the news from the Prophets lie some to either return back to Mecca, or to go someplace else. They

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hear the news of the hitch to Medina and they are amongst those who who leave immediately from Abyssinia to join the companions in Medina. So we'll talk about inshallah Tada. Actually, in the next episode, we'll talk about those that came from Abyssinia to Medina later, okay, or attempted to do so. In this situation. There are a group of people that tried to make their way from Abyssinia to Medina, quickly as soon as they heard of the Hijra to in Medina, and this is their case, while they are on their way. And this is where Salah becomes such a heavy story, and how to have been hot it later, but all the Allahu Taala and her with their four children are getting close to Medina. And as

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they're getting close to Medina, they're obviously making these stops. And, you know, you got to understand that when you're making these types of migrations across the world with very little provisions. You're taking some serious risks, right? Where are you going to stop? How are you going to pace yourself? What are you going to eat and drink along the way? As much as you prepare yourself? You know, it's not like your your car could break down? No, I mean, things can get very serious. So while they were on the way, they drank some water as they were getting close to Medina, and then they went to sleep.

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This scene I can't wrap my head around but Subhanallah it's very powerful and profound. And how did the bin Khalid wakes up? And he finds his wife Leila. Hello the Allah Juan Musa has child

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Zina and Alisha two daughters all debt. So they all drank some water that was clearly tainted. For whatever reason, it doesn't seem to be anything that was malicious towards them, but they drank bad water that had something in it that caused his wife and three of his four children to die Subhanallah they are well has it in and shahada in this regard. And imagine what it's like now for it had been hunted with his one daughter at this point, Fathima who survived, and he has to get into Medina. In this case, he left Abyssinia with a wife and four children, he's arriving in Medina with just one daughter and his wife and his children all dead, from drinking from spoiled water on the

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way may Allah subhanaw taala count them amongst the Shahada. And then he arrives in Medina and of course, the rest is history. He accompanies the prophets, I sell them for the rest of his life while leaving behind his his wife and his three children that passed away, on the way to and Medina. Now this group of people and the reason why I choose the story, and as we're kind of getting to the end of the shorts of season, one of the first

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I just think to myself, what's their status for the last panel to add, and we're talking about a lot of death. You know, a lot of people losing multiple family members, imagine being in the place of it, had it been hot and waking up and seeing your wife and three of your four children dead. As you were migrating for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala to Medina, that excitement that was there to join the prophets lysozyme in this new community, the promise of Medina to finally live amongst the Muslims under the Prophet slice alone. And all of that has has suddenly turned into a very harsh moment for him, while we also think of the status of this woman writer or the Allahu Taala and her

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and her children in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala due to what they face. Now, this was this is a situation where you have people that died on the way from one hospital to another, like the status is is it's hard to even put into words right there cite their status with Allah subhanaw taala they're not just people that died on the way to one Hitler. They died from Hitler to Hitler. And of course, now there is a concern amongst those that have resided in Medina What about those who intended to make the hidden but they could not do so. There's another man by the name of hiding in his arm. As I said, there are multiple highlights so hide them in his arm or the Alta and who, who

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is the brother of Hakeem under his arm, or the Allahu Anhu who became Muslim much later and he is the nephew of Khadija law, the law and so his brother is very famous hachimura exam because of you know, later on becoming Muslim in his relationship with the Prophet slicin Um, and of course again a nephew of Khadija will the law caught it was the younger brother and how did they know His arm was also on the way to his and he got bit by a snake and he died. So again you're talking about this family that died because they drank bad water this man that got bit by a snake and died people that intended and maybe they were persecuted and killed ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada revealed for these people

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on then yeah, Bridgman Beatty Mahajan on it, Allahu Allah soli that whoever goes out, leaving their home as a migrant for the sake of Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam familia Derek will note and then death over takes them Faqad worker Andrew and Allah then their reward is surely incumbent upon Allah subhana wa Tada. Do not think that Allah subhanaw taala is not going to reward these people tremendously for what they have done, then Allah has taken it upon himself to guarantee the reward on the Day of Judgment akan Allahu Hawthornden Rahima And surely Allah subhanaw taala is ever forgiving, Most Merciful. So Subhan Allah you know this next episode inshallah Tada, we're

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going to talk about, you know, those that eventually came from Amazon and they made it to Medina. But think about the status of these people that died from Mecca to Medina, the diet from Mecca to Avicennia, the diet from Abyssinia to Medina, and how ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is saying to them and about them that Allah will not let their reward go to waste, that everything that they would realize in Medina, their intentions had already gotten them that reward because of what they had done. And you know how many Muslims including myself, by the way, prior to really getting into this, have never heard these names before but imagine how high they will be in the status of Allah subhanaw

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taala in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala on the Day of Judgment, may Allah be pleased with them and allow us to also have those sincere intentions to do whatever it takes to gain his pleasure. And may Allah subhanaw taala forgive us when we fall short either due to some deficiency in ourselves, or some circumstances that are out of our hands alumna Amin, Xochimilco Hayden inshallah Tada, I'll see you next time was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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