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Bilal Assad
AI: Summary © The spiritual cycle is crucial for experiencing death and the return of the soul to the earth, including the presence of the goddamn soul and the physical presence of the beast. People experience time and space, including a woman who lost her life due to a cat and donkey, and a man who had a cat and donkey and had a long time in the Earth. fulfilling spiritual goals and learning to change behavior are crucial for achieving the world, and the negative impact of Martyr booked as a casualty and its potential for chaos and evil behavior is highlighted.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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welcome welcome all of you to the

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what we could call a bonus event in our series on the on the questions the grip

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Hamdulillah. This event has been organized by revivals, a society based in AUM, a society made up of students. And we

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do our best to do that. Well for the sake of Allah Spanner with the either. And

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over the past couple of months, we had a series of events on the questions degree. So we had three events. With chef Ibrahim no chef, Adama hasn't actually often humble covering the first three questions. And finally, we've got the last event where we're going to have a general overview of the life in the grave that a believer or this believer may go through and for this purpose, Inshallah, we will have, we will be having chef Bilal Asad from Australia to teach us more on this topic on this on this topic, who shifted actually, Bilal is

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just below was born in Williamson, Melbourne, Australia. He started the Sami studies at a very early age and acquired his Sharia knowledge in Lebanon. He then continued his higher education in biomedical science in Australia. The share has offered his service to the community for many years and has been working with the Islamic Society of Victoria for over 10 years. She also has audio lectures on many platforms, many platforms online, which are very beneficial, I would really recommend all of you to if you have time to

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check out checks other other words. So without further ado, let's dive into the meat of the session. And I would like to welcome Chanel acid on to the three

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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Alhamdulillah here of beleid salatu salam ala Nabina, Muhammad wa ala alihi wa Safi as mine, my brothers and sisters, it is a pleasure to once again speak to you in Malaysia all the way from Australia. I've been there a few times. Today in sha Allah without further ado, we'll go straight into the topic and inshallah I'll give you some time. If you have any questions that you can ask me in the end, but didn't hit that Isla, by the will of Allah, I will try my best to answer them. I want to begin by saying that

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about two years ago, you may or may not know that I personally went through a tragedy myself, my own brother and son passed away. And it did affect me as you can imagine. But Allah subhanaw taala assists the believer if they have true taqwa in him, and they believe what He says. Now, one thing that played on my mind, and I think a lot of you who have, if any of you have lost their loved ones, or anything like that, you want to know,

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you want to know that about the hereafter, you want to know what's actually happening to them, you need something called closure. And the more you know, I found that it was better for me, and he gave me a bit more comfort. However, the problem was, there is always a degree of uncertainty. You read all the verses in the Quran, you read Hadith from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And there's always a degree of uncertainty, I wonder where my loved ones really are right now.

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So one of the things that I have to admit to you is that I wished, I wished personally, that there was no punishment, in the hereafter no punishment in the world of the graves.

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Because we hear a lot about that.

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And at the same time, I got to a point where I even wished, if there was nothing at all, during the grave time, and weather, and I would be more comfortable to know that they were just like, as if they were in a coma or sleeping, and that they will just wake up and not see or know anything, like a person sleeping.

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So I went and did more research on top of what I've already done all my life and the classical information that any shared or scholar would study and research and get taught over the past 1400 years of information that we have about the unseen world that has reached us and been transmitted to us either through the Quran, or through the Hadith of the Prophet sallahu wa salam. And there are many books that have been written about it. One very famous one is the one by YBNL claim, which is called handle Arwa. And in a lot of these books, they have not just Quranic verses and Hadith, but they have many stories and experiences encounters.

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I wasn't feeling comfortable with the stories and the ink

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counters, because this involves my close loved ones. And when someone's love to you, you tend to be want to be a little bit more specific. But really brothers and sisters, we have to take it easy on ourselves. At the end of the day, the world of the unseen, nobody knows its reality and how it really is except Allah subhanho wa taala. And at the end of the day, Allah subhanaw taala already tells us that He is our hamara he mean He is the Most Merciful. There's no one more merciful than him at the same time. He's just in fear. Yes. So I'll also Salah Salem also told us that Allah said in a hadith ROTC and now in the host neural network dB, I am the way my slave thinks of me for the

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oven, Nebia Masha, let him or her think of me as they will. But the when you think of me, Allah is saying in a good way, I will be as that meaning I'm no other way assume of Allah well, and when you do that your door app becomes a better your call upon him better your words come out in the right place, and it will benefit you and those who have passed away. My brothers and sisters, when somebody passes away, they're not going to a villain or to someone who is cruel they're going to Allah. And so assume well of ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. At the same time, Allah Subhana Allah tells us to prepare ourselves, and to work towards getting into paradise and avoiding ourselves from hellfire

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and avoiding Allah's punishment and working towards his rewards. So part of it is our duty.

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And that's like a person or a teacher who tells this student, a caring teacher, the exams are coming, the exams are coming. So prepare, study, do your work. Sometimes they're firm with them, sometimes they scare them in a good way. They say if you if you don't study your paths, you'll flunk out, you might not have, you know, you might not get into the courses or the future that you want.

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You'll find it hard. So sometimes we have to do that. And sometimes we have to encourage them. And that's what Allah subhanaw taala does, He gives us hope, and he gives us fear. And that is aimed to us as living people, some of us will work much better with hope. And others work much better with fear. But the majority of us work somewhere in between, we need to flip flop between hope and fear. If we have too much hope, too much positivity in the hereafter thinking that everything's going to be okay. A lot of us will become negligent. That's the nature of humans. And if we made to fear too much, then honestly we become mentally ill and sick. And we no longer can worship Allah in the right

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way. And some people even leave Islam altogether. or disbelieve in God because of exhaustion. So Allah keeps us you know, checked, a little bit of hope, a little bit of fear. And both of them in sha Allah help us along the way.

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As much as I researched after my brother and son passed away, my Allah have mercy upon them and upon your loved ones. I found that my wish did not come true. My wish that there is no punishment in the grave, my wish that it was just like sleeping,

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after doing thorough research once again. And I found that there are things which we have heard before from our parents with things that we've even studied in the religious books, even of great scholars that are actually not authentic, or not reliable, and some of them are hearsay stories. But the majority of information still stands in the hereafter in Jehan in the world of the graves, then my dear brothers and sisters, there is blessings and rewards, and there is punishment and fear. And there is those who are in between. So there are three types of people and three types of situations. In this short talk, I can't go through all the academic research and the proof that all the Hadith

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about the world of the of the dead, are authentic, that takes a long time in sha Allah. But hopefully one day, we can do a session on that insha Allah Allah and the reason why I mentioned that is because in the 21st century, they've come out groups of Muslims.

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Well, I don't know if they are Muslims or not Allahu Arnhem, where they've resorted to only claim that whatever the Quran says is true, and anything other than that is not they don't believe in Hadith.

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And most of them are lay people there are people who haven't had proper Islamic knowledge, like proper quote from qualified trained scholars, but they've read a book here or there and I won't mention any names of some scholars who

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the majority of scholars have said that they've lost their way saying and even giving their own interpretation of the Quran, especially when it came to the punishment of the grave and the world of the dead. They make up

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an interpretation

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Shouldn't that's more metaphorical as if it's an imagination and that any sounds more like other religions and it is obvious slam my brothers sisters 1400 years of information that is transmitted to us till today and it is authenticated and it has been scrutinized over and over again by eminent scholars of the past who are like what you could call today. Archaeologists of the highest degree have already brought and transmitted this and done all the work for us and Hamdulillah we have the authentic from the unauthentic and we have the gray areas so I'm going to today inshallah avoid the gray areas and the an authentic hadith and the unreliable of seeds, the interpretations or

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commentaries of certain verses of the Quran inshallah I will try my best to focus on what is clear and factual and give you the Deaf series that Allah subhanaw taala has assisted me in understanding along the way. So I wanted to make this introduction so that you know that my dear brothers sisters, that I'm talking this topic is personal to me. It's personal to me and it really does matter a lot to me, that I believe in it, and what is right and what is wrong from it because it involves my close family, my brothers and sisters in Islam. Here we go. Knowing more about the hereafter and the unseen, gives us comfort and gives us preparation. Allah subhanho wa Taala actually in the Quran,

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let's start with the Quran. He gives a similar tude a relationship between death, the real death that we know about, and between sleeping.

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Death is not exactly like sleep and sleeping is not exactly like death, but there is a relationship. Allah said in the Quran in chapter 39, verse 42, a long way a dough of

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food in my mouth, when Letty lamb, FEMA madman, me.

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Volumes equal letting combo Isla in

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your scene or

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in Nephi, Nicola,

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call me at DEF

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CON, which means it is Allah who takes away the souls of people at the hour of their death

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and takes away at the time of sleep, the souls of those that have not died, then he retains the souls of those against whom he had decreed death, and returns the souls of others till unapparent appointed time. Surely, there are signs in this for people who reflect. So the relationship My dear brothers and sisters from this verse between sleeping and death is the soul. The soul detaches or separates from the body in sleep, but the soul detaches temporarily and partially. Whereas in the real death, the soul separates completely and totally.

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This is why the great scholars have named sleeping as minor death and multiple Ocelot. And they call the real death where your body decays and goes into the grave. And there's no more relationship or feelings between you and this life. They called it a multiple Akbar, the major diff.

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In both ways, the soul leaves the body sees things, it feels things, it experiences things, but in its own way. And just like sleep, you are able to sometimes forget that you are asleep. You're a you feel that you are actually in a real world. Have you ever been in a situation when you were sleeping? And you were eating something? or drinking or swimming or flying or running? Have you ever been in a situation when you feel that you're buying and selling? You're getting dressed? You're undressing you're swimming you're doing all this stuff? And have you ever been in a dream where you literally felt something physical on you like a pinch or a pool or somebody touching you? You

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sometimes you felt really happy in your dream as if you were in bliss and Paradise and at times you saw yourself in torment and fire and and punishment and and heartache and other times we have nightmares and terror. There are three types of dreams by the way, the scholars have told us that one is from Allah. The other one is from your subconscious mind what you see and do in your day your mind repeats it. And number three, the ones from your shaitan there's no time to go into that. But to know that one of them is from Allah. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us in the sai Hadith which is in Muslim Sahih Muslim, that prophet hood has died with the death of Mohamed Salah Salem

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and the essence of prophet hood the still some of the signs of Prophet would that stay with us or the similar similarities of Prophethood righteous dreams that Allah subhanaw taala gives to people and these come to Muslims and non Muslims. But the point that I'm trying to make out of this is that there is a relationship with

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When death and sleep, and it's hard for us to imagine what happens to the soul when a person dies, because we don't live it, we don't see it. We've never been there. We've never seen anybody come back to tell us what actually happens in the afterlife. So what do we do? Well, Allah Spandana presents the Quran to us and the prophets prevent present the information to us in a similar way that scientists discover and learn about things. They look at past diseases, they look at past experiences, and then they work towards the future. Again, the Quran tells us go backwards, would want you something weren't you at one stage or human being? Nothing to be mentioned, before we were

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born, what were we? We went I think we were nothing. And suddenly, here we are. That shows us that Allah subhanho wa Taala shows us that just like you were nothing before you could have never imagined to be here. Well, when you die, Allah subhanaw taala can resurrect you can bring it back to life can give you a different life. Just like the way you were nothing. And now here you are talking and speaking and walking. The Quran talks about looking at land, sometimes land is dry. Have you ever said have you ever heard of a desert or a land that nothing grows in for 1000s of years and then suddenly scientists come and tell you in geology, the

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earth scientists tell you this land has now come alive, the rain suddenly came for the first time and crops group yes, we've heard of dead land that comes to life. And Allah tells us just like that, Allah is Able to bring it back to life. Allah is able to give you a life just with your soul. And Allah is Able to make you into nothing. So my brothers and sisters, we move forward with the Quran by knowing the past and knowing our state today, looking at sleep, and thinking about how you dream, thinking about how you can sometimes hear people as you're falling asleep. And sometimes, or most of the time, you have absolutely no conscious of what is happening around you yet. You're in a whole

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world. You're experiencing time and place. And when you wake up, you don't even feel the time has passed. Isn't that correct? You feel tired. Sometimes you've been sleeping for 10 hours, maybe you've been people have been in a coma sleeping in hospital for 10 days, two weeks, one month, two months, they wake up and says if they just went to sleep last night, and that is one relationship with death. So let's go forward in sha Allah.

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Now, when a person dies, where do they go? They go to a world as the Quran tells us is called the world of bellezza. Now I'm talking to Muslims. So if there are non Muslims listening at any time now or later, when this gets recorded or placed on social media, Inshallah, please understand that the topic of death and the logic of death is another topic. When I'm talking to Muslims here who have already believed in God's words in the Quran, and the messengers and prophets, which he has sent. These are the people I'm talking to. So inshallah this is what I'm going to address and get to the point. Allah God said in the Quran, as Muslims believe, when you out or in bedrooms and one ALA, me.

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Allah says, There is a barrier behind all of them who are dead, until the Day when they will be raised up.

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This idea is in chapter 23, verse 100, Allah says, again, there is a barrier behind all of them who are dead, until the Day when they will be raised. This, my dear brothers sisters is a clear indication that when people die and their souls depart from their body, you go into a world which is, there is no logic to it in our current world, there is nothing of the laws of this world that can explain that world. And we don't we know nothing of that world, except what Allah and His messengers have told us.

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The word bizarre, in Arabic as you heard it, just there, it literally means a barrier, a barrier, something that separates one world from another. There are two worlds that the Quran has presented to us, this life that you and I are living in now in which we are body and soul and mind where we feel and we get sick and we get hungry and we get tired and sleep and all that stuff and die. And then there is a world after this called the birds, the barrier. The you can call it if you like in sci fi,

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terminologies, another dimension, it is called the world of the dead. The medicine, Allah says it is a barrier because it has no connection whatsoever with this world. And it has no connection whatsoever with the Day of Judgment because the Day of Judgment has not come yet. It won't come yet the person who has died does not experienced the Day of Judgment. Everybody is waiting. All the souls are waiting right now until the entire world ends as the Quran

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It says, And then everybody is raised from the ground and the world, and the sky will be changed to face the day of judgment, and then the reward and the ultimate reward and ultimate punishment is given either paradise, or hellfire, or somewhere in between. But that's another story. When I say somewhere in between, I meant that some people will enter and get punished in hellfire and then take them back out. That's another topic. As for the buzzer? What do we know about it? Where are the souls? What's happening to them? What happens in the grave? Is the grave metaphorical? Is it real? If I opened up the grave? Will I see a person enjoying the bizarre world? Or will I see a person

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getting? Going through distress in a better world? When I see the body move or change? Can it hear me? Can I benefit them? Do they know who visited them? Do they experience visitations? Did they visit the dead among the people who died? Can I send news to them to give my salams to family who have passed away? What happens to them? Do they know they're dead? Do they feel? Do they feel time do they feel place? All of these inshallah I will attempt to answer them to the best of my ability.

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Allah also says in the Quran, is ill volley Muna field, Ahmad Shah Dima, what do you want?

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You can't do better simple. Oh, ADM. Angel, full circle, Malaya. Zona.

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Allah says, Behold the time and the moment when the criminals and the unjust people are dying, they are dying, and the angels are opening their arms ready to take their souls take out their souls, they say to each other. Today, you are criminals will be given what you deserve of punishment and humiliation.

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This is my dear brothers a verse in the Quran, where Allah subhanaw taala is referring to the absolute time of death, the actual time of death. And that is when the soul starts coming out of the body. First, it comes out from the feet, up to the knees, to the hips to the chest. And then it reaches a point where even doctors will tell you today. They don't know about the soul those who don't believe in God, but Muslims will probably the last LM told us called the Rosetta to remote. It is the time when a dead person or the dying person starts to how can we say he makes a croaking sound or a

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it's kind of a. So it's a chilling type of breathing sound from the from the point here on in the neck. And what happens is that the soul has reached there when the soul reach there the person is in between consciousness to have this world and consciousness of the Hereafter but they can't respond to you. They're in and out as a lot cause it in the Quran in an intoxicated state, like a person who is intoxicated. He he or she is able to start to see or hear things on the other side. What do they hear? They hear and see. The angels as the Quran says, These angels are the angel of death. And there are other angels that start descending from the heavens. And as Allah says in the Quran, he in

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Surah Juma he says that oratory and soil health, and welcome in sort of to the workout in the right in the end, what Allah Subhana Allah says, And behold, when your loved ones are right near you, and they are dying before you, and they are closer to us than you are closer to them, but you cannot see what they see. And then Allah Subhana Allah, He tells us in other verses, that there are angels there, and messengers from him who have been appointed to take the soul of this person and even in this verse, which I just read, is proof enough in sha Allah.

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As for the believer, the good person, the person who

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spent their life in fearing God and doing acts of righteousness and believed in Allah in the right way, Allah Subhana Allah says and sort of Fajr as

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a donation if soon Martoma in Iran Jerry ILA became rather yet mumbling liya further holy fie me Abadi. Why didn't Honi Jen, the a lot of you may know sort of fit right in the end Allah says, it will be set to the pious, oh, you the one in complete rest and satisfaction. Come back to your Lord. Well pleased yourself. And well pleased on to him. And to you then among my honored slaves.

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NTU my paradise. This verse, My dear brothers and sisters, talks about two stages of death. The first stage is what happens immediately after a person dies in the world of the buzzer. And then in the end, it talks about what happens at a later stage. On the Day of Judgment, everybody is resurrected once again in soul and body. The first part, which says,

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incomplete rest and satisfaction. When when a believer dies, the soul is at rest and satisfaction, because the Angel of Death stands right at your head, and begins to say good words. And I'll recite the Hadith insha Allah shortly, and the soul feels at ease and comes out with ease as Allah Subhana Allah says here and sort of the future. And then Allah says, enter you into my good list slaves, meaning join with the other believing souls. And this is an indication, as the scholars have said, that the soul gets to see and meet the righteous slaves, the righteous souls in the world of the better. So

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in this particular verse, it came down when Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Anhu the Prophet SAW Selim is best friend and the first Khalifa of Islam Abu Bakr, Radi Allahu Anhu. He was with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam sitting with him when his verse came down and he said, the Messenger of Allah, there is nothing more beautiful than this. And the Prophet sallallaahu Selim replied, in the who say, your corridor will look ahead there, Abu Bakr, you, this is what's going to be set to you when you die. So the believer gets the set. My brothers and sisters, some people deny that there is punishment or they like hearing about reward and blessings. You know, in the Hereafter, they all say, Oh, they're

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in a good place now, but they don't want to accept the punishment and the miseries and such as the nature of humans this good. But in reality brothers, sisters, Allah says in the Quran, for example, in chapter 40, verse 46, Allah says about the people of Pharaoh and his allies, they are exposed to the fire every morning and evening. And when the last hour will come to pass, a command shall be given, admit to the pharaoh knights to an even more severe chastisement. And this verse, My dear brothers and sisters, is an express proof of the torment of the dead of the world of the dead of the bizarre world, which has often been mentioned in the traditions as the torment of the grave. Similar

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verses like this appear in sortal unfurl a 50, to 51, sorta novel A 28, to 32 and salted minnow and a 99 to 100. And also sorted here seen in 22, and 23, which indicates that when a person dies immediately after that, there is either rewards or punishment for the soul. This reward and punishment brothers and sisters did not confuse it with paradise and hellfire. That doesn't happen yet that happens in the end, but the type of reward and punishment, the best example that I can give you, that is close to our logical mind, although it's not exactly the same. I again say sleeping, when you go to sleep, even in this life, don't people experience joy in their dreams and other

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people experience torments in their dream? Yes, in science, who doesn't? If a person just wants to follow science may say this is the work of the brain in the mind, and I have a science background myself and yes, that is true. But as I told you, there is also a spiritual part to it, which is the soul and that requires religion. And it requires revelation that has been received from Allah from God, my brothers and sisters in Islam.

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Moving on

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the believer in the disbeliever

00:28:49 --> 00:29:01

how does this all come out? And when does that happen? Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, while equally I'm at in engine for in

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Jerusalem law. Yes, your honor, sir.

00:29:08 --> 00:29:17

Yes, Delco the morn every nation and every people and every person, there is an appointed time for them when they will die.

00:29:18 --> 00:29:59

Allah says and when that appointed time comes, they will not be delayed a single moment, then they will not be brought forward a single moment. Allah Subhana Allah mentioned in surah Juma that when some of these people who know they haven't done well, and they know they can't afford to die yet and meet God, especially the criminals and the unbelievers, who then realize when they are when they're when their soul reaches the gargling point, as I said before, a lot of inches in the crime is several passages that they start talking in the world of the souls, they talk to the angels, and right from that moment, they say things like, take us back, put us back, put us back and the angels

00:29:59 --> 00:29:59

won't listen.

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So then the soul says, Oh Lord, tell them to put me back. Tell them to put me back. I will do other than what I did. I realized my mistake. Give me another chance. Send me back. This happens brothers, sisters, will Allah hit right at the moment the soul is taken out.

00:30:17 --> 00:30:45

And they keep repeating it all the way until the Day of Resurrection until the moment they enter hellfire. As for the believer, what do they say? The person who died right in righteousness? What do they say? From the moment they're taken out? They say take me to my family and my property. They don't want to come back here. They don't want to come back here. My brothers and sisters, I'm going to say some interesting things now insha Allah Allah Allah, of the descriptions of what happens from here on.

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At death

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the following hadith is narrated in Imam Ahmed 17803 and sahab widowed and in Bukhari and Muslim in In summary, here it goes upon the authority of Al Bara, ignore as the companion of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam who said, We went out with the Prophet peace be upon him to a burial of a man from the unsolved original inhabitants of Medina until we arrived at the grave and he still had not been placed in the slot of the grave that were burying somebody, and he wasn't being buried yet. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam been set right near the grave, and he brought a stick and began to poke into the ground, looking into the ground, pondering and thinking and then looking back up until his

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eyes became a little bit teary. And then he said to us, are my companions ask Allah for refuge from the torment of the grave? ask Allah for refuge from the torment of the grave. And he repeated this command two or three times, some of the diets of the grave things which prevent us from having torment in the grave, and help us to get bliss in the grave. Insha Allah, then the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Oh Allah, I seek refuge in New from the torment of the grave, you said it three times Allahumma inni are older becoming either herbal kava Allahumma, in our will become an other will cover Allahumma in the out will become an other cover. He then said, when the believer is

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about to depart from this world and go forward into the next world, angels with faces as bright as the sun descend from the heavens, and sit around him in and sit around him, in large numbers as far as his eyes could see.

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And then the Angel of Death says, oh, good soul, come out to forgiveness and pleasure from your Lord orgy Isla de la Mahavira Tin Man, Rob BK, what it one, then his soul emerges, like a drop of water that flows from a water skin. In today's terms, if you grab a jug, and you spill water from it, see how smooth the water spills out. That's how the soul of the believer comes out. And the angels takes hold of the soul, the angel of death holds the soul. The other angels who have descended, they look beautiful, they're wearing clothes that are bright, their faces are bright. They look like humans, but they also have wings. They've descended from the Heavens. And these angels, they can't wait to

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take the soul because they are more happier for the soul than anyone else. So then they say to the angel, give us the soul immediately. They don't leave it with the angel, a blink of an eye, as the Prophet sallallahu sallam said,

00:33:41 --> 00:33:58

and then when the angels take the soul, they take it and place it in a perfume shroud, and a fragrance issued and a fragrance issued from Paradise and comes out of that shroud, like the sweetest scent of musk found on the face of the earth.

00:34:00 --> 00:34:39

Then they bear it out and then they then they take it upwards and whenever they take it past the heaven. We all know that in the Quran. Allah says there are seven heavens. Don't confuse them with Paradise heaven in Lakota, and it's just a translation of the word Summit. And summit means anything that is above. We don't know the nature of this sky or these horizons or these layers, only Allah knows, but they are seven layers. And the soul is taken with these angels up into these layers. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He described why the person who dies keeps his or her eyes open. He says the eyes follow the soul Subhanallah

00:34:40 --> 00:35:00

the soul goes up into the heavens. And then the angels who have the heavens there are there are angels as you know in the long Hadith that every palm span, there is an angel in the heavens, either prostrating or praying or making some fluid. And they say what a beautiful smelling soul who is so who is this person? And there's beautiful

00:35:00 --> 00:35:21

All angels are carrying it's like a it's like a party for them. It's a great celebration and taking it up into the heavens a lot. And they say Fula, and had been awful and so on. So, son or daughter of someone, so with the best news that used to be called in this formal world, and then they say, please open for us, and the angels open up one by one,

00:35:23 --> 00:36:08

until they reach the last sky, the seven sky beneath which the Throne of Allah subhana wa, beneath the Throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala Ireland. And then Allah says to them, register the book of my slave in the eye Lee yawn, and take him back to the earth. So the mighty and majestic, says record him or her in the high tablets, the high records, meaning they have something great in store for them. So this is the first sign Allah gives to the soul of the believer. And the scholar said, it is because of this, that when a believer goes back to the grave, the metaphorical grave, if you like, the soul goes into the world of the Bowser. And it says the grave. But if you open up the grave, you

00:36:08 --> 00:36:43

don't see the soul or the body move. And I'll give an example very soon about how to imagine that. But when they go back to Earth, it is there, that the believer feels at ease, and is able to answer the questions of the graves, that common thing that we know the three questions very easily because Allah subhanaw taala had already prepared the soul and calmed it. And so have the angels. My brothers and sisters, they return it to where the grave is, if a person was not buried in a grave, let's say they were they died in the ocean, or they disintegrated, or they were,

00:36:44 --> 00:37:24

you know, burnt or whatever happens to them. Again, it does not prevent from the person living that world of the better for the world of the better because the world of the souls, it has no time and it has no place. And it's not governed by the physics of this world. And a good example, to think about just to bring the logic to your mind as much as we can. You know, when you go to sleep in your bedroom, you're in your house, you're in your bedroom, you're asleep, your body is there, and your body can walk in, and they'll see your watch sleeping on your bed. Isn't that right? You can take a film, a photo, a photo of yourself and your body is there sleeping nice and comfortable. But to you,

00:37:24 --> 00:37:33

you're experiencing a whole world, isn't it right? That's your soul somewhere else. And it's not in your bedroom. So it has no attachment to your body.

00:37:34 --> 00:38:14

My brothers and sisters, when the soul is about to be returned back to where the body is or a metaphorical grave what only Allah knows how that happens. What happens there is that there is a Hadith and authentic hadith where it says that people of the believers, the souls are taken to Paradise. Allah says go and show them their property in paradise that's before before coming back to the grave before the questioning in the grave. They go to their property in Paradise, and they are placed inside of the bellies of green birds. You might be asking, How can I be in the intestines of birds? Remember, you're talking about a soul and the birds of the hereafter? Have you ever had a

00:38:14 --> 00:38:30

dream where you were flying can see wings, and you know yourself, you're on a bird but you're not really in the bird. But you are. You can't explain it. That's the world of dreams. And the world of the soul is like that. So the prophets I send them said they are in green birds flying in paradise seeing their property.

00:38:32 --> 00:38:36

And then the soul is returned. When the people bury you.

00:38:37 --> 00:39:10

The prophets Allah sallam said as soon as the dirt is placed over the person who would stand up and say to them, would or only or equal make dua for your brother, or your sister was a lulu who would defeat and ask Allah to make him or her firm. And then the prophets Allah Salam recited you with a bit Allahu leadin an omen Campbell COVID, beautiful, higher dunya. Warfield, Hera, Allah will make firm those of you who believe in him properly in this world, and he will make your tongues firm when you die.

00:39:11 --> 00:39:56

My brothers and sisters, as for the unbeliever when their soul is taken out, it's the exact opposite. The Angel of Death comes to it. And he begins to viciously and harsh, harshly say to it come out of filthy soul, come out a dirty soul to a wrath and anger from your Lord. And then angels as far as they could see with their eyes descend, but they are angry. They are disgusted by this soul. And they have shroud which has the essence of the fire and smell that has thrown the smoke of the fire. As soon as the angel of death takes the soul of that wicked person. When I say unbeliever we are talking about people who are wicked, they deliberately disbelieved in a lot. We're not

00:39:56 --> 00:39:59

talking about somebody who never heard about the message or somebody who

00:40:00 --> 00:40:41

was born insane or was a child that's another topic. Because we know that Allah is just in fear. We're talking about the person who deserves the punishment. And they are usually the unbelievers. And they are sometimes Muslims, believers, who have died with major, major sins, but we're gonna get to that in sha Allah. The soul is taken by these angels, and it is taken up into the heavens, they're given a chance. However, every angel in the heavens that smells the soul, they say, What is this dirty, filthy soul, and they call him or her by the most ugliest names, they used to be called in the former life. And then the sky is the doors of the skies close up, nothing opens up for them.

00:40:42 --> 00:40:50

And this is where the prophets of Allah Haile, who was salam said, where Allah said no Quran, law to fit the hola whom was

00:40:52 --> 00:40:58

going on and Jen learn to two factor formula home was

00:41:00 --> 00:41:03

the whole new gen.

00:41:04 --> 00:41:07

Lead Gen gem and ofis means

00:41:09 --> 00:41:24

they will, the doors of the sky will not open up for them, nor will they enter it until the camel can go right through the hole of a needle. You know, the needle that you sow with, and that can never happen.

00:41:26 --> 00:41:29

Their souls are then tossed away back to the earth.

00:41:31 --> 00:42:12

And then the time of the grave comes. There are three situations in the grief, the situation of the believer, the situation of the unbeliever, and the situation of the major sinner. So the believer who was a major center, the believer, his or her soul is then returned to his body, how is it returned to the body in a manner in a form that does not fit the physical world that we know. However, there is some kind of attachment, some kind of consciousness of the soul with the body in a way that we cannot comprehend. Again, we can probably give an example of sleeping and when your soul is close to your body, but you're not really awake. Have you ever been in a situation, kind of a

00:42:12 --> 00:42:58

trance type of sleep? Or there's you know, other names for it? Lucid dreams, if we experienced those things here in this life, isn't that easy that a loss PandaDoc can create another reality for the soul in the body in a world that is not attached to this world? Yes, he can. My brothers and sisters, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, this hadith is in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim by the way, 1347 and 2870. He said in the lab that either will be out of your company, when the slave is placed in their grave, what they will learn was horrible. And then their companions, relatives and family walk away in the hall as small Karanja highly him, he or she can actually hear

00:42:59 --> 00:43:12

the footsteps walking away. Again, the scholars have talked a lot about this. Is it real? Do they really hear from the ear without their brains? Are they got sensory receptors that they can hear? No.

00:43:13 --> 00:43:24

But again, the soul is what is hearing it. And there is some kind of attachment to the body. But in a world beyond this one, how only Allah knows.

00:43:25 --> 00:43:50

This hearing is only temporary, it is short, and then the hearing fades away. So unfortunately, when we visit their graves, a lot of people have asked me Do they hear us when we say hello when we say salam Wa alaykum when there is a big difference of opinion among the scholars about that. But after researching extensively, I have personally come to the conclusion to follow the groups of scholars who said that

00:43:51 --> 00:44:03

generally they do not hear you. But it is possible for the angels to take your greetings and your salams to them, and let them know. And the last point Allah knows best.

00:44:04 --> 00:44:10

We move on to angels come to him the believer, they make him sit up and they say to him, Who is your Lord?

00:44:12 --> 00:44:37

And He will say My Lord is Allah. They asked him What is your religion? And he replies my religion is Islam. They asked him who is this man who was sent among you as a messenger? He says, the Messenger of Allah, I believed in Him. They asked him, How did you come to know these things? And he replies got up to Kitab Allah, I read the book of Allah, where am I to be and I believed in it, where

00:44:38 --> 00:44:59

worship worship where? And I said the declaration I declared that it is true. Wish I hid or unknowable Hawk, then a voice from a high declares my slave has spoken the truth on sadaqa Abdi for a free show, 11 minute agenda. So spread out carpets from the garden of for him and open again

00:45:00 --> 00:45:16

ate of the garden for him showing his place in paradise. Then some of its fragrance and perfume comes to him they open up like a portal to his place in Paradise, and fragrance and smells come to this person, wherever they are in this metaphorical grave, the grave, but in a different world.

00:45:18 --> 00:46:07

The Prophet sallallaahu Salam continues by saying, and the man with a beautiful garments, and the fragrant scent, comes to him and sits by his side and says, Absheron rejoice in what delights you for this is the day which you were promised for her the young lady contact what he asks, Who are you for what you can levy as you will hate? Yours is a face which brings goodness to everybody who looks at it, and he replies, and I'm a Luca Salia, I am your good actions. Then the soul says, oh, Lord, let the last hour come, let the last hour come now so that I may rejoin my family, rejoin my family, and my property in paradise.

00:46:09 --> 00:46:29

My dear brothers and sisters, the soul in this time, the skull is different. But the most common opinion is this, that the soul roams. It roams between the grave and Paradise, and it roams between the grave and sometimes meets the other souls. And Romans comes to you in your dreams to give you messages or to talk to you.

00:46:30 --> 00:47:10

And it has blessings and blesses which only Allah Subhana Allah knows. As for the unbeliever, now the unbelievers turn, they're the exact opposite. They asked them the three questions, and they cannot answer the angels. And then a caller from heaven says, My slave has lied. Because the person says, I said whatever anyone else said. Because when they say Who is your Lord, what is your book? They've already realized the truth at this point. They've seen the angels and they realize the truth. And they haven't got an answer. Because Allah subhanaw taala seals their heart, they're not able to answer it. So they say, Oh, Hello Andrea agree in the end? I don't know then I don't know.

00:47:10 --> 00:47:32

So when they say they say whatever people said, Allah says my slave has lied. Give him a taste from the fire, open a door for him to look through at hellfire. And then something happens. The grave or the earth crushes him or her till his or her ribs begin to cage in an intersect.

00:47:34 --> 00:47:50

And then he is hit with a steel sledge hammer between the eyes. The prophets, Allah Salam said in this hadith, he screams until every living being can hear him except the the theca Lane, the humans and the genes.

00:47:51 --> 00:48:18

And then a repulsive person comes to sit with him or her. And he says, Who were you your face only brings bad and whoever looks at you torments them get away from me. And he says, No, I'm Anna. I'm a Luca. See? I am your bed deets. This is your fault. You delayed your good deeds, and you went backwards until you turn me into this. I can never leave you. I'm stuck with you.

00:48:20 --> 00:48:23

And then he has shown his place in paradise.

00:48:24 --> 00:48:53

And the angels say this was your reserve place. But now you've been exchanged. It's been given to someone else. Look through this other portal and it looks through another portal and sees Hellfire burning itself and they show him his place in his sea timber in hellfire. At that point the person gets terrified and says Hola, Moto, Auckland Allama Billa Tecumseh My Lord please do not let the last hour come

00:48:56 --> 00:49:31

this hadith where he says Do not let the last hour come and I tell him look at your reserves sit in Hellfire is in in Sahih Bukhari 1347 and Muslim 2870. Now we're left with the major sinner what is his his or her fate? They're the people who believed in Allah. And this is the majority of Muslims unfortunately today. They believe in Allah. They say I love Allah, they prey on and off. They do major sins and they hope that Allah will forgive them because when we read the Quran, we seem like we're automatically going to paradise without doing anything. All we have to say is I love you God and that's that's it? Well, that's not enough, my dear brother and sisters doesn't happen that way.

00:49:31 --> 00:50:00

We have to work towards it. But the major centers, this is what happens to them, though Lemmer have unanimously agreed they say in all FEMA she Attila insha Allah who were insha Allah for Allah, he or she is at the discretion of Allah, if Allah wills who will punish him or her, and if Allah wills He'll forgive them. Allah may give some punishment to that person to make up for the punishment of the Hereafter. So

00:50:00 --> 00:50:39

They get punished for a little bit, and then they're okay. And then in the hereafter they're okay. And some of them they get punished throughout the entire time that they are dead. And then when the hereafter comes, they've made up for it. And some of them, their punishment continues from the grave. It gets worse in the Hereafter, they may enter hellfire, and then with the intercession of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and with Allah's intercession later on, they are taken up. And this is also in the Quran. And in the authentic hadith, it's my brothers and sisters, Allah is merciful. And at the same time, he is just in fear. And at the same time, he is loving, but also he

00:50:39 --> 00:51:09

will hate, he hates those who chose to neglect him and chose to go against him. So there is no such thing in Islam where Allah loves everybody unconditionally, Allah Subhan Allah may hate people as well, for they deserve it. For those who chose that. And there are those who are lost my daughter loves and the love is exchanged. My dear brothers and sisters, and very quickly now go through some forms of bliss and forms of punishment in the grave. I'll just say that Michelle Allah and leave the evidences for later if you want to know that.

00:51:10 --> 00:51:49

My brothers sisters, the rewards and the punishment in the grave, we'll just say the grave I don't mean when I say great, by the way, just to remind you I'm not I don't mean that if you open up the grave, you're going to see it. We're just use the word grave as a metaphorical world. What it means I'm talking about is the bearers of world, the world of the souls. So in the world of the souls, you get physical and psychological rewards, or punishments, physical and psychological. The believer, for example, gets to visit paradise, some get more, some get less, some get to just see it and not go there. All of that is goodness. Some unbeliever gets a garden of paradise in their grave, a

00:51:49 --> 00:52:02

garden, something looks like a garden, from the essence of paradise. Their grave looks like it's been spread out. They look like they've got a huge place. It doesn't even look like a grave look doesn't look like this world at all. It's a garden of paradise as far as the eye could see.

00:52:03 --> 00:52:18

And they say they get the sight of Jana, they have a lovely company, they visit their relatives and friends in their drink in your dreams. And they eat and drink from Jana. Every now and then, some of them, some of them more, some of them less,

00:52:19 --> 00:52:42

among other things which happened to them of the world of the bliss. As for the unbeliever, they have the sight of hellfire in their face. every morning and every evening, you might be asking Hold on, is there time in the Buddhist world? No, there's no time. But morning and evening is according to if we were living here every day, morning and evening, meaning very frequently.

00:52:44 --> 00:53:25

There are winds winds, for embryos from hellfire that comes into the grave. There are pits from hellfire that come into their graves sledge hammer that we mentioned, the grave squeezes, as we mentioned, and here are some other things that are shared between unbelievers, and shared between believers who died with major sins. Some of them are stolen items. If you've stolen your life, and you have not repented to Allah and returned that property to the person, it is turned into fire, and the person is wrapped with it. If a person stole shoes, the shoes are turned into fire in their grave and in that but as well, and they have to wear them and burn their feet upon this is all upon

00:53:25 --> 00:53:50

the soul, the soul feels it. And this is evident in button body and Muslim the hadith of a man who was with the prophets, Allah wa sallam. And what happened was that he stole an item in the battlefield which didn't belong to Him. And an arrow got him and the companion said, Oh, you're a soldier. He's a martyr. He's a martyr is going straight to paradise in the process. And I'm said Oh no, he's far from it right now. He has been wrapped with the item that he stole, and he is burning right now until he pays it.

00:53:52 --> 00:54:34

There was an incident with a Protestant SLM went to start with Marash, the famous is throttling Mirage from Surah Surah. In the Quran. And in the famous Hadith, which is in Sahih Bukhari, the prophet Salah Salem so many things I'll just mention 1234 I'll mention four of them. He said, I saw a man that was lying down with an angel who was deaf, dumb and blind and crashing his head with a stone stone would fall it would roll away, and then the head will be returned back to normal and in the end the person and the angel will crush his head again and again and again. And he or she is a person who received the Quran and refused to follow the Quran. And they are people who deliberately

00:54:34 --> 00:54:37

deliberately miss out on their future praise.

00:54:38 --> 00:54:57

There was another man who saw his face was being ripped from side to side with a hook. And the angel said Gibreel he said I'm told him he is he or she is a person who spreads lies and spreads rumors about other people until it puts people into trouble.

00:54:58 --> 00:54:59

And then the process of them heard screaming

00:55:00 --> 00:55:37

Names of men and women inside of a hot oven. what looked like a huge oven. And you realize Selim said they are the fornicators and the adulterous and lastly, he saw a man swimming in a river or a lake of blood. He would go to the other side, no, come back. And there were rocks, he put them in his mouth, swallow them, they would go and vomit them out on the other side and swim back over and over again. You'd be nice. And I'm said he does this till the until the Day of Judgment. This is a person who knew that usury and interest in the Riba was haram. And they consumed usury. And Reba,

00:55:38 --> 00:55:51

my brothers sisters, the Imam even hazard of the greater Imam, Ibn Hajr. Last Colony and other scholars said, this hadith is an indication of punishments that are occurring for people in the Bozarth world.

00:55:53 --> 00:56:34

Let's move on to some technical issues. Insha Allah do the dead feel time? A lot of people ask me Do they feel time? The answer my dear brothers and sisters is no. They do not feel time. And sometimes they're confused of space as well. Where are they? So they don't have the sense of time or space. And the evidence is in the Quran. In surah baqarah verse 259. Allah says, okay, Lady Mara, Allah Karim, I'll just say it in English, or consider him by way of example, who passed by a town that was fallen down upon its turret upon it gone in ruins? He exclaimed, when you hit a llama, we're here. I mean,

00:56:36 --> 00:57:20

how will Allah restore life to this town that is now dead? Allah then caused him to remain dead for 100 years, and then raised him to life. And he asked him, How long did you remain in that state? So the man is is a true story and sort of the Bacara a man who went past this village that had gone into ruins, and Allah made him die. He had a cat, he had a donkey with him and he had some food, he made him die. And then Allah raised him after 100 years back to life. And he said to him, how long do you think you were in that state? And the man said, obviously throw an angel at the man said, I remains for a day or part of the day Carla bestow Yeoman Oba Young. Allah then says to him, No, you

00:57:20 --> 00:57:35

have rather stayed for 100 years, for 100 years. But look at your food and your drink. There is no deterioration in them, I didn't let them deteriorate. That's my miracle to you, I'm gonna look after you. But look at your donkey.

00:57:36 --> 00:58:17

Look at your donkey, how its entire skeleton has rotted. And we did all and look how we will bring it back to life. And we did all this so that we might make you a token of instruction for people and see how we will put the bones of the donkey together and we'll close them with flesh. Thus, when the reality became clear to him, he said, I know that Allah has power over everything. Again, brothers and sisters, this is evidence from the Quran, that the dead person does not feel time. And there are other evidences in the Quran Day of Judgment. People ask themselves, how long were we in the earth? How long were we did and they would say a day or part of a day, 10 days, a few days. So no, they

00:58:17 --> 00:58:38

don't feel time. But this is what happens. You do feel you're going through all of this. But when it's over, you only enter your body comes back with your soul. You realize on it's only a little while. And again, a good example is when you go to sleep. Sometimes you're in your sleep and he goes on and on and then on but when you wake up what happens like nothing.

00:58:40 --> 00:59:23

Another question, do the dead receive rewards and diets from you? The Prophet peace be upon him. Yes did say when the son of Adam dies, all their actions are cut off except for three things and ongoing charity they left behind, they will benefit from it. Or a piece of knowledge they taught someone that people are still learning from they will benefit from or a righteous child who makes dua for that person. In fact, there is a beautiful Hadith which is in Sudan Ahmed Number 10 Number one zero to three to wear Allah were the prophets of Allah Salam said in Allah Azza wa Jalla layer fauda Raj et al Abdullah Saleh, Ephesian, FAO, kuliah, Arab, and nearly had the failed coup still 30? Well, at

00:59:23 --> 00:59:38

the Kulluk a person may be raised in their ranks in the world of the bursa. And the angels will show them a higher level in paradise one day, and they say, Oh my Lord, where do I get this extra reward? And they will say to him, because you have a righteous child who was making diet for you.

00:59:40 --> 00:59:59

Did the dead feel who visits them? Well, there is a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam where he said, any of you who passes by a grave of somebody whom they used to know in the former life and they used to know them, and they say salam Wa alaykum to them. A lot returns the soul back to that person. And they reply to

01:00:00 --> 01:00:38

You're at Lake Como Salaam. This hadith My dear brothers and sisters has many issues though. Some scholars said it's kind of authentic, and others said, No, it's not reliable. But some scholars believe that at times, maybe Allah will make the deaf person hear you. There's something that I want to share with you about the world of the bizarre which I haven't said yet. How do the people the soul see each other? There's a beautiful, beautiful Hadith, which is in a necessity and Timothy, and it's been authenticated by the scholars of Hadith. It says that when the angels take the soul up into the heavens, you know the story of taking them when they die. And before before they come back

01:00:38 --> 01:01:14

to the grave, or some scholars said after they go to the grave, the prophets Allah Selim said, Then the angels bring the souls of the people who have passed away the believers, and they all come to meet this new soul, can you imagine that you've died, and all the souls that are always waiting for somebody to come into the bizarre world. It's like when you go to the airport, and you're waiting for, you know, your father, or mother or brother or sister or relative, or a friend that's about to, you know, waiting for the aeroplane to land, and you're waiting at the airport waiting for them to come out through the doors, and you're looking at the time and everybody's guessing. Now they're

01:01:14 --> 01:01:44

coming up next minute, they're coming out. And some people have games, you know, they said, let's see who gets it right. And from which door they're going to come out in the airport, when when people are arriving. Guess you know that how we do that. And we all get excited. And as soon as they come up, we all cheer and everybody runs to them, right? US Lebanese people, I don't know, if the millennials do this, we, we create a fiasco in airports, you know, everybody looks at us, and all of us run and then people can't even get out from from the doors because we all gather around our father or mother or whatever. And we block all the entries. And we all want to hug them and kiss

01:01:44 --> 01:02:19

them and ask them a lot of questions. Well, that's how the Prophet sallallahu Sallam described the state of the believing soul when they pass away, and the other believing soul hear about them, and it all rushed to him or her. And they all want to ask them, what do they ask them to prophesy send them said, they asked them about their relatives, they asked them about their friends, they asked them about their sisters, their children, their parents, they asked who got married, they asked who gave birth, you know why they're not interested in a worldly stuff. But because when you're in that world, and you see the blessings that ALLAH SubhanA, Allah has given you, you, they can't wait for

01:02:19 --> 01:02:39

you to join them. But they don't want you by yourself. They hope that you're married, and that your husband and your wife and your in laws and your children and all of that come because they want to have a big party, not just a few people. Subhanallah Can you imagine that? And as the people run to the this new soul, you know, you know, this is very interesting. I found Subhanallah

01:02:40 --> 01:03:24

as they're asking them that the new soul is overwhelmed. It's like it's lit. It's like when you're jet lagged. So the person is jet lag, sort of in the buttock world. And someone says the angels say that, Oh, who that oh, just leaving leaving for now. In Asia, I mean, dunya has just come from the claustrophobia of the world. Subhan Allah, did you hear that brothers and sisters, the angel say, Leave him leave him just now give him some risks. He's confused. He's just come out of that, as I'm the claustrophobia of the former life. This is how those souls see this life brothers sisters, this is how the angels see this world. They call it the claustrophobic world. Everything in it makes you

01:03:24 --> 01:03:56

feel tight and out of space. You can't breathe, it's torment. It's, it's hard. This world is ugly. Nobody wants to return to it. And they say, Leave him leave me still jet lagged. In other words, still confused, just came out of the claustrophobia of the world. And then later on, they have discussions with them. What about the unbelievers while the unbelievers also meet unbelieving souls, but it's the worst type of meeting. Nobody wants to talk to anyone. And everyone is in their own torture and their own punishment. Brothers and Sisters in Islam.

01:03:57 --> 01:04:09

I'll leave it here in sha Allah because I don't want to take more time than that. And if you have any questions, I can have about 10 minutes in sha Allah who have died or SallAllahu intervenor Muhammad, while earlier soft, big money.

01:04:13 --> 01:04:25

Salam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah. Exactly. Plus energy for for an enlightening, enlightening talk on discerning degree was filled with the very, very needed reminders and

01:04:27 --> 01:04:29

at times truly terrifying descriptions of

01:04:30 --> 01:04:59

the life in the grave. If you don't do the correct thing in this world, then it gets let's, let's move on to the question and session Shala is we have limited time. So the first question that we have, alright. The first question we have is that we know that the first person to be resurrected is the promise of our neighbor syndrome. And the first to enter gender is Abraham Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam but during the Mirage the Prophet saw many other prophets in heaven. So this person is asking for an explanation as to just like hello hi

01:05:00 --> 01:05:48

very quickly they remember in my short talk just now I mentioned that in the Quran they often translate skies as heaven. So the word heaven doesn't mean paradise the true word for Jana is garden garden Jana. So when the prophets Allah Selim ascended into the heavens and he saw those angels, they weren't in the actual Janna. Some of them were in just the heavens, the skies in a way that only Allah Subhana Allah knows. But there are situations where he met with their souls. In paradise, real paradise, for example, Ibrahim Ali Salam is in a real paradise. And he looks after children is like a babysitter, Ibrahim Ali Sana. So if he saw their souls in paradise, it's not their bodies.

01:05:49 --> 01:06:08

And the one who enters paradise with it means the one the first one to enter it in mind, body and soul are the Promise of Allah, they will sell them. He actually entered it with his body. However, what he saw of the prophets were their souls, not their body. And I hope inshallah that removes the confusion.

01:06:09 --> 01:06:10

All right.

01:06:11 --> 01:06:26

The next question is, this is a question from a non Muslim. So the question is, there are different levels in Jana. So what if my family is in a higher level than me? In my situation as an investor? That's the question. That's

01:06:27 --> 01:07:06

a question from a non Muslim. Yeah, my dear brother, my dear brother and sister because Muslims and non Muslims are brothers and sisters in humanity, we are both from the children of Adam. So although we're not brothers, sisters, in faith, we are brothers, sisters in humanity, my dear brother and sister in humanity, Allah subhanaw taala God, He is the one who informs us who goes to paradise who and who doesn't. And we all wish and hope and want for everybody to go to Paradise we make dark will make supplications for them, and God tells us, help them, teach them, go to them learn together. So it's something that all of us are yearning for all of us are striving for, and it's up to God's

01:07:06 --> 01:07:46

mercy to place us there. However, on a day of judgment, it is God who has to decide who goes to paradise and who doesn't. What he has informed us here is all we know. And all I can tell you is that if a person died, knowing the truth, understanding the truth, you know, didn't receive the truth of, say, the Quran, or the words of God or Islam in the correct way. You know, like the media that we watch, the mainstream media always brings the ugly side of Islam. And a lot of people think that that is what Islam is, so they start staying away from it. Well, for these types of people, we can't say they're going to hellfire. All we can say is, Well, look, I mean, they're not Muslim, but

01:07:46 --> 01:08:14

God is just, and God will judge them according to what he knows about them. There is another tradition from our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him another transmission of a hadith of all saying that he said, he said that on the Day of Judgment, four types of people will not be rewarded or punished until they are tested again, they get a different test in the Hereafter. And they are people who were born with mental illnesses, or people who had a disorder, or

01:08:15 --> 01:08:51

people who have never heard the truth, or the people who received the truth in a twisted manner in a confused manner had they received it in a proper manner that they would have embraced it. So these are types of people whom the properties want him said, they won't just straight away go to hellfire or paradise, they'll get a different type of test in the hereafter again, and then they'll get a second chance. And if they pass it, they get what they what they deserve, and if they fail it, they get what they deserve. So if a person if a non Muslims parents, Muslim, or they deserve paradise, okay, we won't use the word Muslim, let's say they deserve paradise and God placed them in paradise,

01:08:52 --> 01:09:31

then God will not unite. According to the Quran, God does not unite the people who have disbelieved in him with the believers in paradise, even if they were their parents. Because in this world, we have a connection of blood, and we are ordered and commanded to honor our parents and respect them no matter if they are Muslim or not. And we meant to look after our children, whether they are Muslim or not. However, in the Hereafter, it's not the same bond anymore. Families relationships are no longer responsibility, everything changes in the hereafter. It's no longer the same anymore. And we have a statement in the Quran we've got tells us in that ilaha illa, heroes your own, we all

01:09:31 --> 01:09:59

belong to God, and to Him, we are all going to return me you, my parents, your parents, my brothers and sisters, my children, all of us who do we belong to? We belong to God. If my son belonged to me, I could have I would have saved him. But God took him back. And I say to God, He belongs into God, he will return. I have no say in the matter. We are all just slaves of God. We are all just servants of us. However, if there is a chance for this person to enter paradise and

01:10:00 --> 01:10:12

then this is what's going to happen to families. In the Quran God says, What Latina man or what about room theory to be a man in how can be him ordinary

01:10:13 --> 01:10:14


01:10:17 --> 01:10:57

in honoring him in che columbarium, Ben Carson Bellroy he in which means, and those who believed, who had faith, those who had faith and their offspring, their children, followed them in faith in correct faith, meaning to the hereafter, they all died on correct face, and their parents ended up in higher places. Allah says, We will take up to them and unite with them their children, who followed them in faith, even though their children do not deserve the higher place of their parents, and we will never bring the parents down.

01:10:58 --> 01:11:21

So Allah is saying, We will not bring the up or down, but to satisfy the parents and to fulfill their pleasure and their happiness in Paradise is to bring them their children and their grandchildren and great grandchildren, all those who had faith and unite them up in the higher heavens and paradises with them. That's what will happen according to what the Quran tells us. I hope I answered your question.

01:11:30 --> 01:12:03

Sorry, the next question is regarding those that have passed away due to Down syndrome. What happens to them? Do they go straight to Jana? Yes, I think we answered that question. Just before I mentioned the authentic hadith, I just I just didn't mention where it is exactly. Insha Allah. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam talked about four types of people that in paradise, that on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhana, Allah will retest them, give them another judgment. And you can find this actually in in tafsir Ibn cathedral, you know that the famous steps have been cathedra, the great Imam Ibn cathedra, the famous commentator of the Quran, and he talks about this in detail in about

01:12:03 --> 01:12:45

two or three pages. And he says those who are like the Down Syndrome people, the people who are severely autistic, because because you've got different levels of autism, I'm a counselor, by the way, so we, we've, there's different levels and types of all these different sickness. So the more severe the mental illness is, God knows how much capacity they had to understand and comprehend in this world. And based on that, on that capacity to comprehend and understand, God will judge that person accordingly. God says in the Quran, one book with Allah me lobbied your Lord is not an oppressor to his slaves. And Allah says in another part, another place in the Quran in not Hola

01:12:45 --> 01:13:29

Hola, yo, Lim on with Carla hubba your lord in Allah does not oppress there's not wrong even if it's the size of a mustard seed. Woman while I have the moral Buka your Lord never oppresses anybody. Anybody? Can you imagine that a person who is destined to hellfire will not be placed in hellfire on the day of judgment until they are convinced and admit that they deserve it wholly and fully. That's how Allah is. So imagine for a person who doesn't have any mental illness that people with Down syndrome of course, because they're missing one chromosome, they have a disorder and they're not able to comprehend to a certain degree, yes, they have the ability they have the capacity to do a

01:13:29 --> 01:14:03

lot of things. Yes, we have seen people with Down syndrome, masha Allah achieve tremendous things. And as we said, there are different levels that are different severity of Down syndrome, but all depending on their level of comprehension and their ability, Allah subhanaw taala will judge them or retest them accordingly or he will forgive them or let them go or pardon them. You know, Allah pardons even the people who were deliberate. He can pardon murderers. He can PATA pardon? People who did atrocious things in life, can you imagine? Then a person had Down syndrome, my eldest partner with the Allah, have mercy upon us and forgive us with His mercy.

01:14:07 --> 01:14:16

For that explanation, right, the next question is, would we be alone in the grave until the Day of Resurrection? Would there be any chance that we could meet our ancestors?

01:14:17 --> 01:14:32

So in sha Allah, I think I sort of explained that in the talk, but I'll I'll clarify a bit more in sha Allah. So the believers who are rewarded, like they live, they're in a good place. Okay. Let's just say they're in good place in the world.

01:14:33 --> 01:14:59

According to the Hadith in an essay, which is authentic, yes, they meet ancestors, they meet people, not only ancestors, they meet all sorts of souls. Remember the Hadith that I just mentioned that the souls rushed to them? The Prophet SAW, Selim said, they are more excited in meeting you then when you wait for your beloved one coming from afar journey. So they rushed to them and they ask them questions and they and they meet them. Yes, that's true.

01:15:00 --> 01:15:31

At the grave, no, you are alone sometimes. And sometimes you're not the person who deserves punishment in the hereafter. They they're not alone. But at the same time, they don't want to see anybody. They're busy. They're there in their torture, they just you know too much into it. But according to the the scholars, they differ on their opinion. Some said that they're always seeing whoever they want all the time. And some said no, every now and then they do meet other people. But Allah subhanaw taala does not leave them alone.

01:15:32 --> 01:15:37

As I said, sometimes they visit you in your, in your dreams, the Prophet alayhi salam told us that this is a part of the prophethood that Allah lift

01:15:39 --> 01:15:56

out of it, where you see the world of the buzzer, when you go to sleep your soul meets souls of people have passed away in a bizarre world, actually. So to answer your question, without knowing the details of it, yes. You could meet people, and you're not always alone. No.

01:16:00 --> 01:16:02

All right, yes, this should be the last question.

01:16:03 --> 01:16:18

It's a bit expensive. So the question asks, Can you share what happens to matters integrate? And a second part of the question is in these days of mostly peaceful times, how can we aim to die upon martyrdom? So yes.

01:16:22 --> 01:16:23

Martyrdom means

01:16:24 --> 01:16:59

many things. There are over 10 different ways that a person can be a martyr, in Arabic in the Quran, it's called a shahid. And that's a higher form of righteousness that a person, a higher, a higher, a higher righteousness of death, if you like, and they get more privileges those who die as martyrs. So the prophets, Allah Salam, he said, There are many types of matters and each one there in different ranks. One of the ways a person can be a martyr is a person who was murdered. Another way person can be a murderer is a person who has died of a terminal illness of bone.

01:17:01 --> 01:17:09

Another way of being a martyr is a person who dies protecting their property in the land. Another way a person can be a martyr is drowning.

01:17:11 --> 01:17:14

There are some narrations about a woman who dies given birth.

01:17:15 --> 01:17:38

But the highest form of martyrdom is a person who stands to say a word of truth against the tyrant ruler, to change oppression, to justice for the people, and their life is on the line. And then they are killed by that oppressive ruler, or his regime, and or his allies. And there's the highest form of martyrdom to speak a word of truth.

01:17:39 --> 01:18:06

A one that is lesser than that is a person who sacrifices their body and their life and their wealth in the cause, which pleases Allah subhanho wa taala, against an enemy who is trying to fight against God or against the believers of God, or the allies of the believers, or the person who is oppressing other people, and you jump in to fight for the cause of God to please God and for no other personal gain.

01:18:07 --> 01:18:42

An example of that is that lady, that American lady that once stood in front of the tank in Palestine, where she stood in front of the tank of the Israeli, occupying army. And it ran her over now in in physical form that's called shahada that's martyrdom of the highest degree. But the only things that we hope for that separates her from others, we hope that she was a believer. So a full martyrdom in Islam. Well, obviously to us, she's a matter of humanity. And people can build things of her and sacred things and all that stuff. But

01:18:44 --> 01:19:19

you know, if she was a believer, then it would be a martyrdom in the hereafter as well. So there's martyrdom in this life and martyrdom in the hereafter. So a Shaheed is someone like that. I just wanted to sort of clarify, some people, they act like they're martyrs, but really, they did it in order for people to praise them. Well, that's not a matter even if they believe in God. So it has to be done with clear intentions and good sincerity, and really wanting peace. Because some people need to fight in order to bring peace. Sometimes you can deal with peace in order to bring peace. Now, in a time that we live in every country, every place is has its own way of so what is what is so

01:19:19 --> 01:19:59

martyrdom is when you die, struggling and striving to bring about truth against false. That's basically what it is or to uplift justice against oppression. That's what it means visa vie de la in the way that pleases Allah on God's terms. That's what it means in terms. So if you live in a time of peace, there is no need for you to fight physically and just because you want martyrdom that's causing chaos and causing trouble. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam welcomed the Treaty of Hodeidah, you know, the treasury of today via the peace treaty with the enemies of Maccha, who had been at war with him for about over, you know, most of his life. And when they said that, we will have 10 years

01:19:59 --> 01:19:59

of it

01:20:00 --> 01:20:03

He's treaty between us no more wars between us, you know.

01:20:05 --> 01:20:41

And he accepted immediately even though the the agreement was really unfair and unbalanced because there was some other conditions and the Companions got angry. But the process Selim was after peace. So fighting, some people misunderstand that you have to fight and you have to get martyred. And even if you have to fight and some people, they pick fights, and they call it that it's in the name of Allah. If you're in a time of peace, and there is oppression and injustice, then you got to choose what works. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, Mara amico mukarram formula you will be the whoever if you see something that is false and bad, change it physically, if you can, let me stop

01:20:41 --> 01:21:21

there, if you are unable to change it physically, and being unable doesn't mean that you are unable because you tried but you couldn't. What it means is that it physically will not will most likely not bringing out the objective the goal of you know, such as let's say justice, I'm going to bring out just is going to make it worse than physically is not going to work. So he said familia Cerny, use your tongue. And when you use your tongue, you got to think about what works, what works. And if the tongue doesn't work, then at least hate it in your heart, dislike what's happening, don't sit there and say I accept it. Because one day Insha Allah, you will be an ally to other people who are

01:21:21 --> 01:21:56

like you who feel the same way. And obviously, we're giving you examples about injustice and oppression. So all of this insha Allah is an act of jihad, my dear brothers and sisters, jihad is not confined to just lifting the sword and the guns that may happen, if need be, such as in a country have to defend the Muslim population against an enemy who will who just wants to resist and not stop and not come to a truce. And that happens with every country except that you do it in the name of Allah. However, living for example, in Australia or Malaysia or anywhere, there is no no justification whatsoever to any form of physical

01:21:57 --> 01:22:31

you know, fighting or struggling in order to reach martyrdom. Martyrdom can be with you writing, authoring, speaking, giving Dawa. If there is something that you want to change, see how you can change it within the system that you're living. A lot of people think that I don't want to use the system. I don't want to use the legal system. They think because it's a gopher system, it's a disbelieving system. Yes, I agree. It's a disbeliever system. It's not a system of God. But when you live in a country where the laws are upon you, you can't change them, you're living under them. Then in order to bring about good from something bad, you need to work within the system like everyone

01:22:31 --> 01:22:51

else. And that insha Allah will be your form of jihad will be your form of martyrdom can come through your struggle, if you if you die in the process in any way, shape, or form. Then insha Allah you die no matter because you are dying in the cause of bringing about for the sake of Allah is something which is good, not something which is bad. An example of that is

01:22:54 --> 01:23:02

Subhanallah when in the Battle of brother, I think it was an awkward, I forgot the name of that Sahabi his name? His name was

01:23:06 --> 01:23:26

what was his name? Subhan Allah, Allah, no, not far lower. Lai La la la la. Anyway, this companion, he went with the brothel our salon, when the Quraysh enemies were built an army to come to Medina and demolish and destroy the Muslims, they found out so they had a few members of the Muslims go out and then they, I think it was better.

01:23:27 --> 01:24:03

No, it was offered. And they camped at the battlefield before the enemy arrived. And there were wells over there or bit of lakes and stuff. So the Muslims took over those those well those lakes, and to take so that the enemies can't drink from them and quench their thirst. And then in the middle of the night, one of those companions went to have a drink. And there was another companion waiting God and he thought that one of the enemies had gone. He didn't know who's his brother in Islam, he didn't know it was one of the people. And he shot him with an arrow and killed his own brother not knowing that he was one of the one of the Muslim army. And when I went and found that it

01:24:03 --> 01:24:42

was one of the companions who said La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah. So the Prophet SAW Selim, when his mother, when this companions mother came to the protest center, she was upset and she said, Tell me when my son is, if he is not in the highest place of paradise, if he is not a martyr, then I'm going to go crazy. And the prophets, Allah Salam, she said, Have you gone crazy on someone, so I forgot his name? Have you gone crazy, he is in the highest of paradises, and your son has reached and for those that are Allah, why, because his intention was going to help to change even though he did nothing. So if you were going on a pathway to change something from oppression to justice, and

01:24:42 --> 01:24:52

you chose the right way, remember the process and wasn't just silly and went out and did anything like that? No, you have to think in the right way. What works as Allah Allah says, what I do the homeless dotato

01:24:53 --> 01:24:59

mencoba prepare what is relevant and what is good and what is right against injustice, not just how

01:25:00 --> 01:25:32

hasn't been coming. So I just want to make sure that people do understand this is a great topic and it's a long one too. But I just thought I'll summarize it in sha Allah that martyrdom can happen in so many different ways. My brother and sister, there was a brother here, I think it was here in Australia or in Britain in London, I'm not sure. And Muslim brother, I think from Sudan is a Somalian brother. He saw an old woman walk in the street, he didn't ask what her religion is, but someone had attacked her. And he jumped into to protect her and the guy stabbed him and he died Subhanallah Rahmatullahi alley if his intention was to do so to please Allah Subhana Allah, by

01:25:32 --> 01:26:09

saving this woman, then in sha Allah, he has a matter as well, what level of martyrdom that's up to Allah's pantalla to decide so as you can see, rather than I'll just give you a very quick summary, that Subhanallah the road is open and it's very wide. And we do have to use wisdom in what we say in what we do in the tile. Thank you for your questions, my brothers and sisters and thank you for your for being here with me and giving me the opportunity to talk about an important topic may Allah Subhana Allah save us from any punishment in the hereafter May Allah Subhana Allah only reward us may Allah treat us with His mercy and forgiveness and not treat us with our with what we deserve.

01:26:09 --> 01:26:23

May Allah Subhana Allah guide us in this life and in the hereafter. We assume well of you, Oh Allah, and we only know that you will forgive us and you will pardon us and you love to pardon was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato SallAllahu Nabina Muhammad on early or some of the Israelites

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01:26:28 --> 01:26:29


01:26:31 --> 01:26:38

we wrap up the wrap up the fence this article objection Island software, aka what to do in America.

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