Ebrahim Bham – With every difficulty comes ease

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the impact of pandemics on society, including deaths and inflation in many countries, lost family members and homes, and the loss of progress in modern technology. The Spanish flu has caused people to lose their minds and become scared, leading to many deaths and negative reactions. The humankind experience has also affected people, causing people to lose their minds and become scared, leading to many deaths and negative reactions. The transcript gives examples of successful examples of humankind's success in modernizing their economy and developing laws. The situation of Dawa's return to the river and the "immostial" label is also discussed, with examples given of successful people adopting certain ways to achieve success and becoming successful.
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Number one who suddenly want to sell him Allah soliel karimabad

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favela immunol shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem for enamal also use run in namale also use rasa Kala will.

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Obviously this is not a normal Joomla Bian but Joomla you always like to hear naseeha and advice and that advice is

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there with the intention that Allah tala give us the motivation

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to practice upon Allah's commands and our beloved maybe a Korean sauce come soon and the deal

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I think it's quite clear that we are living in a time that there is basically apprehension and fear is a somber mood in our community. Everyone somehow or the other knows of someone who is ill or family members who have passed on and each and everyone can identify with us.

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And we are human beings we do get impacted by the environment that we are in. When something happens that is pleasing. We get epi, the reoccurring source alum when something happened that was pleasing the via Karim southcombe smile. One day Livia, Karim salsa more smiling and O'Meara villalta no cane pass and O'Meara the ultimate sadhana vehicle himself slum smiling, I said other hakgala who sin Nakayama soon Allah or prophet of Almighty Allah. Almighty Allah always keep you smiling. So there were occasions when maybe a cream salsa was happy. The environment was happy and every actor himself element the Sahaba were were happy. There were times in the time of maybe a cream sauce alum where

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there was sadness and that impacted upon a reoccurring source alum that he he wept. At the time of the Battle of hardware Nivea cream sauce alum saw his mutilated body of his uncle, he wept so much that the Sahaba all started weeping with maybe occurring so slim because of what had happened. So they were instance setting up occurring saw some also there was sadness, and he wept and Sahaba crumb

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also found that particular matter in terms of

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the sadness, and they were also said, because of the occasion. So we find that these things do happen in

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the life of Sahaba, the life of Nova, Kareem Saul Islam, due to happiness, and the happy occasion there's happiness due to segments these things grief, it happened in the time. Now of course, we have a pandemic, we have a virus, whatever you want to call it, people have passed on because of this. I do not know how many millions of person throughout the country, the world, whatever it is, we all know people who have passed on because of it. Now firstly, it's not something that is new. pandemics have always raised it in the world. In our own history, there has been pandemics, the time of the Sahaba there was the pandemic of Hamas. 20,000 people died of which one to 2000 was Sahaba.

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But why didn't Jebel Abu Zubaydah Agni Jarrah such great Sahaba passed away from the pandemic O'Meara theologian who was on his way when he heard about the pandemic, and he came at a place should he go, should he not go, and he was making Matura. money off came and said that this is a hadith I heard from NaVi Academy, that maybe a cream sauce and said, where there is a pandemic, you don't go into that place, and the people who are there don't go out. This beautiful principle of where there is a pandemic you don't travel out, and where is a pandemic we don't travel in is something that we learn from our own principle. Our own history taught us this. So now we are Kareem

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sallahu wa sallam said this and the Sahaba crammed with one hula eaten was in the practice upon them. So that became the basis of how to deal with pandemics, that where there is a pandemic you don't go in and where the people who are there they don't go out. So that happened in the time of Sahaba crumb, then it happened in our own history.

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I was hearing a talk and I was just looking at some of the dates. In 218. There was a pandemic that came upon 218 hijiri. The pandemic came in Mr. It came in in Egypt. It he said that none of the leaders escaped the old passed away 280 that same pandemic, went through to Uzbekistan, where bahara and summer carries. So many deaths occurred in 228, in Uzbekistan, because of a pandemic, that there was no covenant. People didn't have to bury the dead people. This has happened in our history. In 406, there was a pandemic in basara. And in that particular pandemic, so many people

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died in that particular pandemic, that they took a decision that sometimes entire homes, people passed away in the pandemic. So that what they used to do, they used to Entomb the entire home.

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People in the home that became the cover

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to separate in 406. In 448, there was a pandemic that came in Egypt and in Spain.

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And it is said that so many people passed away in that pandemic, that the words in the books of Hadith, in Sierra Allah novella that there were no Muslims in the masjid.

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They were no cell phones in the masjid seer Allah Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah says there were no muscles in the magic because of the amount of deaths that happened. Now why is it because people were afraid to go or they didn't go because so many people died, they weren't enough muscle is in the place Allah knows. But that is recorded in our in our history, the bubonic plague plague that happened in the 14th century of the Common Era in the eighth century of the history that also our alumni have made mentioned with regard to with allama McAleese Rahmatullah Lee, the famous historian has made mentioned that how many deaths happened, although the epicenter of it was Europe, even it impacted upon Muslim lands. So what I'm saying that, although we do feel

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sometimes overwhelmed, remember that this has been part of our history. And in fact in recently, Marana thermae, Rama Talalay in his time, there was a plague that came only in that region was a fraud. So people were very afraid people will apprehension apprehensive, Mara tanggram to tell his famous book shock and seeing people's in apprehension with regard to the plague, he wrote a book which I would recommend everyone read it, the love for the year after

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that while we take our precaution which Islam tells us tie your camel and then put your trust in Allah that is the sunat of Allah, that you adopt the means and then you trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala I normally give this example you know that this if you want children, how is Allah gonna give your children if anyone wants to become a father, or any woman wants to become a mother, how are they going to become fathers and mothers? They're not going to make dua time of God Allah give us children give us children, he can make dua every day till kiama time Allah is among them until they get married until they don't become intimate. And last portrait, he brought out a Melissa metode

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mother and father he bought at Emory salat wa salam without, without the agency of a female, as easily salat wa salam without the agency of

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a male, where it came from, as at Maria. But that happened three times in the whole history of humankind. Otherwise everyone else you have to get together and then Allah gives you children, you can see understood that Allah will give me children without adopting the means. you adopt the mean? Sometimes you adopt the means that Allah doesn't bring things slowly ly more Kusama, Guatemala,

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Guatemala, so sometimes you adopt the means you get together, husband and wife get together. And yet these new children,

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sometimes I find it amazing people, they see oh, you know, someone married for so many years. And they said, you could no children do not thrive enough. But when you can see whether they thrive or not.

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So this but sometimes it happens. So you have to adopt the means to get children. But after adopting the means, sometimes there's no children because Allah is the one who's

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he's the one who gives us Bob, he is the one who puts effect in the above that we utilize. So what I'm saying is that this has been a situation and throughout history, there has been challenges. It's not the challenges that make you a believer is how you would react to the challenge that makes you a believer, which is elevate your status. You know.

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Shan Shan guess can the army of the Mongols can just come holla kukan. They came to Baghdad.

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And in that particular year, when they came back dad was the most advanced city in the world. It was a superpower of the time. The buzzer philosopher was a superpower of the time.

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Genghis Khan came and he ran set Baghdad, conservatively 1.6 million people, Muslims were massacred.

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The halifa thinking that he will appease Allah ku con and the ruler went and said, when he came, he said, he went with a delegation of all the Notable people of Baghdad, to ensue for peace that, you know, have mercy upon us. So halaqaat and what they did was, he said there's an ideal opportunity the entire cream of the community is here. He first massacred them and then he massacred the entire population. So many people died in there.

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That, you know, they were thrown into the river, the Euphrates and that then they, they were they were people who came from the village they didn't understand advancement. They didn't understand civilization. They didn't understand knowledge. What they did was they threw the entire library into the,

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into the river. And it is said that the you freighters was black because of the ink of the books that were thrown into the Euphrates.

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And then what happened is hula then they went off and they went into Syria when they went into Syria, then that llama that time, they they made jihad against them. And they after the last, but then the whole situation change at this very same people. It was a very great album, name experience. I think it was a man who didn't. He went to give Dawa to them. And these people

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who messaged that so many people, they became Muslims. And then they became the protectors of Muslims. Look at how history the people who massacred Muslims became the protectors of Muslim and they became Muslims. So history has always had situation and we'll give you one example. And I will conclude nebbia Kareem Salah Salem went once to the cobbler and Bay to LA and he wanted to go into the cover. So with man been tell her had the keys of the cover. And he said I'm not giving you the keys. Let's imagine what a great challenge. The greatest paragon of tawheed in the history of humankind

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wants to worship in the most apparent manifestation of alastor hit the Kaaba. And he's told you can go inside

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to imagine what what a Traverse City of justice but but nobody kept quiet because the time maybe Academy salsa was weak. The Koreans were in power Slavia cut himself and didn't say anything but nobody saw some remark when

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a time will come and I will have the keys

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and I will have an I will decide who I will give the keys to so someone couldn't understand that maybe salsa with the Muslims are so weak now. They can even get into the Kaaba and read numbers on their own ways. Nevis also going to have the keys of the Kaaba, where is he going to have the keys of the cover so he laughed at it and he didn't believe in it and at after his interview occurring sauce from conquers Makkah. And now in the resource there is a conquering army when it comes to comes into the cover with my mentor lies on top of the cover. Oliver the ultra now a leader the ultimo then takes the key by force from him

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and when he takes the key by forcing because the conquering army is no vehicle himself slim is going into the cover letter reveals is in Allah Morocco, and to agboola mana De La Jolla, even in such a situation, give amount of back to his rightful owner.

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Maybe a cream sauce lamb comes out there we saw some calls with man instead of man. Remember that time I told you I'll have the key and I will give it to himself. I wish Allah has told me to return back the Kaaba, the key to the Kaaba to its owner to take it and you look after it and you will remain in your family till the Day of karma. It's only an oppressor that will take it away from you.

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And up till this day, that key remains in the hands of the bunnies, Schaber his family

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it remains there. Look at how the situation changed that time there was such a challenge that'll open up the challenge. Allah Allah gave the Muslims the key and they were the ones were the key they have the power to give to him. So, conditions change. This condition also will change in Sharla Mei Guan I will change it and that will bring relief because Allah says for enamel, enamel with difficulties is ease

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with difficulty not after difficulty with difficulty things is and the way this from the Arabic language this word word This is the word was searched for in a man who sermons difficulty Olive lamb is on that person and on you sir there is no problem. So the word was his God Olive lamb that means one difficulty. He said about no Alif Lam it means many E's. So when this I it was when this student was really nice, awesome came and he was smiling jasola Why are you smiling? Allah has made his format Ahmed, Allah has made his format that or you know, only one difficulty in many is difficulty. When it comes here as makes. It has been steadfast let us not complain to Allah. Let us take the

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precaution but always let us always have faith in Allah and inshallah one day This will come to an end in sha Allah. And then it doesn't happen that it comes to an end. While we don't have proper belief in Allah. So even in that I will believe in Allah has always remained steadfast

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