Shaadi Season – Episode 08 – Honeymoons

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. What's the deal with honeymoons held on or not?

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Now, first of all, I want to clarify that there's a difference of opinion amongst the scholars regarding this issue. So if you follow a scholar who holds a different opinion than mine, then please go ahead and ignore this video and go ahead and follow them. Okay, so honeymoons can either be permissible or impermissible, depending on what you do, and where you go. If you're involved in some impermissible activity, some how to, um, activities during your honeymoon, then obviously, this type of honeymoon is how long it's impermissible. And if you're going to a place where a lot of sin takes place, then once again, obviously, this type of honeymoon is impermissible as well. If,

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however, that is not the case, and you're able to fulfill your obligations as well, then that would be a case where this type of honeymoon is permissible. So let's say for example, Vegas, can't think of too many things to do in Vegas. On the other hand, if you go to a resort of some type, especially a type of resort, where you can have your privacy, that's obviously a lot better. Sometimes people ask is a is a honeymoon a good idea? Yes, if you have the ability to do so it's a wonderful idea. So start your marriage off with a trip in which you're both involved in the worship of Allah. That's beautiful. That's definitely starting off on the right foot. And that's a way to actually infuse

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boxcar blessings into your relationship from the get go. And subpanel I can't think of too many places in the world as beautiful as spiritually beautiful as Makkah and Medina actually can't think of any places like that. And Allah Subhana Allah knows best. Until next time in sha Allah said I'm on a comb, what happened to lie or what I got