The Benefits of Coronavirus #2

Ali Albarghouthi


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The pandemic has impacted human existence and the importance of self-development and gratitude. The "has and have not" approach to life is crucial for a "has and have not" mentality to avoid negative consequences. Learning from the pandemic and creating a "has and have not" mentality to avoid negative consequences is crucial for a "has and have not" approach to change the world.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while he was sitting them spoke last time about some of the benefits of the

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pandemic that we find ourselves in talks about

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reliance on Allah subhanho, wa tada and also the fragility of human existence. And maybe also understanding the signs of the Day of Judgment even better. And one thing that came to mind afterwards is then when Allah Zota describes jojen jooge Guardian Magog.

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And in the Hadith, Allah says, is going to reveal to a sallys salaam, once they come out, that they are an invincible army laya Dan aelia hadn't been Vitale him, that's exactly what it says in the Hadith, and no one can find them, no one can defeat them. So of course, he Salli Salaam and the faithful companions around him, the Muslims will flee from them to the mountains. And then the hydrogen Madrid will roam the earth and spread corruption and the only thing that is going to stop them, the way that they get be killed, wiped out completely, completely, is the lies, though did when they go to sleep one night will send worms that will go attack them

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in their necks, just a worm something very small. And that will eradicate that army completely. And they're there a lot as a surgeon kind of juxtaposes The, the strength of physical strength, this this maximum invincibility of the Georgian dude. And at the same time right next to it is their extreme vulnerability to something that is very small that Allah is going to send it just destroys them wipes them out completely off the face of this earth. So when you look at us today, it's it's about the same thing, because you have this, I said mighty structures, mighty empires, mighty economies, and this mighty human being who thinks that nothing is going to kill him, nothing is

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going to destroy them, nothing is going to weaken him. And the last sense something invisible.

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And it alters our lives completely like in a way that will allow enemies unprecedented. So far in its scope in human history, we had witnessed

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other pandemics that were more devastating than this one, that's definitely the case, but in a way where it spreads and affects every single continent, almost every single human being at this scale, that is something that is entirely new.

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So here Allah is showing us our extreme vulnerability, and then no matter how strong you think you are, how independent you think you are, that's something that is very small, can come and alter your entire existence and challenge you and not only challenge you succeed and challenging you and defeat you. And inshallah we can overcome this, we are going to overcome this because

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the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam tell us that this is not the end of human history, by no means is this the end of human history. So we are going to overcome this. But there will be other challenges in the future. And it's important to keep in mind that we need a lot as origin. And we need his blessings and we need his mercy. And we can simply disobey Him and think there will be no consequences to it. Right. So this is something

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that I wanted to add to what I've said previously.

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And I thought also one additional benefit to everything that we are going through which is linked to how our life came to a halt almost a complete hold some of us

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is that it is a time for self assessment. It's really like this is one of the best times if you are blessed if you are fortunate if you are wise This is one of the best times For self assessment and review on a global scale but also on a personal scale on a personal level.

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Because this

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because it's stopped everything or almost everything we need to ask ourselves

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if life is gonna come back to normal and we don't exactly know what life is gonna look like Exactly.

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After all this is over when it's over how it's going to look exactly is going to look like like our life in the past. What will change how will it change? How much will change we don't know yet. But

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comparing what it may look like to what it looks like.

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The past to the possible future allows us to assess what we have done wrong and we what we have been doing wrong. And we were blind to, again, on a personal level, but also on a, on a global scale, the world that we used to live in, and to a large degree we're still living in, it's not right.

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There's a lot of injustice in it, there's a lot of imbalance in it. A lot of things that we accept that we should not accept, but we live but we're live when, just because they've been the norm for a very long time, there are a lot of people will get sick, a lot of people who are hungry, a lot of people who die out of hunger and poverty out of out of war, there are a lot of refugees who are living in much more dire and terrible circumstances than a lot of us are enduring these days because of isolation and COVID-19.

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And we allow that to persist.

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So one is once a fraction of that happens to us, we begin to feel the pain,

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of staying away from loved ones, the pain of not being allowed outside and not as much as we want the pain of maybe not having enough food not not lack of freedom.

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That the shadow of anxiety of what may happen later,

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all that people have been experiencing and are experiencing on greater magnitudes,

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as refugees, as oppressed people, and we allow that to happen. And you can have a world where you can, there is the haves and the have nots, and that those who have think that they can continue to enjoy all these privileges forever, that it doesn't, it just doesn't compute it doesn't happen. So this is a opportunity, maybe globally for us to say, do we want our world to continue the way it was? Or do you want to change it to something better, and maybe, and most likely I and you honor, with all the power that we have, we don't have the power, we don't have the means to change the world around us. We're not world leaders, we're not

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multimillionaires, we don't have the power to do this. But at least what we can do is, if I can change the world around me, at least I'll change myself and be the change that I want to be and then through that a domino of change, hopefully is going to start. So here the question is,

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if I'm going to survive this, and then shall I hope I survive this, am I going to be a better person after are exactly the same? Where am I going to be worse, some of us in this pandemic, are exhibiting the best of themselves, and some of us are exhibiting the worst of themselves. And some of us are just floating around some who are better or showing us the best of themselves, they're helping others. They're taking care of their neighbors, they're being charitable, they're giving money out for the needy, they're making

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their reading more and they're being more pious. In essence, they are being better Muslims and better human beings on many levels. And hopefully, they have a plan for themselves afterwards that once this is over, these bad, terrible things that I used to do. My procrastination, my indetermination. Now, my anxiety, I want to just get rid of all of that, and be a better Muslim closer to Allah zildjian and a better human being. Because I realize how precious all of this is, and I don't want to waste it.

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And there are some of us who are becoming the worst versions of themselves during this time, or in these times.

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fighting over food, fighting over supplies, taken advantage of people's anxieties, scams and on what and what have you.

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When we think only about one I'm going to eat and myself

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with no thought to others at all. And thinking about well, how can I entertain myself? Not

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what can I do to be helpful? How can I improve

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and some of us are just simply floating from one day to the other. We have no plan.

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No agenda and nothing that we want to accomplish. So this is a precious golden opportunity for you to actually self assess and say, Well, this could last a month or two or three. Allah knows after all of this, if I am

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out of it, what do I want to accomplish? What do I want to have accomplished?

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In this self isolation, if I read a book, if I've self improved if I purified my heart, if I read more of the Hold on, if I'll be better, and not only that, I'm not going to only be better than but I'll be better now.

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I'm not going to just only manifest the worst anxieties and

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character within me that my worst potential, but my best potential

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is going to be allowed

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to grow to manifest. So, let's do that. Let's let's let's ask ourselves, How can I be better? What can I do every single day? Let's have a plan, a specific plan.

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And learning something new, coming closer to Allah xojo assessing our feelings and assessing our behavior, assessing our life goals and asking Allah as though just for guidance. And whenever whenever you feel confused, frustrated, tired.

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It's okay. acknowledge that this is okay. It's natural to feel all of this. But then immediately asked Allah, Allah if you're frustrated, very frustrated. Yeah, I don't have any energy or life you're afraid. You're Allah. I have all this and it's a burden. Yeah, Allah helped me with it. And I guarantee it if you ask Allah sincerely, with all your heart, your Allah I feel this helped me And you give this to Allah, you will feel better, you will definitely feel better. And that is also one precious additional benefit of this pandemic is that it can bring you to Allah in ways you did not imagine before. So we ask Allah azza wa jal to make it so to make this time a blessed time for us,

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and to help us come even closer to him during these days. I mean, Allah does not come along here for listening was Salam Alikum warahmatu lawyer