Zakir Naik – Importance of the first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The importance of fasting in modern times is emphasized, followed by the importance of praying for the first 10 days of the year. The importance of fasting is emphasized in the title of the book, as it is the most important after the first 10 days of the region. Visitors are advised to avoid doing harm during the first 10 days of the year, pray for the first 10 days, and not waste time during the first 10 days of the year.
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The first question is, from others kazi

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from London, UK,

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the month of julija. Is after four to five days. What is the importance of the first 10 days of the region?

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And that's a very important question. I would like to thank you for the RF poskim question,

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because according to me,

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the importance of the first 10 villager, are the Forgotten Suna of the Beloved Prophet. Unfortunately, most of the Muslims around the world have forgotten the importance of the first Indonesia.

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Most of our Muslim they even know about our man and we prepare for the month of Ramadan. And we know most of its advantage most of the blessing of Ramadan. But unfortunately very few of us Muslims are aware of the first 10 days of the Legion.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala takes an oath in degrees from a

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chaplain, which name was the one into law says while fudging while

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by fudging by gone,

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and by the 10, nice year, Allah subhanaw taala is taking the oath of Pfizer. And by 10 nights,

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you're the first thing to say and allies taking the oath. Well,

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that is by the 10 knights, it is referring to the first 10 days of the region. Now people will wonder why they will not use the word Knights when is referring to the days of the first 10 days to the job. This is common in many languages. If I have to say in English that I have 10 days in New York, I spent 10 days in New York. But naturally when I say I spent 10 days in New York, it means I spent 10 days and 10 nights in here. It's understood. And I've said this many times the likes of including similarly in Arabic, when they mentioned the nights included, and when nights are mentioned many times even the days and it can only mean night, it can be denied. Also it can be

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lonely day, depending upon the context. So in Allah Savior, he's taking the oath of 10 nights, the mufa serene, they say it refers to the first 10 days of the Legion. And if you read

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it says that the first 10 days of the ledger are the most important days in the complete year. There are no days. Besides these 10 days, which are more important. These 10 days in the full year are the most important days of the year, even more important than the last 10 days.

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But the last 10 nights of Ramadan are more important than the first 10 nights of the Legion because in the last 10 nights of Ramadan

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if the length of Qatar,

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because led to Qatar falls in the last 10 nights for from the last 10 nights of Ramadan are the most important 10 nights in the full year. And the first 10 days of the Liga are the most important days in the folio.

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As mentioned in

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volume 200 number 969. The profit center

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there are no deeps

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better than the deeds done on the first 10 days of

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the New Deal than on any other day better than the deeds done on the first 10 minutes

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to the samba asked the Prophet. What about jihad, the prophet that even Jihad the deeds done on the first 10 days of the Legion are better even than jihad. Except if

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jihad is done with the wealth and the life of the person, and the person returned back without any of

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that means if a person goes for jihad, with his wealth and his life, and he's martyred, that is the only one deed which is better than the good deeds done in the first 10 days of

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a similar message is defeated.

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In our

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number one nine to five

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it's narrated by the bus

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That the Prophet peace be upon himself.

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The deeds done

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in the first 10 years of julija are the best deeds, there is no other deeds done on any other day, which is better than the deeds done in the first 10 days.

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And when someone asked the Prophet What about jihad, the prophet said, even jihad, unless the person goes for jihad, which is well unlike and comes back without

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that means unless a person is martyred in the battlefield while doing jihad, that's the only deed which is better than the good deeds done in the first 10 days of the Legion, that means the first 10 days of villager are the most important 10 days in the free.

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There is no doubt about it. And unfortunately, most Muslims are unaware of this site.

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It's mentioned as a Muslim.

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One number three, and the number 2747. With the Beloved Prophet Musa asked

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the first thing

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on the day of

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the Beloved Prophet masala, some said that fasting on the day of arafah expects the sins of the previous year and the community.

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Most important fast after the fun faster from Nan is the first thing on the day of

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the most important there are some scholars very few who say fasting of modern, the first few Mashallah is the most important, after the first pastor from the province of Southern received that fasting in modern and assura is the most important fast after the fast of Ramadan. But in this fight, the prophet said, the sins of the previous year is expedient is forgiven. But if you fast during the day of alpha, then the sins of the previous year, and the next year, the following year to year the Forgiving, that will be the most of the scholars say that the most important fast after the fasting of the further faster from none in the fast enough. But unanimous that these two fast,

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the faster and the faster

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of Ashura are the two most important fast after the fact fast.

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It further mentioned

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word number three, I think number 247.

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That the wives of the Prophet said

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the Prophet fasted during the first nine days of the lecture.

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And if faster during assura, and three days every month,

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the first Monday, and 230.

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We come to know from the study that the Prophet fasted all the nine days, the first 90 days of the ledger. That means besides the ninth of the ledger, that they have alpha, it is mazahub it is soon not too fast all the first nine days of the ledger. If someone cannot then at least pass besides money, but the best is fasting all the first 90 days of the Rajah because these are the best days of the year, when mass miner funds the 10 days, while the first 10 days, they really live

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a beloved Prophet Muslim Central,

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as mentioned.

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But number three, number 1991 that the Prophet said it was prevalent to pass on his father, and he will adopt both the day it will fit up the after I'm done. And it will other than that is the title of the lecture.

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These two days are the days of faith to the prophets. That indispensability too fast. On the two days of that the reason it will stop too fast on the first night.

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It further mentioned it was a Muslim, that the Prophet said you should not fast on the Yama tree. That means the three days following the river these are the days of eating and drinking.

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And the Prophet also said

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if you're slaughtering an animal,

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then that person should not contest day or contest.

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From the first day of the Ninja till he sort of

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if you're,

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if you're suffering, then it will stop.

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It should not, that should not cut your nails and your hair from the first day of the Ninja till the time you thought of them. But if someone is slaughtering on behalf of someone else, then that person did not follow this route, with Rama slaughtering, and if somebody's shopping on my behalf, then I did not follow this route. If I'm torturing myself, then this will affect

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it further

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into the Bible,

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the Prophet recommended that during these first 10 days of the reader, you should see the beat and the dimensions of the body that is

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a la, la, la La, La La La La, la, this is a technique it is recommended, or the condition to send.

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A similar message is repeated

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in Houston, and the number 5446. When the Prophet said

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that, according

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one of the main lobby, he said that the Prophet said, there are no deeds better than the deeds done on the first things of the ledger. Therefore, say that the holy Lai Lama had been allowed to say that I mean, thinking Allah what Allah what La la la la la la. So it is recommended that all these 10 days you say that that be the daily that I mean?

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It's one dimension inside which one would you pick number 65.

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The other lab no man,

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he said, and our lm Allah be pleased with the book

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Omar and Abu huraira Dini used to go out in the marketplace, during the first 10 days of the region, and loudly say that

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and when the other side was to kill, then they should repeat it by themselves. Now, do we see any Muslims in the marketplace in the mall in the suit, saying that very loudly during the first 10 days, maybe some countries, maybe some of the Gulf countries, but normally in India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, we don't find Muslims going out to the marketplace and saying loudly, Allahu Akbar Allahu La la la la la Berlin.

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So inshallah, most of the viewers are like tell you that the first then the the villager inshallah will be

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after four or five days in Malaysia, in Saudi in the Gulf country, inshallah it will be from the 22nd of July from mentioned it four days from today.

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Other countries, it will be up to five days, maybe there Pakistan and Bangladesh and some countries will

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see to it that we follow these sooner and revive the food now. And do not let the first 10 days word missed.

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This topic of the first time the village actually requires a big talk for a few hours time limited. I will just mentioned the important good deeds that a person should do during these first 10 days

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and not much at all. And mentioned the importance of defilements.

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Number one is that we should pray your all five times daily for the fella in JAMA in the mosque.

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If you have not done much and adjust for volume, if you have the means and the wealth and the health and you're then doing such a fun, even if you have done it again, it is

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it is good. You can do it. But unfortunately now we are going through the pandemic

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the Coronavirus COVID-19 that there is in the foreigners, those who are outside Saudi

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but the Saudis and the Saudi they can do but only a limited few only a few 1000 I think will be permitted this

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hatch Hajj inshallah, we'll hope that Allah gives you the chance next year inshallah to do *.

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Number three

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that do not do any Haram. During this first end of the lecture. You should not do harm throughout your life. But be particular, not only the major sins, avoid totally even the minuses. During these 10 days. You have to don't do

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throughout your life, but be more particular during the first 10 days of villager, that even by mistake do not do anything, leave aside the major thing do not even do the minor things.

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The fourth point is fast during Yeoman arafa, the ninth delucia The day of alpha inshallah, your previous year since, and the next lesson will be forgiven inshallah expanded would be forgiven inshallah. But natural when daddy says, Your sins will be forgiven, it's understood the minor sins not the major sins. Point number five, it's preferable you fast the first 90 days of julija all the first 90 days if you cannot for any particular reason, at least fast on alpha and Monday and 30 but preferable you fast all the nine days the first nine days of the lecture. The sixth point is that slaughtered animals if you have the capacity, on Yamuna

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that is on either ladder or the to the falling on geometry

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17th see the test be so vanilla. See the daily Lyla Illa see the spirit that allowed word see that they meet Alhamdulillah or as I said earlier, Allah What better La la la la la la la, la la as many times as you can greeting all these 10 days The more you say the better it will be and will be rewarded a lot for this.

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It is pray your time.

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During the last one third of the night and recite long was the Quran, the longer you do the better at least read a ticket digest followed by the return ticket and for long hours during the last one third of night.

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Pre yasunaga makanda there are 12 Sunita maka in the fully

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two rasuna before the fragile Salah, two plus two for a persona before the Zohar Salah Torah kasana after the door Salah to rasuna after the Maghreb salah and to rasuna after the Shah Salah. So totally there are 12 Sunita, maka and the Prophet said that anyone who read these questions at the market regularly, inshallah he will go to Jenna and get the house to the Prophet. Pray your Salah to Doha, preferably. For a cat we can even pay to rocket after sunrise anytime after 20 minutes till before 20 minutes of the Sun reaching its highest point.

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See to it that you do maximum charity during these 10 days. Besides your further Zakat, do as much of charity as you can

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dudhwa before a star

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and since we'll be fasting, so do our before star is acceptable as manana.

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Do as much as you can. During all these 10 days, do as much as they can as you can during these 10 days. read as much of the Quran as you can during these 10 days due to out of Quran. If you can do memorization of the Quran. read the Quran if you don't know how to pick up the language that read along with Arabic portion, read the translation in the language you understand the best. Read the passage of the Quran.

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If you can teach Quran to others, ask Allah for forgiveness. As much as you can do stick far do during the first 10 days of the lecture, recite as much as off the dua of the Prophet masala Salaam, all the dua which are recommended. And the best book to refer is the fortress of the Muslim that has been Muslim where the authentic was I mentioned.

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Do as many other good deeds as you can in these 10 days of the lecture as much as you can. Whatever small deed medium to big good deed, do as much as you can

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follow as much as of the Sunnah of the Prophet as you can during the first 10 days. For example,

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when you wear the footwear wear with your right foot, when you remove the footwear remove with the left foot. When you enter the mosque, enter with the right foot when you step out of the mosque apart from the left foot when you're wearing the clothes, put your right hand first, when you're removing the clothes, number to the left side first. Yeah, the furnace. When you're drinking water, sit down and drink water as much as the sooner I can do. It is better during the first 10 days of the lecture. Then do task enough purification of the soul. read as much as they had if you can have the Prophet forgive people's fault as much as you can

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All the mushroom, as much as the macro, discourage, you can avoid. Please avoid and don't do it.

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Do Islam with the other Muslims as much as you can do Dawa with the non Muslims invite them to the fold of Islam invite them to

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read the sooner the gear makeda The sooner the gear makeda at 10 in the full day

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To recap, soon after the door Salah after the tour cut off soon in the market that you can lead to the castle into gear makeda after de la sala, then two plus two for a cart before the SIR Salah to Russia before the bankruptcy law and to Raka before they shall Salah totally there are 10 sort of the gamma

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attend as many live lecture that you can have scholars, the gurus, lecture the question answer session of the authentic scholars.

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If you cannot attend personally, then watch them on the videos on social media on YouTube. On the Facebook. You can hear them on the audio

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on the audio tape, on DVDs, on the social media, you can read books on the seat of the Prophet, you can read books of the attending scholars,

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give as much time as you can for your family members. For the Prophet said the best Muslim is he was best to his family, especially his wife.

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Do not waste a single minute during the first end of the lecture because these 10 days are the most important days of the year. You cannot afford to waste a single minute, be kind and nice to people

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be good to the neighbors be happy and cheerful and be nice

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and courteous to all the people living around you. This was in brief about the 35 important points that should be done during the first 10 days of the ledger. There are many more you can add. But since time is limited, these are the important points I mentioned. And inshallah For more details, you can refer to my Facebook and two other lectures on this topic. And I hope I've done justice in brief to the importance of the first end of the lecture.

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