The Moment Shaytan Became Jealous

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The speakers discuss the problem of envy and jealousy and how it can lead to feelings of insecurity and negative emotions. They stress the importance of finding a way to bring these feelings out and finding a way to deal with them by finding a way to bring them out. The speakers also emphasize the need to focus on one's weaknesses and not just feeling their own fault.

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My dear brothers and sisters, our dean

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talks to us about many of the societal problems that we may face as human beings. And I redeem the religion of Allah who's kind of like Adha also addresses the fact that we as human beings, we may be prone to certain problems that may stem from problems of the heart, or issues of the heart or diseases of the heart. And there's one issue in particular that I know we may hear about, quite often, because it's the theme found in the Quran and the Sunnah of the prophets of Allah, it was in the in which the prophets I send them warns us of the dangers of this particular problem. And Allah who's kind of like Adam also mentioned this problem. But the issue my brothers and sisters, as with

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many of the sermons that we hear, and lectures and reminders that we hear is that oftentimes we think of other people rather than ourselves. So when we hear a sermon on a certain topic, we think, yes, it's those people, they have that problem, they need to solve that problem. Today, Inshallah, who can add on my brothers and sisters, what I would request from myself and from you as well, is that as we talk about this issue, we think about ourselves, when we think about where we need to make improvements in our lives, and this is a problem my brothers and sisters, that has become exacerbated in the times that we're living in. And that is the problem of envy and jealousy, of

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wanting what other people have. And I know by nature, once again, we may hear about envy and jealousy and may think, yeah, other people have that problem. I don't have that problem. Other people have issues. But I don't have that issue with my brothers and sisters. This is a normal human desire, that when we see things that other people have, we may desire it for ourselves, that when we see things that Allah that Allah, Allah, Allah has given to other people that we may think to ourselves, do they really deserve this? Why is ALLAH given it to them. And as we live in this day, and age in the day and age, your information, the day and age of social media and the internet, this

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problem has become exacerbated has become increased, because back in the day, you'd have to meet someone to see what their life is about, you have to make human connection. But now, that connection is made through the internet, people post videos and pictures, and our whole lives get documented, we pose everything about our lives, every trip that we took, every new purchase that we made, every new relationship, every marriage, every child, everything that happens in our lives, gets posted online, for not only our friends and families to see, but in actuality for the whole world to see. And it is human nature as I said that when we see things that other people have, we begin to compare

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our lives to those lives that we are looking at online. And this problem is a problem as I mentioned earlier, that is address initially it is addressed in the DNA of Allah who spend with your Allah and Allah azza wa jal refers to this problem, as has said, and I know I mentioned envy and jealousy but the problem really, if we look at it, as it is addressed by one less messenger, Southern life, and it is addressed as hesed as a lump sum, how do I get out? This is, um, yes, I'm gonna NASA Allah, Allah, Allah and following, that they have hazard for the people regarding what Allah has given to them from Allah's Bounty, now has it I know oftentimes gets translated as envy and jealousy, that we

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think to ourselves, I wish I had what this other person have, but it has it has an added dimension to it. And that is the dimension of looking at this person and saying, they don't actually deserve it. They shouldn't have it, I am the one who should have it. And this is associated with feelings of negativity towards the other person that we are viewing. And this is the problem that is described, or one of the problems that has been described in sort of use of with the brothers abusive identities set up. They had hasn't. They said, Our Father has given reference to use of either he set up over us when that nurse about I mean, they said, We are the ones who are a strong group of

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many, like why would our father give preference to us if I didn't set up over us? And then they said in Nirvana that people are in between our fathers gravely mistaken. And so now we begin to learn the nature of hesed. That when we compare ourselves to others, and we think this Allah has given this person something,

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that we have to take a moment and ask ourselves, what is causing this feeling? Is it that we truly believe that we are more deserving? Or perhaps when we see goodness and greatness in something good and other people, that perhaps when we begin to feel insecure about ourselves? Perhaps we begin to

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feel that I don't know if I match up. And when that happens, the natural reaction to that is to try and put the other person down. So how do I make myself feel better by putting the other person down? If I don't have what they have, then I can't compete on that level. So let me find some faults and problems and issues with them. So you may find someone say, oh, you know, they just bought a brand new house, a big house. But no, their children aren't actually that big. You know, they may look like they have a nice big house on the outside, and they have a nice car and all that kind of stuff. But actually, I know their children, and they have problems with their children. Okay, look at

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somebody posted something online, about their relationship is normal happens, people post, you know, someone got married, and they got and they feel good about their marriage, and they post about their marriage online. And we may look at that. And now feelings of

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jealousy and envy may start to fester within us, and how do we deal with those feelings? By saying, well, actually, you know, the person that they married and not even a good person, or you know what, they have this problem and that problem, because what does that do? It helps us feel better about ourselves, to put other people down, perhaps it will raise our status perhaps will make us feel better about what we have not been given. And we find this very same example. In police this year upon with other identities set up in a authentic mentioned inside Muslim, the prophets of Allah I think it was in it tells us of what happened when Allah created other islands set up. And the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us that when Allah fashion the body of Allah created the body of Adam, I didn't set up that Allah left this body. For a certain time. We don't know how long before a certain time, Allah left that body. And by the way, as a commentary on that our scholars say that that was a test a trial for the bliss for the CFI. So Allah has left the body of Adam Alayhis Salam, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us that it is that bliss began to roll your sleeves will be begin to roam around the body, he began to inspect the body. And he began to think Why did Allah create this new beam? Because let me just give you some context here before

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the creation of Adam, I didn't set up the bliss that she upon, viewed himself to be the best of Allah's creation, with freewill because there were angels, and there were the jinn, the angels, we know have not been given free will they have been created to worship and obey Allah, they have no choice in the matter. They don't have to decide who worship Allah they are created Georgian Allah and obey Allah that didn't have your, on the other hand are like us, we have been given the free will we just decided choose to do good, we make the choice to pick good or evil. Well, when it was just the gin amongst the gin, we know what was kind of like the ALA identified at least as the best

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of the gin. And Allah raised at least, and live amongst angels and worship Allah amongst the angels. And so now this happened for a very long time. And now these begins to feel I'm the best of Allah's creation. Because amongst the jinn, I'm the best because I'm the most obedient to Obama. And this shows us how to love that even a person who lives a good and obedient and pious life, that even they can be afflicted with envy and jealousy. And that the outcome of that arrogance, sometimes we think that if somebody is religious, somebody, outwardly is a good Muslim, they pray five times a day, and they fast and they give charity and all that kind of stuff that automatically they are guaranteed

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denona they're guaranteed paradise. But the reality is, we hear this lesson in this story believes that if we don't pay attention to what is happening on the inside the heart, it may cause an effect that may destroy this person's piety. So please view himself to be the best of Allah's creation. And this happened for a long time that created the body of adamite, he set out just the body but life has not been floated to MIT, he stood up, and now he's looks at this. And he thinks to himself, Why did Allah created otherwise, another creation, and now he begins to feel insecure about himself, perhaps his creation will be better than me. So how does it please react to that? Well, as I

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mentioned earlier, how do we deal how was the negative way to deal with feelings of jealousy, envy, well, to look for faults in the other person, and that is exactly what you'd be seeing, because in this narration, so he was in my setup tells us then he began to observe the body of other his set up, and he found the body of Adam and Islam to be hollow at this point. And then he realized out of the unknown, that he has been, he realized he knew that this is a creation that Allah created that would not have control over their depths, control over themselves. And by the way, this is not a human problem. This is also a gene problem. Right? And when our desires get the best of us, we may

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lose control over our own neffs. And so then

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he knew if he said, Ah, this is how I can bring it set up and the children of mRNA sit him down. So what did he do here? He looked for a problem. He looked for an issue. And once again, this is how we deal with those feelings of negativity a lot of times. But what was the outcome for a release? Well, he had those feelings. He hadn't acted upon those feelings at this point. He just felt that he's better than other ideas. He felt that the mind is that I'm has this problem and that problem as we said, he said, he looked at Adam it sounds body and thought to himself, oh, this creation is nothing. This is a creation that would not even be able to control their own knifes, they will not

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be able to control their own desires. So now he began to began to feel what I'm better than him. He didn't even verbalize this. But when the time came, when he was tested, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala commanded him and the rest of the angel the angels that were present in that gathering that went along who life into the body of other minds set up, Allah instructed the angels commanded the angels and a piece that makes sense that other ASAP. And Allah tells us was headed and melodica to couldn't do.

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All of the angels fell into such depth, the sense that is worshipped to apply this in this moment, the angels in an immediate act of obedience to Allah immediately fell in obedience to Allah fell in such depth in that release, except if he's about to step up. He became arrogant, he refused, and he became arrogance. Now, where did the arrogance come from? Did it pop up one day, that one day, this act of disobedience come from nowhere, because this is the serious act of disobedience. Allah ordered him to mix it up. And he was not only did not make sense that you refuse to mix it. And later actually, in this story, we learned that he felt like he knew better than Allah. And he blamed

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a lot all these other problems, but that huge acts of not only disobedience. But we've learned this is an act of proof of an act of disbelief. And Allah who's kind of like the island that took him out of the fold of Islam. Where did it come from? Did it just pop up one day that he became arrogant? He said, on the hieromonk, I'm better than him. I didn't even know how to clean that you created me prepared to trade him from clay. You know, he's been created from clay up and created fire. I'm better than him. No, it did not come out of nowhere. Love is kind of like an artist says a step above the uncooked me that I mean, that have you now just become arrogant? Or were you always viewed

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yourself above everyone else?

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And that tells us the lesson my brothers and sisters, is that when we have feelings of envy and jealousy, if we don't deal with them in a healthy way, in a productive way, eventually, no, we're going to act out on those feelings of envy and jealousy. And that's why we may have some kind of luck, a well known public figure, you know, we live in America, celebrity culture is huge. Your actors and sports, sports scores and all that kind of, we look up to these people as a society. Why? Because you know, they're popular and they're famous. And they're really good at, you know, basketball, or this is not who we look up to these people, until the date comes, where they are

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caught on camera doing something that seems very arrogant.

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Until the day comes, where they turn to a waiter and say, Why did you take so long to bring my food? Don't you know who I am? How dare you? And then as a society, we look at this person, and we're shocked what happened? How did this person we use this person be so amazing? How did this happen? Well, this didn't happen just now. This whole life, the person's whole life and for a long period of their life, they've been treated as if they're better than everyone else. They have been given precedence over everyone else. And then eventually enough succumbs the nest themselves with our own knifes, we begin to feel you're better than others. So when the team has a degree, and they get a

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job, a job that pays a lot of money, and they're praised for that there's a graduation ceremony, right? And then they begin to make a lot of money and then they they're getting all this praise, mashallah, you're this and you're that and you're that.

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And then eventually, we begin to believe that we are better than others. Just like, oh, Allah tells us in the Quran, he said, When the peace Otto and the people of Otto reminded him to be balanced in your approach, that you know, Allah has given to you but this is from Allah. So earn your place in Ghana with what Allah has given to you. What did he say in about what do you do either at the end? He said, I haven't given this because of my knowledge, because of what I did. Arrogance, right. And so if we don't control those feelings, eventually we're going to believe that everybody says, You're amazing, you're awesome, you're great. Instead of saying, No, whatever I have has been

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given to me from Allah who's kind of like your Allah, whatever, whatever Allah gave me Allah can take away at any moment that he has Allah has given to me. And I should praise Allah for this, I should thank Allah I should give back because Allah has given to me, I've seen given x on a lonely link, the people of Poland said to be good to others, as Allah has been good to you. You want to make sure that you want to give thanks, Allah has given to you. So be good to others, as Allah has been good to you, and in response to the response of arrogance. So once again, my brothers and sisters, the point is that we don't keep those feelings number one in check. We don't deal with

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those feelings of envy. Jealousy has it? Why has this person been given something? And oftentimes, we only think of this sometimes by the way, we talk about envy, jealousy, we think of it as well.

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Maybe the example I gave is money in cars, but it's not always well, it could be a position that someone has been given. It could be family, Allah has blessed somebody with a good family, Allah has blessed someone with a good spouse or with children, and we compare our children to their children, and we begin to believe, why hasn't given it to them. And once again, the problem this vicious cycle continues when we get to look for faults in what Allah has given to them a shout out in the second clip that we'll talk about healthy ways to deal with these feelings of envy and jealousy. who probably had

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room in the room for

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111 on the lottery or side who said I'm gonna be saying, you know, see the light, maybe that will happen in water. And what else have we married, our brothers and sisters, I have three quick points. Obviously July time to do my hope is a short time we don't have too much time to get into this. The one thing I'll say before I get into the points is that this is something that we do need to spend time on. We need to spend time on purification of the knifes purification of ourselves verification of the heart as we spend time in perfecting our acts of worship, making sure we're praying five times a day and all the other acts of worship, we need to spend time in purifying our hearts, the

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sake of Allah, Allah, Ghana, number one, our brothers and sisters understand that our perspective is always limited. We may look at someone and say Allah has given to them and why don't I have? That's what I said is right, that I wish I had what they had the reality of what Allah has given to someone we don't know. Because oftentimes, sometimes Allah gives to someone, and we may think, I wish I had, but it may be that Allah is testing someone with what Allah has given to them. You know, we talked about a job, we talked about a house we talked about whatever fame or popularity, it may be, that Allah is testing them through that. And so maybe Allah didn't give it to us. Because Allah wanted to

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save us from that test. As Allah who's kind of like to Allah says in number one who were allowed to cook dinner, certainly your wealth and your children are at trial. Well, their children are two of the big things that we may, you know, look at other people and say, I wish I have what they have. And so Allah says it is a trial. So perhaps what Allah has not given to us, given us something, is a time to make sure that it is time to thank a lot that we have been saved from a certain test. Number two, is that dealing with the feelings of negativity, dealing with the feelings of envy and jealousy, in a healthy way, and we learned from the Sunnah of the Prophet seven lies and mentioned

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the southern icon Have you the prophets I send them said that if you see something that someone has, or see something that your brother has, then what you should do is do something that your brother has that you like, then you should ask Allah to bless it for them. What that means is you say, May Allah bless what Allah has given to you, and that is in direct opposition to what the Shabbat and maybe telling us the sea Athan is telling us, why does this person have it, they don't deserve to have it. And the sooner I set up teaches us that not only do you not feel that way, but you say, May Allah bless what He has given to you. And some of our scholars even add to that, and they say that

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you should say May Allah bless it, and give you even more. Hola, mozzie Woba May Allah increase and Bella give you more why? Because when you make dua for someone that you are feeling jealous towards, that immediately counters the feelings of negativity, that immediately those feelings of negativity, by the way, feelings of envy and jealousy are a burden upon our soul. It is hard to live like that. It's hard to live feeling envious and jealous of others. And the irony by the way, a feeling of envy and jealousy is that instead of working on ourselves, we spend so much time focusing on the other person. Like if we really wanted what someone else has, instead of working to also attain what Allah

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has given to someone. We spend our time focusing on that person finding their faults, as I said in the first book, but so I remember the resistance made God for the first

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and ask Allah to increase that and bless what Allah has given to them. And the beautiful thing is that when we make God for someone, the angels make the same God for us. So it's a little bit of a loophole, that when we like something that someone has, we say, May Allah bless you and increase you because we're also making that to ourselves. Lastly, my brothers and sisters, is gratitude is being grateful to Allah, Allah Allah for what we have been given. Because no matter how much we think that other people have more every single human being has something that Allah has given to them, that there will be other people would say, I wish I had what they have, in depth do not allow him to have

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if you tried to count the blessings of Allah you would not be able to do that. And this idea is referring to everyone the rich and the poor, the able and those who are not able those who have a lot and those who have a little because even those who have a little have a lot to be grateful for so we asked them what was kind of what's your Allah to make us grateful servants We ask Allah who kind of like your Allah to not try as with matters that we are unable unable to make it through these tests along with me