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Saad Tasleem
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. While early he was like me, he

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said I'm on a promotion with the law here but to cater to everyone joining us. So my session we're talking about heedlessness, and then this session is called heedlessness is dangerous. Now, what exactly are we talking about when we say he listened is now in the Koran and in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu. I said them. It doesn't mention the word heedlessness, obviously because it is in Arabic, the word that we're actually referring to the Arabic word is a flat, a flat. So the word he listeners in English is used basically as a placeholder for the Word of God for the purpose of this session and shall I'm going to stop saying heedlessness right now and I'm going to continue on

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continue to say the word of US law so that we get used to hearing that word and also so that when we recite the Quran and we read the Sunnah of the Prophet, I send them the Hadith of the prophets I send them that we recognize that word accosted out. Now hafla what exactly is roughly what are we talking about? When we say an awful lot? So linguistically, as we said, we would translate it we would say, heedlessness negligence, we would say carelessness. Basically not thinking about something or to keep something out of one's consciousness. So to not think about something and that can happen either out of negligence, or out of avoidance. Both of those cases, we would call that a

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muffler we'll call that heedlessness. Now islamically. When we find a buffet I mentioned in the Quran and the Sunnah. What exactly is it referring to? Well, basically, he listeners It is He listened to this that leads to a lack of self restraint and vigilance, which both of those are needed to obey Allah has kind of Medina So, so a carelessness or negligence or heedlessness? That leads to number one, as we said, a lack of self restraint and also vigilance, both of which we need to obey Allah has pellet data. And I want to give you give you some examples of the Koran and which Allah has Panama actually refers to this this tough luck. So first of all, Sultan MB up verse number

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one, Allahu Allah to Allah says, If thought of Allah nursey Hi, Sal boom, that people's time for their account has come near, meaning the Day of Judgment for us, is very near. It's close, it's approaching home field of law, and yet they are in a state of law. They are in a state of heedlessness, Moreau de Lune turning away, right. So it is that tough flow that is causing them to turn away from what well, the consciousness of the law, of judgment of, of the of the punishment of the Hellfire, all of those things that are associated with the afterlife, all those things that are associated with goodness in the afterlife, and all of that. That's what we are turning away from and

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the hair loss printout is saying, that is that state of flow that is keeping us away from that obedience that will lead us to a positive outcome on the day of judgment in the afterlife. Likewise, we have sort of the medium verse number 39. And which Allah has penalty Allah says, What and then when Yeoman has saw and warn them of the day of regret, and this is obviously this command is being given to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to Alice's we're under normal hestra and warn them of the day of regret is when the matter will be concluded, when the matter we decided, well, houfy have a Fleur wahome law you may known as they are in a state of flux. They're in a state of heedlessness, or

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carelessness or negligence, or avoidance, we can say they're in a state of avoidance, they're not thinking about it.

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You know, and they, and they do not believe. And so here we see the tie in between disbelief and a flaw. So actually, we consider disbelief. A lack of emotion is an outcome of flow. So they are tied to one another. And we're going to get into different types of applying Jelani to audible you'll see the connection there. So let's find out it says What do you mean? They're in a state of flow, they're in a state of heedlessness and they do not believe or they do not have enough. So that is what we're talking about when we say a governor now the opposite of hoffler. Or we would say the other

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He, he listened this would be mindfulness, right?

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So, or we could say, a consciousness or being aware. So as often that being a negative thing, and after that being something that we don't want, we want the opposite of, of love, love. And so we said this I said like in English, we would say, mindfulness or being aware. And some of our scholars even say that tempo is the opposite of of law, because TEPCO is being aware is being conscious of a loss of data, conscious of the commandments of a lot of conscious of the acts of disobedience, conscious, being aware of the afterlife, of the Day of Judgment, so on and so forth. And so just as the Quran tells us,

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or just as the Quran, blames a foreigner, and instructs us to stay out of muffler, likewise we are we are instructed in the Quran, to be in a state full and being in a state of mindfulness being a state of being aware. So for example, sort of the verse number 205, Allahu Allah says, what's called a backup enough sick and remember your Lord, within yourself to Wi Fi. Remember your Lord within yourself with humility, and fear, while doing a dirty little pony without basically being a parent in one speech, or without saying it and you saying it out loud, or apparently been the has been below we'll do we will also on in the mornings, and the evenings. And then the last one to Allah

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says, what are the communal hard feelings and do not be amongst those who are in a state of flux. So what's called rub back, remember your Lord within yourself, the love of FIFA, in a state of humility, and the state of fear. So that is that remembrance of a lot of these because a lot is the opposite of being heedless of being unaware, as we remember a lot. We get into a state of mindfulness and that's why we're gonna be talking about some of the cures for often that we talked about. Right? They could, immediately brings us back into a state of consciousness, when it comes to Allah has panela to Allah. So once again, the opposite of mindfulness, being aware, being conscious.

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last law, we can actually say there is two types of classes or two categories of Gulf law.

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When now, you know we're talking in a linguistic sense, right? So being being heedless, there is a type of heatless that is good and there's a type of heedlessness that is bad. So there is we could say, first category, a praiseworthy flaw and second category. blameworthy, not so praiseworthy muffler, which I know sounds weird to say, but praiseworthy muffler is a muffler from sins, and bad deeds. Right? So, basically,

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avoiding staying away from sins and bad deeds or that which isn't the disobedience of Allah, Allah. And we actually see this mentioned in the Koran in sort of ignore verse number 23. A Lost Planet Allah says in the larina your moon and in the linear model are not that those who falsely accused the women who are chased.

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And so first description of this woman mersa not and then Allah says a coffee not and those who are and I know we'll get to what that means of hockey, not me not so three descriptions of the these women.

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So number one, they are chased. Number two, they are lawfully not number three, they are me not that they are believing women, not a new fit Danielle after so those who falsely accused these women, as we said, the believing women, the chase women, the heartbeat that those who falsely accused these women, those people who do that, who do an act like that they are cursed in this life and in the afterlife. Wonderful leap. And further these people, those were those who accuse chaste women, that there is a painful, there's a great punishment for them. Now, if we would think, you know, as we said, hoffler we think the negative thing, right? But this is a linguistic usage of lefleur. So the

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the fact that they're hafizullah here is that they are there, they're awful. They are they they they would meaning they would never, they would never even think of disobeying a loss of data. They would never even think of doing anything that would affect their chastity and this is a very high level of praise, that they have completely taken it out of their consciousness out of their mindset. Meaning they wouldn't even entertain the idea of disobeying a lot and in this case, they would never even entered

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The idea of something that would affect their chastity. And this is how pure these women are. And so, so this is, once again, this description is a beautiful description. So marcelin, not the chase women, philosophy, not those who would never even think about doing something, which is bad doing something that would affect their chastity, and me not and those, the believing women, and this is why those who would accuse them or falsely accused them. But last time data says, look, you know, if it didn't do and after that they are cursed in this life, and the afterlife. So this is a we could say, positive, or we could say praise worthy of love. And those people that have reached a state

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that they don't even consider, it doesn't even enter their mind to disobey a law, it doesn't enter their mind to commit a sin. So another example of this would be someone, let's say they've been raised raised in a religious household, from birth, you know, they've been in that type of environment. And, you know, they've never, for example, they've never tasted alcohol, they've never had alcohol in their house, they've never come into contact with alcohol. And so they've never even entertained the idea that they would ever drink alcohol. Like it never even came into their consciousness, like it was never even an option for them. So they're there in the muffler, from the

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disobedience of a lunchtime, tada, that is a good thing. And that is actually a very high level that we asked the last time to Allah to bring this to that level. That, you know, it doesn't even you know, you know, some of us or you know, a lot of us most of us like to say, sometimes we struggle with sins, right? We have to, we have to, you know, we think about the sins, they're there in our consciousness, especially those desires that are from our nuts, right? They have a desire for something, and it's a struggle, we have to struggle with that, which is normal, which is everyone, right? But there are some with certain matters, that there's no, there's no struggle, they're not

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because they they're not they're not human is because they've never entertained the idea. Right? And not to say that a person who is in that state of positive Wafula that they cannot come out of it, obviously, anyone can hurt anyone can fall into sins. They can be misled, as well. And you know, those of you who've attended my seminar on this, she have been, we know that we know how this she had thought and you know, some of the strategies he employs to get those people who don't even think about sins, to get them to commit a sin. And just as a quick review, he usually employs the step by step process to get them to do something that they normally wouldn't even consider, right.

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And if you're interested in that, please check out my seminar, deception, a study of the ship on. So that's the first category, praiseworthy hustler, the positive hustler, then we have the muffler as we've been talking about before, and as I spoke about in the introduction, blame worthy hustler. This is that a coupler that leads to the disobedience of a lowest power dialer. This is not from the remembrance of Allah Khosla of the afterlife, of the Day of Judgment of love the punishment of the Hellfire, meaning a person doesn't think about it, they don't consider it and they put it and put it away, right that they don't they don't think about it.

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And so, so that's the second category. So we had, we have praiseworthy of often that we have blameworthy which is negative often. Now, blameworthy, Knopfler we can put it into three more categories. And this is where people were taking notes you would appreciate the categorization I know sometimes when people are listening to this, and I know a lot of times we listen to lectures as like, you know, just sit back and listen to it, right. But you know, just for my people, my students, those listening who take notes, this is for you, this is the categorization is for you. So, I will reiterate what I said I will repeat it. If I filosa two categories positive or we could

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say, praiseworthy, and second, blameworthy laughter. blameworthy, a muffler can also be divided into three categories. Number one, we have minor of a flaw. Or we can also call this

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temporary or flat right, so minor or temporary muffler. This is the huff law that pious Muslims may experience and this happens from time to time, it's usually for a short period of time, meaning

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generally a person lives their life in a state of mindfulness of Allah in a state of consciousness of a law, but from time to time, they may lose focus, right? And this is temporary of US law that causes them to fall into a sin. But it may be you know, it's it's usually a short period and usually passes very quickly. And generally, a reminder will quickly and very, very powerfully refocus this individual, someone who has this temporary or minor left law as a last kind of Allah says

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That kid in the cloth and mean that and remind them were indeed reminders, they benefit the believers. So a reminder comes and this person quickly, they get out of that temporary or minor of less. So that's the first category. The second category of blameworthy often that is ongoing or repetitive of a flop. So this is the customer experience by Muslims who spend

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a good portion of their life in sin, right? So we can call them sinful Muslims, even though as those of you who know me, those of you attending my seminars, I don't believe we should be taking titles and attaching them to people. But this is kind of categorization for us to understand where we fall, right? To understand ourselves, right. And I don't want people to start going out and saying, this is a person who has minor left blood, this is a person who has ongoing hustla, this is a person. So that's not the purpose of this categorization, but is for us to understand this concept of affinity, okay, so just just want to make that very clear, give a big, give a disclaimer for that. So we said

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second category, repetitive or honorable, going flat. This is a Muslim who leads a life of sin, right? And so they they so so meaning there are times when they're not in a state of flow, but there are times when they're in a state of Buffalo and the state of Westland may last an extended period of time. And this is, this person would also and if we find ourselves, Milla protect this, we would this person needs constant reminders, right. And just like we mentioned, you know, the belief, the benefit, the reminders benefit, the believers, even those who have ongoing ruffler, they found that in that under that eye as well. But the point here is that a reminder could help them. The third

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category is when reminders become very difficult. And it becomes difficult for a person to be helped with a reminder. And this is a person who has complete reflux.

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Or we would say overwhelming huff fluff. And this is a person who lacks Islam altogether.

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And so their their life is without Islam. Their life is without taqwa, right, the consciousness of Allah who's Pamela Dinah? And yes, a reminder could benefit them. But it would need a complete change in their, their their view and their worldview, in their view towards spirituality and what we'll talk about, you know, some of the things that you're not, but this is, this is not something that we would apply. We wouldn't say a believer a Muslim is in a state of complete of love, because the fact that they have a man, the fact that they testify to that, you know, in the law means that they do not have complete control. I mean, they have some amount of mindfulness towards Allah who's

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paranoid to Allah. So, as we said, blameworthy enough luck, sorry, praiseworthy, or blameworthy

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and blame worthy enough now, we divide into three categories Now, when we are talking. So in general, when we say have learned, you know, when I started this talk, the rest of this talk, we'll all be dealing with blame worthy hustler, right. And that is the problem that we're trying to solve here. So just keep that in mind. Why is it a problem, as I've said, the muffler or the blame or the ruffle, I'm not going to stop saying when worthy, and I'm just gonna say an awful lot. But the hustler is basically the path to the disobedience of Allah who's penalty. And also it is a problem because it is actually one of the tricks of the chiffon. He employs this trick to get us to disobey

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Allah who's penalize out especially somebody who has ongoing or repetitive gospel as somebody who is Muslim, and they have a certain amount of money not because the sheer fun. If the chiffon comes to us directly, and he says disobey a lot, we may be reluctant to disobey a lot. But the chiffon knows that if he gets us to stop thinking about a lot and stop thinking about the Day of Judgment, stop thinking about

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the hisab the questioning, stop thinking about the Hellfire, stop thinking about Jen, if we just don't keep it out of our mind, then we are more likely to fall into sins and it will be easy to disobey Allah subhanaw taala and that is why this tool is so powerful. And you know, that was why the shift button, as we said for for Muslims, that people who have Eamon and somebody, especially if somebody man is strong and somebody whose lives their life,

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practicing Islam, you know, to the best of their ability, usually the shift button will come to them directly and say, Hey, disobey Allah subhanaw taala, the Shia Thawne would employ other tactics and so getting the person into a state of flow is one of those tactics right and it is

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it's it's a it's a it's a path to the disobedience, as we said, to a large penalty Allah. And you know, as we said,

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or as you know, I said in my in my deception seminar, as we have said, if you've attended the seminar that the she upon,

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he will use things that are indirect and things that seem logical to us. Things that may seem, may seem logical, but they're not logical. So something and something that will be similar would be the statement or the saying, you may have heard this ignorance is bliss. is ignorance truly bliss? No, not really. That's not actually an absolute statement. Right. But the chiffon will use that statement as an absolute. So if we're not thinking about it, it's not a problem. And you know, when it comes to a Lost Planet, Allah or even in our life, we know that if you take that statement, or that saying, as an absolute, we're going to be we're gonna have a problem in life, because ignorance

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is not always bliss. There may be certain cases where ignorance could be bliss. And in that case, you can use that saying, okay, but the chiffon as you said, we'll use it as an absolute meaning if you're not thinking about it, it's not a problem. And it's a lot easier to swallow that pill, the pill of Hey, just don't think about it. And then you know what, here directly disobey Allah subhanaw taala. And that is why Islam is a problem for us. And that is why we need to counteract and treat a customer. Why does that come about? Why does someone fall into a muffler? There's actually many, many reasons for this, but I just picked a few for today's session.

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And we'll cover some of the many, many reasons that a person may fall into a slump. Number one, an overwhelming love for the worldly life and overwhelming love for the dunya as one's heart gets attached to the dunya,

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they may lose concentration, or they may lose consciousness of the asker of the afterlife. The reality is our heart.

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You can think of it as a vessel with limited space. You know, we talked about this in the fifth of chillon, as well. And in general, I'm reintroducing the tip of Chilean culture 2.0 is coming back, it's debuting in in Sweden in childhood yada. But so we're going to talk about this there as well and chill out about we talk in the children we talked about. There's a whole section on music, right. And we one of the things we say about music without getting into the ruling of music, which by the way, we do talk about the ruling of music as well as children. And if you want to know that if you want to study the ruling, of music, take that class inshallah. But without getting into the

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ruling right now, understanding the effect of music upon one's heart, one of the things we talked about is once again, our thinking of our heart as a vessel. And it has limited space for what our heart can be attached to what is important to our heart and what takes the attention of our heart. And so we can fill our hearts with music. And in opposition to that is something like the Koran and many of our scholars of the past they actually mentioned the statement in relation. For example, He says a heart cannot be consumed by both music and the Quran together like it's very difficult for them to coexist in the heart. One has to give as our love for music goes up our our our for the

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Quran, it will

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and as our love for the Quran goes up by the way people were struggling with like, how about music and stuff like that I don't want to get into the rooming. But you know, as our love for the Koran goes up naturally, our love for music will dissipate. It's just it's just natural, likewise is when we thinking about our heart as a vessel.

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As our love for the UK goes up naturally, our love for the dunya

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will will subside or it will get less. But as our heart becomes consumed by the dunya by worldly life, the worldly pleasures and materialism and you know living in a state of consumerism where we constantly want more and more and more and more. And a lot of times we fall into materialism once again. We're going to talk about this in the film chillin. We have a whole section on materialism, consumerism, but

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as sometimes we become overly materialistic because we try to fill a void in our heart. One of the reasons one of the reasons why become why we may become materialistic

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Because we try to fill a void in our life, and that's why there's many people who live their lives. And they try to fill the void in their heart by just buying more stuff and the high that you feel when you buy something new. And well, you know, I'm the first to admit it feels great when you get something new. For me a new pair of kicks, or

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I don't know, a new motorcycle be nice right now.

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Whatever didn't using right, when we buy it, when we get it, it feels amazing. It feels great. But we all know that's a temporary high, right? It lasts for a short time. And then it goes away. There's a release of dopamine in our brain, right? We feel good chemical, it feels good to get something new. But as quickly as it came, it goes away again. And so how do we try to re up? Right? How do we try to get that dopamine to flow in our brain again, we buy something else. And we go from 111 thing to another thing, one purchase to another purchase to another purchase. And now we become consumers, we try to fill that void in our life, in our hearts with buying more stuff. And in

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essence, you know, that is why consumerism is very effective as a tool.

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And that's why we live in a consumeristic society we live where people are, you know, we're we are entrenched in materialism, because it's so powerful. And because it feels so good. And I believe that's one of the reasons why Amazon is such a successful company. Because it's like, it's like the drug dealer, who is constantly giving us hits of that drug that we need, right? So we order something online, boom, it shows up at our door, we don't have to do anything, we click it, you know, buy it, boom. And then two days later, a day later, and depending on where you live, you live in Seattle, for example, like hours later, because they have like a warehouse like down the street.

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Like they have a warehouse in Seattle, literally hours, hours later, you ordered something, boom, it's in your house. And that high that you feel you open up the package and you know, the unboxing experience and that high and then it feels great. And then it's gone. Right? So how do you how do you get that back, go buy something else. And so we have almost become addicted to that process of buying stuff on Amazon.

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And if you've ever heard of retail therapy, that's what it is, right? You're feeling bad, having a bad day, whatever, you're feeling down, go buy something, go look at stuff, right. And so now what happens is, you know, our heart, it becomes consumed. And as it gets consumed by this dunya

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we begin to get into a state of flow with Allah or hustler with the afterlife. And so that's that's one of the that's one of the reasons for that and I want to recite for you inshallah, Allah is sort of a cathode and you can follow along, if you want open up the mishap for open up but I think this surah of the Quran is very telling for this, this cause of lessness so Allah subhana wa tada says, After Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. And how can we take out all law says, competition for the world or worldly things or worldly matters, has diverted you basically it has taken away your attention it has basically consumed you is taken away all of your consciousness all of your

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attention has gone towards amassing more stuff, just getting more stuff doesn't bother law says until you visit the grave meaning some people will continue in this condition of being distracted by worldly things by amassing collecting worldly things, until a law says hotels optimal until you visit the grave. Now, the main meaning here is until you die, meaning our whole life can become consumed by

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stuff from the world by materialism. until we reach our depth of mankind. We may continue in that. Not in that in that process of just getting more stuff. And the second meaning here is some of our scholars of the dimension had minimal meaning until you visit the grave as in you visit the grave and it is a reminder of your mortality. That's a reminder of your death. And that may take you out of this state. And that's why spoiler alert when we're going to talk about the cures for

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what's not one of the things is to visit the grave site and and contemplate death that'll knock you out at least momentarily. It'll knock you out of that state of luck. Anyway, law says until you visit the graveyards Ken solfatara Moon Allah says

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No, you will, you're definitely you're going to know.

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meaning you're going to become worse. So you may be in that state, right? Where you just are just distracted by the world, but you're going to know, some kind of soap or Dynamo. Then again, Allah says, as a as an emphasis is something again, no, for sure, you're definitely going to know meaning it's going to be and you're going to become Sure. You're surely for a fact, you're going to be knocked out of that state of being distracted by the worldly life cannot know that no more not even European law says no, you know, your pain, If you only knew with the knowledge of certainty, right. And so what is happening here, so I've had a lot of, we get a reminder. And we were like, okay,

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cool, right. So even if we visit the graveyard, we we are reminded of death, a loved one passes away, may Allah protect us and we get sick, something happens to knock us out of that hospital.

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But as time goes on, we begin to lose that focus, right? We begin to lose that taqwa of Allah, taqwa and that consciousness of love. And the the the fact that we're going to die this is by the way, I mean, I don't think any sane logical person does not fully believe that they're going to die like everyone believes every sane logical person believes that death is going to come and this is regardless of Islam, by the way. Yeah, even non Muslims, any everyone, anyone, everyone says, We're gonna die, you don't be listened to believe that you're gonna die. Right? This is a fact everyone agrees upon it. But we forget. And so Allah said, Only if you know if you knew with certainty,

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right? If you knew with that certainty, and that certainty will come on the day of judgment when we die, right? Because then there's absolutely will be certain last kind of Tiana says, Not that I wouldn't enjoy him and then you will surely see the hellfire. Right, that is surely going to happen when we see the Hellfire Milla protectors. When people see the * and fire, then that's going to be with you know, we're gonna we received with the surety law says, from my letter, I wouldn't know how I am you have been and then you will see what the certainty of the eye right they say Seeing is believing. Right? You will once you're once we are law protect us once one is gazing upon the

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Hellfire, it is in front of us, there's gonna be no doubt. Right now that is different than knowing that you know, now you know, just like the Koran. We

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read descriptions of the hellfire. You know, we read Hadith with descriptions of the Hellfire and according to the level of our faith, we baby pretty sure right quite sure. But I even the thing that was mentioning here is the surety of looking at it with our eye, that's going to happen in the in the afterlife. And then the last kind of doubt. So alumina yoma, even.

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And then on that day, you'll be questioned about the pleasure basically all of the stuff that distracted you in this life. This castle that was mentioned the first verse collecting, right worldly pleasures, all of that, that is something you will be questioned about, on the day of judgment, right and the last panel to protect us. But this is what we're talking about. This is the love of the worldly life. So that's, that's number one. Number two, a loss of

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self control, a loss of a control of our neffs and an inability to control our neffs.

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And this is a very broad category, very general category. And a lot of it is related. And I bring this here because a lot of it is related. And I and I believe in loss hunter it knows best that even some of our health, our desires or health.

00:33:54 --> 00:34:28

desires can affect our heart on desires. And what do I mean by this? Well, let's take the example of food and halal food, right. food that is headed for us is healthy for us it is permissible, we're not blameworthy. We're not sinful. For for eating, right. However, a person who doesn't have self control a person who indulges in food to the point that it may become harmful to them, or begins to develop an addiction and some people do have food addiction, that's, that's, you know, it's a real thing.

00:34:29 --> 00:35:00

So that addiction as and that that loss of self control when it comes to food and it affects our heart. And so as we become weak in self control in one category, you can affect other categories as well. And this is why as believers we we are very careful not to go into excess, not to go too far even in those manners that Allah has made. And that is why once a year, you know one month out of the year

00:35:00 --> 00:35:51

Even food we abstain from food for for a month from sunup to sundown. Food is headed, right. But I'm Yvonne what is the point of like, what is one of one of the points of our bond is to remind us, if we can control our food intake, then we can control our other desires as well. We will not let our nuts or our desires or lust or any other type of desire, we will not let it control us, we will control it. And Ramadan is a reminder for us that we can do it. We have it within us, to Allah to take a control to have self control. And so Ramadan is a great time. That's why it's great to anyone who's dealing with any bad habit or an addiction or whatever it may be, I'm alone is a great time to

00:35:51 --> 00:36:28

start treating that addiction. Any type of addiction that is bad for any anything that Ramadan is a great time that I always advise people like if you're trying to get rid of a bad habit, Milan is a great time to start. Excellent time because I'm Yvonne, we know the shell theater and tie it up. But beyond that is we are able we're able to witness our ability for self control. Alright, so second reason for not a loss of self control. Number three is spending time with those who are allowed to be alone, spending time with those who are in a state of flux.

00:36:30 --> 00:37:17

The problem is the muffler of others can have an effect on us that as people live a lifestyle of muffler, we can be impacted by that a flap. And that is why it is important to panela to spend time with people who are able, as we said, for example, to control their desires or to a certain extent, but a person who gives in to every desire or spending time with those people who live in a state of flux sooner or later. It's going to have an effect on us. And as we know, you know we talked about good company in Islam is spending time around you know, pious company and good companionship, that all falls you that all comes under this category as well. Right? Not bad companionship can have an

00:37:17 --> 00:38:06

effect on us. And likewise, good companionship can have an effect on us as well. Number four. The fourth reason why someone may fall into hustler is related to actually point number two which is being excessive in the mobile hut being excessive in those matters that Allah has made it permissible MOBA halal, permissible. Now doing something that Allah has made head out, let's not blame worthy, but going into an extreme with mobile hat. And once again, as I mentioned earlier, it can have an effect on our self control. And that's why one of the things our scholars mentioned, is that there is a link between the mobile hut and minor sins and major sins. A person who goes into an

00:38:06 --> 00:38:23

excess with their mobile hat can fall into minor sins. And a person who indulges in minor sins, well, there's a very good chance that person will fall into major sins. And once again talking about the ship on the step by step process of the chiffon. Lastly, is what we'll call

00:38:24 --> 00:38:44

hardening of the heart. There comes a time May Allah protect us that as we indulge in sins, as we give way to our nuts, as we let our knifes take control. But eventually our heart can become hard and the law protects us. And the profits that I send them actually described this

00:38:46 --> 00:39:26

in the head even when she said that, when basically parts that I'm sending this is paraphrasing the idea that when a person commits a sin placed upon the heart, and if they make Toba if they repent to Allah, then removed. And actually what is meant to you the meaning here is actually not only is it removed, it is polished, the heart becomes better. That tells us that Toba repentance is default actually makes us better than the state that we were in before. However, precedent tells us that if a person does not make Toba does not repent, and then that dot remains upon the heart. And as a person continues to sin, more dots get placed upon the heart until the heart becomes

00:39:26 --> 00:39:59

covered and consumed by those sins or those dots upon the heart. And then it becomes hard right and then it becomes very hard to penetrate and that is a point where even reminders do not benefit us. And I want to go back to the Koran inshallah Allah and you can follow along once again, if you have Broadcom open, or if you have a must have in front of you. If you can open up soda then we'll talk 15 and let's recite the first 14 verses of salt and we'll have 15 be in a dialogue.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:50

Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Allah subhana wa tada says in verse number one way you don't even Allah says woe to those are won't be to those who give less, who give less than what is due and what what, what is being referred to here in this portion of this surah is his business and business dealing and trading. And you can think of any if you go for example, you you know, and a good example to think of is, you go buy something that is sold by weight, right. So, one pound of or like, you know, one pound of, I don't know, almonds cost this much for those of you who are not in America, and unfortunately have have a, you know, a different measuring system, one kilos, right, or one kg of,

00:40:50 --> 00:41:10

of whatever almonds or whatever meat that cost this much. So Allah is speaking about the person here, who when they weigh something I need this is someone who is selling, they weigh weigh something, they give the person less than what is do what has happened, you're cheating, this person is cheating, right? way up. And then Allah says Allah, Medina, indica, tanto analyses. So who

00:41:12 --> 00:41:55

will be to those people that when they take a measure from people that they take for now, so when they take a measure, when they're giving, they give less, but for themselves, they make sure they get the full amount they make sure they get what is due to them? what that can do, oh, was in New York, zero, and the law says, but if they get if they give by measure or by weight, they, they you'll see, don't they give less casada? Right, they they they give less than what is the what is do? allow you aluna unknown number, do they not think that they will be resurrected? And here is the law here? law says do these people who cheat others? Do they not think that they will be

00:41:55 --> 00:42:38

resurrected? Meaning Do they not think that there will be a reckoning? Do they not think that there will be an account for their deeds? Do they not think that a lie is watching and they will have to answer for that for their deception? How they cheated someone? A person in the state of Florida doesn't think right they don't think that they will be held to account for for for their actions right instead of left law. A law says do not leave for a tremendous I've been great day a day of great importance has great impact Kela in Nikita urban for jerrell FEC Jean, no, but certainly the record the Kedah that Kitab of the *, those were wicked, those who commit sins they are in

00:42:38 --> 00:42:57

such gene, they are preserved there's a cat will those people who have done that wrong, those who have cheated others or committed sins on their record is preserved. Why am I the rock? I'm acid Dean and what do you know and what is this acid gene Kitab Omar law says this is a

00:42:59 --> 00:43:29

a great book that is registered and registered that is inscribed it is written that is preserved that way losing your money the little Mackenzie being and won't be on that day to those who deny this. And so once again way right whoa be to those who deny the fact that this is going to happen, that there's going to be a reckoning, that they're going to be held to account that their deeds are being written into an account. And Medina you can see buena Bo Medina those who

00:43:31 --> 00:44:17

those who deny this day of Dean this Day of Recompense the day where people have to will have to pay their debts, people will get what they deserve. That's what yo Medina is by the way you get what you deserve. Those who did good will get good. Those who did bad will get bad. Well, now you can leave my you can even be in the cooler theme. And none deny it except for those who except for except for the sinful transgressor. Right. So who is in this state of denial and who denies it who is in the state of God for those who are transgression, transgressors. And once again, the link between a flood and transgression of law and they disobedience of a loss to either is or to deny they do not

00:44:17 --> 00:44:59

call ourselves a lien. And when our Verses are recited upon them, meaning the verses of the law, they say this is just stories of before any tales that have already been told to us, meaning once again, the denial of everything that is mentioned in the Koran. It's basically it's not real, putting it aside a way to keep it out of our mind. Can but Allah says and this is now where we're getting to the effect upon the heart. Can la poo be in Macau New York Simone? No, surely their hearts have become covered. This stain has covered their heart by their

00:45:00 --> 00:45:42

The by that which they used to do. So what is happening here and these verses a lot is telling us of this process of committing sin. And in this particular case, taking advantage of people or harming people and then the denial, then then making excuses for it. This is a, this is a South lead in a wedding This is Annie, this is there's no such thing you know, all this stuff mentioned on it, having an account and accountability, not a way to deny it. And then the law says eventually what will happen is their heart will become consumed, it will become overcome, where there's no path forward here. This is the hardening of the heart that we are talking about, that leads to a flow

00:45:42 --> 00:45:44

that causes blood flow.

00:45:45 --> 00:46:05

Now, as I said, these are some of the reasons there are other reasons as well. Lastly, I want to talk about a large enough not how to cure a muffler how to solve the problem of muffler, regardless of what level of gondola we are in, by the way, right? So we talked about complete often that we talked about,

00:46:06 --> 00:46:10

temporary and often not, and so on and so forth, right? And blameworthy, go flow.

00:46:11 --> 00:46:23

If you remember nothing else, from what I'm about to say, in the next five minutes or so inshallah, remember to there's two main things there. And then we could say there's two themes or two.

00:46:25 --> 00:46:48

Two things to keep in mind when treating a muffler or countering, number one, training oneself to control one's knifes. And that's a big thing here. As we said, that's what causes a lack of self control causes a flow and to fight enough that also is getting control over our neffs. And number two, contemplation and

00:46:49 --> 00:47:12

control contemplation is actively thinking is making an effort to think about something. So if you want to log off right now, I'm not telling you to log off, right. But if you do, for some reason, those are two things that you need to remember. But let's get into some specifics. Number one, and I'll give you about five things here that you can do to counteract confidence starting today. Number one is Victor and

00:47:14 --> 00:47:50

we mentioned earlier how they come last night that has commanded us with vodka we mentioned earlier so that offers number 205 less as was called Love by caffeine FC got to double our FIFA, and remember your Lord within yourself with humility, and, and fear, right? So as we remember a lot we get more conscious of a lot, a person who is involved in pickup and by the way, I talked about this, you may have heard me talk about this before, Zico, people think is just a tone. But because tongue is only one aspect of pickup, there's the cut of the tongue, and there's the cut of the heart. So

00:47:51 --> 00:48:33

just remembering a lot with the tongue. I'm not gonna say it's bad, but it's deficient. Because the heart needs to be involved in that process. And that's why I usually tell people don't think about quantity when it comes to pickup think about the quality of your pickup, saying not even once with the presence of one heart is better than saying that you know how the law without the heart being present, and or doing it for the wrong reasons, or doing it with insincerity in the presence of the heart doing it with sincerity and consciousness of almost pride, tada, quality over quantity as you make thicker as you make, and you know, I don't really have the time to get into all the the

00:48:33 --> 00:49:03

importance of that. But all of that is remembrance of Allah. It's being in connection with Allah who's connected to Anna, so they could end up we find ourselves getting into a state of blood flow increases the number two, Salam and we can say Salaam as in, obviously our Fatah right our obligatory prayers, but also our son and Noah Finn. And in particular when it comes to those non required prayers, the yam will lay

00:49:05 --> 00:49:10

Why do I say pm will lay not first let me let me quote the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

00:49:11 --> 00:50:00

of Dillard house and mentioned in widowed the Prophet satellites and then he said man comma b. b actually is in Namibia, new terminal harmony, that a person of karma whoever stands with 10 is reciting 10 is the Lamb you are feeling they will not be written amongst the law feeding. So we're trying to counteract a flat here and then stand in prayer. And by the way, standing 10 is meaning reciting 10 is in our in RPM in our prayer. Some are scholars say it can happen once but what is meant here is regularly doing that so person is make make the habit of reciting 10 eyes and nuts and by the way, some people have this notion of pm you have to stand for an hour, two hours, three hours

00:50:00 --> 00:50:16

Hi, I'm Elaine. And I always say stand up, even if it's 10 minutes before if I jump, right the last third of the night, even if it's five minutes, even if it's two minutes you can get to it because in pray it right and pray something from from the night here I should

00:50:18 --> 00:50:40

be actually I was said that 10 is how long does it take to recite 10 I especially for reciting from the back of the Quran, the end of the Quran is very short, right. So a person who does this, they will not be will not be written amongst those who have had an awful lot. But pm will lay Not only is it beautiful because it combines the cup, it combines

00:50:41 --> 00:51:06

and it also combines training of our necks to get up before hedger is not easy to get up from frigid, it's not easy, you know, hands down, let's just start there. But to get up before fed up, even if it's 10 minutes, by the way, is not easy, it requires training of the nuts. And to try and make a habit of that means that a person is able to control their nuts. And it's not easy, by the way.

00:51:07 --> 00:51:47

And you probably understand this, but just to state, what many of you already know, if you just get up for a Fed job you can get up before the end because there's a certain time for jet, you can get up close to the end of the time if a jet and you can sleep more. But to pray for the delay you have to get up before fetcher starts. And sometimes that can be as long as even 45 minutes an hour even depending on where you are and all that an hour earlier. And that can be a lot more difficult. So that's why even even even to guys before fidget can be very, very difficult, but it requires so we said controlling of the knifes And not only that, by the way, you know we talk about sincerity,

00:51:47 --> 00:52:22

which is a whole nother discussion about doing matters with sincerity requires controlling the nuts doing things for the sake of a law and praying family forces US forces our sincerity because when we're praying, we're praying family, most cases nobody's watching. And your wife's asleep or your husband's asleep. kids are asleep or your homies are asleep. Nobody's watching you pray that prayer. You can't have a bad intention, camera wrong intention, you can be praying to impress anybody. It's just you and a lot you got to pray for Allah. Right? Unless I'm like, the only way you messed that up, is if you go post about it online later on. You go like, no, hey, I pray to family last night or

00:52:22 --> 00:52:44

whatever. That's still the way you really mess that up. But if you don't go and like tell people about it, it is between you and allow you're forced to be sincere. So number two Salah, and in particular family, number three, visiting the graves and remembering death, remembering deaths. And by the way, all of these categories, I could honestly spend a long time talking about it, but I know we're running out of time.

00:52:45 --> 00:52:50

But the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said, You've mentioned in America and

00:52:51 --> 00:52:59

NASA, he said, a theorem in victory halaman that that is an increase in remembering the destroyer of desires. And

00:53:00 --> 00:53:08

he said increasing memory the destroyer of desires, the destroyer of pleasures, meaning how on pleasures, which is

00:53:10 --> 00:53:31

death, right? Increasing, remembering that death, death will destroy one's desires or ones how long pleasures so as we contemplate death, as we think about death, and one thing that aids us in doing that, is visiting graves, and attending the genomes. And I know with luck COVID-19 it's become more difficult.

00:53:33 --> 00:53:40

And I know that's one of the trials that we're facing, but kind of law you know, men law, provide us with a with a cure or vaccine.

00:53:41 --> 00:54:21

But it should be a lesson for us, right? A lot of times we took it for granted identity that would take place and we'd say yeah, I'll go to the next one. I'll go to the next one. Until you know, a lot took away the ability for us to even attend a janazah. And now we begin to feel the effects of it. So hopefully, it's a reminder for us in tele data to be diligent in trying to attend whatever janazah we can attend. Number four, contemplating the realities of this life and the fact that this life is temporary and the fact that nothing is perfect in this life, the fact that even the pleasures of this life, there's no such thing as pure pleasure. Everything is fleeting.

00:54:22 --> 00:54:49

All of those realities of this life. Number five, contemplating the afterlife, contemplating the afterlife, thinking about the Day of Judgment, reading those verses of the Koran, in which Allah has pointed out it tells us of the description of the Hellfire of the day of reckoning. All of that will bring us close to the last time to honor and help us refocus and get out of a state of lessness. And I know my time is up I just want to mention one more thing.

00:54:51 --> 00:54:59

Jews and non Jews among the last portion of the Quran the last section of the Quran is excellent for the fact that number

00:55:00 --> 00:55:40

The sutras are shorter, it's easier to recite, many of us have memorized much of it. And if you recite among all of those verses, all of those soldiers and Jews, they bring us back and these this is the theme here really the theme, or one of the main themes here of those you know, McKee solos, right is to take us out of muffler to take us out of the state of heedlessness, so take the time and shout out to not only just recite but recite with meaning and understanding the last portion of the put on, I actually wanted to recite with you sort of the nausea

00:55:42 --> 00:55:48

verses 26 through 41, I believe inshallah tada and as I said, you can open up

00:55:49 --> 00:55:59

kuranda calm I have it open here, for me in sha Allah. So will recite so basically just to give you some context, what is happening here, previously,

00:56:00 --> 00:56:09

a lot of data before verse number 26, less telling us a lot tells us a bit out what became of him and the punishment that he went through.

00:56:10 --> 00:56:14

And then the last pilot data says, letting the ship on our team

00:56:15 --> 00:56:26

in Nevada last April, I totally mean yaksha law says indeed in that is a warning for those who fear meaning those who fear Allah has power to add a meaning

00:56:27 --> 00:56:58

in what has come before this, obviously the story of our own and everything else that I put on is a is a is a warning is a reminder is a lesson. So a person who has a taqwa person who is has consciousness, they're able to derive lessons from things happening around us. And that's one of the fruits By the way, which I don't have time to get into but the fruits of counteracting of law is to be able to derive lessons from everything happening around us. And then the last penalty Allah says,

00:57:00 --> 00:57:01

I should do Hello, can I miss?

00:57:03 --> 00:57:15

law says, Are you more difficult of a creation or the heavens that allows Pamela dalla has constructed right? So if you think that

00:57:16 --> 00:57:24

your creation or the fact that you'll be resurrected is something that is not possible by law, then think about everything that Allah has created.

00:57:26 --> 00:57:38

Rafa is I'm gonna have I said Wah, wah says he raised its ceiling and proportioned, meaning the heavens, what we see around us, well, flesh, Allah, you know what else?

00:57:39 --> 00:57:46

Allah says, and he darken the night and extracted its brightness, one out of law.

00:57:49 --> 00:57:56

And law says, And after that, he spread the earth. These are all signs of Allah whose power to Allah

00:57:57 --> 00:57:57


00:58:01 --> 00:58:15

He extracted from it and its water, and its pasture, meaning the earth was so hot, and the mountains that he set firmly meaning set firmly upon the earth. I love one another.

00:58:16 --> 00:58:28

And the provisions for you and your livestock meaning the earth that Allah has given to us, unless placed mountains upon it, Allah has given us provisions for our own livelihood for the animals, and the EDA

00:58:34 --> 00:58:45

and law says, but when there comes the greatest catastrophe, the most overwhelming calamity. Now what is the law speaking about here is

00:58:46 --> 00:59:05

the day of judgment, the starting of the afterlife. Yo, Maya doesn't kill us animals. On that day, a man will remember that which they strove for. So some had a lot that people have of consciousness. The people of taqwa

00:59:06 --> 00:59:51

you know, they kept in mind the setup. And that's one of the reasons why any people work hard and we obey Allah subhanaw taala we, we stay away from the sins, we stay away from the disobedience of luck keeping in mind, the afterlife, right, keeping in mind that there's going to be a day of judgment, keeping in mind that there's going to be in a day of accounting, there's gonna be a Day of Recompense. And so it was kind of like data says on that day and people who spent their life they've had a lot they spent their life hoping searching looking for that day and they will that at that time, they will remember what what it was out they will now realize the fruits of all their

00:59:51 --> 00:59:59

struggle, what would result in your hay Mooney and the Hellfire it will be exposed for all those

01:00:00 --> 01:00:48

To see. And so likewise, you know, we were speaking earlier in sort of the decathlon about seeing the Hellfire and now you know that is going to be a time of absolutely appeal, no doubt. But as the Hellfire subparallel are scholars mentioned, it's it's not only punishment for those who disobeyed Allah, this those who just believed in transgressed, the Hellfire is actually a reward for for for the pious as well, how it's a it's a reward for them in the sense that they will see the hellfire. And they will see what they're saved from, they will see that they're not going to the hellfire. And simply the relief of not entering this tournament that is now in front of their eyes, they can see

01:00:48 --> 01:01:24

for themselves. And that is a great amount of reward. And that's the reward of the handler, the reward is just you know, Mallanna to Allah make us amongst those who are entered into paradise, and those who are given the book in our in our right hand, but the rewards will be like one upon another upon another upon another. Every time we feel that this is we get something we're like, this is the most amazing thing. That's it like I'm done. Like, we would say like this, this is all like like this is it. It was all worth it for this one thing, but then alone, give us something more, and then something more and then something more. And this is before By the way, we've even stepped into Jana

01:01:24 --> 01:01:29

maskull was cantata to allow us to witness that. And so it was time to then says

01:01:31 --> 01:01:37

Baba, and the law says so as for those who transgressed right, those who committed sins, what

01:01:38 --> 01:02:25

dunya and preferred the worldly life. And remember, we talked about her dunya being consumed by the worldly life and talked about that relationship between being consumed by the worldly life and transgression and the disobedience of a lost power to Allah, what happens to them? But in Naja haoma? here not law law says that indeed the Hellfire will be their place of residence. That's where they're going to reside. Well, I'm Monica Nakamura. And as for the one who feared this position with their Lord, meaning they feared standing in front of a law, which is now a reality of person standing in front of a law, their their reckoning is taking place but they feared it in their life.

01:02:25 --> 01:02:29

Well, I'm a mom and half I'm a farmer a big one.

01:02:30 --> 01:03:15

I needed how and because of that, right, because they they feared standing in front of their Lord, they were conscious of it, you know, they they they they restrained themselves from their desires. They restrain themselves from their their their their their sinful desires from from from things that they that they that was that were attractive things that they want to think that were attractive to them. They controlled enough right now like for babe, like they literally had like they had to like hold on like, tell themselves like No, you cannot do this, right? Why? Because they fear standing in front of a law whose penalties are that they feared that reckoning for in Nevada

01:03:15 --> 01:03:41

here in law says that indeed, Janna Paradise is their place of refuge there is a residence and so that is the reward of self control and self restraint having control over our knifes We ask Allah who is pedal Adana to put us in that position that we are given the news agenda lahoma amin Allahu Allah banner

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