Transformed – Love for Allah and His Creations

Yasmin Mogahed


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Do you want to know how to have a lot and the people love you? I'm Yasmin Mujahid. And this is a tip on relationships. The question of how to have a lot and the people love you was a question that the companions also wondered about. So they asked the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, tell us something that we can do, so that Allah will love us, and the people will love us. And the prophets, I send them gave them very, very profound advice. He said, Do not be attached to this life, and Allah will love you. Now this part of the advice seems pretty obvious, we realize that we shouldn't be too attached to dunya. And then the last panel that I would love us, but the second half of the advice

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is a little bit less obvious. He said, Do not be attached to what is in the hands of the people, and the people will love you. And I think that there's so many layers to this statement, right? We we know that we shouldn't be envious of people. And in fact, people don't like envious friends, right? You never, you don't want to be around that person who's always coveting what you have. So it's obvious here that if we don't covet what others own, what others have, that people will love us more. But there's another layer, which I think is panelists so deep, that there are things that people can give us not just of material things that they have our own, but approval and respect and

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love. And ironically, the less we run after those things, the more we get those things. And a lot people don't like others who are too needy or too dependent, and the prophets I send them is telling us that if we want people to love us more, if we want to have more healthy relationships, we need to stop running after people we need to stop being dependent on what people have to give us of approval of respect of love, that when we become detached from those things, in the sense that we are not needy of them that we are, we are sufficient without having those things from people, then actually we get more respect and more love from people. And this is just one tip that we can learn from the

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prophets I send them and this and many other tips like this, we'll be discussing in my new class called transformed. It's a class about how we can rectify our relationship with the creator and with the creation by transforming our hearts. I look forward to seeing you in the class and taking this journey with you in this seminar.