Mirza Yawar Baig – Lessons from the Anbiya #82

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of forgiveness and clear agreements in partnership is emphasized, along with the need for reducing everything to two and writing them down to avoid confusion. The speakers stress the importance of justice and law in Islam, citing examples of countries where it is applied to individuals and businesses. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to pay attention to their behavior and avoid confusion, as well as the importance of praying for peace and avoiding government activities.
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salam ala even hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Silla from Beaver mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi, wa Sahbihi, seldom at the Sleeman, Kathira and cathedra from Abbado, my brothers and sisters we are on the story of Tao le salaam, and as I mentioned, some of this thing which

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the story of Tao that Islam when he was in his Merab, his special place of worship of Allah subhanaw taala, which used to spend the night in and he will be, this was a very secure, safe place.

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It was very secluded,

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and nobody had permission to come in there. And then suddenly, one day, he found two men who appeared there and the last one that I mentioned this, I will have no shirt on the regime Bismillahirrahmanirrahim while attire can have all cosmic is the sub bowl mahirap

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is the Kullu Allah the OODA fuzzy I'm in home Kaudulla of Osmani baba, baba Duna Allah Borodin Farrakhan Bane and I be lucky Wella to slit Wadena Illa Saba is Salaat in the hands of a healer who is on what his own and adjutant willya Nigel Tang Wahida tune for call rockfill Neha Zini well as any

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Phil hitop

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call Allah cazalla Maka biswa Lena na Jyothika EDA, the IG o Inokashira mineral photo toy, the Yogi Berra Humala, Bradyn Illa Levina Armand Who are we to Solly hottie? We're Cali Luma, whom was on the ODU Annamma fatahna, who first thought for abou, baccarat Morocco YAHWAH Anna, Fernanda who the LEC, we're in Lahore in Ghana does OLFA warehouse, my

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last round that I said, which means and it has the news of the litigants reached you when they climbed over the wall into his Merav into the mouth of the elderly Salah men he was praying. When they entered in upon the old Alayhis Salam he was terrified of them.

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They said Fear not. We are to litigants, one of whom has wronged the other therefore judge between us with truth and treat us not with injustice and guide us to the right way.

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And then one of those and verily, verily, this is my brother.

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This this my brother, this brother of mine has 99 years 99 female sheep while I have only one yo and he says hand it over to me and he overpowered me in speech. Now that he Salam said immediately without listening to the opponent, he has wronged you in demanding your yo in addition to his years, and very many partners oppress one another except those who believe and do righteous deeds, and they are full. And those people like that are few. And thou that is that I'm guest that we had that we have tried him and he sought forgiveness of Islam. And he fell down prostrate, and turn to Allah subhanaw taala in repentance. So we forgive him. And we forgive him that mistake. And verily for him

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is a near success to us and a good place of final return which is Jana, Tao, there is a lamb in this story, of course, though, that Islam sought Forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala because he had not listened to the case of the second person before pronouncing judgment which would have which would have been injustice. And he did that. So he sought forgiveness Allah Samantha forgive him. Now, the other thing to learn here is, of course, that

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though that Islam said that most of the time, partners try to outsmart each other except those who believe and do good deeds. And we see this all the time. It's very sad. Sometimes people say, in business, they said do not make a partner, do not have a partnership with your friend. And my question always is that who do you want me to have a partnership with my enemy? I mean, don't partner with your friend means what? Because you make you you accept somebody as a business partner, because you trust them because you you know you have some affection towards them, because you know them well. And more than affection, it is trust that you that you trust this person will do the

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right thing. If that if we are not going to use that. Then how would you have how would you have a partnership at all. You can't have a partnership with your enemy, obviously. But you also can't have a partnership with somebody who's a complete stranger, who you know nothing about and you have no trust because not because the person is a is untrustworthy, but because you don't know them. And trust is is always, always always the result of mutual experience, result of time

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spent together result of interaction, the result of, of dealings and so on and so forth which have gone well. That is how trust is built. So another is that I'm saying that despite all of this, partners will deceive, or will try to deceive each other. And we know this is true, it is true. So I don't know this is a tragic thing, but it is definitely true. And

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therefore this is an agreement this is a warning to have clear agreements in partnership. Unless mountains or the Bahamas monitor the Earth, the longest out of the Quran, which is which starts with the either either the end to be then in Isla de la masama.

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To the end of the page 15 lines it is it is the largest and longest I have the Quran, where Allah subhanaw taala

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warned us and advised us and told us to have clear agreements which will be written down and witnessed, and where there is no witness, Allah is the witness. So this is something to be always kept in mind and followed. As soon as I saw them sometimes would give money to somebody, he would say count. And they say jasola, what do you have given it to us, we trust you, we said no, I can make a mistake when counting. And later on, you go home and you find that the money is short, then you will feel hesitant to come back and ask me and maybe shaitaan will put a doubt in your mind about me and my honesty, I don't want all that. So count the money here in front of me satisfy

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yourself that it is correct. Now this is a very safe and very correct way of the aanbieding. So also with,

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with agreements, no matter who it is, even if it's your own brother, if it's a business partnership, if it's not a business partnership, do whatever. But if it is a business partnership, then it is absolutely critical that you write it down, you reduce it to writing, put it on paper, both parties read it, understand it and sign off.

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It is a very important then then there is a paper there is something that you can refer to in times of stress in times of difficulty. Sometimes you forget, sometimes your heirs will forget. So you may have done an agreement with somebody, but people coming after you they were not part of that meeting. They had no personal knowledge of either of you, but they are your heirs or they are people who have taken over from you. And they have to necessarily honor that agreement, but they should know what the agreement was in the first place. And if that is not clear, then there is a potential for conflict. So this is very, very important to learn this lesson and say that reduce everything to

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two right?

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Now the men heard him and then suddenly the disappears. Now there is immediately knew that these were not men, these were Malaika Ladson to test him.

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And he realized his mistake, that he had not heard the other side of the story. So Allah subhanaw taala. Therefore, this shock

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made though there is alarm, give a judgement in a hurry in haste, and therefore there was a mistake. So immediately, he fell into June and asked Allah, Allah to forgive him and Allah subhanaw taala forgive him. After that Allah subhanaw taala appointed him as a Khalifa and

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we see here that thou there is haram after the mistake was better than thou there is around before the mistake, like other ways around when we came and we after his mistake and stowa So if you make a mistake, it is not something to despair, it is something to act upon, like the embedded. If they make a mistake, they immediately made Toba as the foreignness mattala forgives any websites out and it This mistake is this experience makes them better people and the same thing applies to us. Allah subhanaw taala said yeah, that although in Jamnagar Hollyford and Phil LD fi combined and NAS will have key well at every Tata real, however, for you the luck and Sevilla in London i La Luna and

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Sabina la Hilo, Madame Chedid be Manasu Yamaha ASAP or the old Verily, We have placed you as a successor as a Calif on the earth, so judged between men, between people in truth and justice and do not follow your desire for it will mislead you from the Path of Allah. Verily, those who wander stray from the path of Allah will have a severe trauma because they forgot the day of reckoning.

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The lesson from this is that justice is in the heart of the judge.

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Justice is not if the judge wants to be just here we just naively look at a combination of judges and laws of corrupt laws and corrupt judges. You can see how

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how terrible the situation is. Today we have a situation where even in countries which claim to be Muslim, the

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Sharia is not applied across the board Sharia is applied only in the only with respect to criminal laws. So, you have people you know, if you have a thief, you may you may have his hand being amputated, but the grand thieves the big thieves who run things, nothing happens to them. The Sharia has made interest based banking haram, but every single so called Muslim country which claims to be the defender of the faith and claims to be a representative of Islam, they have interest based banks in their in their countries with full powers to indulgent has been begging even though Allah subhanaw taala declared war on the one who deals in interest. So where is the Sharia on this thing?

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So, similarly, there are so many other examples that we see in the world. So we

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apply it we seem to apply in this country, we seem to apply Sharia only to

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swallow crimes. And then we allow it is with banking and smoking and alcohol and gambling. All of this we have also raises capital races, dog races, right. All of these because all of these pay money to the government all of these are things which are taxed, and is the gets an income to the government so they are not stopped. Justice in Islam is to be applied to everyone and to apply the law of Allah's Rata equally, not selectively, to some people and not, not to other people out there law applied the Sharia every day. But he did not stone a single inventor, he established the Khilafah. He fought the north of the and he made it firm, over the lotto inherited a stable

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colophon. So he created systems, that the one the Treasury to run the government to pay salaries, paved roads, land reforms, Division of land between people.

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The the jihad with the Persian Empire, right.

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And then the Persian Empire was conquered or fatherland who worked on the preservation of the Quran. Also the photo head towards the east and north, Alia Delano devoted his time to solving the problems arising out of the assassination. I was wondering, can I follow the Law No, Mama, Mama IV, IV, IV, Sophia, estado de la who established the Navy as the Muslims needed to go north to face the Roman Empire. All of these are examples of the establishment of the Sharia. Our problem now is that we deal with Islamic work on the basis of our desires. And then we use Islam to try to justify our actions. This is the opposite of what we should be doing the what is desired. This is the job of the

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roughs. And it's a very difficult struggle. And that is the meaning of submission. It's very important to understand this and not to get sidetracked because many times we hear this thing of call for Khilafah, and so on. And if you ask people what Whoa, how about establishing California yourself, on your own family. Clapham is what you're talking about establishment of the laws of Allah subhanho wa taala. The rules on this matter? Where does it Where should it begin? Not in the outside world, it should begin inside, in in ourselves, you're on ourselves and in our own families, if I cannot even brave five times a day, regularly, if I cannot wear the hijab, if I cannot do what

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Allah has ordered me to do at a personal level, how am I supposed to be talking about why should I be talking about things to be done at a at a public and at a collective level? This is a very important thing to keep in mind and to understand.

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My brothers and sisters, everything begins at home. If you see the Syrah versus Ursula, the, what he did in 13 years in Islam in the Makkah was the establishment of the Sharia, or consistently Sharia because all the laws uncovered meaning establishment or let me change the word establishment of the supremecy the primacy and the glory and magnificence of Allah subhanaw taala in the heart, when that happened, everything else became easy.

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When the supremacy and magnificence of Allah subhanho wa Taala came into the heart, everything else became easy. If you take the prohibition of alcohol in,

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in America, for example, they spent me they brought in a constitutional amendment to,

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to to enforce prohibition, and the consumption of alcohol. They said it's a drug, and its results in so many heart diseases and so many things so much evil and therefore should not be.

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It should not be used or no drinking, no manufacturing, no transport and so on. They spent millions of dollars and they jail. Hundreds of 1000s of people and at the end of it they gave up

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The desert can this cannot be stopped. So instead now the taxes the tax alcohol and alcohol is a huge taxpayer.

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Interesting to note, cigarette smoking kills about a quarter of a million people every year in the US. Alcohol kills about maybe

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100,000 people or so every year. So we're talking about two major killers.

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Interesting thing is on cigarettes, baguettes, you use get the Surgeon General's warning that this leads to cancer. But there's no alcohol bottle which has that. Why is that? That's because alcohol pays a much higher tax. And the revenue royal God is much higher than revenue cigarettes. So when the world starts running on purely on the basis of money, then every evil is okay as long as it is being paid for.

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As long as it's being for itself. As long as it's paying for itself. So as long as the evil and we see this across the world we see this way Allah forgive us, we see this in so called Muslim countries,

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where we see everything you name it, there is gambling, there is alcohol, there is prostitution, there is interest backing, you name it. It is there it is out on the street, it is visible, and it is official.

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And the example and then the usual thing that's told to us is, you know, we also have massage. It's your choice. You want to go to the masjid go to the masjid, you want to go to the brothel go to the brothel, the media, we're not talking about personal choice of a person he has, of course, he had the choice. We're talking about the governments who allow this to happen.

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A person may have the choice to go to the masjid or to the brothel or to the bar. But what about the government allows a brothel and a bar to be there and they tax them and they take that money?

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This is happening, this is happening in Muslim countries.

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We seriously need to check our own image

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and ask ourselves do we really seriously believe as well as as administrators? Do we really seriously believe that we will die? Do we really seriously believe that we will face a lost battle? Or do we really seriously believe that we will be held to account

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and this is a very important question to ask ourselves is not is not a joke.

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And not it won't you know just giving these smart smartass answers is not going to help.

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Because if you are creating and you are paying for and you are allowing all forms of ganja and all forms of sin, to not just exist, but to exist safely and proliferate in your nation,

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then definitely you are responsible for all those who get misguided. Now this does not take away the individual responsibility of the person not to get misguided not to go there. Just because there is a bar doesn't mean you need to go there.

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You do not need to they must not go there.

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But the responsibility of the one who put the bar there that is by itself.

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So it's very important for us to understand this

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our problem now is that we deal with Islamic work based on our desires and then we use Islam to justify the actions take even the work of Dawa Islam for example today is done as a business. People are making money out of it.

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That is there that is there. That is a means of income. That's the revenue stream.

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I have always been against this absent do the work of the deen of Allah smelter for the sake almost mountain have a separate revenue stream for yourself.

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And there's no coffee between the two

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doggedness love was an OB and a king. And yet Ross Ross Ross Ross said about him. The best fasting is a fasting of my brothers Tao used to fast one day and break the fast the next day he used to eat the next day. He would never run away from battle. He would never show his back to the enemy. The best prayer is the prayer of the old alayhi salam used to sleep 1/3 of the night, then he would pray for 1/3 of the night. Then he would sleep for 1/3 of the night.

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I think about is here is a ruler.

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He's also a ruler he's also an OB.

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Now this shows that ABA is the strength of the rural Zod divided is the strength of the whole

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night political work destroys your soul and you need our lane and vigor to keep yourself on track. Where there is no camera late then the shaitan takes over.

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is even more important. This is the reason why the self Asahi the olive oil the bias the scholars the the the Sahaba and they ran away from administrative rules they ran away from politics they ran away from government rules because of what it does to the soul.

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Instead they sought to be alone by themselves

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just to the work of the of the for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala No, I'm a Muslim and colada Abdullah he came to Medina to inform Mr. Malhotra that I know that a certain area and in a sham had been conquered had been over. When reached by the United was known, and since it was a tradition among the Arabs to sleep in the afternoon, a Muslim

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holiday went to the masjid instead of to say the numbers house so as not to disturb in the masjid. He told the people about this victory, or the Hata heard and called him and asked him why he did not report the matter to the Khalifa first, instead of telling the people of a Muslim Alcala de la la said yeah well woman I thought he was sleeping and did not want to disturb you. So then our Gotham said how can I sleep? When if I sleep in the day I will not be able to fulfill my duty to the people. And if I sleep in the night I would not be able to fulfill my duty to Allah.

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They say that all Nakata Delano never slept in a bed after he became Khalifa. He used to sleep just maybe sitting just nodding off a little bit like that or even sometimes chanting.

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Imagine him today we work like this, especially those who are in government and in judiciary and politics. What would be what would be the effect of the Muslim minister or administrator on the people who works like this with a fear of Allah subhanaw taala is totally committed to justice spending 1/3 of the night in prayer and being guided by loss manager.

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That is why people who had knowledge did not want government they did not want positions of authority because of how much of stress it is.

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Because you are even more answerable to Allah Samantha is not only government people and people fight for elections in the way they fight to become you know President of images or something or be Moses boats forward to get what

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if you are going to accept a position of authority my brothers sisters forget about rest.

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Forget about rest, ensure that you pray to handle like a fourth spend 1/3 of the night is Allah and Allah the Quran and Nikolas monitor and ask him keep being a last round data to guide you and keep making stuff.

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The other lists allow had extreme data about his wives. What is what is ladies, and this is a feature of the Muslim to have this Veera for the honor of his women. When he left his home, he will close all the doors and not allow any man to get in. Suddenly one day when he was out to his house he saw his wife saw a man in the middle of the house, though there is a return and saw the man and divide is Who Are You

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the man said I'm not afraid of kings

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and none can run away from me.

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So thou that observes that I was there had multiple modes

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either molekule mode

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marhaba BM umbrella, he said welcome with the order of Allah

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the angel group the soul of Dow that is around right there. So Mr. Ray salaam ordered the birds to shed thou that a Salam Why did while they were doing the work of preparing a janazah and at night he ordered the birds to protect him and to come close to him and share it with their wings until they could finish the process of barrier.

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And this is the story of though that he set up

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out of the sisters Soheila lots of Hana data has given us the opportunity

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use this not as opportunity Ella's Mother gave us this wonderful

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Dean and this wonderful

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you know the

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the wonderful opportunity to

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to learn from his deed and to

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to live our lives in a way which is pleasing to Him inshallah. And that's why it's important for us to use every moment of our time to

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to ensure that we live our lives completely and totally in awareness on this matter. The thing which I remind myself again and again I remind you again and again. Is there a Hamdulillah we have a legion, which is not just natural Fitri which which goes along with our fitness which goes along with our our nature, but which is which has everything in it. Every single thing that is ordained and ordered in Islam is intrinsically beneficial for the person. There is absolutely nothing in Islam, whether it is in civil law and criminal law in any kind of thing.

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That is harmful.

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In any way, everything is completely and totally beneficial to you two hours plus if we live our lives like that then this gets us Janna.

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Now what more can we ask? It's a total win win situation if I live my life obedient to Allah subhanaw taala which means on the Sunnah of Rasulullah salah, then not only will I have a beautiful life, not only will I be popular, not only will I have moral authority, not only will I have, you know, peace and contentment in my heart, and no stress and no worry, not only will all of these things be there, but I will also insha Allah get seek and get the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala which means Jana inshallah.

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Now, why would we not want this?

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Think about this, why would you not want this

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that is the whole beauty of Islam, it's not just a matter of Salah or you know, the external appearance, all of those things are important. The beard is important here is important the clothing is important the the way we speak is important the way this praying, Salah is important bringing the budget is important all of these things are important

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it's not one against the other.

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Islam is to live Islam is to Islam, the the beauty of Islam has manifest in every aspect of my life in my family, my personal life in my external life, when I'm working in an organization, right, how I earn what I earn, where I am from where I spend all of these things are places and more where Islam must be manifested must become clearer must become visible in my life, then inshallah my life will be successful, as well as Mandela dilla Dillo to accept these classes to accept the lectures and enable us to live me and you to live according to these beautiful examples that Allah has shown us in the lives of Isabella was Salam wa salam Ohana will vary. While he was away remember what I

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mean? Well, Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi

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