How to Maintain Your Progress AFTER Ramadan

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The speaker discusses the importance of maintaining progress during the month of dash dash dash dash during the month of dash dash dash, which is when everything has been accomplished. They give five tips for maintaining progress, including staying in a spiritual state, praying with others, and finding one's strengths. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of fasting during the month of dash dash dash and encourages viewers to subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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Now that I'm about is over how do we maintain all of that progress that we made during Ramadan?

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So first off, I want to say that if you're feeling like your iman has gone down or that you're feeling a dip in your Eman, your spirituality is less now that Ramadan is over. That's absolutely normal Ramadan is a blessing month it is a time full of Baraka blessings, it is a time of the year in which it is easier to worship Allah. So the more we worship Allah the more time we spend and the more our heart is connected to that worship. Of course the higher our Eman will be after Ramadan is over. It's easy to fall back to our original ways fall back into all of our habits before the month of Ramadan. That being said, we should still make an effort try our best to maintain all that

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progress we made during the month of Ramadan. So I have five tips for you that will hopefully inshallah Allah help you do that. Number one, all of your previous sins were forgiven. So get into that mindset. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said as it's mentioned on site and body and Muslim month sama Ramadan Iman and why this happened, who fear Allah who made them and then be the one who fast the month of Ramadan having faith and seeking the reward than all of their previous sins will be forgiven. Well, that means we should be hopeful we should believe that yes, we fasted the month of Ramadan. Yeah, we weren't perfect, but we tried our best. And so now we're coming out

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with a clean slate. If we're starting fresh, we're starting a new this doesn't mean that we take it easy and we relax. This means that we want to keep our record clean. Allah has given us another chance Allah allowed us to pass the month of Ramadan. So have that attitude with everything that you approach now that the month of Ramadan is over. For example, if we desire a certain sin, remember, we don't want to ruin that nice perfect record that we have after the month of Ramadan. Number two, ask Allah to accept your Ramadan we know the companions of the Prophet send them that for six months after the month of Ramadan, they would continually make dua they would continually pray to Allah to

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accept their Ramadan. One of the benefits of doing that is that we will constantly be cognizant of Ramadan if for six months, we're asking Allah to accept a Ramadan, that also means we are working hard to make sure that we don't let that progress go, it's not likely that we're going to be continually asking Allah to accept our Ramadan and at the same time, chilling, sitting back and doing nothing to maintain everything that we've benefited from in the month of Ramadan. So naturally, as we're making this to off we're making every single day Imagine every single day you're thinking about the month of Ramadan, and that is motivating you to keep up everything that you were

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doing during the month of Ramadan. Number three have a game plan. I said this before Ramadan and during Ramadan, a game plan is important. A game plan means you know where you're going, you know what you want to accomplish. You know what your goals are. A person can say, I want to be good after Ramadan. I want to worship Allah a lot after the month of Ramadan. But that's not very specific. What does that mean for you set clear goals for yourself, I want to do X, Y, and Z. This is what my schedule looks like after the month of Ramadan. So set those goals make sure they're realistic goals, goals that you can actually accomplish. And that way you can also track your progress. Those

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goals can also be adjusted maybe we set some very high goals and we find out in a week that we're not able to maintain them well then we have to sit down and set more realistic goals, goals that we can actually accomplish. Have a roadmap have a clear plan for what happens after the month of Ramadan. Number four, figure out what your strengths are a beautiful thing that happened in Ramadan is that we worship Allah in so many different ways. We were praying a lot more we were fasting obviously we were reciting the Quran, we were giving charity and that means we were able to experience these different types of worship. And also think about what we enjoy the most what our

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strengths are, one person may enjoy fasting more another person may enjoy the prayer more another person may enjoy reciting the Quran more apart from the obligatory acts of worship. Allah has given us so many options and those options mean we can focus on what we like focus on what our strengths are. So take a moment and figure out what those strengths are and use those acts of worship to propel yourself to get closer to Allah number five VAs six days from the month of Chawan the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said as it's mentioned in Sahih Muslim that the one who fast a Ramadan and then follows it with six days from show well, then it will be as if they fasted the whole year.

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So just six days after Ramadan six days in the month of shall well gives us the reward of fasting for the whole year. Now I know you may have heard this before, but what is the purpose of us fasting the six days of Shaohua

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Yes, it's to get that reward, but also it is to help us maintain everything that we were doing during Ramadan. You see, fasting puts us in a Mubarak a blessed state. So as we fast six days from Chawan, we are bringing back those feelings and that Baraka that we felt in the month of Ramadan. So these six days of Chawan can be extremely important in helping us maintain all of the progress that we made during the month of Ramadan and Allahu Subhana. Allah knows best those are five tips that I have for you. But I would love to hear from you as well. Let me hear your tips. What helps you maintain your email and after a month, I would love to read it and benefit from those tips and I'm

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sure everyone else would like to as well so please share them in the comments below. Until next time, I said I'm on April one off at the La Jolla Barakatuh Hey, you're still here watching this video. The video is over. But I'm glad you're watching. Thank you so much for watching that video. And thank you for watching all the previous videos that I have done. As you may have noticed, I've been a lot more active since COVID-19. Since we've been quarantined, I've actually had a lot more time to make and upload more content to this YouTube channel and I appreciate all of your support. You can continue to support me by sharing these videos with other people. And also subscribing

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subscribing helps a lot. There's actually a lot of people who watch these videos who are not subscribed to the channel so if you aren't subscribed, go ahead and do it. Now subscribe to the channel and I look forward to presenting a lot more new content in the days and weeks and months to come in sha Allah insha Allah have a good one take care said I'm on a call