Logical & Scientific Reasons for the Prohibition of Pork

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Let's analyze what are the logical reasons so according to the religious scriptures, whether it be Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, it's clearly mentioned in all the scriptures that eating the flesh of wine is prohibited. Let us analyze what are the logical reasons and scientific reasons for the Prohibition of eating of pork

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to the medical science tells us that if a person has poke, he has chances of having no less than 70 different diseases pinworm roundworm, hookworm, you name it it is there many helmets, one of the most dangerous helmets is called as Taenia solium

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Taenia solium. In layman's terminology, it is tape foam.

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And it above in the wintertime it's very long. And the eggs, the over wide the bloodstream can enter different organs of the body. If it goes to the brain, it can cause memory loss. If it goes to the eye, it can go blindness, if it goes to the heart can cause heart attack. If it goes to the liver can go liver damage, it can damage almost all the organs of the body. And by the time you realize you're suffering from this Taenia solium it's already too late.

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The other dangerous diseases if a person has pork, his teacher teacher assists

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and many people are misconception that when you cook your food very well.

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These helmets die.

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According to a research out of 24 people suffering from teacher teachers face 22 A cook the food well. That means the food that you cook in your house, the normal temperature you reach cannot kill the germs and bacterias and the OVA that are there in the book.

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There are various other reasons why a person should not have poke.

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Today science tells us that eating poke has got fat building material, it has very little muscle building material. Because of the family material person has high chances of having hypertension, atherosclerosis heart attacks, that the reason more than 50% of the Americans. They suffer from hypertension because most of them are picky eaters.

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Today we know that one of the most filthy animals on the face of the earth is the pig. Wherever you find feces muck filled, you will find the pig there

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is the most dirtiest animal. Some people say in certain countries like Australia, I know they breed the pig very well you know, very hygienic.

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I tell them even Australia in the sky, the pigs are kept together through the pig. When it excretes it eats its own excreta. So do you have man 24 hours man in wherever he executes? He picks up the excavator No. So here in Australia, the pig is dirty.

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It's one of the most filthiest animals and one more reason I can think of besides many is the today's science tells us pig is the most shameless animal on the face of the earth. It is the only animal that invites its friends

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to see when it's having sex with its mate. When the pig is having sex with his mate. It invites his friends to see him having sex with the mid

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you know, in America,

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modern society. They have dance parties, after the dance parties, their swapping of bikes. Usually with my wife, I sleep with your wife. You eat pig, you behave like pigs.