Mohammad Qutub – Why the people of Gaza!

Mohammad Qutub
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the current terrorist climate in the Middle East, including accusations of terrorism and violent terrorist groups. They also mention the loss of family members and the upcoming conflict between Israeli and Iranian groups. The speaker warns against the idea that anyone is just being utilized as a bait to get people to admit their crimes and calls for unity in protecting people's rights.
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They are the terrorists, and they are committing the worst kind of terrorism. And that is state terrorism, which does not compare to terrorism being done by a few people here and there. This is state sponsored terrorism. But that seems to be okay. Because it's a state to democracy, the only democracy in the Middle East, my dear brothers and sisters, as bleak as the situation seems.

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Don't worry about your brothers and sisters. They seem to be doing better than us. Of course, they will complain about the bloodshed, about the loss of life, about the loss of their families and their children.

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However, they continue to stand strong.

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Something that the our brains almost cannot fathom. And the scientists cannot fathom. What are these people made of? Why don't they just get the heck out of Lissa we're bombing the * out of it. And they're still there. What's wrong with these people?

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And a few rockets fall on the Israeli side.

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And they're all running away. They're at the airport, they want to out they don't want this anymore. But our brothers and sisters are saying no, this is our land. This is our course. This is our AXA, these are our holy sites. And if there is no one left, we will continue to defend it. Now you know why Allah chose them to be there.

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That's Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the authentic hadith

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is said, either Festiva have shown for the whole of you. If the people of Sham, that area have shut that whole area that encompasses Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, if those people become corrupt, there will be no good in you, meaning the rest of the Ummah, Allah chose them for a reason. Because that area is going to be the stage

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for some of the greatest events that history has ever seen all the way until the end of time, and we can see how this is starting to happen. So Hannah cannot up. Don't worry. The resistance over there are saying we are going to continue

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and we will continue to fight

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this destructive barbaric terrorist regime.

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That is meaning out some of the most heinous crimes the world has seen.

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