Maintaining Family Ties in Islam

Fatima Barkatulla


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The speaker discusses the importance of maintaining good relationships with one's parents and family members to increase risk and life. They also highlight the need for people to avoid beingays and avoid beingays to avoid negative consequences. The speaker suggests that maintaining good relationships is crucial for personal development and growth.

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I'd love to speak to you about something that I think sometimes we forget about as people as human beings, and that is Scylla to ram the value of Scylla. To Rahim, what is silica RAM?

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Well, silica means joining the relationships of the womb, technically, or literally, that's what it means, right? So keeping your relationships with your relatives alive. And it's something that is an obligation for us as Muslims. And in fact, the opposite, which is cutting off from our relations, is considered a major sin in Islam. Can you imagine? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam actually said to us, that whoever loves that he be granted more risk more wealth, and be given a longer life, then he should keep good relations with his kith and kin. SubhanAllah. So if we want to have a longer life, and we want to, we want Allah Subhana Allah, Allah to bless our provision, our

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risk, and risk can be so many things, right? It can be a wealth like literal wealth, it can be the baraka in our time. It can be, you know, children, so many things, then, the quickest way or one of the key ways in order to increase your risk, and the length of your life is to keep the relations of the war. And the person who keeps the relationship the womb, or relationships, you know, blood relationships, ties of kinship, is called a Walsall Walsall. Now, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam actually told us that, whilst Elora him, the person who keeps those relationships is not a person who, you know, does. So when it's easy, right? Because, you know, that's something that all

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of us can do, right? It's actually when somebody is cutting off from you, when one of your family members is maybe treating you badly, or who doesn't want to keep in touch with you, or is avoiding or neglecting keeping in touch with you. And you still proactively try to keep in touch, you proactively, you know, invite them, you proactively go out to seek them, find out how they are, phone them, give them gifts, all of those kinds of things, then that is what I was a little Rahim is actually. And of course, those of you who are listening and viewing from all over the world, you will know that that's not easy, is it? It's not easy at all, the easiest thing to do is when

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somebody isn't being very nice to you, or somebody isn't really proactively seeking connection with you to kind of leave them right and ignore them.

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But Subhanallah our deen is so beautiful.

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The guidance of our Prophet sallallahu wasallam is so comprehensive, that he's telling us that regardless of how people are treating you, you go out of your way to make those relationships. And lastly, on that topic, I'd like to highlight that, unfortunately, some people, they seem to think that if they're not getting getting on with somebody, it's completely understandable that sometimes you know, we don't get on with every member of our family. Sometimes some members of our family could be harmful to us. Right.

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And it's completely understandable to kind of maybe have a little bit of a distance, not to cut off. Cutting off, by the way means you don't, you know, say salam to them, or you don't, you know, reply to their invitations or that you're having you're you're not leaving the doors of communication open, you know, you've completely kind of withdrawn

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it's completely understandable to kind of have a bit of a distance, you know, that that might be necessary. But unfortunately, some of some people, they use their children in order to seek revenge, or to weaponize, you know, they weaponize their children against their relatives, or they weaponize a you know, a wife might an ex wife might weaponize her children against her ex husband or an ex husband might weaponize his children against his wife. This is a very despicable thing for people to do. You know, we should not be doing that. If you have a personal problem with somebody, that's your personal problem.

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Children and other relatives you

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We should try to minimize the effect on them and allow them to have a good relationship as much as possible.