Is There Such A Thing As Muslim Culture

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Sheikh Saad explains to us about muslim culture and the culture of the place/area where we live in.

Nov 23, 2016

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Is there such a thing as Muslim culture, Muslim Institute presents q&a with sad this leave. So back in the day, when all the Muslim lived in one specific area, and you were surrounded by only Muslims, we could say that the culture of those people in that place is a Muslim culture, because everyone who practices that culture is Muslim. But in this day and age, when we're living in societies where we live in Muslims and non Muslims, our culture goes beyond just Muslims, there are non Muslims who take part in the same culture that we take part in. And Islam doesn't define that culture. For us. It's not gives us general guidelines. Islam gives us certain rules, certain morals, but our culture

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is the culture of the area and the people that we live amongst. That is our culture. And our culture is actually quite nuanced. And our culture is fluid and is changing according to time and place. So yes, there are aspects of our culture that are related to Islam. And there are aspects of our culture that we take from the people in the place that we're living amongst. Yes, we want to stay away from the matters that are less prohibited. Yes, we want to stay within those guidelines have a lifespan of data. But we also have the culture of the area that we're living amongst, and actuality we all have our own culture, even from person to person, our culture differs, even if you're a

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Muslim, American, there's still your your heritage of where your parents came from. There's the aspect of where you grew up there Did you grew up in an urban environment or a suburban environment. There's the type of people that you grew up around, there are the type the type of dress that you that that is common amongst the specific era, even within America, from city to city, a culture, the culture of how you dress may differ. And all of that is what makes up our culture. So our culture is actually fluid. And our culture is nuanced, even as Muslims