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And then he says one notches

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higher to Hamming and he say he did not marry any other women besides her as long as she was alive, so the prophesized him only had one wife until Khadija sent him died. So thermometers, as you've noticed, the DLP camera has it to another tip after her dad he contracted the marriage with the daughter of the truth one also soda and that you'll get feed off in the Sierra literature. Did he marry soda first and then but soda he married her that the contract was was done with Ayesha but he did not she did not move into his house she was still very young. There's hit up about the age but in and Bahati that he's from it out of the land says that she was six. If you look in the in the

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history books, and look at the year she died and how old she was there, some of the economists say that she

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she actually was probably 12 Some say 15 but

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and those are those are reports they're just considered weak, which is why he's saying there that the

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other 80 you know that that means the aroma hakakian masala and this is what they think is the sound is position. So there are differences of opinion. One of the things today, obviously because this is such a strange thing for modern people. There There have been several papers and even booklets written trying to

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prove those other opinions. Now those opinions like I said out there that she was 12 that she was 15 when she married the prophets Eliza when the actual contract and then 15 one when it was consummated.

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if you try to apply a modern

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template onto onto this period of time, you'll get a lot of problems. Because this was a different world. And unless you recognize that you will run into problems in the in the Sierra, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was born into a very different world than we are living in now. Human Nature doesn't change, but norms change. norms that are off of people change in our own, this would not be acceptable. And this is a message or via it's it's a it's a question of or it's not. And this is why nobody found this strange even when Washington Irving, who wrote his book on the profit. The famous people who know Washington Irving, he wrote a book on the profits of licensing. And one of

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the one of the

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he wrote the Alhambra Tales of the hombre and he wrote Rip Van Winkle people know him from that. But he wrote a life of the Prophet Mohammed salatu salam, and in that life, he mentioned that he married Ayesha and consummated the marriage at nine. And then he says, But women of the desert are very precocious. So this is the 1830s an American that does not use it as a means of attacking the Prophet slicin. Because in 1830, America 12 year olds, it was quite normal for a girl of 12 or 13, to get married. In in America today, there are states and there's somebody from Alabama here, not making any jokes about Alabama. But there are states where it's permissible to marry a 13 year old a

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12 year old with consent, you know, adult consent, but people used to get married when when the period came, a girl was biologically capable of having children. Now, if we look also, it's important to note that I shout out the line is by no means an ordinary person. And she is one of the most extraordinary women that has ever lived. Anybody that does a study of her life will conclude that not only was she a genius, clearly, I mean, you know, you can look at a person. It's very strange for people that study American history, you have to ask how is it possible that all these men were living at the same time? You know, john adams and Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton,

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very unusual people to be living at the same time because we don't have that. So, but if you look at the Prophet's life and the people around him, and that he was given as companions, it's just it's beyond belief. It's so extraordinary. I mean, it's not beyond belief. I meant to be diversity, but it is extraordinary and so the prophets, I said him, his his his his message.

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Marrying Ayesha is very significant she transmits a third of the religion, according to

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you know, in fact, she gives us so many Messiah, she solved many of the problems. She was also a brilliant poet

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of poetry. She knew all the jadie poetry and she was raised in the province license house. So she would have learned that in the province items house, she was in a Sabha she was a genealogist she knew the lineage of the Arabs. She was also somebody who

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was very, very independent. In her being, she had her own opinions about things. And she's not suffer fools lightly. She

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she's, she's just a she's a stunning, extraordinary woman in human history. And so you know, this idea of this attack on the profit slice and today is really quite it's, it's, it's, it's just an odious, vile, contemptible, smear of his personality of his honor. And none of us should be in any way, shape, or form embarrassed by this, but it needs to be understood within the context of the time, the place and the people. Now I asked the Chief Rabbi of one of the chief rabbis of Israel,

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at a conference I was at in Europe, I asked him in the Torah, a in the town mood, which is their kind of book of narrations. And they have all their Messiah in there. And I asked him, What What is the youngest that you can marry a child for an adult to marry? And he said, there's difference of opinion. They're like us, three rabbis for opinions.

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And, and he, he's, and we have that to three moms for opinions, because a lot of the moms will have two opinions on something, especially.

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He has a lot of Messiah where they don't know that they'll have two opinions. So they'll literally narrate them as two opinions.

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So he told me, he said, six

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is generally the earliest. And then and then I said, and what about consummation, he said, nine.

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And then I said, Well, what do they do? Now? He said, Well, most rabbis, they'd have to be at least 13. Before they would do the marriage. So again, it's all. So if you're looking at the Jewish tradition itself, they have the same laws in their tradition. And they know that this is a pre modern norm. So even though the modern society, I would not personally be happy for anybody in the West, to marry a girl that was under 15, you know,

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I don't I don't think it would be appropriate in our environment or conditions. But it, you know, there are girls now in America that are 1213 having children.

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And they're having sex at, you know, 10 now, so that, you know, these are this.

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This is there's a book by Robert Epstein called the case against adolescence. And he's arguing that you need to start treating treating young people more like adults, because they really are adults. And it's treating them like children that causes all this adolescent behavior. And he has a lot of social science to back up his views. People forget also.

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5060 years ago in the United States, it was quite common for girls 14 to get married.

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For people that know, William Durant's work, Mariel Duran is the his wife, he married her when he was I think, in his early 30s. And she was, I think, 13 years old. And she became

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a world class historian under his tutelage. And co wrote that book, The story of civilization, which I think is still in print. So, you know, even in our own culture, we do have

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we do have that in our past but not in our present and that's why it's for some people, that's a little difficult anyway, I you know, I elaborated on that just because it is an issue that does come up, but I think it's very important to recognize that I shall Delano by merely reading the Hadees. With Ayesha, you will come very quickly to recognize that this was not a little girl. This was a very dynamic, mature young woman who stood her own ground with the Prophet size him himself disagreed with him on more than one occasion. If you want to know that level of her addition, for those who know Arabic

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back the habit of ozora will show you the type of air edition father yard, wrote a commentary on that book that was published in Morocco. But it's where the nine women come together. And each one, they all make an oath that they're going to tell the truth about their husbands and, and they're each one and ozora tells about, about Zara and how much he loved him and, and how good he was. The other ones kind of complain about their husbands generally. But um, Zara doesn't complain. But then he got married, he took a second wife and she got jealous, and he ended up divorcing her. And then she was she got another husband who was good. He was giving her everything but she was unhappy with

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him because all she could think about was avanzada. So the Prophet said, You're like homes are to me. In other words, don't let these other women destroy the relationship that we have. So us just letting her know that

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because she was she was jealous lady she had a Vega and Hara is a normal

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function of people men have it and women have there's nothing wrong. A woman not wanting their husband to take a second wife is not about he man, like your minds weak or something like that. I mean, some of the men will say that you're a man's weak, you know, it's not wiki, man. It's a normal fitrah thing that Allah has put into men and women, which is why in the Maliki madhhab? I mean, there's a I don't know, if you read the Saudi Gazette this morning, did anybody read it? It was a horrible article, don't read that. You just get depressed. But there's a horrible article about people taking second wise and then basically using them as maids. It's a it's a front page article.

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I mean, thank God, people don't read this stuff in America, you know, if they read these, I mean, they're on websites and things, but it's not a common thing. But it's really disturbing. I'm glad at least they're talking about it, which is a good sign, you know, that the country is changing a little bit, because these type things they never used to mention the newspapers, so the fact that they are talking about is actually a good sign. But you know, it's just women getting into the second marriages, and then finding out that it was just one of them as a servant that they didn't have to pay for.

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So it's quite sad. So that, but they mentioned that now, the women are

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learning about stipulations like that a husband can't get a second wife, and they put in a little newspaper article, even though God permitted it. Well, he also permitted a woman to stipulate that she didn't want a second wide. So it goes both ways. You know, but again, it's this thing of Oh, it's my right it's not a right. You know, like a happy it's happy, is not a happy? No, it's it's, it's a permissibility.

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you know, if a woman is not comfortable in that situation, she has every right not to be comfortable, and she can request a divorce and things like that. So anyway,

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the rebels are hiranya cabinet. hatorah is entertaining and the camera. So she married the privatizing in Makkah in the sacred precinct before his migration by two years. And then there's a feed off about that there was a hit of about when she was born. Some she was she was born in the second year of hegira. Some say in the fourth year of his era. Some say she was born before the hedgerows. So this is where you get the feed app about her age. But this Heidi in Al Bukhari, she narrates it, and she states that she was going to sit in, you know, I was I was six years of age. We have we're either markthalle the five or 10 Rojas, San Juan, he consummated marriage shortly after

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his migration to pure land when she reached the age of nine. Now, consummation here, we have we don't know if it was consummated at that point. But she came into his household at that point. She came into his household and the point that she came into the household was when she was no longer playing with the toys. So it was a sign that she had moved out of that childhood phase.

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Well Matta, Anna where he had been to a hygiene funda and a horrible condition. So when he died, he was 18 years old, he is 10 is eight and years 10. So he is 18 from that layer of bucola sake. So when when she was 18 years of age is Lord of all things. Bless him. What am you quintessa virgin mataro Vikram Siva for 100 alpha horo.

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The Chosen One had not married any other version besides her and her that she had a great honor she once said to the brothers lied to them. What's better to

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If you have your animals you graze in land, you know, the owner of the land that animals haven't grazed in before, or the land that animals have grazed in before. And you know, he said that one that animals haven't grazed him before. So she was trying to show him that PS about that. She was a virgin. And so it's better and he just said, Nobody was better than Khadija. George Bernard Shaw said, an amazing thing.

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He said,

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he said,

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you know that the province lies in him, he knew that he was a truthful man, when he read that story, because he said that normally a man would lie in a situation like that, because it's the woman that he's with and, and to say that oh, I preferred my previous wife

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would just not be something most men would do, they would just say, Oh, yes, of course, I love you much better than her, you know, but because truthfulness was his nature. And he could not do that. He said, even in that type of situation, where a white lie would be expected he was he was honest. So online, he was setting them

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but come how it would that in your car aminata, odo managing metadata zero, and how many subjects in such a short time that she mastered this is what so stunning because she really did master the Arabic language, the lineage of the Arabs, all the poetry and then Tafseer she learned all of these things with the prophecy out of prodigious memory. And really quite extraordinary and and that's why we believe that she was chosen for that the Prophet actually signed a dream. So it wasn't something that

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he was commanded to do that and a worker of the land she she was actually engaged to somebody before that, and this is also this was the order of the Arabs, you know, they would make engagements as children, even some of the boys I mean, it wasn't just the women, the boys would be engaged people would make deals, I'll marry you, my daughter you married you know, we'll marry them together when they were still little babies in the Arabian Peninsula that still happens to a certain degree arranged marriages in that way families that have known from the beginning, you know, my son's gonna marry your daughter. So

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for whatever today that and then Overwatch it to finance the hand in hand delayed and so that when Samantha Sydney, she was buried in the graveyard of Bucky in the 58 year