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Tarawih Burps

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Saad Tasleem

Channel: Saad Tasleem

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Episode Transcript

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I said I'm on a coma dilla hate what I gotta do. My name is Seth this theme I'm here with another automobile on public service announcement. There are way too many people out there way too many Muslims who are filling up to the max for if thought some people think that the thought is to make up for the whole day that you haven't eaten. And the problem with that is how to love that after that their days just shot and even in their worship, whether whether they're praying a chef or thought when they're full, they can concentrate their pass out in Japan a lot you know what's even worse, the people next to them after suffering through those burps we've all been next to that

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person Mashallah right in the middle of their prayer, they let out this nice beautiful burp machelle like and smell all the pakoras all the onions or garlic everything that they've had is not you know, the process hadn't even told us that a person should not come to the machine with the smell of onions and garlic. So what about all these DC spices and smells it's not just bases other cultures as well but especially bases you see this a lot but the point here is our brothers and sisters that the point of the month of Ramadan is to be modern and especially modern what we eat so go easy go super easy under if thought what I would say is whatever you think is normal, divide that by three

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and just have a third of what you think is normal and come to the message of that inshallah after that after what are we after a shadow you can go eat all you want because you're bothering no one at that time. Until next time inshallah sit on Monday come work with a light