Preparing for Ramadan – EP08 Tarawih Prayer in Ramadan

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Episode Notes

Episode 8 – Preparing for Ramadan. On this episode: everything you need to know about the Tarawih Prayer.

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Sit down with a cold warm it's alive about a guy to welcome to episode number eight of preparing for Oban. Today we're gonna be talking about the thought of prayer. Now the word thought comes from the word aloha which means to rest. This name is given to this prayer because if I send them in the companions would often after praying for a cause they would take a small break or rest for a little bit the thought all we have here is a confirmed son of the Prophet subtle I send them we know this as the shadow on the left that tells us as as mentioned, at that one night the person sent them prayed this prayer and people gathered behind him a few people. The next night prayer said, I'm

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praying again and even more people gathered. And then on the third night, even more people gathered behind the person to pray this prayer until the machine was almost full. There wasn't room to stand on the fourth night the person didn't show up for this prayer, however, after fed up or addressed the companions, and he said that I know I'm aware that you all were gathering behind me to pray this prayer. However, I didn't continue because I was afraid that you would take this prayer as being a fourth and obligatory compulsory prayer later on during the time of Emerald you left it on he revived or continued to some of the prophets of Allah and he was sent them now how is the thought

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Oh, we prayer prayed? Well, first of all, it is prayed in congregation. It's two hours at a time, and it is prayed right after the prayer. How many guys? Is it that always prayer? Well, that's the question of the day or question of the month should I say people often argue about this issue and there's usually an argument between eight hours or 20 hours. And this argument comes about because well on one hand we have the load that on who prayed 20 because in many other companions, we pray 20 as well. On the other hand, we have a narration from a lot that I know who tells us that person have never prayed more than 13 hours during the night 13 in this case being the eight of us and three

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Whittell. Now that being said, the best thing to do inshallah, to Allah is to stick to your congregation whatever your email, whatever your mission is praying, stick with that if they're praying 20 pray 20 if they're praying eight pray and actually locked out it was of the opinion that there is no set number I suppose I've never explicitly said that there's a set number or a cap on How many times should we pray during the thought of prayer. What's actually more important than this issue is to try and finish with the email and try and start and finish with the email in the narration of without we hear the prophets I send them say man, calamari Imam Hector, I'm sorry if

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cootie Bella who PR mo Laila the person who stands with the Imam until the Imam leaves meaning until the Imam finishes and they will have written for them the prayer of the whole night meaning they get the reward as if they prayed the whole night. So that's what we should be trying to do here try and start and finish with the Imam and I get it. It's not always easy. It's not always convenient to do that, but we should try our best now the last point I want to mention here is how some people sometimes will neglect their fuddled compulsory prayers for the data we have right now what do I mean here? I mean, sometimes people will focus so much on the prayer that they may even neglect the

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federal prayer so they'll stay up late praying the prayer and because of that they're tired and they won't wake up in the morning and they won't pray the budget prayer while the future prayer is found or they will neglect other prayers as well I'm not saying don't pray that we have but I'm saying we need to have priorities and when it comes to our priorities the father prayers the five daily prayers come before the prayer and last probably knows best I'll see y'all later inshallah inshallah take care or set out why they come to law. What I can't do it.