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Jummah Khutba by Ustadth Murtaza Khan – Love for your brother

Sept 30, 2016

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Why should one

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Well, hi Raja Buddha Buddha

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of the phrasing of loss of Canada and continuing with the prophetic traditions of the process.

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And the templates

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that we have discussed so far

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for the for the nation Canada and

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these various ahaadeeth in general talked about the foundation of

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clubs talking about sincerity, talking about howdy Deborah ADA is

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for the following headings talking about the Pillars of Islam.

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And from there we moved about to talk about should you have doubts and designs.

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These are all technical discussions that we find that we find that often these top two so that, you know, we begin to connect certain ideas, which begin to talk about practicality, the practical living an application and implementation of Islam. Because many of you can sit there and read textbooks and evidence is about current about belief about

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about theology. But yet we find that sometimes this is not developed into practical application. This way, many of us Muslims,

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we contain a lot of technical academia.

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When it comes to the everyday living of Islam, we find more and more many of us begin to slip away, or fail to understand the impact of the Quran and impact the traditions of the prophets of Allah.

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Because Islam is about protecting one's inner vision, a higher level of Eman, and I suppose

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that we wanted to discuss today raises the level of email shows up what we found is that email isn't just the pillars of email that we study

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the six pillars of

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the belief of Islam,

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Eman is far beyond that. And deeper than that, and a deeper penetration. That's the

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dimension. Now you may

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have seen and possibly many other members have been, we have no

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idea. And you truly believe

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downswing, probably what he does for himself, then

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that person does not believe doesn't have the right value. And all of us we are familiar with his hobbies. What does this

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mean on a daily basis for many of us average Muslims. As I began to read through the text of the Quran, the sooner we failed to find an application for that penetration. The first thing that we mentioned about this hubbies there are certain words that uses a hadith of an MP of negation. Now your main person does not believe that sometimes you find certain individuals begin to negate Islam. When certain ideas are mentioned, in a strong context, it is not for us average individuals, we mentioned time and time again, to read a hadith and begin to apply it upon another

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person says

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the signs of a HIPAA breach are three of the bacteria we find for signs of a hypocrite, essentially skim over the intermediate and then see a deficiency amongst a much simpler system. And I say this is a sign from

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person. pacifically is a hypocrite the murder. Why? Because I read this study, and it states the following, and this person fell short. This is the biggest downfall amongst many a moment. In the West. The only thing that we look for is down foods of an individual and to take a look down for us to exploit those downfalls of an individual

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I mentioned that even you see a person may look like in a state of drunkenness.

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Even dismayed, they still should question your own self before becoming judgmental. And this happens to be the public domain and a person can make a diagnosis or make a statement about the individual. But in a state of privacy person should always be seeking excuses for them for an individual. And when a person even meets that individual, you find the

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hidden concept of making your application colossal.

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That phrase you are doing he protected me from a 40% mousy such disobedience, such

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disobedience of Apostle Canada you protected me from this person to be approaching individuals and visualize on a daily basis, committing arson disobedience, discipline, apostle Canada Allah. So when the Prophet Allah

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deficit is a belief whose neighbors are free from the harm of the integration. This is a very, very crucial being home and neighbors, we are presented with a route to our neighbors

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coming to see me

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disbelief, individual Muslim individuals, neighbors complain about us. And he

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believes that person not a believer, likewise,

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we have

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no prayer if food is presented for the individual, and the person has the code of nature. And he said it to be once again placed inside the context. Because many the average individual anytime food is presented to them, or they have a pool of data. They say I will pray at a later stage cause the concern of the patient, that night prayer, that food is presented to me. So I'll delay the prayer. At the later stage. This becomes habitual, that you find that sort of at the heart of the matter, excessive hunger, it begins to disturb your prayer. If it means two or three times in a week that you miss

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it you miss playing Russia with excuse that you're hungry or you need to eat. That's not a sign of a complete believer. It's a free Okay, you're basically be traveling or a long day, where the food is delayed is presented a person may decide to delay

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or not.

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Like all you find is

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a personal call center. While a person is committing Zina, he should testify

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to that moment in time, as I've already mentioned, when a person commits this heroin, even action, and he continues

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to drink alcohol, our water doesn't steal yet there's not a moment in time. This is not a believer. What does it mean a person not a believer only.

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I've already mentioned that a moment in time that person lifted over over their head. When they complete that he will actually the Eman comes back down inside your heart and your mind is I don't mean don't mean the peasant commodities, but even a total disbeliever no one should classify an average Muslim as a disbeliever. When they commit sins, because this has been bad it is from extremely that we find there are two sides of extremity that we find that destroy this most important and the Hulu for them to be excessive the rules and regulation of Allah Subhana Allah on Hulu v shots, and you preset the personality for certain individuals were

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set up to essentially be praised the Prophet alayhi salatu salam to praise His family members. These are two extremities that you find that still exists unfortunate Muslim Ummah who wish

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to be accepted inside the rules and regulations of US and Canada. When a person falls short, when a person doesn't carry out such a hobby or phases are you find that people begin to stay some people need to stay the specified short power casting, especially disappearing innovative.

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Especially black becomes hidden under Hulu.

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This is accessible, accessible for Steven key in the rules and regulations for foster parents, men and or women for the average individual is not allowed for any average individual to judge the lows of a boss who can no average individual come and pluck and say this verse means this, this has this means this so apply upon such and such an individual, as they say no person can take the law a lot and

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a lot of places certain individuals, places and mathema places a court places the system places. These individuals were placed inside an authority to implement the laws and places that sometimes the places that are mean places the leader begins to make them fee to implement these rules and regulations known for that are well known for the massive average individual and

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this person is so so in our

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sanctity in our own environment with top of his hand, amputate his hand.

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This is another city of Canada other than your own vicinity in your own locality in your own proximity. He said you implemented those of us who Canada is in Gulu,

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Gulu, extremely rare that you find a guru, when you pray something individually how like a kobata or or Peter, or hula to see, if NASA is doing the fast approaching once upon a

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time, either individually or group is extremely key that we find in certain personalities that you find who will be only love certain members of the salon and begin to classify every single other companion, and we are the company that will allow them every other companion except for the house. All of these members

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are all disbelieved structures, individual hypocritical individuals, they were conceiving the firm. This is a query processor in the essence of the query that no one dumbed down. Don't let anyone come and trick you about their day. their beliefs are known as tequila deception, but then is allowed to light a sauna. And as you'd like us to say, I don't believe in this, but you will need to pass it and ask them what do you say about them? What do you say that?

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People question them eventually truth comes out that possibly they could have been Muslim. We accept there's some goodness amongst them say to them, are they believing individuals

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are a customer This is true leaders out there.

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And you find them begin to waver here and there because

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they aren't

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a very adequate Russia dude that's in America dimension you wouldn't notice and recognize who are

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who are these individuals who begin to make class they are people begin to define the companions begin to define basically a symbol, symbol of people and machine are working on

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all these groups and he sets them apart amongst these individuals will not assume that he will Jemma. Those individual prays the companions, the Buddha, Jimmy pays all your companions, they fell out of them, like many of them, praise them, extend them, remember them expressly or extensively throughout your life. Remember these individuals and follow the footsteps of these individual

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extremity that we find all based upon a Hadith of the Prophet salallahu alaihe. Salam you find Allah qualified, that we mean, he said, the person of each Eman can, a person who does not care about their neighbor person does not care about a Muslim brother has not reached the pinnacle level of email. And that

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is, especially man is still deficient. They may have been that encompassed have understood the pillars that are the cause of faith. But as far as Shelley is concerned, the email is still deficient. There haven't been a true level of email that went out in every single scenario that we find, now young blew up could help equal to a man had a very nasty, nasty middle height. And a Muslim has not reached the high level of a man doesn't understand the physical level of a man until he does allow for his father the goodness what he loves to his own self. In other words, in a sort of ominous set, you gotta be fine, have a good boy Buddha, he may not

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have seen my interview, he has he

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he knows from the Hey from the goodness when I first said, life's goodness for the old son, he was suffering old fellow brother, and he find his hobbies been more accurate because well life for another boost in what they like for their own self. But it could be a general lightning lightning. But it has been mentioned specifically million times from the good thing that you may want for your own self.

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I mentioned you can because it shouldn't give some of which is possibly old code and that should be given to benefit people prepares to take opportunities and in life to get the best clothing to give new clothing. That's a highest level of higher goodness because it gives a new gift. And you call the important division. I don't mean to be narrated, I mentioned that Alisha don't do that and that every time she gets she gets Cherokee, she will perfu me she would bless it a good smell good fragrance and then presented this is a lesson in it. So for many of our individuals that may be high goodness we give away old clothing all owners owners are given away everything at their house which

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is good to see apparently those individuals that maybe we should sometimes in our life give the best of our governments or buy new clothing new governments when you give it to these individuals and this has been mentioned an even bigger It was a short email is some sympathy or preferences as measured by the profit is not

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the most highest level. It is a bit of a like a bomb was the most lowest branch of email.

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Imagine other people to take away Hong Kong object away from the path. This has been defined which is known as shorewood. Even the 70 odd branch of Eman amendment by his famous reseller sure with email collected is 70 plus 77 on branches of email, email, be happy on your own and famous book, talking about the seat of the project entitled tele

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eight volumes handwritten, printed in full volumes printed version.

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And it becomes incumbent upon us Muslims to read about the life of the appropriate alysha to sort of be about a journey. Likewise mmm especially at telco tele evidence is a prophet alayhi salatu salam ala masucci to High Sierra Abdullah Cobra, Cobra, to give us a seat on the forum that Allah is not to slam into voluntarily fine, even for the year is famous with Scheffer. Mustafa talking about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that we find

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that we have the article

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irati read about the serum of the Prophet Alayhi Salam tried to read about his provided read about

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Fukushima. He's evidences of why he's classified as the Prophet alayhi salatu salam because he finds a comparison in his etiquettes towards a Messiah, he was the one who was the destitute, the dumb for them, they impoverished individuals, the week individual opens v zero you see them about the 4k, which DVDs more Jesus which is entirely free to be given these miracles to be given to the prophets of Allah. Allah for the final paradise in a statement which is a deed which is by a Muslim Akhmad an encouragement us

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to do you love paradise, you are paradise, as opposed to one individual could call if

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you want paradise for yourself, personally, Yes, I do. They're known for your brother. We love you. So when Jenna had these bellefonte even though his daddy's in his narration, but the meaning is crystal clear. The understanding is right there all of us that we want paradise. If you want paradise, they'll know for your brother, what you love for yourself and justify me explaining the first heading that we began with

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be very intense.

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In times any form of brotherhood or the man mentioned, we have to encounter

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either person happens to be a disbelieving individual, you will hide your goodness or disbelieving individual is not to be respected your goodness only for Muslims, you will goodness, literally renounce your goodness.

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You unless all mankind in the Quran mentions that sutra, in the pursuit of God to give up

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the salon.

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Industry said oh believers in evolution, all Muslims, he never said them if you had never. He said all mankind. Indeed I'm a messenger to all of you. That is the Prophet alayhi wa

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rahmatullah adenine, he will send you the mercy to all of the worlds is no distinction. That apparently means that the message is only for a Muslim, or an individual only was to apply that when you read through the seed of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, in other famous two volumes, they say that the Torah if I'm not mistaken, Haku Kundalini, Allah Almighty, Tito, Tito, Sonia, to give up the rights of Islam, upon the fusuma, based upon the Sunnah, emphasizes, inside these two volumes, talking about the main theme, what is the main theme of the prophet Elijah,

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the cooling of the wonders of a loss of Canada, because many of us we become very relaxed in its environment, leaving the western environment, what is that goal? What did I What did I intend to get along being inside this environment?

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What was the main focus of the Life

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Center was always giving Dawa? He and as you mentioned, it is it slightly, maybe possibly a harsh statement we just mentioned not to scale or to harm non Muslim find some renovation, not to even sit with them. And when you do sit with them, to have food or drink or to pass sometimes again, what is the inner motive within yourself, the inner motive within yourself in your mind is to give

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how many of us is that it become a hidden motive? Yes, we will. And we operate with the various things that are needed. But we need to we choose our mind. I believe that instead of being in this environment of any opportunity, we should be

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reminded about loss of Hannah Hannah does she find that this that one of

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kindness and goodness is given to Muslim non Muslim, it makes no distinction because the most important kindness to the non Muslim is this individual. He can just fulfill Islam that his person enters into Islam. And in a strange way, the person who never even is heady, I will handle that we find value

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in individuals to serve in a hobby that's classified as a science in itself. Just like you find a spat with the soul. You find especially suited for an uncertain version set down for certain reason, you find a spell but you find several reasons why certain, as I mentioned, why certain narrators or certain companion mention certain words are heavy and invalid, just to help us understand the context of his body and who this individual was. And it's even married. I find his father, if I marry Telecaster with a disbelieving individual, when he heard about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, ala Hilda's environment, and he commissioned an ocean Sonata

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for avocado, so he hated

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it. He hated so much he left the environment and made this return on his wife bought and bought her son and presented it in front of the population. And said, I want my son to serve you. Pay attention to this. His father died as a temporary disbelieving individual hated, hated him and left and he saw now is presented by the mother and said that I want this boy of mine and this to serve you. That's it brings to mind the famous heavy. cada una de la Ashura, Simi Valley served the population for 10 years now for 10 minutes, no for 10 days. He said, Look, he served for 10 years he served for 10 years and appropriate La Plata salon, never once said to him, why do you do this? Why do you like

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this? If all you've done it like this, if you don't like this Ashwini 10 years, the contract is never reviewed team never rebuked him in the

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face of the openness. These people are on the face of the difference a minute, hey, as they did amongst a child, it makes no difference in your face to face.

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And that's what he said, I want to serve you. If I can serve in the punctuality salatu salam, and he became the post comrade many narration of bringing the water to the public knowledge of Salah while

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what is the reward of goodness but nothing but goodness, about the eyes of looks at the future, even given the future, even given a deep understanding that finally these false negatives believe in individual but look what's happened. His own Son comes from his loins anything that we find was a blessing individually defined, as mentioned by individual for the company will Debbie la salatu salam Bara it is still an energy reboot him up. And he said Allah,

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well, what are the

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heavy female cardio machines.

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And then he briefly press him in his, in his children, whatever you given him, this is an aesthetic value. This is his father, who rejects faith who goes away from faith to review his son and said Your father was a Catholic. Your father hated me, your father was like this towards me. Your father loved this towards me.

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He never responded in that manner. He responded in the opposite shoulder love showed the affection, which sends in the event of unnecessary money. That's fine when I have the end user

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who wants to be rescued from the Hellfire will protect him and he will be like when you're when was rescued from the hellfire. And we say from the punch of the last thing, let that individual come or let them come up with an individual and a personal belief in apostle Canada and the Holy Spirit continued while he acted and nasty. Now you can

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come to people just expect people to come to you. Hobbies inside most of them you find

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that the way that you approach people or you will approach you should be the way that you approach them. You love that people speak to you with kindness with goodness, with humbleness, with nice words with good kinda could be making income in a manner to the people and almost kind of bring the people in response back to you. That's how poverty shocks that's how every human being lives and the things inside your life. So first you expect that do that in their own life. And then people return that goodness are individually themselves alike qualified in a shape or form phone mentioned. Another

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person dislike whatever they dislike for themselves, the disliking it for another Muslim family.

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Just like you don't like anything to harm you, you don't want anything bad to come across you, you should equally have that same feeling towards another Muslim. So not just the goodness, you don't want any trouble before you, you don't want any hardship to come upon you, or any evil is no longer defined

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attributes or even the attributes

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that any obstacles any difficulties you don't want them to before you. Why do you want it to put before of one another must have another individual

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that I mentioned was john McCallum, you

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can sue them. If you don't love for another Muslim, would you love to sell your jealousy division.

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He says you're jealous individual. Because you don't want another non Muslim to enter into Islam. You don't want another Muslim to have goodness of faith, then you're jealous. Obviously, we know that jealousy is various types of jealousy that exists inside the studio that we mentioned a moment ago was only collected and mentioned some of them even as a cipher department because it doesn't mean that we're afraid to accepting these words in his teachings that we find that to be fair, in terms of the babinski that we find. They are so many different beneficial things that he's collected about spirituality, to help them the Muslim individual to develop themselves. And even when he gave

00:26:22--> 00:26:45

up his use of refined, refined it works, talk about the creed of Ancelotti. But Jimmy moved away from that what people attribute a while he was an Ebola are the words that he wrote in clarified what he thought he was about, he understood that he was gonna be fine, when he talks about half a day fine, and has been causing some jealousy can be divided into three broad categories that define

00:26:48--> 00:27:00

what one solar leader See, the person wants the other person to lose all of their blessings, and the blessings given to that individual. That's the ultimate level of jealousy that we find in a person has another blessing,

00:27:01--> 00:27:08

a blessing and you will all a blessing to be given to you. The second type of jealousy you find you will lose complexity,

00:27:10--> 00:27:17

you will lose I'm guessing, but you don't want it for your own self, you don't care who is given to you, you just want that person to do some

00:27:18--> 00:27:18

type of challenge.

00:27:24--> 00:27:30

Once upon a blessing for a person to have that blessing for no more further blessing given the individual, these

00:27:32--> 00:27:47

these types of either jealousy that some of us may have inside our lives, inside our lives inside our hearts. For the blessing we don't want that person to increase in any more blessing, that nothing else should be given to an individual. And I want to be taken mentioned, either man.

00:27:52--> 00:28:18

If you don't want another individual have a blessing. Or you don't want an individual to lose their blessing. But you have some jealousy, the jealousy knows that you know jealousy towards another individual. And as we find the especially in spreading, okay, the goodness, a person could be forthright and coming out in spreading the goodness with other individual does he find that this type of not being good to other Muslim that we find is an element of jealousy or a folly to understand

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Islam some news that morning, if I the parable of believers was another parable, there was another Muslim is at one point. So whenever we add that one part of the body has a pain your whole body feels that pain. What does that mean entailed today is quite visible today. That Muslim woman is suffering just like many centuries ago, he suffered, because we suffering even more today that we find what we find time and time again. When suffering is highlighted, when it is a concern. It is a concern me, it's got nothing to do with me. This is probably their own situation, their own corruption in the inside the innovation for the BBC or inside their own life. This could be possibly

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true is for all the reasons for the downfall of that segment of the Muslim but there's no doubt. But what is the response? When the least prophetic Id have more time than ever in cable said that if a certain type of booster falls short, then you should help them if certain Muslims who associate themselves with you, you should help them if they follow your view in life you should help them that are generic in nature. And Muslim, a whole Muslim and Muslim is a brother to another Muslim.

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Person his cousin oppression is a betrayal is about a generic ad that even talks about exclusive oma in Mineola.

00:29:50--> 00:29:52

Indeed Muslims are believers

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that you are only a Muslim because this Muslim plays praise inside your mustard or follow your email or follow

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Share of all your material. That's not the case of the Quranic generic nature about Muslim Omar. And I never classifies it in that manner. It openly discussed that we as Muslims take care of other Muslims and as we find it a global hate to use that expression the onslaught on the Muslim that we find is many have collected and said that when a Muslim is being male, Allah forbid be slaughtered or being Fuchun or being oppressed. No Caliphate stops and says and asked for help and Sudan or you can appeal OSHA religion okay that will candidate a non Muslim stop and save the individual. Are you this type of boosting you follow this man is this social? Is this show email is this your machine?

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Tell them Have you ever heard an industry that I need to stop before executing another Muslim or Muslim ask them I made a differentiation and then let one go free and polish another individual that they do not understand the impacts of individual Muslims will be ferocious will be victorious will be so mean a man we show me the devotion winner MENA region sobre

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la familia man cabana Abu Talib, tequila yes sir the men that I know who they are, because the Quran describes the middle millinery journal from amongst certain men, then remain true to the cognitive loss of Canada either, that whatever happens inside their life, they're going to be devoted to these individuals. They know who these individuals are, they want to target these individuals, because they made a promise proposal Canada Allah, I will take your life in this Buddha, Allah will be given the opportunity to carry in the key element with the iron ends by mentioning one man but the loot of these individual man what happens inside your life. They intentions never change, their life never

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changes, whatever scenario, whatever situation, whatever, wherever you face them, they remain focused inside your life. And as you find it, they will begin to target these certain individuals. Because you know, as a famous saying, it only takes a few good men to change society. So they will target A Few Good Men who these individuals are and bring them down one by one. The sad factor is we elusive begin to target these individuals one by one. That's a sad factor that helps me sign behind

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your million

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dollar plan is a follow me one day never had followed me inside my life. While not me, me one

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planet against other Muslims have begun to curate other Muslims look down upon elusive ability to bring them down. Then you can see deeply about the email, think deeply about their life, about what do they really believe in? Now you had, he wouldn't have seen that in Sunni police activity. Either way.

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As you mentioned, the generic ahadeeth talked about Muslim omala we find with generic verses or whatever you want possible we have the data for Roku. We did the series if it's at the series, we can see if you can to understand the development is mostly of seeking an element of unity and kindness and goodness, alike. Why should they mean that religion is incumbent upon this Muslim woman to be one and to be one force to be one form of unity that we find with all these verses and the Parana prophetic traditions are telling us to do and as people will begin to unify and strengthen ourselves while you're waiting for your strength is taken away from you. And readers begin to

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develop insight into simple matter, we find another dimension in Ecuador. Indeed, believers are friends with one another. And I was able to see a candidate for salsa, or Manuka Hennessy for the Eco move, the beginning to spend and give, even though they have a dire need for their own sense. They even though they need that wife, they need that poverty themselves. They need that wealth themselves, they keep it and when we remove the COVID has debris out of the house.

00:34:31--> 00:34:59

And it is the those are successful, successful individuals. And as we call it, B, B to C. These are young, adult and successful individuals and they spend even have a dire need amongst their own selves in the area that we find. We find out once an individual page reports serve the state of dire hunger, and he asked him for some food and appropriate as a general practice, or his genuine home didn't have much food. That's why

00:35:00--> 00:35:45

For National Research days, months would go by that we hardly eat any meat, we the two blacks up to this date and water, that's a household of the LA structure focus upon this data from the eyes of a mouse will go by that will hardly be and probably will be given to them to say who will who will be take this young Take this man and take them as a guest and take care of his individual for co Mahajan with an unsung apart from the outside he stood up. And he said I would take this case of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. So he came back home. And he said to me why prepare for this test about our guest? Find now. So larry summers and he is not our guest, he's the guest, by default have the

00:35:45--> 00:35:50

appropriate knowledge of the center. So prepare the mean for his innovation. She said to me,

00:35:51--> 00:35:58

she said, Oh man, there is nothing inside the house. There is nothing inside out except for a small amount of

00:35:59--> 00:36:02

the owner in a small amount of food control.

00:36:03--> 00:36:16

He said, put up the lights and begin to stir the pot. I'm telling the children that the food is being prepared until eventually they form a scheme and then present the small fee that we have presented.

00:36:19--> 00:36:26

For return this focus upon this scenario presented is in the morning, you find a poker

00:36:27--> 00:36:30

face, I call it a local bank of

00:36:31--> 00:36:39

america to start with more than praising of smile laugh and this is kabylie Pooja Pooja is

00:36:41--> 00:36:58

a befitting the majesty of how they are We are also currently ohana and those who can't see, just see and knows what these individuals can do is crazy individuals. He knows what you've done. And as you can imagine revealing individuals and data

00:36:59--> 00:37:11

for you to see what it costs that he he will have a dire need the answer. This one is no this will be a useful is a person

00:37:13--> 00:37:14

who knows that.

00:37:16--> 00:37:18

We should develop that in a moment.

00:37:20--> 00:37:37

in one's entire life, that you only have a small amount of savings, but a small number but no one knows about him when you give it away the days of counting. For what reason to save yourself from the punishment. Save yourself protect yourself from the number one you should

00:37:38--> 00:38:08

even be half a date. Even harmful day shields you set up a couple sonova is an evidence for you. silica is a she is a protection cover that you find a person going inside the brain punishment could become very individual saga become and become a vein become a barrier for the individual. Protect the individual for the punishment. Subtle common common and a judgement multiplied many times over mountains upon all of us. We are worship you would like to multiply our wealth.

00:38:09--> 00:38:10

By the multiplication is

00:38:11--> 00:38:17

an era isn't just once isn't just 10 times is 100 times.

00:38:18--> 00:38:29

Many times many phone, we have lots of header data we want to provide that for the individual. He's all encouragement for us to do what to benefit ourselves, then

00:38:32--> 00:38:37

the person arranges it for me you put your hand up see is talking about many will ever mentioned.

00:38:39--> 00:38:39

It is

00:38:42--> 00:38:43

not a good

00:38:44--> 00:38:48

idea to spend what you love reading fantasy because he once again.

00:38:50--> 00:38:59

He had a garden that everybody Medina knew about his garden, the orchard, the vine yarns, the plush fruits that they farm to everything everyone knew about it. Why has

00:39:00--> 00:39:02

it been such a colossal mistake

00:39:04--> 00:39:04

that we find

00:39:07--> 00:39:09

out about him, even though

00:39:11--> 00:39:19

we drink from the fresh water will feed from the fresh feed. Everyone knew about these gardens when he heard these if then canal

00:39:21--> 00:39:30

minmatar Hippo, you're never going to attain it until you spend the things that you love. What did he want to do? He wanted to give the whole of the garden

00:39:31--> 00:39:46

all the way the progress of just reducing the need behind something to benefit your family members. So they don't need to beg or ask people that should be enough to leave behind. But I read the whole rest of everything. Just give it away and he gave it away. Because you want to say

00:39:47--> 00:39:59

the last time that he was called to complete inability have a concern of this Muslim woman that is at the base of academia. And well check that we read the theological discussion that we have when you study and begin to develop that in

00:40:00--> 00:40:32

I'd like to take care of this Muslim woman first according to the laws of Canada and encouraging people to come to the life of the salon and then begin to have childhood actually the words that we find as many that are mentioned one of the best ways of giving diaries charity, of kindness and goodness, they point towards non Muslim hatha, you find eight categories of people eligible to give second wave I mentioned that old people to bring their hearts close to democracy have debated about this, who are those individuals who bring the hearts closer

00:40:33--> 00:40:34

to these and exist amongst

00:40:36--> 00:41:17

Muslims may not be the best for Muslims to strengthen their hearts and the other view which exists and is accepted But to this day is disbelieving individuals. You can give Zakat to Kufa to displeasing individuals, to bring them encourage them to come into some discussion takes place inside the eight categories of illegible people on the inside. So to talk about verse number 60, if I'm not mistaken, even disbelieving individuals receivable or recipients of a certain type of entity some if this is a sucker, that think about saddam to give gifts to do things for non Muslims to encourage him to have to have to give this equates love between one another gift in the Quran. If

00:41:17--> 00:41:26

the The sooner gifting find character good behavior at Costco you find this all the way up a Muslim to bring these individual posts but lots of Canada either in the law will

00:41:28--> 00:41:28

never be

00:41:31--> 00:41:32

enough local city I

00:41:34--> 00:41:35

can also make

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