How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus

Ali Albarghouthi


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The speaker discusses the importance of protecting oneself from infection and the need for a strong faith in Islam. They emphasize the need to trust Allah for his protection and to be mindful of one's behavior. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of protecting oneself from harm and the need for a strong faith in Islam.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. While he was alive, he was seldom Ubud. How do we protect ourselves from the Coronavirus? Now the answer to this question has two sides, two complimentary sides. The first is a physical protection. And the second is a spiritual protection and they complete each other. The physical side, the physical protection is what health professionals would recommend and I hope is familiar to us. As social distancing, washing your hands frequently

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avoiding congested places, etc, etc. And there is an Islamic basis for all of this advice. So for instance, when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam has said that, when you hear about the plague in a land do not enter it and it happens in a land that you're in, do not leave all that is containment, that is quarantine. And when he sits to the low honor you assylum in the authentic hadith that you are doing read on Alamosa that a sick person shouldn't visit a healthy person

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that is there that social distancing.

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that protects us from

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infection. So this is an important site.

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And it's a site that's being stressed over and over. So I'm not going to emphasize this.

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What we need to remember is that other side that's often neglected and actually compliments and balances the physical side. And that is

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to know first and foremost that all this happens by the will of Allah has no physical protection, and it's important to take but no physical protection on its own is going to save you and me from harm

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is going to extend my in your life beyond what Allah has decreed. And with all our precautions, if Allah decides that someone is going to die and be infected, someone is going to die and be infected with this or with something else. So it's important first of all, to remember that with everything that we're doing that the power belongs to Allah. And these things happen, because Allah allows them to these things happen because Allah wants them to, he has the power to cure, and he has the power to protect. So do everything and take your precautions, but put your trust in Allah xojo that is important.

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And that is a lozenge. It says in the whole iron

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portal they use even in the market of Allah holiness say nothing will happen to us, except what Allah has decreed. Hola, mowlana He is our protector. He's the one who takes care of us, wildlife and yet our Kelly moon and upon a law, that believers should put their trust in a law they should put their trust. So we do everything that we're supposed to do, physically, but our trust is in Allah xojo believing that it is he who protects and because of that there is this also spiritual sight

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that should complement any physical precautions that we are taking. So for instance,

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the car the remembrance of Allah has ordered

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the car in the morning I've got a Saba and the car in the evening. It's got all messed up, and the car before you go to bed, and that car when you leave your home, all of these if you would go and review them in a book such as his non Muslim, the fortress of the believer, the fortress of the Muslim. If you go back and view them, you'll find that in them, there is protection from harm. You're asking Allah zodion for safety. You're asking Allah azza wa jal

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for his protection

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throughout the day throughout the night when you sleep when you leave your home. And when you say these things repeatedly, then yes, Allah azza wa jal is gonna help you. Allah xojo is gonna protect you, and the laws of God will hear you.

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So the vicar of Allah has origin is important. So what I want to emphasize here, as we're doing everything in our means, physically, to also return to Allah as origin spiritually and remember him often so before between Arsalan, mahalo, say, Europcar before you go to bed see your car when you wake up.

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from sleep after failure before sunrise, see your car, before you leave, when you leave your home or about to leave your home CRF card there is protection in that from Allah subhanho wa Taala. The second is to look good on Allah, trusting him relying on him, knowing that he controls everything. And that helps with panicking, by the way, helps with with over anxiety over the news, the possibility that I he she will be infected, what will happen to us? Will there be shortages of food where we'll be able to do this or that when you put your trust in Allah zone, you know that he has decreed everything and everything that is going to happen to you. Allah knows about it. And a lot as

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Odin if asked, he's the most merciful.

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The third thing that I want to emphasize and how we protect ourselves from it, is to know that anything, any calamity, any general calamity, specifically that descends on this earth happens because of our collective sense, our collective shortcomings. And the way to push back the way the way to remove all of that is to actually repent and to come back to Allah and to be closer to Him and to make dua. So making dua asking Allah to save us and our families and loved ones and societies and countries that removes this hardship and also repenting

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and following Allah's commands and guidance and staying away from heroin, also helps with this as a laxative says in the hold on Rob Bennett chief and Elijah in me known

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as Allah says, what could be omitted is Mr. Buchanan will be his witness or anticipate the day when the when the sky would be filled with smoke eruption us, it will overwhelm people have either been eliminates a painful punishment. Following this, Allah says on the tongue of the believers Rob banner, yeah, Allah actually finally removed this punishment in a moment because we are believers. So Allah points out in this ayah, that the reason for removal of this punishment is the piety of the people. So piety will also ward off personally, but also collectively, the punishment of Allah has have done any hardship, any calamity. So to protect ourselves, stay away from sin, stay away from

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upsetting Allah subhanho wa Taala. ask Allah to protect you to save you enter your families. And you will find that as you do this and you remember Allah azza wa jal, often with everything physical, as we mentioned, all the physical precautions. But as you keep remembering Allah, Allah will also put peace and serenity in your heart. So you will have the courage you will have the man to face all of this in sha Allah without panicking. Without it, devastating you and your loved ones being a soldier, we hope we ask Allah xojo to protect us and our families, our loved ones, and for a lot to lift this very quickly, and to teach us the lessons that we need to learn from it. I mean, what have

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they been mean? Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh