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AI: Summary © The importance of protecting the spirituality of men and women in the upcoming return of Islam to the United States is emphasized. The Prophet's message is used to draw people to his image of the beast and to show them the way they should be treated. Training programs for individuals to improve productivity and lead to a better life are also discussed. The importance of showing the message of Islam to people is emphasized, and the need for people to make a choice based on their faith is emphasized. Delays are rewarded for actions and behavior, and the importance of reactivating one's "willpower" and rebuilding one's "willpower" is emphasized.
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Welcome back to cram 30 for 30 pound Allah just 29 we were just speaking before we started How sad we are at the, you know looming departure of this beautiful month we pray that Allah Subhana Allah accept all of our deeds, everything that we've put forward, we pray that everything that we have gained is not lost after it all gone and everything that we intended to lose of sin is not gained back after all Milan Lama amin Mills paradata except our connection to the Quran and nurture our hearts with the Quran and with the love of the Prophet, slice alum and with the love of wood, the love of Allah and the messenger slice alum and the love of each other for the sake of Allah subhanaw

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taala so it has been alumna I mean, it has been a you know, a beautiful experience you know, obviously the finale is next one, but share from the lunch excellent man, I love you both for the sake of Allah. The appreciate the time to penalize sex with a man honeys back for the second time I'm the last we can get past the formalities. And he is also handled I've been doing a nightly chorionic your app or a nightly drop with the community on on YouTube, through the upcoming YouTube, which I know people have really really appreciated him that now but I mean, and I know that he's been very busy too. So we're really happy to have you back so they might not have coffee, which is

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optimal for him. It's always a pleasure. May he love you who Saiki lowest in my backyard.

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Check up the

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one more after this one.

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Are you gonna like not? Are you gonna try to not see me for like a month after all, honestly.

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We'll see. We'll see. Maybe at the gym I do in the gym.

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I have to find you in the gym sneaker. Yeah. Yes, sir. After 3430 any 30 days without you, right? That's the center. It is like get away from the

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library. Allah knows how much we've enjoyed this time of having sex with him. I wonder what are you most looking forward to whether

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hamdulillah this at least with this side, we have some sense of community on site. Massage being partially reopened in many cases completely opened up for need outdoors in a lot of places. And I enjoyed last night a lot. And it was just with family literally in the backyard. But nothing really compares to the community on sites of Pamela. So I'm looking forward to that I asked Allah to bring the hearts together and to protect our communities.

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So just because we always do this, and shall I you know, Now, before we so what's what's, what's the food you're looking forward to? When are you?

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You're in Michigan, so I'm not gonna say what's your favorite canasa place? I hope you like Canada. I'm gonna give a disappointing answer. Honestly, I'm not a foodie. I'm really not.

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I'm in Dearborn, where it's from that we have I think the best thing we have here is the food after the large massive population, but I'm not a foodie. So what whatever is there, I'll eat that as long as it's, it's good, it's healthy.

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I'm the wrong person to ask about food. That's like a true.

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No, no.

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Like more luck, if so and so let's either as we were about to get started, of course, a reminder once again, keep your brothers and sisters and uncles off and

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all over the world and Yemen, lever brothers and sisters everywhere Afghanistan somehow like keep them all in your drop. But then I turn on these last few nights Yes, plus pantalla to grant them his aid and his victory in his support along I mean, and inshallah tada we're going to now get started so bissman now what happened in our slot for some honestly, no, I did it. He was like the woman Wallah. Just 29 Subhan Allah and when you're getting to just 29 and just 30 in particular, it's very hard to hone in and focus on one portion because the theme really dominates and if I could have you remember anything about just 29 and just 30 as far as the CEO is concerned, just 29 is the juice of

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doubt. It's it is how the profit slice alum should give their our it is that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam needs to depend upon Allah how to keep himself fueled with tahajjud with PM, but that night prayer, how to draw inspiration from the prophets that came before him a methodology actually how to draw inspiration from the prophets that came before him, and how to keep focused as he's calling people to the Day of Judgment, on the Day of Judgment himself sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and what Allah Subhana as promised him so just 29 is the Jews of Dawa just 30 Jews I'm not as the Jews victory, right? So we'll find Allah Subhana Allah to Allah reminding the prophets lie some of his

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favors upon him reminding the Prophet slice on how he got him.

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through the hard times, and reminding the prophets of Allah Almighty Who was setting them to continue to praise them and glorify Him until Allah subhanaw taala takes him from this earth after he has completed his mission. So it's kind of like you see the connection between these two edges. So for example, you know, and it's hard to focus, but inshallah Tada, I'll try my best, right, so, the order of the sutras as they came to the Prophet sallallahu Sunnah we mentioned, obviously, after the first revelation of this mural, because right after that first revelation, the first revelations after that were certain with duford. And it was when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was

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looking for an answer. After what had happened with him and hit off and he saw a video of it. He said, I'm in the sky in his full form and why Islam came to him. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam ran to Khadija all the town hall once again, seeking to be covered and seeking to be embraced. Dorothy Rooney and Khadija are the Allahu taala and embraces the Prophet slice Allah and Allah Subhana Allah reveals the command and will differ. And then certain Muslim men come soon after that you are Muslim that comin Laila illa kalila Oh you who is wrapped up Stand up for a part of the night and worship of Allah subhana wa Tada. And that also Subhan Allah driven to the arms of Khadija

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all the Aloha so it's it's amazing how the first three revelations of the Quran the profit side some is driven to the arms of Khadija all the lowdown on her and Allah subhanaw taala is commanding the profit slice on to stand and to warn and then to stand and to pray, stand and call the people at during the day stand and call upon your Lord at night. And this is the the methodology of data will given to the profit slice I'm the counterpart of that and rosamma is well how a lady either soldier

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you know a loss of hundreds I revealed sort of the Blue House which is also by the way within the first selection of sutras. Well when Allah subhana wa tada mentions an aged care team and for our didn't Allah subhanaw taala find you as an orphan. Well which other kalon and Fahad emoji other cat you don't Falcon Allah found joy as an orphan, Allah found you as a seeker of guidance, Allah found you as one who was poor. And Allah subhanho wa Taala granted you guardianship, Allah pantai granted you guidance and Allah pantai granted you, you know, wealth and support. And that was the job of the allowance Ananda right so Subhana Allah has the mentioning of the favor for the God a lot of time as

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well upon the Prophet slice Allah. When Allah subhanho wa Taala gave him that message Allah subhanaw taala was the one who provided the Prophet slice Allah, Khadija will be a lot of time I'm here to comfort the prophets of Allah Almighty Who has sent him when he would receive that message just as Allah had comforted him with Khadija before it's Pamela on the Prophet slice. And I mentioned that I was blessed I was nourished by her, her love her her love was Liske to the Prophet slice on them, so powerline systems to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So it is dalawa. And then the response right along mentioning the victory and the favor of victory in Jism, which comes next. So it starts

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off with, you know, and with death. And then it was on that. So the first two commands are Dawa, and worship, call and pray, call and pray, call and pray. And the Muslim lives between these two stations, right? calling upon Allah subhana wa tada at night, and filling their spiritual reservoir so that they can then call to Allah subhanaw taala during the day, serve for a lot during the day, bring people to Allah and then bring themselves to a loss of hundreds out of once again at night. The moment that you lose one of those two things is the moment that you disrupt the equilibrium and you lose yourself. And that's why the Muslim lives between and with death, and Muslim will at all

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times. And that is something that, especially for those who seek to not just be Muslims that practice their faith not just being Muslims that get by but do what they need to do, you know, to be able to have a sufficient amount of religion in their lives, but people who take this as a mission, people who take this as a calling, this is your juice, it truly is your juice, and spamela you start to go through and the one Sora that's named after a profits in this particular juice is sort of no

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that's the one surah that's named after prophet and this just is know how to his setup and know how to his Salaam is, you know obviously particularly mentioned here in the station of being humiliated and rejected and particularly By the way, him as a madatha and him as a Muslim. It's very interesting because if you look at sort of the structure sooner nor it starts off with a loss of parents I mentioned in that episode and I know how to call me and they're calmac right, that we have sons know how to his Salaam to his people to warn his people in the profits.

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Some stood up and said I'm calling you, right. And then Allah subhanaw taala mentions immediately the crying out of nowhere how to his setup to Allah subhanaw taala about the way he's being treated by the people when he calls them to Allah Subhana Allah and this is, you know, it goes straight to the complaint of know how to his Salaam about the mistreatment, and it is in the form of the giraffe, the new Harrison was making to Allah subhanaw taala in his night prayers to grant him the strength to be able to move forward. And so the prophets lies on us to draw strength from this example of know how to his Salaam, who is going between Dawa and going between your at all times and

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facing in the process persecution and rejection and hardship. And I'll just, you know, because I know I want us to reflect together on this chosen charlatan, I know that our themes match up to Charlottetown. So I'm just going to close out my first portion, my first reflection here, which is that you then see some Pamela, these different groups of response. And so it's the methodology of how to call and then it's the methodology of how to respond and not how to respond. So Allah subhanaw taala warns Quraysh with the first example of the people of the garden, in sort of the column and Allah subhanaw taala warns the Prophet slicin not to give up with the story of Yunus it

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is set up in sort of the column so the first example of a prophet given to the Prophet slice I'm the first example of a people given to corporations and sort of column and then the last kind of data tells us about Elgin will insert. So you have the jinn who have their share of rejection and their share of belief you have an inside who have their share of rejection, their share of belief you have lpm of course where it all comes together and then you have what's after that a lot of themes about Jenna not May Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people of Jenna the people of Paradise Allah I mean, so this is the juice of Dhaka and this is the juice of the initial methodology given to the

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profit slice on the responsive which will come and design Mashallah Tada, but for now, inshallah, like I said, I want to keep my initial remarks minimum, so we can have some time to reflect to the nighttime So, Chef, so the amount anything you want to share it immediately inshallah Tada, on what you heard about this, just as he does have a methodology of damages, and

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is that more financial. So Pamela, it's interesting when we look at how much money goes into training programs to train people every year, I believe companies I read before spend over $100 billion a year just in the US on training, people pay a lot of money because the one they're there, they're buying the service from or training from someone they believe to be an expert, the greatest spiritual training and the greatest coaching for mankind is from a loss of palitana found in this Joseph to the Prophet sallallahu Sunnah. So the one who wants to learn that looks at the methodology and the advice and instructions and the context of revelation in this just we can take so much from

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it and spend hours talking about the development of the human being delayed gratification, stand and pray, stand and warn, and everything you mentioned as well vertical, if you

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beautiful, so Paolo, so instead of blowing 1000s of dollars on there's value in a lot of those education programs in education, read the 29 pages of the Quran and ponder deeply on those meanings so Pamela, I can't tell you check through them and by the way, every single time I have taken one of those courses or listen to a speaker speak about these things, My mind goes back to Allah and the messenger slice and I'm because everything that you find in terms of productivity and how to lead and how to follow and how to energize and how to inspire the Prophet slice on manifest that best and of course the instruction is found in the power and I'm sure that's the same experience for you as

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well. Yeah, absolutely. And with that, by the way chef Abdullah is like the most into that, that that you know, that that coaching, Mashallah he's a coach Michelle, and you've taken a lot of that those courses and a lot of that stuff too, and hamdulillah So, check, you can reflect obviously, and then go go into your portion of the Jason Sharma.

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Now, when I was about to cinema while he was a woman, when I'm about to Nam, I mean, Subhanallah when we read a lot of these books from people of our times, whether Muslim or non Muslim, they talk about these universal characteristics that we should aim to obtain and maintain. You know, it's important for the Muslim particularly, that they always bring it back to the source being the Quran and the Sunnah. The fact that they may not know where it is in the Quran and the Sunnah, it's important to have that initial belief that it is present. So one thing that customer of mine, I mean, with Ramadan, for instance, you know, this intermittent fasting and things is kind of big now,

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well, studies are showing and progressing more and now that, you know, some are even saying two days out of a week, some saying, you know, a couple of days out of the month, well this is all present within this another process and the experts are are mentioning this, you know, wet fasting versus dry fasting and things of that nature and mentioning the coaching and leadership and leaving the legacy we see within the two

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Buenos Suna within the evolution of how the sun that came about through the scholarship and transmission and grading of the narrator's I mean, we still have an approach, you know, when it comes to academic rigor, you know, something that was done 1000s of years, hundreds of years before us and Subhanallah we see its preservation is unprecedented. So definitely, it's important for the Muslim Yes, when we see things that we like in this life or that we read from inspirational people, that they talk about good things, to know and to have surety that it is present within our tradition. And bringing that synergy together is when one seeks the knowledge and they you know,

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make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala and ask him, ask for them, ask him to show them the right way and guide them on the on the straight path that we do a sit off and let's talk inshallah, so what I want to talk about inshallah is is definitely in line with what was just mentioned, of no holidays, I really want to cover the 10th verse and the chapter of North, which is the kind of going to connect between what was before and what comes after it. So we don't know how a Salaam is one of the awesome he's one of the prophets of determination of the five being what he went through and what Allah subhanaw taala has predestined for him and the message that he was teaching and how he was

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giving the message to the people that were around him, knowing that we say Noah's Ark, or it was the boat of Noah that he was preparing, and people were making fun of him. No, it said, his wife and his son Subhan, Allah didn't disbelieve, it didn't believe in last month, Allah or they may take the belied the message of Islam. And, you know, you sit back and you wonder, you know, we automatically have these thoughts about Okay, the day the one that calls to alarm, the chef, or whatever the case may be. Obviously, by default, they're their children and family is going to be the same. But Allah subhanaw taala stops and he it's like, he stops you to remind you that look, this is north, but it's

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sunset. So are we in a Gemini? Yeah, somebody may not know that. I got it all figured out. Okay, I'm going to go to this mountain, it's going to save me from this, this water this flood that is this that is that is taking place, you know, but then the last one tells him in the whole basement, attic, Allahu Akbar. He's not from your family of the believers. And we see that case with nor are they Salaam, he was a prophet. But it's important for us to know that ultimately, Allah is Allah Hadi. And we talked about this before that Allah as the ultimate guy, the one that guides you, that enables you to choose and make that right choice. You can get shown directions to go someplace. But

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it's up to you if you're going to go that way. So the job of the prophets and of all of us as people of knowledge and people that want to talk about our faith to people is just to show them the message, but are they actually going to make that choice that's up to them. That's where every single one of us has a responsibility if we are those that are considered and we'll call the phone if we're the ones that are legally responsible, by which Allah subhanaw taala has made clear within the Quran and the Sunnah. So when looking at no at a salon, we see that he called his people as as mentioned 950 years 950 years no was calling the people to add Islam and Allah subhana wa Taala

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displays what Noah was saying when he was calling out to Allah calling out to him he called in different ways he said any doubt to call me later on when I held on he said I called him by night and by date but let me give it to him he he left it all that my calling me calling them to what was right what was true calling them to worship God to worship Him alone. It only increased them and fit on your finger on a mini and they they would they would distance themselves from me to the degree that they would cover their they would cover their ears were still shows the everyone was stuck, bro, they will cover their faces cover their ears, and they would be more arrogant. And then Noah

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goes on and says to my enemy down to him

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that I call them vocally and I call them in the open Jonas he said he was vocal with it and then he was out in the open with the dog. Right? So no is showing that he took all along to kind of with Donna is showing us that Noah a prophet took all of the means to call his people to Islam. And they still did not believe

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there are lots of kinda what data says what Noah was saying. Because in the beginning, you know in the verse number four, he was calling them to, you know, to leave off what they were worshipping. Allah says and you have a good law which took a while to own to worship Allah and to be mindful of and to obey to be obedient. He said young fella come in the new the home He will forgive you of your sins or from some of your sins. The scholars of Tafseer have different understanding when he says young men will become Minotaur meridia that some scholars say it is from the sins you have committed primarily that of the of the shirt or from the sins you have committed in general, Allah, Allah will

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forgive you of that if you worship and have obedience to Him. Then after he mentions the means that he takes no holiday Salaam mentioned again

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He says for old to stealth, he will rob back home in who can have a pharaoh. So I told him is still futile Robert can seek forgiveness from Allah For verily he is a fellow. So here, some scholars mentioned that no, I'm mentioning this, I think so I'm not mentioning this is that he will forgive you for what you have done from the shirk, from the polytheistic practices by you embracing this faith and understanding that there was no one that deserves worship except Allah subhanho wa Taala. So there is what scholars called attack Leah, which is an abandonment of something or leaving off something and moving on to something else. And then after that, Noah says, you'll receive a semi

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highly committed IRA, that when you seek this forgiveness from Allah, He will send upon you, He will send upon you Subhanallah the abundance and rain, middle aura, and metadata means in an abundance, he will send it in an abundance as a response to your what to your seeking forgiveness. So now, it is the instant far that you saw it from that you asked the last dog for would relinquish insha Allah, the the shirt that you are practicing, and also will bring you benefits the tangible benefits in this life. That, you know, it's interesting here is that's a quite a lot longer than I should and LBI they mentioned some kind of law that, you know, within this, Allah subhanaw taala will send down

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this rain in abundance or rain in the sky for you because that is what they knew, a lot of them were following. So what they knew was that if the rain comes, there's going to be an abundance of risk. And Allah says you'll see the summat, he says that he sends down the sky, it's not literally the sky, but it's understood that it's the rain from the sky. And there's other verses in the Quran, or Locke calls this the rain risk, risk, because the rain in and of itself. SubhanAllah is a huge component of the ecosystem of the process, that when it comes down, the vegetation comes forth, and then that's where the animals will eat from it. That's where humans can eat from it. That's where

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you can take from it and do the barter system, just those three and is in and of enough enough in and of itself. And then each one of those products that we have from the US and then from ourselves in our money and then for sustenance, it is a rippling effect because from the anonim we can take food and sustenance and coats and Allah mentions it in other verses. But in any case, we know I mentioned that he mentioned the agricultural benefits. Then after that he mentioned what you did, you can be unwell and woven in, and then he will, he will give you wealth and sons and he will provide me with gardens and rivers. When I look on genetti when you come in here and this is another

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benefit and we'll end here.

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Allah says we got some genetic and then he repeats what

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he says literally, if we were to translate it, he makes for you gardens. And he makes for you rivers. Some scholars mentioned that the garden does not exist without the river. Because the river has to flow through the gardens in order to be you know, it's the natural or Lord Lord like irrigation, right? You don't have to do it yourself. You don't have to irrigate it yourself because the rivers go from underground and provide for the Jeannette. So a lot provides in this fashion showing that you don't have to do anything. Allah is Allah Zack, just as he is at hand. So it's a very important reminder for us that when you seek forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala the

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blessings for that is we cannot domesticate it. It goes beyond our understanding. And if we understand is still far we can make that analogy with any act of worship, particularly the act of worship of dog, which all of these can come in, is still far asking Allah for Tibet. All of these things, know that the power of Allah is not confined to our intellect. The ability of Allah is not confined to our understanding of ability.

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What we understand from creative things, a lot is beyond that because He is the Creator. And it is highlighted here so beautifully. That's why no, they said, when he mentioned that to Pinilla, he mentioned the tough Liya whether it's actually in the media is important, that is adornment. So we see here, as you mentioned in the last month, I mentioned in the chapter on Buddha, which we will capitalize on is that you have to leave off those pantheistic practices in order to be ready to perform these actions of adab. And these beautiful actions, which is a totally so it's abandonment, before adornment, if you will, and seeing the doubt the doubt nor are they said I'm primarily

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capitalizing on is still far seeking forgiveness from Allah for our shortcomings will also kind of Allah make us of those that are in these last days, and the days to come as well, that we seek forgiveness from Allah because we know that the abundance and provisions from a lot are endless, but a lot

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more frequent

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checks in the mouth.

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Got a coffee

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I'm gonna get right into it inshallah tada

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it's interesting to connect what you've stated chicom the law with is still followed and seeking forgiveness from Allah subhana wa tada and how that opens the doors of height. We can't count the number of stories of people who were starting their journey back to a loss of panel data with sincere remorse, or they were going through hardships in situations you thought were impossible to get out of. And they sought forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala, sometimes 234 1000 times is still fought and then something would open up for them something would happen in their lives. There's so many examples like this account Allah. So it is that close enough for sharing that? I want to talk

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about the link between so towncloud this this thread, starting with Dawa in June 29 as well as it's still for seeking forgiveness from Allah, the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the delayed gratification that's emphasized through solder perseverance, this word that we loosely translate as patients but really submit is willpower, perseverance, self discipline, it includes conscientiousness, delayed gratification, and we find that specifically in spiritual insan there are a number of interesting points to make that bring all of this to a closer panela. The word slobin in the Quran, in all of its forms is found over 100 times. And it's used in just 29 Jews, about seven

00:26:21--> 00:26:54

times two of them are here in Salt utterly insane, starting with widjaja hungry masala Genet, or how do you know and Allah will reward them for their patience, their perseverance, their delayed gratification, their willpower, holding on a little longer, Allah will reward them with Jenna with paradise and garments of silk. So when we think of these verses, where best shooter saw meeting in Allah now celebrating Allah is with those who persevere, give glad tidings to those who persevere well, long your head will solve it. And Allah loves those who persevere those who endure those who have willpower, those who have delayed gratification that is guided for the sake of Allah subhanho

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wa Taala. Allah loves this person. These verses didn't come down just so we could recite. Rather, it is for us to take lessons it is for us to take principles a reminder, a vision, an internal transformation may also allow us to experience that on a daily basis, the end result is paradise for your delayed gratification. And so a question that we could pose frequently I do. Would you rather take a penny today, or wait for another day, one more day for a trillion dollars? And of course, the question seems very obvious, and nobody would take that Penny today, no matter their situation. And while they are waiting for the trillion dollars, they'll be happy while they're waiting, they'll be

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contented. They're looking forward to the reward. But we're not talking about a trillion dollars in a penny. We're talking about a drop of water from the ocean and dunya and the rest of the ocean that afternoon they cannot be compared. This analogy was given by the prophet sallallahu wasallam. So Allah Subhana Allah tells us in the next verse, verse 13, it's a little chilly and sun will take enough he hollered.

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At her Samson was unhurried on the reclining on their thrones or their heavenly furniture in paradise. Never seeing any scorching heat or bitter cold in this world connecting the link here of Dawa and it's the fault there is a there's an emphasis here on delayed gratification. You're relaxing on thrones later and heavenly furniture later, but previously insulin was a million total more deaths. What are you doing on Thunder? amin Layla Illa Polina stand and pray and stand and worn. So you have duties to do now you have things to do now you have to push now for something much greater later on the relaxation that's real, that's eternal that's complete is in general, this is

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not the life of true relaxation. When the Nia tenali him, Leonardo will delete that photo for her to Leila. And I'm also proud that he continues and says the garden shade will be right above them and the fruits of genda will be very close very near in terms of their reach. Again, delayed gratification. In this world. Think of the opposites, you're striving, the heat, you're striving in the daytime when most people are active and awake, and you're calling people to truth. You're being patient. you're serving others, you're taking care of the owner, you're taking care of the family, you're advocating for countless causes around the world. And in general, you relax in heavenly

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shade, and the heavenly fruit that was far in this world. You're looking at it as though it's a future vision. It's delayed for you, but spiritually the believers knew it was close. by either eight or eight or nine a woman can carry it off you forward to verse 20. In the surah almost Pathan is telling you if you look around, in Jenna, you will see indescribable bliss and a vast kingdom, the rewards of Jannah the delight of Paradise, the vastness of general beyond our imagination, you can't really compare anything to it. And this is why it's so important to revive the sooner that many people overlook, which is in the budget of prayer on the day of Juma on Friday to recite Salatu

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sedge there in the first rocker, essentially in the first Lorca and sola to insert in the second rocker. This is the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, amongst other narrations, and in particular, think of the verse faletau

00:30:00--> 00:30:34

They will have some level of your karate or even just that and we might carry on I don't know soul knows what is hidden for them of the coolness of their eyes, the reward that's waiting for you in general, you don't know what it's like you can't possibly imagine. It's a reward for what you used to do. It's a reward for your delayed gratification. And every time you recite surah insan, you realize how insignificant a dunya is, no matter how much money you have, how comfortable you are the world here because of how great gender is, it's a prison for the believer here, this world that dunya is a prison for the believer because of how great gender is how great Paradise is. And yet

00:30:34--> 00:31:10

some people throw that away. So lost pounds that reminds us of the types of people who look for what is close, and it may be harmful, and they ignore what is beneficial. And it is long term, kilometer hormonal, Angela, what are the Ronal athletes in the St. Joseph is what's Oklahoma, Allah saying to these people, you love that which is near the immediate life, the quick thing that you want the instant gratification, that desire that you have, and you're throwing away the afterlife, you're ignoring an eternal life? Would you rather take a drop of water now, or an ocean of eternal happiness later, similar to the famous marshmallow experiment, and it has its critics no doubt, we

00:31:10--> 00:31:45

should be teaching our children to develop delayed gratification at a young age. And, of course, it's not just for children anymore. In our times, this is something that's affecting everyone's affecting adults as well. And for those who want examples, instant gratification, for example, someone who's trying to eat healthy speaking of the gym, and speaking of food, if you have the urge to indulge in like a high calorie junk food, instead of something healthy, that contributes to long term, good to health in your body. This is an example of instant gratification that you saw it you have the desire, and you just could not hold back, or the desire to hit the snooze button instead of

00:31:45--> 00:32:20

getting up and going to the gym really early, which should have the lamella preserve you or the desire to hit the snooze button instead of getting up for prayer, the temptation to go out with friends or socialize or waste time instead of finishing a project or an exam for school. So these are some examples of instant gratification. And what's interesting is that some studies found that younger people tend to have the tendency or tend to have impulsiveness in terms of their tendencies, while older people with more life experience are much more likely to delay their urges or temper their urges. And that's interesting because of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallaahu Selim about a

00:32:20--> 00:32:54

youth who grew up in the obedience of Allah subhanaw taala, because during that time of your life, the age of youth goes up to 40 in a slump. So a lot of people use the vanilla. During that time, a lot of people are impulsive, as well, one thing that contributes to all of this, and it affects adults as much as children is technology, social media that blessings are lost, Patrick gave us are also tests. And so if you have access through his cell phone, you're making a lot of stuff a lot and a lot opens up the doors of this world for you. And you have access to all of these different things, the internet and technology and everything is fast, right? You have fast streaming services

00:32:54--> 00:33:33

with countless forms of entertainment, you have instant delivery, like same day delivery is now I think one hour delivery in some places. So everything is made in terms of our blessings in our environments. Everything is is being made to be quick and instant. And so people are finding the idea of waiting to be unthinkable delayed gratification is no longer something people are willing to handle or experience or exemplify delayed gratification from the Islamic perspective starts with sincerely for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala recognizing your purpose, why you exist, a commitment to the process, that you know what the process is, and you're committing to the process as well.

00:33:33--> 00:34:04

You're also planning ahead, so there's avoidance of bad environments. And that's why what am I talking about Xena Do not come near bad things do not come near temptations that are come near adultery. You're also supposed to plan a hunt, right? You're not supposed to open the doors that will lead you to having to choose between instant and delayed gratification as well de emphasizing the reward, right? If there's something in the moment that shavon is making tempting to you, you're de emphasizing you're reminding yourself it's not as good as it seems this is actually going to harm me in the long term. Think about the end reward think about paradise. Think about what Allah

00:34:04--> 00:34:44

subhanaw taala promised you think about the act of doubt the act of self purification is still for all of this for what for gentlemen, what's up, I'm Robin Sharma, Hola. And the Lord will give them a pure purifying drink. And then finally the crux in the hurricane alcanza. What kind of Sayaka mosquito they will be told in paradise. All of this is a reward for you and your efforts, your striving, your salary, your delayed gratification, your solid, it is appreciated by loss of Panasonic what kind of Sayaka Moscow May Allah subhanaw taala grant us the strength and the ability to live upon delayed gratification that is guided that is guided by truth and that is guided by

00:34:44--> 00:34:51

objective morality from Allah subhanaw taala. And we also have that allow us to experience the fruits of Paradise, the reward of Jenna along them.

00:34:52--> 00:34:59

I mean, there's a lot to share Subhanallah and you know, one of the forms of delayed gratification that's mentioned even as charity ends

00:35:00--> 00:35:31

With an inside write that I don't want anything in return for my charity, some people want to be praised for their charity, they want to be thanked by the person they're giving charity to and saying no, no. And the monitoring will company what Tila feeding you for the sake of a loss parents either we, we don't want anything from you, we don't even want to be saying because we're thinking about the day of judgment and the law meets them with the best of their expectations on the day of judgment as well. So delayed gratification is certainly the case when it comes to agenda. But the certainty in an agenda and the certainty and allows reward makes the delayed gratification easier,

00:35:32--> 00:36:11

not in that the struggles lesson but that in the worth of those struggles and the ability to power through them knowing that you're struggling for something so real. And that's your pain, right? So my loss parotitis put that up in that certainty in our hearts. That's why the the your eyes to ask Allah for your pain and saw the truth for you in a truthful sincerity and uncertainty in our hearts because that will keep us through the temporary moments that we have in this life. And you know, inshallah, tada I pray that I pray that we're able to nurture that together, but in the nighttime, again, I know I'm getting very sad because it's kind of we're getting to the end. It's the last odd

00:36:11--> 00:36:43

night for people in sha Allah to Allah to, you know, be there to exert themselves, I want to remind everyone hamdulillah that that the work that you're putting in is is fully free handed and accessible to the community and it's powered by the donations of people that believe in the work that we do. And the amount of donors to the amount of consumption of the content have the last less than 1% and that's the idea is to make it as accessible to everyone as possible those that can benefit and those that can also help benefit others by

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you know, inshallah time investing in these resources and your donations Paula has helped him get to where it is, of course by the grace of Allah first and the grace of Allah that enabled you to also spend and invest in this but in the nighttime so he reminded everyone Charlottetown just one last time not just to donate to themes the last night odd night donate tip Nichelle and all the other work that's out there the work for incarcerated Muslims the work for political you know advocacy for Philistine and for other oppressed peoples the work of charity and relief groups the work of gala the work of your message of your school, push yourself inshallah time this last night but in the

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nighttime, let your pain inshallah if you see fit be a part of that portfolio of your last share of goodies in the nightrider chips a mine You said something that offended me. I'm gonna let it go though. You said if you hit the snooze button instead of going to the gym, which

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Why not me? I don't know chef, are you

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I don't share my

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benching 500 pounds on Instagram are doing.

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And by the way, I mean that the offer still stands. I called all the shields in Dallas out on my Instagram. I called all them up but they put the atolls right in it's a field right next to Valley Ranch. Lamb and I got you. Yeah.

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I'm gonna fly down until I gotcha. Oh, man, Chef. Yes, sir Burgess are coming. We're gonna we're gonna come. We've heard your call outs. We were avoiding them, but we were coming.

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Everyone keeps near dies. And so I'll keep the old linear Josh Simon's knucklehead for everything you've particularly been doing with your with your eyes at night and you're now participating twice, or three for 30 I'm sure everyone benefited Zach, like a chef has always said I want to come down to LA he's got a cattle.

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The mission of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was to impart knowledge, to speak truth and dispel falsehood, to bring hope, in times of darkness, to build a confident people, to bring us together with compassion, and its strength, and most of all, to instill everlasting faith in every aspect of our lives, so that we can have stronger conviction, fuller hearts, and a well defined purpose. This is what motivates us every day, to inspire a world of faithful changemakers who serve as ambassadors of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And as the team strives to build on the final Prophetic Mission, we invite you to join us in these final 10 nights and realizing that