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Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © A speaker discusses a common misconception that people do not understand the importance of praying during Islam classes. The speaker explains that praying at a specific time in a class is sufficient for personal reasons, and that praying at a specific time is necessary for practical reasons. The speaker also discusses the importance of understanding the rules of Islam and the need for people to have a clear understanding of what it means to be a Muslim person.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome to another ra vlog. I want to start off inshallah tada with telling you about something that happened to me while I was in college. And my senior year is one of my senior level classes. The class was actually like two hours long. And the Muslim prayer felt like right in the middle of the class. And if I were to wait until the class is over to pray, I would miss Muslim like he had time. So in the beginning of the semester, I went to my professor and I said, Hey, do you mind if I leave the class like right in the middle, for by five or 10 minutes, I need to pray. And he said something very interesting to me. He said, something to the I don't

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remember the exact words, but some of the effect of I don't understand what type of God would need you to pray at a very specific time in something effective. You know, it seems like a very petty God, to require that of you to pray at a very specific time. Like, if God is so great, like, why would he need you to do that?

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So and then he said, well, but if you have to pray, go ahead and do it. I'm gonna stop you from praying.

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Now, this is something that we actually hear quite often. And especially when we talk about in Islam, we have our five daily prayers, or certain requirements that Islam has of us or Allah has of us certain things that are permissible and impermissible. People say you may hear people say, like, why does God make something like this impermissible for you? Like if God is all powerful, and all that, why does he, for example, you know, it's a we're not allowed to drink alcohol, or we're not allowed to get a tattoo, like why does God care what you do to your own body? Now, like I said, this isn't this is something we hear all the time. And how do we understand this issue? The issue here is

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not that God needs us or Allah needs us to do these very specific things. Allah doesn't need anything from us, all of our acts of worship, Allah doesn't need for us to do them. Everything that Allah has made impermissible for us, whether we do them or not, it makes no difference to Allah, everything that is required of us whether we do or not, it makes no difference to Allah, whether we do those things or not. But Allah has made those things for us, he has made those requirements for us, for our own benefit. And even like, you look at the prayer, for example, pray for that five times at praying five times a day at a specific time. It doesn't, it doesn't matter to law, right?

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It doesn't, it doesn't affect a lot in any way. A lot doesn't need us to pray at a specific time. But Allah has done that for our own benefit. So Allah gives us this religion gives us these, these laws, to give us a way of life that is best for us. And out of Allah's mercy, he gives us a way of life, a clear path that is good for us. And on top of that, He rewards us for carrying out those actions. And Allah has yes made certain things permissible and certain things impermissible, a law has made a system where we get rewarded, and we may be sinful. All of that is for our own benefit. Allah knows that mankind needs laws and rules and we need certain things to be, we need certain

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things to be put in the sense of if we don't do it, we could be sinful, we could be punished, that is required that is that is placed, because Allah understands us. And so Allah has made these things this way of life, for our own benefit. And so it's not about that specific act of worship. It's not about that specific thing that we do. It's just that last planet data has set out a whole way of life for us. So for Muslims is not about that one thing. It's not about that one prayer. It's not about that one time, it's about a way of life that we follow. And as I said, and that is from the laws of mercy that Allah has given us this clear path and even the person who sent them in a hadith

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he said, talk to Kamala Mahajan, ba Ba, I've left you upon a clear white yank, a clear, a clear path, meaning we have this dean of Lost Planet to honor that will remain until the day of judgment, for our own benefit. And in the end of the day, we benefit. Like I said earlier, a lot doesn't benefit in any way whether we were to be sinful beings or obedient beings to Allah, Allah doesn't need an awful lot and donek Allah doesn't need that require that from us. It's only for our own benefit. So the next time somebody says that to you jealous outta you can answer them. And, you know, give them an understanding of what it means to be Muslim and what it means to not. You know,

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being Muslim is not a set of rules. It's a way of life. And once a person understands that, I think that changes a person's perspective and it may help them understand what Islam is actually about. Anyways, those are just some thoughts I had on this issue. I would love to hear some feedback from you. wherever you're watching this, leave some comments, let me know what you think. And last penetrator

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knows best hope to see you soon inshallah doubt until next time, I set out what equal what I meant to lie or what I got to

Why does God care about the things we do?

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