Shaadi Season – Episode 05 – Wedding Expectations of Culture and Family

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of cultural expectations during weddings and how it affects one's personal culture. They stress that while one may not have their culture, their wedding experiences are part of their personal experiences and are not their fault. The speaker also advises not to get caught up in all aspects of the wedding, as it is not about the culture of the person they are married to.
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. A common issue that comes up during weddings is the cultural expectations one may have going into a wedding.

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Listen, you must realize that we all have a certain culture, whether we consciously ascribe to it or not, no matter how much you try to disassociate yourself from a particular culture, you still have your own culture. Some people will say, my culture is Islam. I'm sorry. But there are certain things about your life that Islam did to dictate things that are part of you that Islam doesn't care one way or the other about Islam gives us guidelines and principles. And as long as our culture fits within those guidelines, culture is not necessarily bad. The type of food you eat, for example, that's part of your culture. Islam has some guidelines and clear prohibitions. For example, don't

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eat pork, don't consume alcohol, don't eat meat that isn't slaughtered properly, and so on. But it's not doesn't care whether you eat beef biryani, or a beef cheeseburger, as long as it's head on. It's it's all good. And that's part of your culture, the food you eat, the way you dress, your language, culture. So we all have culture, and it's not all the same. It's obvious when you're marrying someone from a different race, or different ethnicity. But even if you're marrying someone from your own culture, just the fact that you grew up in two different households mean you have two different cultures. And you know what every household does have their own culture, their own way of doing

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things, their own likes and dislikes and so on. So no matter who you marry, you're marrying someone from a different culture. Yeah, some cultures are closer to your culture, and some cultures are farther, but there will always be some differences. Keeping that in mind, here are a few things to watch out for when getting married. Firstly, you must must must be able to compromise if this is going to work, or speaking about weddings here, but this applies to the rest of your life that you're going to spend with this person as well. If you can make it work for the wedding, inshallah, tada, it's a good sign that you can make it work in the future as well. Always remember, cultural

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practices are not law. Sometimes there's no right and wrong. There's just different ways of doing things. You don't want to start your marriage off with disagreements. You don't want to start your marriage off with bad blood between the families. You don't want to start your marriage off with resentment. Yeah, many people have their perfect wedding in mind. They the wedding that they always dreamed of, that they dreamed their wedding would be like this or like that. But remember, it's exactly that a dream wedding. And this is real life and real life is not perfect. Real Life is complicated. And in the real world, you cannot survive without compromises. This is what Allah has

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told us that a marriage has two necessary components my wife de and Norma, affectionate love and mercy. Yes, we must be merciful towards towards each other. Otherwise, it's not going to work. When it's all said and done. Don't get caught up in all the things you didn't have during your wedding, or how many ways your wedding was different than how you dreamed or imagined. Rather, think of all the ways in which your wedding went right. Think of the blessings of Allah Think of how Allah even granted you a wedding in the first place. And a lot of granted you espouse. How do people never get married? How do people never have a wedding gown people never find that loving spouse. May was

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fantastic goddess towards that which is the most pleasing to Him and grant his happiness in this life. And the analyst peloton knows best until next time, Michelle law said I'm on a cul de la hate what I got to