Recalibrate for a Unique Ramadan

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Salam aleikum, everyone Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah already was on the edge Marian begin the name of Allah. All Praise and Glory be to Allah and Maine's finest peace and blessings be upon His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and his family and his companions and all those who tried his path may Allah grant us into a life upon his birth and death upon his guidance, and our union around him, I love him. I mean, may Allah allow us to drink from his hand from an Kalfa from his reservoir, I will co author and after which he has promised we will never go thirsty again. May Allah allow us to enter agenda behind him, for he will be the first

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person for whom the gates of genda are open.

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Okay, so welcome. And, in particular, my brothers and sisters out there and Australia.

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I miss you.

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And I wish I could be there and I came with as you can see, the machine is empty. I don't know where you guys are.

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They asked me to put this backdrop By the way, I asked a lot together spawn the best of affairs in this world and the next and I asked Allah to deliver me and you to Ramadan. And I asked a lot to help us realize that this could be the most unique and has the potential of being the greatest Ramadan we ever experienced. And I don't care what anybody else has to

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know really hear me out. What can possibly get in the way of this being the best of them have been ever. The fact that we feel like we need the masjid for sure group support is very important.

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But the most powerful tool you have

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is devotion to Allah and those that are more and more devoted to Allah I can even do without group support when I take up so may or may be allies though jet is trying to graduate you to get you to climb out of hinges on others in your religiosity so that if they're gone or you're gone or they go astray me Allah forbid you don't you start owning your own faith. May Allah make that a reality for us and for you. So that's what I want to say a lot Zilla Jen has not taken away from us anything rather he has given us something very special.

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Really in comparison to what is available right now in this coming Ramadan. recalibrate understand Don't let it fly over your head he really has taken away nothing so kind of Ellis Island that is the law that we know and worship he only closes doors to open more and he only deprives so that you can give a greater allowances and greater gifts. And if you feel like I need the message that's perfectly normal that's perfectly fine. But that's very neat challenging and get channeling gets correctly. Could be your greatest asset. That's what I want to talk about these next few minutes. You know, if not, I thought about him a whole lot. He has a beautiful statement he says alpha

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booster told my wife that these times when you feel like helpless you feel this frustrating need of yours.

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It is the banquet table. It's like the buffet, you know the all you can eat. It's the buffet of divine gifts, a lot of gifts people in those times like no other. He even said in one writing of his one of his wisdoms. He said or Obama wadjet minella z the feel first party ally method you do is so much more solid. This is powerful. He says. And you may find more gifts from Allah in your time of need, than you may even find sometimes insular. And in so in fasting itself. And so this looming daunting uncertainty and need for reassurance, that could be your greatest driving force, just realize it and embrace it as such. You know, what are you uncertain about? Well, a lot, I'm

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uncertain about the fact that I don't know what life is going to look like.

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Is there life after Corona? And if there is life, what's it going to look like? Well, now you know better than ever, that no one knows the answer to this question. And so that uncertainty drives you to the only one whose knowledge is perfect. Like when I lost So Jen says when he left he labels somehow it will only belonging to a lot or the unseen, the secrets, the future being one of the secrets of the heavens of the earth.

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What he lay here, john Emerald kulu, and referring back to him and him alone, are all things rendered meaning before they get executed. He's the ultimate decision maker on it all fab Buddha who whatever kailali so just devote to him, devote to Him alone and rely upon him like no other. And so that really recalibrates our trust and so that we don't look for reassurances in the wrong places. Our uncertainty should be extended. Now. It's so much easier to say Oh, man, whatever I listen to whatever news feed I have, whatever intake of information, if I take it from other than a lot

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Upon without it, they're just as blindfolded. As I am, everybody's uncertain. That's the first one.

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The second uncertainty is can I actually perform

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without a message if there's no machine, there's no Ramadan. That's how people will actually you may be able to perform on such a higher level. If you ask a lot zildjian to enable you to a level nine nearly a decade ago she could have killed her scenario. Oh Allah enabled me to remember you and worship you and thank you person with a son with excellence with perfection. The so habit on the level on him didn't have an Imam that recited the whole Quran for them in the early years of Mecca, did they, the Koran itself was not recited, they didn't have a Masjid either. And so we are having a unique experience to do what the Sahaba did take our little bit of Qur'an and pull out of it gems,

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repeat it until it's fruits fall on us like you're waiting under a special tree until you're finally deserving of receiving one of its fruits continue doing that and you can also by the way, peek at your translations you can read from your phone while airplane mode is on and all of these things also here's another thing you know i shadow the other one has said the very first thing to change after the death of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam among the new people the newer generations he said the first bit died the first innovation in Islam

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she said is over eating. That's really interesting because that's exactly what we do same way like someone may make up prayers when they miss prayers. We make up meals in Ramadan we double up and triple up on our meals that if thought time and you know how can the heart ever find softness find tenderness access you know this thinness in the air between the creator and the creation this master and the servant on a full stomach it is highly unlikely almost impossible. That's another way our Ramadan can be like that I'm a lot of us will have. And so your uncertainty about the future is going to get you to cling to a lot like never before. Your your uncertainty about your performance

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is going to get you to be that person that truly tests the purity of their devotion to Allah like the Sahaba did without the group support. We're not saying for go with when it comes back. What sometimes I love pulls it from us to show us just how independent just how owning of our faith we are. That's a priceless gift. Can't be can't be put in words. Lastly, I want to tell you that just because you're alone, recalibrate it, you know is one of our psychologists at have been just so subtle. So fun says

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stop assuming being alone equals being lonely. No, wait. There is a huge difference. And you can see that in social media where everyone is together, but they're also a lonely, right? Because there's no meaningful relationships. You know, it's like 1000 miles wide your social circle but it's only like one inch deep. It's when researcher says All right. But you can be alone and not be lonely the same way you can be with people but lonely You can also be alone and not be alone because you're in the company of a large village. If you're in the company of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam you're in the company of us will have, you know, recline to that safe corner. As you know the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said your hammer level is a little gun or hammer Waterloo one may Allah have mercy on law can yet Lee he used to and he was stuck, he would resort to the safest corner that is alive. So again, I love the majestic a lot of them will scrape and so that will be my final advice to you all, you know, be optimistic. Allah has your lords of Anahata Allah and be alone with him discover what it's like to have a private personal relationship with him. Grab a publication on the names of Allah that the brothers at one path or Islamic events or otherwise can share with you I may recommend maybe

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Allah's names by just a genius of a beautiful writer.

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Grab a biography of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and read it this Ramadan when the moon split there's something salient if this is gonna be your first Seattle book to read, sit there each night and read the Shema and the perfect qualities and character of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Shema and it didn't really there's many books on that read about the lives of the Sahaba Abdullah and robotica him a whole lot.

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A man said to him, why do you spend so much time at home? I let the stonefish Aren't you lonely? And then he was bothered by the question are almost surprised by the question.

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He says lonely Kay Festo haishu and am I gonna be yours? Hi, boo. How can I be lonely when I'm with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his companions studying their Heidi studying the Hadith and the reports rehearsing their lives, their purity, their sacrifice their being in their company. There is no greater company and

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May Allah allow us to find that question? odd one day when someone tells us aren't you lonely? This is not to be antisocial or anything but just the fact that we can develop a preference for Allah's company and the company of the prophet SAW Selim, meaning his life and studying the company of the Sahaba over everyone else, and it's so much more fulfilling. May Allah grant us and you that allow us Ramadan, like the Ramadan was a habit and an ownership of our faith like the ownership of the early Muslims, Lama amin and gather us with them in gender is like a lovely and everybody said I want to come