Muslims are Lagging behind in terms of Technology; How can They Address this Issue

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You talked about something very fundamental, you know, that affects us. You know, he talked about the role of media in all of this complex, and perhaps what media can also do in terms of championing the cause of the oppressed, you know, the people that have been killed and so on and so forth. But Islam as a religion is facing, huge challenge his huge deficit in terms of technological advancement, to some will say, this is also another setback, you know, technology driven world, the Muslim ummah somewhat left behind. Why do you think this is happening? How can how can this be addressed? You know, as you said that Islam is facing a problem of the technology I would like to

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correct you should say Muslim, not Islam. That's the top the problem is Muslim, Muslim, they cannot harm Islam. Islam is cannot be harmed, Muslims can not Islam, and Muslim Ummah Muslim, the problem with the Muslim ummah, again, you know, previously, if you see from the eighth to the 10th century, the Europeans called it the Dark Ages. If you read history of science, in the scientific world, eighth to the 10th century, the Europeans called it the Dark Ages. But they fail to realize that the Muslims was so much advanced that time, the amount of advances we made in in science and technology, in medicine, in chemistry, if you know father of chemistry, he's a Muslim, who Yeah, you have many

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example it may seem and I've given a talk on I don't want to give that so Muslim on top of the world. For that time, from the eighth to the 10th century. If you wanted to know Sanjay to learn Arabic language. It was international language that time the best language that time the Muslims are close to granulysin. Therefore we were top of the world today. We have gone away from Quran and Sunnah. Therefore we are at the bottom of the world. Not that Muslim non powerful in media, where I come from Bombay. Bollywood, produces the maximum number of movies in the world more than Hollywood also, do you know 1/3 of Bollywood is controlled by the Muslims. The producers are Muslim, the best

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actor Muslims, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, America and all the Muslims. They may not be practicing, but they control high quality you go to the Arab world, all top channels what you don't get English movies being released. In America, you get in the middle of channels. So those channels are spending money, they're on top of the world. But when it comes to Islamic channels, we are Miskin Miskin me very poor. We are hardly on one or two satellite Yeah, we are to me we launched the champion the Peace TV, we know exactly why I asked you that question. We launch the reason Yes, normally the satellite channel what is the embryo to the bandwidth? If asked what is the bandwidth of this

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channel? How many MB two three. Our bandwidth one one satellite is 10 MB we have what four satellite channels beach TV English pitch TV will do? Which TV will nappies TV Chinese beach TV English alone is on 15 satellites having a viewership of 100 million potential viewers 2 billion potential viewer misses coming into the house they may or may not watch. may watch may not watch actually use it 100 million beach TV

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was launched in 2009 English 2006 Now it is about 17 years old PC English, or SMDs. Then ODU was launched in 2009 Having a wish of 80 million. They will not be Stevie Bangla in 2011. Having a viewership of 50,000,002. The other 15 will not be Steve Chinese having a vision 20 million, but the quality what we did we analyze the channels which are haram entertainment, but we took the technology which is halal, but the product content is haram. So we take the technology which is halal. And we use it for that. And that's the reason the viewership increased. But as is not a news channel, there are different genres. Yes. So we don't talk about politics as more of a edutainment

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entertainment channel, we call them Islamic entertainment channel. It is a new level of your channel, but the quality of us we were the first people in the world, right? When we launched our pitch TV 2005 We use the best broadcast cameras, DG beta, then we agreed to it now, in 2015. We said no, we will not be the best camera for broadcast, we will use best camera in the world. So we started using shooting on 4k and 8k with different cameras. We were the first channel in the world. No entertainment channel, why we are the reason that our shoot when our scholars come and give a talk and when they die. This product will be invaluable and we shot on 4k and 8k better technology.

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So how can you feel the full Muslim Ummah? Yes, I do agree with the majority majority are far away. Okay, that's exactly where I'm far away. You know, looking at partnership forging partnership, you know, with other

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Like mines, no other partners around the world beyond the immediate environment talking about India and you know, neighboring countries, perhaps coming down to Africa, where there's this deficit in terms of technology and technological know how, especially within the media industry, how much of partnerships of course they see are saying when I came in 2013 I bought my own cameras. I flew about 40 people from India. They came with me they shot 10 years back your because now the Indian government has made it here from India to Malaysia and they have taken custody of all my cameras. I hide from here and do you know, the one I bought 10 years back is multiple times better than the

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trauma the head from you? That camera didn't doesn't have into effects nine they don't have. So then I bought my camera from Malaysia three cameras and the batteries I bought from Lagos technologies way behind 10 years back, what I own is not available anywhere in the country today the whole of Nigeria. What I'm telling you can buy it but they think if I buy the expensive camera, they do business. They fail to realize you do business with Allah. If you shoot the high quality, what we do we shoot in 4k and 8k and then downgraded to HD V telecast in HD, we're forgetting because it's not that populate, so we shoot on the 14 8k with the best of cameras, and we downgrade it. There is no

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channel in the world. On the Sony website. It came the first TV channel, which have 14 4k and 8k camera is pitch TV. It came on the website in 2015.