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Critical Advice That Could Save Your Future Marriage


AI: Summary © In this segment, a speaker discusses the importance of helping others in marriage, specifically in marriage. They explain that having a strong marriage is crucial to couples' couples' health and success, and that having the help of others is crucial to their marriage. The speaker also discusses the potential negative impact of dis Qaeda on couples' marriage, and suggests that starting one's marriage off should be a worthwhile decision.
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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah here are what I can do that there are that the Prophet subtle I send them taught us to make for the newlywed is Bartok Allah hulak wa barakaatuh Lake wa Gemma avena Kumasi which means May Allah bless for you, your spouse and bless you. And may He unite the both of you and goodness.

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One of the reasons we make this deal is because benaco are blessings are a vital and integral part of a marriage. Baraka in a marriage means that you have the help and support of a law through your ups and downs, which let's face it, every marriage has marriage is not easy, requires an immense amount of work, sacrifice and patience. And it can be a huge test. And that is why having a lot of help is so very important. One of the ways Baraka is taken out of a marriage or life as a whole is through the disobedience of Allah Penner data. So the most obvious question is, why would someone start off their marriage with the disobedience of Allah? Why would they start off their marriage

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without the burqa? It's common for people to make compromises on their wedding that they normally wouldn't make or do things that they normally wouldn't be comfortable with. But they end up doing it because of the marriage or they end up having their wedding party in a way which is displeasing to Allah Spano Dada, and is from the disobedience of a lot, and even ship on May deceive them when they start thinking things like, you know what, it's just one day. Why does it matter that much? Yeah, it's one day, but it is one day that could have long term effects. And that's even besides the issue of You don't even know if you're gonna live past this one day. Or people may do it out of the love

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of their parents. And sometimes parents pressure their kids into doing things that are not Islamic during their weddings. But we know that there is no obedience to the creation, if it involves the disobedience of the Creator. Or maybe it's for the person that you're marrying. Sometimes what happens is that people will do things that are against Islam, things that they don't like or they're not comfortable, comfortable with, for the sake of the person that they're marrying. And everything is fine and dandy on that day. But it can very easily lead to resentment, resentment that can affect their marriage later on. So what we really need to be asking ourselves here is, is it really worth

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it? Is it worth it to start your marriage off without this bottom cut in the disobedience of Allah subhana wa tada because we need this Baraka in our marriages. And Alicia panatela knows best until next time, inshallah. Giada Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh