Listen to Me Because I Am Perfect

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A two minute concise reminder to those who remind others or advice otbers on any matter – everybody is flawed. Bar the Prophet s.a.w. everybody makes mistakes. So do not judge others; rather as Allah declared in Surah Al-Asr enjoin others to the truth for this is the path to success.

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Listen to me, because I'm perfect. I hope that statement sounds as ridiculous to you as it does to me. That's what people assume that because I or other speakers are speaking about a matter, it must mean that we ourselves, we don't have any issues, we don't have any problems or we don't have any flaws, or we don't have that particular issue. And that's not necessarily true. As a matter of fact, we all make mistakes, we all have flaws, we all have issues, we all commit sins, none of us are perfect, none of us are infallible, except the Prophet subtle, I send them and that is what you meant. Malik pointed towards the grave of the prophets that aligns them and said, kununu, Herman,

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calama eurid. In the Sahaba, every person, we can take or leave what they say except the person in this grave meaning the Prophet subtle, I send them just because somebody is a scholar, or somebody in the spotlight or somebody that public speaker, it doesn't mean that they're perfect. And those of you who have taken my classes or attended my talks and lectures, you might have noticed that I make a conscious effort to use the word we instead of you, we should do such and such, rather than you should do such and such that is because my advice, or what I say goes out to everyone, myself included, and as a matter of fact, myself, first and foremost, and that's why nobody should feel

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that they're above being advised. Obviously, the advice should be given properly and with proper etiquette. And I've spoken about this matter before. Likewise, none of us should feel that we are above seeking counsel seeking the advice of others. Likewise, it should be noted that just because we are flawed, and we commit sins, and we make mistakes, it doesn't mean that we cannot call other people towards goodness. And that's actually one of the tricks of the chiffon where the shaitaan will come and say hey, fix your own problems first before you start talking to other people. The reality is that we all need help, we all need advice, we all need encouragement and sort of the

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outside Allah tells us of the characteristics of those who will be successful amongst that is what they'll also be helped that there are people who are enjoying the truth upon one another enjoying goodness upon one another. We're in this together to help one another. And so I asked the last panel to audit to help us work on our own flaws and our issues and our fault likewise asked along this panel with tiada to give us the ability to look past people's flaws and their faults and to be able to benefit from the goodness that they have to offer a llama amin and Allah knows best what I'm what I'm what I'm going to lie or what I can do.