3 Reasons Why We Go Through Hardships

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The speaker discusses three reasons why Allah puts the caller through a hardship, including watching the story of a woman who lost her life because of a loss of quantity, testing them to increase their rank, and possibly receiving a loss penalty. The speaker emphasizes the importance of testing and improving in order to achieve success in a life.

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three reasons why Allah puts you through a hardship, you are watching hashtag asleep.

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So why is it that a loss penalty will put you through a hardship? Why is it that sometimes you feel pain and you suffer and you go through tests and trials? Here are three reasons why loss penalty would put you through a hardship. Number one, a last panel Tiana wants to remove your sins in this life and not in the era. We know that the Prophet said ally send them told us that not a single calamity. Not a single hardship is experienced by us, except that a lot removes some of our sins because of it. Even the president said even they even a pricking of a thorn would relieve us or would remove some of our sins. So it was kind of data doesn't want to punish us in the data. And

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obviously, we know the worst way to have our sins removed is to be punished in the hellfire. And so before any of that happens, a lot puts us through these hardships to cleanse us and cleanse us of our sins. Number two, a loss of quantity wants to provide us with taqwa what is telkwa what is the consciousness of a loss of data, TEPCO is being aware of a loss pinata? The reality is that sometimes we live our lives and we tend to forget about Allah, we tend to forget that we need a last panel to add. So every now and then Allah will put us through a hardship to remind us that we need a last panel tiata when we go through pain, when we go through a hardship This is a lot reminding us

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that we are truly in need of a loss penalty. Adda number three, a lot tests us a lot puts us through hardship to increase us in rank because He loves us. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us that when Allah loves someone, he will test them and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us that those were tested most severely are the prophets and then those most like them and then those most like them. So as we go through these tests and trials, we are raised in rank and we get more and more closer to the prophets I send them and the rest of the prophets so it is out of a loss of power without his love for us and wanting to increase us in rank that we are tested or being tested by a loss penalty

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Allah and Allah knows best. Until next time, inshallah. I said I'm on a cul de sac.